Prey: 6 Things We Loved from the First 60 Minutes

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Prey: 6 Things We Loved from the First 60 Minutes

In Prey, you’ll laugh at sharp dialogue, question reality, and fight for your life — all in the first 60 minutes. The team at Arkane (Dishonored) wants to enthrall you from the moment you wake up in the posh, sun-soaked apartment of protagonist Morgan Yu. Even as the story spirals into the abnormal, those opening moments will shake you, shock you, and even blow your mind.

Here are a few of the many things we loved about the first 60 minutes of Arkane’s sci-fi thriller, set to launch May 5 on PS4.

Prey: 6 Things We Loved from the First 60 Minutes

1.) The Whole Opening
Sure, we’re cheating a little with this one, but the spectacular opening sequence of Prey as a whole is enough to get serious hooks into you. As a new employee of the TranStar Corporation, Morgan Yu takes an helicopter ride through a dazzling cityscape to undergo routine testing at a facility operated by her brother.

But as you know, “routine” is hardly a lasting assurance, and soon the very nature of Morgan’s life and memory is called into question. Arkane crafts this entire sequence with aplomb, introducing a variety of gameplay mechanics while setting the stage for a mind-bending story to unfold.

2.) Even the World Has Something to Say
Environmental storytelling is an invaluable tool to video game developers, and the Arkane team has leveraged it with its latest campaign. Morgan can hack into terminals and read private email threads that reveal key events in the Talos I space station catastrophe. The station’s on-site museum outlines the history of the structure, complete with dramatic lighting and sparkling plaques.

Even the bodies themselves, frozen and twisted in agony, help craft the grisly story of TranStar and what’s at stake for the Earth below.

3.) Build Your Own Platforms (BYOP)
The crux of Prey’s gameplay systems? Empower you with as much choice as possible. This philosophy is exemplified in the GLOO Cannon, a device that fires a fast-acting, expanding adhesive. You can use this to slow enemies down and close the distance for a melee attack, or build platforms up to hard-to-reach areas. Or you can ignore the Cannon entirely.

Up to you.

4.) 0451
Yes, the legendary numeric string made famous by System Shock, Deus Ex, and countless others is on full display. Prey embraces its predecessors with a smile.

5.) The Mimics
The Talos I is consumed by a Typhon alien infestation. These dangerous, ghostly threats take many forms. Literally. The Mimic, a small creature with startling speed, can take on the shape of almost any object on the station. Now every discarded mug or small trinket could be danger in disguise.

Morgan, as it turns out, can also unlock these abilities… for a price.

6.) Skill Trees
Expect to spend many wonderful, anguishing moments picking the perfect skill to unlock as you progress through Talos I. By finding Neuromod’s scattered throughout the environment, you can expand Morgan’s library of talents, from repairing broken elevators and turrets to hacking valuable terminals. The Arkane team wants to make sure that any choice you make is rewarded and valuable, with a variety of applications that fit any play style.

So by all means, swing that wrench until you’re blue in the face. Or slink down the hallways undetected. In Prey, you have all the choice in the world.

But that’s no guarantee you’ll survive it.

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  • 1 thing we loved from these last 10 years with Playstation is the Store update Blog post.

    Bring back the Store Update post.

    • The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/14/2017

      Posted by Ryan Clements on Feb 10, 2017

    • ^^^ jisatsu^^^

      That is not an informative Store update post that contains all the games, discounts, DLC, prices, and deals on one page. That is a Drop post that gives you a date, a giant stock image, and a few general sentences of “buy me, I’m fun” talk.

      Not the same thing.

      The store update post is actually useful. The drop post is a lazy list of pictures.

    • +1, KidCommando!

      As you said, Bring back the Store Update post.

    • it really is but i’ll let you think that.

    • No, it isn’t. And no amount of tiny-Ken workflow is going to make it so. The Store Update needs to return, and the Drop is not it.

  • For the first few seconds of the video, I thought the actual game began with you waking up to the blogcast as the clock radio alarm.

  • I’ve had this game in my list ever since they first revealed it at whichever E3…..

  • I have just two reasons to be very apprehensive about Prey.

    1. Bethesda is so scared of bad reviews that their review embargoes are in place until launch.

    2. Bethesda is so cheap (despite farming the cashcows known as Fallout and Skyrim) that instead of creating a new IP, they recycled Prey. And the first one tanked in sales, despite being a half-way decent shooter for the time.

    And gotta say, the Store Updates were more useful than this.

    • 1. Has nothing to do with the game as this is just how Bethesda is going to operate going forward. Prey, TES Online, TES6…FO5, Doom 2, etc etc. NOT giving out review copies won’t affect the quality of the games or your eventual opinion if you ever play them.

      2. They rebooted Prey. They also rebooted Doom. It was their call since they own those series. It could be good or bad but you aren’t going to even bother making an informed opinion as you’d rather hide behind prejudices to try and automatically disqualify the game without even playing it.

  • Prey: Conquer the Space with a single Wrench!

  • Please bring back PlayStation Store Weekly Update post , as its very important for us to know the new released Games , DLC , Discounts and others , as in the Store it self we got confused by whats new and whats old . I add my voice with my fellow brothers for this

  • I just hope I even remember when this game is supposed to come out. Usually they used to post a Playstation Store Update that kept me aware and updated, but these days that has disappeared with only a ‘Drop’ left, and not a very good Drop at that, (in comparison).

    Tbh, despite the beautiful words expressed above by Mr. Clements, I may not remember this when the time really comes to buy it.

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