PlayStation Store: January’s Top Downloads

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PlayStation Store: January’s Top Downloads

Welcome! It’s the first Top Downloads list of 2017, and we’re kicking this one off with a stunning upset: Studio Wildcard’s colossal compilation Ark: Survivor’s Pack charged to the top of the PS4 chart for January, surpassing even the universally acclaimed Resident Evil 7! Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s first DLC pack, Sabotage, saw a predictably strong debut, and Job Simulator continues to lead the charge on PlayStation VR.

Horizon Zero Dawn finally launches on the last day of this month — how far up February’s PS4 chart do you think it can make it in one day?

PS4 Games
1 ARK: Survivor’s Pack
2 RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard
3 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
4 Battlefield 1
5 Grand Theft Auto V
6 Rocket League
7 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
8 The Order: 1886
9 Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
11 Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
13 Watch Dogs 2
14 Titanfall 2
15 Stardew Valley
16 Madden NFL 17
17 Overwatch: Origins Edition
19 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
20 Knack
PS3 Games
1 Devil May Cry HD Collection
2 Shadow of the Colossus
3 Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
4 Battlefield 4
5 Watch Dogs
7 Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
8 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
9 Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
10 Resident Evil Revelations
11 The Last Of Us
12 Grand Theft Auto V
13 Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
14 Okami HD
15 Resident Evil 6
17 Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
18 Tomb Raider
19 Enemy Front
20 Need for Speed Most Wanted
PS4 Add-ons
1 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – DLC1 Sabotage
2 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – ESO Plus
5 Black Ops III – The Giant Zombies Map
6 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Season Pass
7 STAR WARS Battlefront Season Pass
8 Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Salvation
9 Rocket League – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack
10 Rocket League – Vulcan
PlayStation VR Games
1 Job Simulator
2 Fruit Ninja VR
3 I Expect You To Die
5 Batman: Arkham VR
6 PlayStation VR Worlds
7 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
8 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
9 Lethal VR
10 Here They Lie
PS Vita Games
1 MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies
2 Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
4 Borderlands 2
5 Child of Light
6 Tetris Ultimate
7 Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
8 Adventures of Mana
9 Jak and Daxter Collection
10 Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
PS Classics
1 Dark Cloud 2
2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
3 Rogue Galaxy
4 Psychonauts
5 Star Wars Bounty Hunter
6 Bully
7 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy
8 The Warriors
9 Twisted Metal: Black
10 Castlevania: SotN

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3 Author Replies

  • Titanfall 2 hanging in there? Good. Needs more attention, for the story and the multiplayer.

    • Fantastic game! Come to think of it, I really need to go back and finish the campaign…

    • Thats whats wrong with gaming nowadays.. People praise games they havent even completed.. You know what was great? The TV series Stranger Things. I know NOBODY who just stopped in the middle of it to tell others how amazing it is and that they still need to watch the rest. They just watched the full thing. Why buy always more ps4 games when you never complete any because they are just not good enough by REAL standarts?

    • @lolzombis comparing a tv show to a game is an error. One relies on story with acting, cinematics, etc as secondary. And a game like titan fall relies on gameplay first. Completing the campaign is irrelevant. Even if you play. 25% of it you should be able to tell that the team created something enjoyable and of top quality. You seriously need to fully Complete Super Mario Brothers to say its a fantastic game? Don’t be ridiculous.

  • no yakuza? shame on you gaming populous!

    • Ark: Survival Evolved. Perhaps the worst successful game ever.

    • Seriously. They don’t know what they’re missing.

    • To be fair, it did release in the latter half of the month. Even still, why people aren’t buying the game is beyond me. To me it’s one of the best games of the year. AND THE YEAR JUST STARTED!!!

    • I’m only about an hour in but Yakuza 0 is AMAZING so far. It’s so anime, I love it.

    • Why pay $60 for another Yakuza game? And if you dont like it you cant even get a refund? People have been burnt too many times on PS4, sony must think of a better price model, demos, betas, 4 hour trial, hassle free refunds (within reason) or sales will continue to decline in favor of ARK

    • @lolzombis I don’t want what you want.

  • Ah, Shadow of the Colossus. So much love for it, I love it.

    Sitting in our memories, waiting for a remake. (I wouldn’t complain if it was released for PS4 too).

  • Ugh, first The Last Guardian and now Gravity Rush 2. Maybe Sony should start advertising their exclusives. We saw the same thing last gen.

    • Yeah its not just advertising tho, even if it surely plays a huge part. The problem is people are tired of campaign game sequels and rather have a sandbox where THEY create the story. Nobody is going to pay $60 anymore for a game knowing next month its $30 already. Sony should fire all management and make room for smarter people, pricing games at $20 or $30 day1 with 60 million ps4 owners will bring in ten times the money that games are making now.

    • @lolzombis I don’t want what you want.

    • @loalzombis luckily Sonys management is smart enough not to listen to you or think like you. You don’t know what you are talking about, child.

