PS4 System Software Update 4.50 Features Detailed

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PS4 System Software Update 4.50 Features Detailed

Starting today, those of you selected for our beta program will get an early peek at some of the new features coming to PS4 with our next major system software update, version 4.50 (codenamed Sasuke). If you signed up for the beta and were chosen, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and get started.

Even if you’re not participating in the beta, we still wanted to give you a quick glance of the key features that will be rolling out with this update. We’re refining the user interface of PS4 even further, and adding highly requested features like external HDD support and custom wallpapers.

External HDD Support

It’s easy to upgrade the HDD that came with your PS4, but if you’re still looking for more storage space on the console, we’ve got you covered. With this update, you have the option to store content to an external HDD. Just plug a USB 3.0 HDD into your PS4, and voilà, you now have more space on the console.

PS4 System Software Update 4.50 external HDD support

This is compatible with HDDs up to 8TB in size. You can download and install applications directly to your extra storage, and the saved contents are easily manageable through the settings menu.

Also, all the applications saved in the external HDD will appear in the Content Launcher of the Home Screen so it’s easy to keep track of what apps you launched recently.

Please note: user save files are still stored locally on your PS4 HDD. Only games and applications are stored externally.

Custom Wallpapers

This update adds the ability to set your favorite in-game screenshot as the background image for PS4’s home screen. Drop-shadows on text, and the option to dim the Function Area, will help keep the system icons and texts on the home screen clearly visible even if the background image you selected is super bright.

You can also edit screenshots using Photo Mode in Sharefactory to make your one-and-only custom wallpaper.

Quick Menu Refresh

As you may know, in the last system update we overhauled the PS4 Quick Menu feature (the menu that appears after a long press of the PS button on DualShock 4).

This update brings additional improvements to make it even more accessible. Now the Quick Menu will cover even less of your gameplay screen, and you’ll be able to access handy Party features via Online Friends, like creating new parties, inviting friends, and joining parties, without transitioning to the separate Party app. The goal is to keep you in the game — and not stuck in menus.

Simplified Notification List

Before this update, the Notifications app had a variety of tabs on the left-hand side, like Game Alerts, Downloads, Uploads, and more. We’ve condensed all of the tabs to a single simplified list, making it easier to see all of your notifications all at-a-glance.

You can also quickly access the Notification settings from the Options Menu to turn off or customize which pop-up notifications appear on your screen, so you’re only being notified about your top priorities.

Post on PlayStation Network Activity Feeds

We’re adding the ability to post directly into the Activity Feed, which appears in a variety of places across the console, including What’s New. Under What’s New, you’ll see a new option to post things like text, screenshots, and gifs directly into your Activity Feed. You can also tag games or other users to make sure they don’t miss your post. It’s a great way to show off your greatest triumphs.

Tying into this new feature, Live from PlayStation will show screenshots that users uploaded to PSN as a Public Activity, so you can show off your best gameplay moments not only to your friends, but to users around the globe.

3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR

If you’re a fan of 3D movies, and you own PlayStation VR, we’ve got good news — this update adds the ability to view 3D movies in stereoscopic 3D directly on the PS VR headset. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

There are more features included in 4.50, so make sure to keep an eye out for additional info, including launch timing, in the weeks to come.

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  • Really liking this update

    • Agreed, It’s been the best News I seen in a long time in Firmware updates.

      Having External HDD support will add the peace of mind and reduce gamer’s from having to download the game they have already bought and downloaded. This will also reduce the network stress on both PlayStation Network and your Internet Service Provider while reducing your data usage on your monthly cycle each month. Everyone has some type of data cap from there ISP.

      My question is will this allow us that own disc based game’s to save the game data that download such as game updates and DLC to the External HDD as well? I’d like to see what if any changes are there comparing this External HDD support comparing it between a pure digital game versus a disc based game.

      We all know time is important when wanting to play a old game you want to come back to playing month’s and year’s down the road.

      What else would we like added to the PS4 for features in the future? Make sure to post your idea’s and thoughts in the comments below.

