Customize Your Ship and Take on the Galaxy in RiftStar Raiders

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Customize Your Ship and Take on the Galaxy in RiftStar Raiders

Do you remember these Wednesday afternoons spent at the arcade with your friends, using up your pocket money? We do, and we want to share that experience with you.

Some of those games were about competing against your friends and rivals, others were about cooperating. At Climax Studios, we have a fond nostalgia for those games — especially the shoot ’em ups! So we asked ourselves “What would a modern shmup, focused on cooperation, competition, and modern game mechanics, feel like? How could we relive the feeling of fun we had playing with and against each other?”

And that’s the challenge we took on with RiftStar Raiders: to deliver a unique and original experience by offering a perfect mix of modern multiplayer, skill-based combat, and retro shooter tropes — based on the instant fun of the Japanese arcade’s golden age.

RiftStar Raiders is a top-down, fast paced shoot ’em up made by a team that loves the genre and wants to push it further. Unlike the majority of recent shooters, RiftStar Raiders gives players a more natural feeling, physics-based gameplay which takes practice and skill to master; your ship will react to the realistic forces applied to it, so maneuvering through an asteroid field or around a nebula takes real piloting skill.

You and up to three friends take on the roles of rogue pilots who’ll accept any type of mission as long as there’s cash on the table — no questions asked! Together you’ll be swept up in an all-out interstellar war between four factions, across nine hand-crafted missions in order to become the best smugglers, pilots, and outlaws that the Far Reach has ever known.

In RiftStar Raiders it’s all about the loot. There’s a lot of perks to loot and, when combined with their unique tech trees and upgrades, lets you craft and customize new weapons, shields and boost drives.

This lets you create the ship systems that match your play style and role within your squad. Want to be the tank shielding your teammate? Or are you more the striker, hammering enemies? Maybe you want to be the healer or support class in order to help your team survive tough situations. There are tons of possibilities for you to discover and experiment with. That’s without even mentioning the cosmetic customizations you can apply on your Raider spacecraft: change hulls, skins, and banners to make it your own.

Every single play session is rewarded with dropped loot and currency allowing you to constantly craft new systems, improve your play, or simply try new combinations. Be prepared to hear “Come on, let’s play one more” a lot.

We believe that everything is better with some friends — first, to help you save the galaxy. Second, to steal each other’s loot (because it always tastes sweeter). This is why on RiftStar Raiders we’ve put the emphasis on the multiplayer experience. Even if you’re enjoying it on your own, we highly recommend you call in your friends and team up. Use big guns, quick wits, and your piloting skill to pull off heists and thrilling heroics! If you’re lucky, you might even save the galaxy along the way.

So tell your friends, team up, and fight for victory. And loot. Mostly loot.

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  • Release date?

  • Diablo with space ships? If so, I am so IN!

    • Nope. It’s Galak-Z with friends.

      I mean honestly, i really hope Climax pays tribute to 17bit. RiftStar borrows heavily from the brilliant game Galak-Z.

      Physics – this appears to be the same exact physics based locomotion that Galak-Z uses. It looks and sounds the same. You will not be whipping around asteroids like Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, not right away. It has a steep learning curve, but it’s so satisfying when u master it.

      Art style – extremely similar.

      Ship style – they look similar.

      Combat – similar.

      I’m interested in this game but 17bit needs their respect.

    • It’s actually more like Atmada on yhe Dreamcast, really good couch co-op game back in the day.

    • Oops, meant to spell Armada.

  • So No Vita Version !?

  • looks awesome! Im sold!

  • Sold!

  • For a second I was “WOW Finally” Then.. nope, still not it. :/ Why can’t we have a decent space shooter in this day and age?

    • Try Strike Vector EX that game rules

    • Play Galak-Z if u want a phenomenal space shooter with rogue like elements and a Saturday morning cartoon feel. It also received a free expansion The Void. I wonder if Climax consulted 17bit, used the artist, the same engine, physics system? It’s just so similar, even one of the ships is the same design as your ship in Galak-Z. The shields look the same, the lazers, weapons..

  • Looks awesome! Would love to know the release date :)

  • Looks cool I’m up for it.

  • Hopefully the Online Component is possible in Offline?

  • So, 4 player split screen couch co-op or what?

  • The game looks good, if your interested in this play Galak-Z.

  • I love local multiplayer and this looks like a lot of fun. Is the co-op local or online, or perhaps allowing you to mix both? If players separate, does the screen separate as well or perhaps zoom out to show all the action?

  • Hi paulogy, thanks for your enthusiasm. RiftStar Raiders has been designed as a multiplayer experience that also offers a single player mode. Multiplayer coop is online only. In this way, no split screen, every player has freedom to fly wherever they want in the environment. See you in the Rift.

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