  • Please put the PS3 version of God of War 3 on the PS3 PS Store so I can buy it digitally. It is on PS Now. So, it should be easy to add to the PS3’s PS Store. Thanks.

    Also, add plug and play support to external HDD on the PS3. I have a lot of digital PS3 games that can’t fit on my 1.5TB internal HDD. Thanks.

  • Look at the trash at on the number 1 spot on PlayStation 4 ranks. Enjoy the trash

  • Wow, no Rise of the Tomb Raider. Looks like the PlayStation gamers didn’t like that Microsoft deal to well. To bad to because it’s a fantastic game. I got it on sale but still, a great game.

    • Tomb Raider was just $5 in the sale and the charts seem to go by units sold. Not sure many would pay $60 still for Rise of tomb raider. Its a great game and includes all DLC. But who are we kidding? Its also just another campaign game, even if it innovates in some areas and is a great experience….. Sony is losing to mobile and PC because they think people are still paying $60 for games.

    • @lolzombies Sony isn’t losing to the mobile market, they for one have Vita still even though they no longer support it, and most of the people playing mobile are causal gamers. There’s a major difference between console and mobile, that’s why games like FF don’t do well on mobile but do excellent on console. Don’t get me wrong people don’t want to pay $60 anymore, that why a lot of people don’t buy digital. So looking at these charts and thinking that this is really all the sales for these consoles is stupid. Ark is only the best selling Digital game, we don’t know what the top selling game really is. Yet you stating it’s just another campaign game is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. Every game up until about last gen is just a campaign game. That’s what all games are basiclly. So if you just want more MP games and no single player then maybe you should stop gaming. Cause 20 years from now all the MP games won’t exist that do now.

  • Buen día febrero 2017

  • Surprised to see ARK: Survivor’s Pack at the #1 spot for PS4; I’ve never heard of the game and had to Google it to find out what it was.

    • Its a unique, different experience, especially on PS4 where isnt that many similiar games (yet). The graphics arent by far as good as in the trailers but people love it, the dinosaurs, the building, playing with their friends. It deserves all the success it gets… Also due to no progress on dayZ and H1N1. I honestly think tho, that ARK could be a giant success as Minecraft if it was priced better. $73 canadian is just a bit high.

  • Glad to see Resident Evil 7 on the #2 spot. Haven’t picked up the game yet, but I will sometime.

  • Fantastic to see PS4 owners really embrace Gravity Rush. #greatnessawaitsthebargainbins #4theplayerswhodidn’tknowthefirstexisted

  • Really surprised that WD2 isn’t doing better. That game is really good!

  • Well, the reason why Gravity Rush 2 isnt on the top 20 is probably because it came out at the end of the second week of its month. So we might see in Februarys top 20… I hope

  • Would rather have a useful and informative Store Update post over this top downloads nonsense. What is the point of this post or lists?

    What a waste of time.

    Store Update – bring it back

  • I was among the people who bought tomb raider and the order, and let me tell you that the order is very underrated. Amazing graphics, top notch animation and the game felt at 60fps, and i didn’t find the campaign too short. What i agree with the critics is about the replay value.

  • If anyone hasn’t noticed yet, mirror’s edge catalyst is now $20, hope its on the top downloads of February

  • Bring back store update post, I’ve always enjoyed reading it when I’m away from ps4 and ps3

  • Google search the site Playstation Lifestyle. It has the games and dlc and all the prices

  • Thanks!

  • Well since there is no more Store Update for some unknown reason I will just go to Playstation Lifestyle to get the full update and spend less time here.

  • I agree. Bring back the Store Update post. It was posted every Tuesday for years and now they just stop for no reason…

  • I just wanted to come and say thanks to the blog team for all the time we got store updates, they were pretty useful. Now that they’re gone, I don’t think I’ll come back to this blog.

  • Please consider bringing the PS Store Update posts back. If anything, please include the spreadsheets with the sales as well as the DLC in the weekly Drop posts. I have been loyal to Sony since the first Playstation, and owned every console that has been released. I recently upgraded from PS4 to a PS4 Pro and purchased a VR Word bundle. (The VR arrives tomorrow, I have the receipts to prove it.) After spending almost $900 on new hardware, and I don’t know how many thousands on games, (You should have the ability to look it up via my profile. Also every disc based game on my trophy list was purchased new.) You should be able to continue delivering the one post everyone seems to be asking for. Whoever decided to make that cut should have their performance re-evaluated. They obviously don’t have the company, or the consumer in their best interest.

  • Go to Playstation Lifestyle, they have everything now

  • The moment PC Hosted PS4 servers gets released they’ll see an even bigger jump in sales. Good way to stay on top.

  • How about bringing back Store Updates? By comparison I don’t think anyone would really miss Top Downloads. Seeing ARK Survivor’s Pack at the top does not impress me. It’s rather sad that gamers these days see no problem about buying an unfinished product.

    Oh, adding an edit function to comments wouldn’t be bad either.

  • Street Fight X TEKKEN is charting… guess I need to bust out my Vita again.

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