    • Best move ever re: external HDD support. In essence, Sony has made digital purchases a lot easier to accept this way!

    • Hey guys. These updates are great. I was wondering though. How about Bluetooth connectivity. It isn’t available unless you have playstation headphones. Could you guys at least get Sony headphones connected.
      Its hard to justify buying a second set of headphones just to play when you already have headphones by the same company that have the same capabilities but just arent allowed.


    • I see we will have to wait for update 5.0 for backwards compatibility

    • Looking forward to this update sony, you’ve been listening it seems

    • All good seeing this new update as it needs or others are trying it befor hand .but when is the update the date of it to be to be available to everyone to update the console can some one please tell me when is the update going to be available please

    • Has the issue of PSVR screen drift been addressed?

    • All I want is to be able to bluetooth my $300+ Sony Headphones… I can’t believe they STILL don’t work.

    • Will there be a way to have custom theme music?

    • Am really loving my ps4pro but am a little let down by the lack of media interaction thats currently available?
      Im sony 100% but dirty box seems to offer more in the content and different stuff available. Maybe some additional features would be a good idea. Cant wait for ps 5

    • Man I was picked this time! :(
      I was hoping to use the new features for my PS4 Pro! :(

    • The external HDD feature is the best thing that has happened to the PS4 firmware since… ever.

    • Really need the PSN ID name change! Come on guys… The other game system has been doing this for a long time already. Even if you charge a little like $1.00 for it. As long as the name is tied to your email account. Shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out.

    • Any way that we can play PS3 games on PS4? AKA Backwards” Compatibility”

    • Word to your mama Son-Son for finally implementing external HDD and custom wallpaper (although custom wallpapers with custom themes would have been better) But still way better than not having it. I suspect games sales are going to go up due to ext. HDD, since i cant count the number of times I’ve heard people say that they’ve had to pass on games due to their 2TB HDDs being full or almost full.

      But I dont like the sound of the new notification area. Its fine the way it is now and what it really needs a is a delete all/select all. Now instead we are going to have all those worthless “Discover” notices mixed in with our “Downloads”. Im weary about this.

      Also, what i think the quick menu needs is the ability to sort trophies and fast forward and rewind on Spotify.

      Also, how about the ability to choice our own background color and quick menu color?

      Bu thanks goodness for externall HDD, now 2TB way almost full and spotting me from instead and playing games i own (or buying some new ones).

    • Update looks great but when can we change our user name? Come on Sony please? Even if it’s just once. Anyways keep kicking Microsoft’s ass with all the great exclusives.

    • Great update information! Can’t wait to find out what other features are in store! Especially for the PRO!

    • It’d be Great if you could maybe change your gamertag but hey thats just me and possibly lots of other people but stay swifty

    • Cant wait to try this out. I guess for the first time I wasnt selected for the firmware beta test……surprised really…..I own a Ps1,Ps2,Ps3, Ps4, Ps4P, PsP, PsV and Im getting PsVr………. and Ive been selected almost everytime….just have to wait I guess with everyone else. Cant wait to finally make my own wallpaper.

    • Can you at least fix Ws 37937-9 error which alot of players can’t access online features because you’re banning peoples ip for no reason and you suggest stupid solutions to fix this problem and none of them work.

    • To the people who are wanting backwards compatibility, that will never happen. The PS3 is too complex to emulate. The only reason the PS3 could emulate PS2 games was because there was basically a PS2 built into it.

    • but yet we can change our usernames, even for a fee after what 8, 9 years? Come on now….

    • @Skater_Ricky: Disc-based games should still allow saving to the external as well, since it wouldn’t make sense to make it exclusive to digital only downloads to the system. Also, not every ISP has a data cap. For example, BrightHouse, and its new parent company Spectrum,, has no cap whatsoever. You can download nad upload terabytes of data every month and never reach a cap or a slow down.

