Defend Your Homeworld in Action MMO Skyforge, Out This Spring

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Defend Your Homeworld in Action MMO Skyforge, Out This Spring

Hi everyone! We’re the Skyforge Team, and today we have something really exciting to share with you. We’re deeply honored to give you the opportunity to become part of “the chosen” and discover what it means to fight until the end, again and again (and again)!

In the free-to-play action MMO Skyforge, you receive the gift of immortality and enlist to protect your home planet Aelion — a gorgeous but scarred world terrorized by alien invasions.

Aelion is a planet littered with ancient technology and powerful magic for you to throw back in the face of the invaders. RPG fans can look forward to 14 wildly different classes that you can switch between on demand, and action fans will find combat mechanics you won’t come across in just any other MMO.

Skyforge offers a unique mix of sci-fi and fantasy, action and role play elements that will keep you hooked for hours. It’s a universe filled with campaigns, player-versus-player action, and raids to best with your friends.

Become Immortal

So how did you end up on Aelion? The planet was under the protection of the great guardian god Aeli who built a protective structure around the planet. He kept an ever-watchful eye on the mortal citizens of the planet and would descend when and where he was most direly needed.

But Aeli mysteriously disappears.

This is where you step in and receive the gift of immortality from Aeli. Create a unique looking character, sliders and all, and take your watch in protecting the citizens of Aelion.

Action and Classes

Unlock more classes and switch between them at anytime. If the fight calls for a chainsword-wielding Berserker, become one; if your friends need an Alchemist to buff them, become one.

Combat is not a static affair, either; dodge attacks and shoot or hack the weapon out of the claws of your enemies and use it against them. Your enemies will know your name in no time!

Even More Gifts!

We are happy to announce that there are more gifts to help you protect Aelion and look great while doing it. Register now to receive your exclusive Immortal Pack when the game launches — for free!

The Immortal Pack contains a Cyber Costume, Halo, and Glowing Eyes, that are exclusively available in this pack. Additionally, if you are a PlayStation Plus player we will add a whole set of extra rewards when you first log in, including the Wings of Vows — a cosmetic item that will make you stand out in any crowd as one of the first Immortals. This offer is only available now, so don’t miss your chance!

To claim your Immortal Pack simply visit the official Skyforge PS4 website and register with your PSN account. The items will be in your account when the game is officially launched in Spring 2017.

We can’t wait for you to stand next to us in battle, fighting together against the invading hordes in Spring 2017! See you all on Aelion — and remember; we are the first, and only, line of defense!

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