Lego Worlds Assembles on PS4 This March

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Lego Worlds Assembles on PS4 This March

Hello, future Master Builders! I’m Chris Rose, Associate Producer at TT Games working on Lego Worlds. As you may have heard, Lego Worlds is coming to PS4 in March! My amazing team here at TT Games and I have been hard at work to bring you this unique Lego experience where you’ll be able to explore and create vast worlds made entirely from your favorite building bricks!

I don’t know about you, but I have been dreaming of bringing my love for Lego bricks and building to the digital space. Well, I’m overjoyed to report that we have done it! Nearly anything you can build in real life with Lego bricks, you can build digitally here in Lego Worlds. You have an entire galaxy of unique and colorful worlds with limitless landscapes and terrains for you to customize. Imagine a Lego Creator toy set with “unlimited” bricks… to me, that means unlimited possibilities!

Want to be a farmer that chases away skeletons from his land? Sure! Want to skateboard on the clouds and/or drive a giant driller into a mountain? Affirmative! Want to ride a dolphin while exploring the vast ocean or fly a dragon while shooting fireballs at a wizard below? You got it! Want to take photos like a tourist or shoot pies out of launcher? Yes and yes again! Lego Worlds has a diverse roster of Lego characters, vehicles, and creatures that bring the worlds to life alongside an array of unique weapons and tools.

Discover hidden treasures through light story experiences and quests to upgrade your rocket ship and travel to new and bigger worlds full of adventure. Just make sure you don’t let those pesky Troublemakers get near it! They chew the wiring and smell funny.

Build brick-by-brick with confidence and populate worlds with a variety of structures to create a masterpiece, as you embark on your creative adventure to become a Master Builder. Have you ever wanted to build an entire castle for your pet T-rex? Or a vast water park that defies gravity where you can ride and play with your pet shark? No? Well, now you can anyway!

Part of the Lego Worlds experience is being able to do all of this with a friend. We wanted players to be able to share their creations with each other, have fun adventures, and even create together. We’re proud to say we have made this possible, too! Invite friends into your worlds and play together, either through Couch Co-Op or Online Multiplayer.

Are you ready for your mission? For PS4, we are taking a selection of your favorite Lego Agents heroes, villains, vehicles, and weapons, and placing them directly into your Worlds. You’ll be able to create, discover, explore and go on new adventures together with your friends as you create your own secret agent missions, take action in cool new vehicles, and thwart the plans of the evil mastermind Dr. Inferno.

We look forward to seeing your worlds! Until next time.

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