    • I really love everything so far about this update except for the “Simplified Notifications List”. I really love how organized the notifications was for my PS4 and scrolling through it looking for what I wanted was a breeze. Having to go through one list for everything for me will be a horrible experience. I have a lot of friends on psn and always get invited, msg’s, requests and I’m always uploading my save data and videos. Without all the side tabs it will be a cluster of notifications, that which I do not want to sift through. Now I hope their is an option to keep the current notifications list.

    • Hows about being able to save music on the console instead of relying on a usb flash drive?

    • The notifications need be changed back and please me change the color of my icons on my home screen

    • Is this for the 4pro as well?

    • i’d love to see a Calendar app of all the upcoming games on the dashboard

    • Noice

    • I got the email today and now I have the 4.50 beta. Thiers really not much difference until we see backwards compatible. But honestly it’s not too bad so far and nouthing crashed and I’ve been gaming all day in titan fall 2

    • Still no info about Bluetooth audio compatibility.

    • The extrnel Mermory Is A big Piece That All I Wanted Awe yea i like the fact we can use our own screenshot pictures Good Looking On That.But im still waiting on user name changes for ps4

    • Notification definitely needs delete all/select all. Now I’ve been with Sony since day one and ever since the PlayStation 3. I feel like the PlayStation 4 has been taking us backwards with technology. I mean you can’t use your own Bluetooth headset which is kind sorry for a $400 system. Not only would i like to see the media portion brought back to the PlayStation 4 like it was on the PlayStation 3..

      Also I mean come on what’s up we spent $100 on Playstation 4 camera that nobody uses. I mean we can’t even use Skype with a camera or send our friends video messages with the message feature on the PlayStation 4. The price we pay for your products we should get what we want. On PlayStation 3 we can change our background put whatever we want as a background picture. Ext… I just don’t understand why we have to wait 4 years to get simple updates that should have been Day One updates.. I don’t get these people in here talking about your new features like it’s the next best thing that nobody’s ever thought of it before. Hey I have an idea how about in your messaging have delete all/select all. But I’m stuck deleting each and every one of my messages one by one.

    • You know what’s really sad is that you got the PS4 for $400 the PlayStation VR for another $400 then have to buy sony headset for another $150/$200.. because Bluetooth connectivity is limited to certain brands and products. #Justsorry #unacceptable

    • What I’d like to see the the compatibility of other Bluetooth devices. I don’t want to spend more money on a pair of headsets if I already have a Bluetooth headset. Also, backwards compatibility for ps2 would be nice.

    • Will the update allow multiple HDDs to be connected and seen, via a USB Adapter? The update looks like it’s going to be one of the best ever, for the PS4!

    • Soooo excited! So does this mean an ntfs out of the box external hdd can plug right in and work? Or will it have to be formatted to Fat32?

    • PlayStation once again FTW!!!!

    • Just one question, is this update is coming only for ps4 pro or also for normal ps4?? And if it is does it will downloading automatically or i have to look for it? Please answer

    • About time smh. (Almost bought a data bank for $40) Now only need a few improvement like backwards compatible, video chat with the PS Camera (was very disappointed this wasnt a launch feature), and store music and video to hard drives.

    • Why would you want to give up a name like MeatCrobbMuffMLG

      I feel like your whole life story is wrapped up in a nice little bow for me. XD

      Anyway Backwards compatibility ain’t happening. The Xbox One doesn’t have backwards compatibility. If you pop in a disc, and it downloads a game, that’s not backwards compatibility, that’s a port using your disk as a Cd-key.

      Also do you know how hard it would be to emulate 8 processors running full boar in tandem on a console with this level of power? Not only that but how are they going to handle emulating a disk while also having a 5GB install as well? The amount of effort it would take to run PS3 games on PS4 is not going to happen. The Xbox 360 isn’t even doing it and those 2 architectures are incredibly similar. All that happened was that companies did a quick and dirty port of the Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and re-licensed it.

      So we technically do have backwards compatibility it’s called Cross-buy and that’s the best you’re getting because that’s all the Xbox One is doing, using a disc as an entitlement. If it was true backwards compatibility you could be offline, pop a disc in, and play the game.

