StarBlood Arena Blasts onto PS VR April 11

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StarBlood Arena Blasts onto PS VR April 11

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and all you gun-hungry space rebels – I’m Jay and this is STARBLOOD ARENA!

Our pilots and their ships are queued up to launch into the arena on April 11 and we’re here to show all you boom-thirsty fans how business is done in the ARENA. To give you a little insight into StarBlood Arena we’ve brought on the illustrious Scott Campbell to break down the tasty little teaser that we first revealed at PSX 2016.

If you’re like me and can’t wait to get in line for day one, we’ve got some special candy for those of you who take the pre-order plunge! The ancestors of the Arena come alive in the StarBlood Arena Legends Pack! Pilots and ships get sweet new kicks with:

  • The Steel Hercules skin for The Baron – A veteran of the arena, Steel Hercules will head-lock and body-slam his way to victory! Oh yeah!
  • The El Diablo Azul skin for Buck – This mysterious masked champion’s appetite for battle is matched only by his hunger for snacks!
  • The Granny Granny Boom Boom skin for Alice – She’s dusted off her explosives and is out to teach the young whippersnappers a lesson – and she’s tougher than any hard-candy!

Starblood Arena, PS VR

On top of that, you’ll be earning BloodBux while you fight in the Arena, but our Legends Pack starts you out with a nice cozy stash of 10gs to get you rolling in style for buying stuff that we haven’t even revealed yet! ! Now, whatcha gonna do with all that cheese?

That’s just the tip of this asteroid we’ve got hurtling through space, and you’re gonna get to strap yourself in starting on April 11. Keep your channel locked right here to PlayStation.Blog and for the latest in missiles and mayhem!

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6 Author Replies

  • Really cannot wait! I was hyped for this the moment it was announced. Is there gonna be separate co-op modes? Like campaign, horde, or objective?

  • I saw a GameStop retail listing, are they getting a retail exclusive release or will Amazon have it as well?

  • This looks like an amazing game! I’ve been hoping PSVR would get a Descent type VR game. I’m not seeing any mention of a campaign or story mode. Is this strictly a multiplayer game?

    • Looks good. Seems like a not-so-serious eve valkyrie. Wish VR games would start doing some real campaigns, but this still looks fun.

    • Jay Koottarappallil

      Well, that would be because we’ve only just started talking about the awesomness that happens in arena – there’s a lot more to announce… but just to give you a little heads up, if you’re into single player, you’re gonna be real busy in StarBlood Arena!

  • What about eSports? Tournaments? Y’all gonna be doing anything competitive wise with this game?

    • Jay Koottarappallil

      We’ve got all kinds of evil plans that we want to wrap y’all into once you start playing! StarBlood Arena is ALL about competition and we plan to drive it hard!

    • Will there be an objective game mode or only deathmatch?

  • oh yea! Keeping an eye on this one. Not heard of it til now. Im a huge fan of Forsaken 64 and this looks like a VR cousin. Funny as I was just playing it today on my UltraHDMI modded 64 that arrived today. 8) To have something similar in VR would be great! The single player arena sounds like all I need. 8)

  • I’ve been hyped for this ever since it was revealed, it just seems like a winning concept for VR. Will you support PS4 Pro day 1 and will the enhancements be significant. Pro support definitely factors in when making purchases.

    Happy to hear there will be a physical retail version available, but is there a ballpark price point? I’m thinking 39.99.

    • Jay Koottarappallil

      The Arena’s already pretty sexy without Pro, but we made sure that it looks extra sharp for all of you who took the Pro plunge! It’s pretty awesome. When we got StarBlood on it, doing the stuff we wanted it to do, I actually went out and bought a Pro that day – not even kidding!

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