Mystery Survival Game Kona Coming to PS4 on March 17

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Mystery Survival Game Kona Coming to PS4 on March 17

Salut tout le monde!

This is Alexandre Fiset, Co-founder of Parabole, a seven-person studio based in Québec, Canada. Today, on behalf of everyone involved in its creation, I’m happy to announce that Kona — a mystery survival game set in 1970’s Northern Canada — is coming to PS4 on March 17!

Words cannot describe how it feels to be bringing our game to such an amazing platform. I grew up during the original PlayStation era and I feel lucky to now have the opportunity, eighteen years later, to contribute to its ecosystem.

When I left my previous job to start my own studio, I remember that my associates and I were full of crazy ambitions. We wanted to create games with the help of local talents, featuring familiar local settings. We wanted these games to blend many genres in order to tell a story. We did not want them to take players by the hand. We wanted to do so many things, and to be honest, we never expected to have the opportunity to achieve so many aspects of our initial vision in such a short timespan. This is thanks to all our supporters, to all the people who said “Keep it up!” and to all our business partners who helped us make Kona a reality.

As a team of gamers, we wanted to create a universe where immersive atmosphere, complex gameplay mechanics, and in-depth storytelling could coexist. We also thought it was safe to assume that the ones playing our game know how to move a first-person character and camera around.

As a result, in Kona, you can expect to do many things, such as walking, driving, investigating, dreaming, and surviving.

Not only did we want a diversified experience, we also aimed to create a game reflecting elements of our culture. Based in the province of Québec, Canada, our team is surrounded by more than 9,000 game developers. And yet, games produced here that feature familiar locations and cultural references are rare. There are so many places here to show the world that we felt we should do something about it — and so we did.

Kona, a mystery set in the 1970s, was originally written and voiced in French (of course additional subtitle and voiceover languages are available). The story was written by writer David Bélanger and the original score was recorded by a local folk-rock band called CuréLabel. The result is a game that looks, sounds, and feels very authentic.

In short, Kona is a vintage and atmospheric game that blends mystery, adventure, and survival elements that the PlayStation crowd can enjoy this March.

We are eagerly looking forward to the game’s launch, and to reading all of your comments and reviews.

Cheers from Canada!

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  • Might check it out when its $5 (PSN games are not worth more than that in 99% of cases, and I am not willing to buy 20 games day 1 to maybe havd 1 thats great – Sony really needs to fix their RIDUCULOUS pricing for new games). It does look pretty good. I like the unique way to approach the game, but is it really a survival game? So with crafting stuff, making campfires, building a shack for you? Or more of a walking , exploring + driving sim?

    • @+ MyKDisveryhuge Kona is a 4 to 8 hours long game. It is more of an exploration and investigation game, a mix between Firewatch and Vanishing of Ethan Carter, in snowy environment. The survival aspects are there to put pressure on the player, similar to how Silent Hill games were called “Survival Horror”, Kona is a “Survival Adventure”. A story of survival, but no need to eat & sleep as the story isn’t long enough to require these features.

    • This game looks OK but I understand what you mean.

      There is too much indie junk weekly on the PSN store.

      What they should do is limit the number of indie releases to be the same as the number of prime time game releases or less.

      Right now its like weekly there are 1-3 game releases and 8-10 indie games.

      The quality to junk ratio for the PS4 on the PSN is terrible because of it.

      The PS4 has sooo many great amazing games a really full library buried amongst tons of indie trash.

  • Would this appeal to someone that enjoyed playing Firewatch or is it more for someone that likes games from The Chinese Room developers?

    • @+ cusman More for people who liked Firewatch, or Vanishing of Ethan Carter. There are many interactions with the ingame world that are not only about following paths and lights (I did enjoy Dear Esther though, did not have the chance to play Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture yet).

  • Hi! Kona is a 4 to 8 hours long game. It is more of an exploration and investigation game, a mix between Firewatch and Vanishing of Ethan Carter, in snowy environment.

  • This looks great! Will definately be purchasing this!

  • Born and raised in Quebec, and I loved Firewatch and Ethan Carter. I’m really looking forward to this game.

  • I’m in! This looks RIGHT up my alley.

    Will it have a platinum? ;)

  • Hi, this looks like my cup of tea. Will we be able to choose the original French audio with English subtitles? I prefer to play games in their original language.

    • Hi! Yes, in the game setting you can choose the voice actor and subtitle languages you desire :) Guy Nadon in French sounds awesome!

  • Yes! Finally!! Will PS4 Pro be supported? Si oui, what can we expect (higher framerate?/higher res?/supersampling?). Thank you! L’hiver québécois enfin en jeu :P

    • Yes we do support PS4 Pro at higher resolution and better framerate! Vivre l’hiver québécois sans devoir pelleter de la neige, c’est si beau!

    • Downsampling/supersampling on a 1080p screen? Dit oui dit oui!