    • I think it’s great what they’re doing here but…. I’m really salty right now I just bought a new hard drive and installed in inside my ps4 like 5 days ago, while I already had one that wasn’t compatible and now reading this…. I guess that’s just my luck.

    • Amazing update. External HD support and direct posting including screenshots on the live feed without FB or Twitter are game changers. Good job

    • The PS4 is almost has everything I want now. Just let me change my psn name and we will be golden. External drive support is so clutch, especially because it easier and cheaper than upgrading internally.

    • Good but name changes please?

    • Can someone please tell me how to apply the custom wallpaper its no where on my ps4

    • @Aalameen06 This update is in its beta stages and hasn’t fully come out yet. That is still yet to me announced.

    • What about the parental control!!!

      When you will work on that.

    • It Would Be Great If PSN Upgraded Party Chat To Have 1-16 Or 20

    • This update will be awesome!!!

    • I keep seeing everywhere it’s written “HDD support” not external hard drive, does this means it’s limited to HDDs and excluding SSDs ?
      I know it’s not the best idea to use SSDs on a console but, I was planning to buy SSDs and I’m afraid that there are devices that have compatibility issues with them.

    • I’m still very sad with the PS4 Pro to say the least. I mean this update seems like it’ll be a good one but I got rid of my PS4 just to get the pro, just to find out it doesn’t even want to work with my 4K tv. I’ve done the safe mode loop holes but it still flashes off every 20 seconds. My tv displayed 4K on the pro perfectly when I first got it but had to update to the newest version in order to use it and as of February of 2017, am still using 1080 when Sony can clearly fix it. More so, my very first PS3 ran backwards compatibility for both PS1 and PS2 games, and Xbox1 beat even the Pro on that. Sony is clearly capable because they have done it in the past but continue to ignore these issues. I mean, does it really make sense for all game publishers to make remastered titles just so that they can be played on PS4? Xbox1 doesn’t really need remastered titles. I don’t have the best internet connection so the PSNow feature is completely unavailable to me as streaming games is too much. It’s also a recurring membership no one wants. In the end I don’t want to read about these upcoming new features in the next update, I’m looking them up because I can’t wait for a fix any longer

    • Please allow to change the country for the PSN ID

    • Does anybody know when the release date is for this?

    • Can i use my wallpaper of PlayStation 3, please?

    • Change gamertags

    • External HDD is GREAT!!! It’s good to see PS is thinking about the consumer!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Has anyone gotten the update yet as of today?.

    • Did you guys get the update today. I went to software update but nothing’s there and I’m in the beta.

    • Great updates! I would like to see some updates regarding PSVR issues, like screen drift in Cinema Mode and the way it sort of pulses back and forth in a lot of games, but it’s cool to have 3D Blu-Ray support!

    • I applied for the beta and no response. What do i have to do to get in? I really want boost mode.




    • I love this new updated heading our way! But what I would really really love to do is have an option to change my GamerTag just 1 time. I’ve had the same gamer tag since PS3 was hot. Please give this in a future update. Thank you

    • What I…and probably any other people would like, is for the PS4 to be backwards compatible like the Xbox1.

    • I have a ps3 and am thinking of getting ps4 but am wondering,do I need to update the system to play games?

    • Will the circle/back button on the media remote ever work in the Hulu app? I know it’s such a small issue, but thanks for reading.

    • This update is cool but it would be nice if they would bring out the update to be able to see each other on the chat room again like the PlayStation 3 it would be cool if the PlayStation 4 did this another update would be nice would be able to change your name on the PlayStation four so if you don’t like your name you can change it should be able to change it at least four times and afterward you will be i’ll be able to change it afterwards

    • That’s awesome

    • Is the hdd support working out great for more installations?

    • Definitely like what I’m seeing, the external is a step in the right direction. When will we be able to play PS3 games on my PS4

    • Thank you guys for choosing me as one of the few testers for the 4.5 beta software. I did have a minor crash during gameplay but nothing major. Happy to see i can finally, finally have an external output for my older games that i want to still enjoy. Other features are okay as well. The HDD out is a super plus! Maybe add on tone/graphic creator for easy custom themes. Thanks again! I’ve been with Sony Playstation since the first ps1 console. Sticking with you forever!

    • Es bueno saber que siguen con las mejoras, Pero aun asi deberian de permitir el uso de peliculas 4k fisicas, tengo un PlayStation Pro y pence que permitirian el uso de estas peliculas, aun asi hay mucho por mejorar

    • This is truly needed to stay competitive sony,but will we be able to install our disc base games to HDD and put the disc away it would be great for the longevity of hardware and disc plus it just makes since,and considering how many devices have this,WE REQUIRE BLUETOOTH SUPPORT,hard to believe the ps3 still holds abilities over the ps4 heads,I have watch and enjoyed gaming and it’s many changes through the decades stay strong Sony and here the community

    • When will this update be available? I currently have 4.07 update and the system says that is the latest update

    • same

    • When is the release date or how can I get the beta

    • Any chance to know when all these amazing things will be available?
      Please!!! Just a tiny little hint :)))))

    • Hey PSN community . My question would be that will aka “beast mode ” be relevant inn upcoming ME4 Or will “PS4 pro enhanced” be the standard ? I saw “1080p” advertised on the game details ? What does 1080p mean for how ME4? Or what’s the actual visual that we will get ?

    • I’ve had the beta 2 for 4.5 for about two weeks almost and ever since i installed the update my AT&T internet won’t connect at all. Every other device in my house connects to my internet fine and before that so did my PS4. And everytime I put in the WPA password it keeps giving me the (NW-31297-2) error. Any ideas on how to fix this, I tried the system reset , safe mode restart to default and still nothing?

    • I Uninstaller Beta 2 after discovering BR discs were not detected. Cost me $ to stream Arrival after I rented disc. Confirmed reverting back to OG FW disc recognized. DO NOT USE IF YOU WATCH BRs.

    • PS4 finally gets external HD support! Something that the XBOX One and XBOX 360 has since release. Not an XBOX fanboy but just an observation about how long it’s taken for something that the Xbox has had since day one!

    • My PS4 is on System Software 4.07 and says it’s the latest, how do I get it to 4.5?! Help! Just got a new 2 TB external HDD and can’t use it! :,(

    • Can i get the beta to try it out for my self

    • When is there a estimated release date? If so when?

    • What about following our trophies the same way Xbox One players could do ?
      I guess im not the only one thinking about this one… The Last feature my favorite support need actually….

    • For being clear : being able to see, for instance, “84% of this trophie done”

    • With the External hard drive update. What is the time table for this to be available to the public or out of beta testing?

    • I think I speak for everyone that is psyched for the update when I ask about an updated time frame for the release. I know that it is being beta tested but when you have a 6TB external hdd being used as little more than a paper weight it kinda grinds on the nerves.

    • im cool with all this especially the external hard drive support i have a 4tb waiting for my games but anyways besides all that what we really need is backwards compatibility i still got ps3 games waiting to be played again

  • External hdd support is a great move.

  • All I’ve ever wanted was Ext HDD support and you guys finally gave it*wipes tear*

  • HOLY COW!!! External HDD Support!!!

    Hell Yeah!!! SONY and PlayStation is killing it.

    Custom wallpapers also!!!

    • and let’s not forget the PS4 exclusives of 2017 and their current Metacritic scores.

      Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone – 84
      Gravity Rush 2 – 81
      Tales of Beseria – 78
      Yakuza 0 – 84
      Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue – 77
      Digimon World: Next Order – 72

      hahaha it’s only Feb 3rd… and that’s 6 PS4 Exclusives..

      Nioh is 4 days away and currently has an 87 on metacritic.

      Horizon: Zero Dawn is 25 days away!!!

      hahahahaha… like I said. SONY and PLAYSTATION are KILLING IT!!!!!