    • Unfortunately not yet! We do plan on supporting it through a patch and not so long after launch though :)

    • Good to know! Thank you for supporting it. The best would be like Tomb Raider, Knack and others; they give us the option to choose higher framerate or supersampling. In any case, j’achète votre jeu le 1er jour!

  • Well i’ll put this on my to download list since theres no physical version though firewatch as a physical version -cough- -cough, just saying. As long as its under twenty dollars i will buy.

  • An authentic Canada based game albeit 1970s, very nice since I wish to go someday. Not a huge fan of these exploration games, having played some of the best such as Everybodys Gone to the Rapture but, please tell me you can at least move faster than you could run in Rapture.

  • I absolutely LOVE these types of experiences. (gone home, firewatch, etc) Judging by your game description and inclusion of the always-interesting Quebec culture , Kona sounds like an immersive experience that adds a unique element to story-telling.
    Really looking forward to it.

    Stay Frosty
    – Your friends from the South

  • 70’s narrative driven exploration game? Can’t wait!

  • Looks very promising! So are there paranormal or supernatural elements in this game?

  • This looks very interesting, and I’ll be looking forward to picking it up at launch. One question, though, it was once said to be getting VR support, is that no longer the case?

  • “originally written and voiced in French (of course additional subtitle and voiceover languages are available).”

    Since nobody’s asked, and I know about three words in French, I’ll bite – it’s safe to assume English is a subtitle language available, is that correct? Is English also a voiceover option?

    I’ll add my note to those asking about price, but without the criticism of indie titles – I don’t mind even 100 indie titles that don’t interest me, if I can easily find the diamond among them. I guess I’m not arrogant enough to assume everyone else will love my diamond, or that nobody else could love the stuff I’d personally dismiss as junk.

    • Yes, we provided all the options for playing the game the way you want. Voices and subtitles are two independant settings, meaning you could play Kona in French with English subtitles on a PS4 with the OS set to Spanish. Cheers!

  • Game looks like something I would enjoy. I have a decent amount of credit backed up, might give this a shot. Looks interesting and promising.

  • Wow! Je me disais bien qu’un jeu baser dans le rude hiver canadien d’antan pourrait etre interessant. Je vais garder un oeil sur votre projet ;D

  • Really dismaying to see such ignorant comments about “indie junk”.

    Like if you’re that bothered by it, maybe shut up and move on? Indie games are what drives the game industry FORWARD. How is it in any way horrible that there’s a large variety of games to play? Get over yourselves, seriously.

    • My thoughts exactly, this past year was full of amazing indie games that I would rank higher than any AAA as of late… and though there are many great AAAs on the “horizon!” there is plenty of room in the industry to discover some amazing indies. I look forward to this game and thank you for offering a platinum!

  • What will the price?

  • Hopefully you’re still around. I have 2 games in the last 10 years that I absolutely hated and Everybody’s Gone to Rapture is 1 of them. In contrast Soma might be my favorite game ever. I’m fairly obsessed with it at the moment.

    Both dealt with supernatural to an extent but I think SOMA went out of it’s way to explain things. Most of the monsters are tied to the lore, for instance. It’s almost like Mass Effect w/ the Codex.

    Soma was left more open ended for interpretation and it also had some very detailed background of the crew broken up into the audio/data logs. They did like a straight forward main plot and then lots of little complicated mini plots. I’m asking how complicated and detailed is the story? I hope this makes sense.

    I’m not necessarily looking for a walking sim but I really want more games similar to Soma.

    • Hi! Firstly, SOMA is also one of the best games I personnaly ever played :D

      Trying to answer your question, I’d say that Kona differs vastly from both games you mentioned, while somehow sitting in between the two. Everybody’s Gone to Rapture is a game kept simple where you follow points of light and only interact with basic things. SOMA, on the other end, offers a highly detailed, huge game world where there are things to be seen, encountered and interacted with literally everywhere.

      In Kona, the story is mostly told through notes, journals, “dreams”, encounters and evidence left by the inhabitants who seemingly fled the area. You are free to explore the world in the order you want, but the narrative is still more “in your face” than Soma. The main character is a private detective who writes and draws in his personal journal, so that leaves little space to interpretation (other than trying to anticipate / do you own theories).

      I don’t know if that helps, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

  • Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

  • @Alexandre Fiset

    je suis de Montréal et bien content de voir votre jeu il semble fort intéressant et avec Guy Nadon c’est un plus

    voila j’aimerais que vous contacté cette compagnie LRG Limited Run Game c’est une compagnie qui produit des jeux vita et ps4 en version retail version disque et croyez moi ils ont un fort succès

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    Je vous conseil de les contacter et si vous avez besoin d’aider a les contacter LRG laisser moi savoir je pourrai vous aider grandement

    limited run game est facile a trouvé sur le web (les propriétaire du site sont Douglas et Josh)

    alors laisser pas cette chance cela peut être seulement bénéfique pour votre jeux j’attend de vos nouvelle

  • 20$ is too much for me, i will wait for sale around 10$ :)

  • Were is the game? I don’t see it in de US store. The EU store has a preorder for a time now with a free theme.

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