    • Killing it… Xbox has had external HDD support for as long as I can remember

    • External HDD should’ve been a thing yeeeeeears ago. Upgraded to internal 2TB and now finally can buy a compatible case to put to use the 500GB that originally was installed. Glad they are finally stepping up but in terms of “killing it” Microsoft has done this since last gen.

    • Easye609- yes Xbox has had the external HDd this whole time but do they have Horizon: Zero Dawn coming out in 25 days? I think not my friend Therefore Playstation is killing it just with that title coming out alone in my opinion.

    • @easye609 – External hard drives mean nothing if there’s no software to install. I guess if the Xbox One is the only system a person is playing on, then yeah an external HDD is a must. The PS4 really actually needed this though, so count me as one of the excited.

    • xbox had this since November 2013 big whoop

    • Killing it? All they’re doing is adding functionality the Xbox One has had for over 2 years. Glad they are doing it, but seriously I don’t think they deserve to be praised for dragging their butts features that are long overdue.. This is simply a step in the right direction and far from “killing it”.

    • PlayStation is killing it. So what if xbox has had external hdds, should Sony have not added it bc xbox already had it? Overall PlayStation IS killing it and destroying xbox. Does xbox allow you to watch 3D blu rays on their VR headset? Does xbox have custom backgrounds? Remember when xbox copied PS4s communities? Who had Twitch streaming first? Who has a better UI? Now PS4 has external and internal hdd options. Gravity Rush, Kingdom Hearts, Yakuza, Tales, Nioh, Horizon, Nier, Persona. PlayStation is absolutely killing it. Good day.

  • This update sounds like everything people have been asking for. Great job Sony.

  • Well, that adds way more than I was expecring.

  • Ah, saving PSN Name Change for 5.0 I see ;)

    • It could still happen here. They haven’t given all the details. Just say your prayers: Hail Shuhei, full of grace…

    • I guess when it happens, it will be more like an alias. Your username will remain the same. Much like if we would see the Real name instead of the username.

    • Its coming. About six years too late IMO. check the latest update and recommendation from Sony. The added field to the SDK is Sce Np Online Id.
      Your current username is defined as Sce Np Account Id
      It’ll be up to developers to patch in the switch, but Sony will need to take the lead as well. Most likely v5.0.

  • In one move, you just killed the custom wallpaper market on the PSN store. Hopefully, this will motivate companies to come up with more impressive DYNAMIC themes going forward, especially for preorders. A theme that just changes the background image and nothing else isn’t going to cut it any more, and Sony shouldn’t approve such submissions by developers going forward.

    • PS3 did this too and static themes still came out after. PSP did as well… Vita too.

    • Yep, agree. I expect premium content if I am paying premiun. The best themes are always the ones free or bundled with games.

    • Maybe we aren’t to be allowed to use ANY custom photo…

      “This update adds the ability to set your favorite in-game screenshot as the background image for PS4’s home screen.”

    • This is different than ps3 or PSP where you could use anything from your image folder as a background. The drop specifies that you can use screenshots as your background. They may or may not include other functionality, but it seems like they are trying to protect content providers while making people happy. All I wanted was screenshot backgrounds anyway! :)

    • If it’s screenshots, then just open the browser, full screen whatever picture you want to use for you background and hit the share button. Seems like a simple enough way to use any image you want.

    • Wow once again intelligence Reigns Supreme… You know you can screen capture from anything you’re doing on the internet or on Netflix or any other application on the PS4 you can load whatever image you want to your email open your email on your PS4 and screenshot it as for me I’ve had a giant pair of titties on my background 4 years

  • Incredible

  • 3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR…..very nice….and SBS 180″-360° Videos in 3D too?

    • Could you go into more detail to what you’re asking/wanting? I’m a technical guy but I don’t know what SBS means.

      “SBS 180″-360° Videos in 3D”

    • The poster means side by side video. YouTube for instance has side by side video. Basically it’s a video that was shot with two different cameras offset apart the distance of the average human eye. Then whatever player/decoder merges them and your VR unit would display it in 3D.

    • Yea that’s something I can’t wait to try is the 3D movies on the VR I bet it blows your mind how amazing it is. Man the Vr just by itself is well worth getting the PS4 hat VR is amazing. Playstation should never stop with the VR it’s the future of gaming and they did an awesome job.

    • I was waiting for the same!!!

  • Would really love to see party’s go from 8 to 10

    • Agreed, having a larger party system will help out in allot of game’s. I’m very curious as to what the breaking point is on how many player’s your can have in 1 party on PSN.

      Battlefield 1 has 5 player’s per squad. When you have 8 player’s playing with you there’s always a uneven amount to communication between the 2 full squad’s of 10 player’s.

      Every game will have different number’s of player’s depending on the game but I find that’s the best example I can provide where we need 10 player’s in Party Chat on PlayStation Network.

      On a technical side of things I know the more you have in a party the more bandwidth you will be pushing and receiving from your ISP to your console.

      Just speaking for the United States. Our bandwidth infrastructure isn’t the best compared to other countries in regards to speeds but it’s getting better over time.

      Especially when fiber optic is getting more popular in the United States with the help of Google Fiber, Verizon, and AT&T (I’m sure I’m forgetting other ISP’s) by bringing fiber optic to more homes around the United States.

    • Heck, why not double it? 16. Seems like a reasonable party size as some games will have large teams, and probably more and more in the later years

    • , you did mean to say 12 people right… cuz that’s the limit on most multiplayers having a party of eight when you have 12 people in your crew it’s just kind of stupid

  • Really good update, HDD support is definitely a big plus!
    One small idea for future update, improving the load speed of voice chat parties. Loads of lag in that system when starting a new party, would be good if you could send an invite and it load in the background!

    • I think your talking about how fast the Party Chat App load’s up?

      If I had to guess it’s two issues your experiencing.

      1. Party Chat App need’s increase in launching speed. (May help if you install a Solid State Drive in your PS4 but I’m sure the App need’s some optimization as well to increase the speed.

      2. You’re Internet speed also plays a big role as well when it comes to bringing communication between your friends.

      I like to see a video with someone comparing this theory between SSD’s, HDD’s and different bandwidth speed’s with PlayStation 4’s party chat system.

    • Yes! Thank you. I was nervous about buying too many digital games due to lack of storage space. Sony, please add external hard drive support for PS3 as well!

  • Looking foward to the updated quick menu.

    Not liking the merging of downloads, uploads, alerts and so on into one tab only. Hope you give us a choice to keep it the way it is.

    • Yeah, the Downloads section should be separate. The screenshot already makes it look like a disorganized mess.

    • First time commenting on one of these to express my agreement on the notifications streamlining. Forcing us to go into a submenu to opt out of certain ones is a step back, not forward. I suspect this is an attempt to exploit user laziness so they can ensure official news and updates get attention, but this isn’t the optimal method to do so.

      Instead having something like the text only tickerbox on the PS3 that would roll through official news/notices at the top of the notifications menu would be far better. This way the information they want you to see is immediately conveyed without needing to visit the alerts tab, but can be visited for additional detail if interested.

      But hey, what do I know, yeah?

    • They should add a option within Notifications so you can “Sort” by category if you want to put everything all on one screen there has to be some type of sorting or filtering system.

      I’m sure the main reason behind this everything on one notification screen is the increase in speed the overall PlayStation 4 system but that’s just my theory.

      I think I’d get use to this notification screen overtime. There is some positive views to this change. Sometimes you can’t have both thing’s. I’d take system speed over the old assortment of notifications.

      But in all honesty I think a simplified notifications is important to keep things simplified for quick access.

      You also have to remember it’s not just adult’s playing on the PlayStation 4. Kid’s play video games to. We all where kid’s and played video game’s as some point in the past.

    • Yeah, everything else about this update is great. But putting all notifications in one cluttered list seems like a step backward. I suppose it’s so PlayStation alerts don’t get ignored. Please allow us to choose between one list or separated lists.

  • For games in HDD or only SAVES and app?

    • Based on what they said about things appearing on the UI you can put games there.

    • There talking about saving Full Game files to be saved to a External HDD.

      You already can save “Game Saves” onto a External Storage device such as a USB flash drive.

      I just hope this applies to both Disc based game files on the internal storage device that copied from the disc to the internal storage device as well as Game Updates and DLC.

      But if I had to choose for Disc based game’s I’d take the “Game Updates” and “DLC” to store on a External Storage Device because there’s no true reason to waste space on your External Storage device in regards to disc files when you already have the disc files on the disc for offline purposes.

    • Honestly, this is my question too. I couldn’t tell if full games can be loaded there. It will incredible if they can!

  • Great list of updates – can’t wait for 3d movies on the ps vr :) can anyone confirm if this will extend to sbs content via media player – will be super happy if it does :)

    • I would guess, from my limited knowledge, that it won’t. A 3D Blu-Ray sends out an actual 3D-encoded stream, with one stream for each eye. Sony is patching the PS4 to help PSVR understand which image goes to which eye and display it correctly. With an SBS file (which are usually illegal downloads) the entire 3D image is a single video stream, which your display device can be set to slice it down the middle and display one half for each eye. Generally this involves an overall 1080p file, so you end up with an actual resolution of 960×1080 for each eye when watching 3D content this way. Considering the normal use of this content is for illegal (or backup) purposes, I doubt Sony would have their hardware support it. If there are 3D videos available on Youtube that are set to stereoscopic 3D rather than SBS, then it might work. But this article specifically states “stereoscopic” 3D.


      No, it won’t.

  • Bluray 3D support on PSVR is AWESOME. Are there 3D moves in the PSN Store as well?
    Large External HDD support is also awesome.
    Major game changing updates Sony. Bravo!
    Thank You this is a surprise.

  • External hdd is awesome sauce, my 2tb is almost full. Happy days

  • Wow! A lot of great stuff on this update! External HDD support was a great move!

  • Will we be able to use Custom Wallpapers with any theme, or just the default Flow theme?

  • 3D movie support in VR?!?! WOW! This is so awesome! I was just talking about this with my friend and how cool it would be. You guys rock!

  • And now we just need an update that allows us tp change our “player name” / “Account mame”…

  • PLS PLS PLS MAKE country change feature available… many ppl like me r stuck with wrong country on PSN for a decade or so… we shud b able to change our country once 6 months.. u can even charge for that…what’s so big deal about… this feature is more important & makes more sense than PSN ID change… pls make dis happen… only thing which PlayStation lacks & others have

    • Yes the only thing left now that I can think of is that we need “PSN ID” changes and the ability to change “Countries” if someone moves to another country so they can now be in the correct PlayStation Store to purchase game’s with the correct pricing per there location. This is no hardware or software change for the PlayStation 4 this is a PlayStation Network update to the Network on the backed but would require a Firmware update to add the option in the PlayStation Network menu on the console. So in all it would be hard to implement on the console side just hard on the PSN Network side. I’m sure they have been working hard to get these changes to happen for those that want to change there ID and County.

    • There are millions of people who have more than one account, mostly Japanese accounts.
      Country change feature would be the best improvements of the PlayStation Entertainment.

    • Yes, this. Apologies to my American friends, but I’ve always hated having to choose US or American (English); I AM Canadian *set to music*

    • You can create second account. PS+ still for first.

    • @Miesiu01 There are those of us whose countries did not have PSN stores until PS4 launch, and now we are still stuck using another country simply put because of trophies. I can go ahead and create an account for my country which I did but all my trophies are on the other one, I’m not starting from scratch with that! And when you only buy from store if you have a PS+ discount then it’s even more useless. I would much rather be able to change my main account’s country, otherwise I’d have to restart from scratch and I do not like that. If you don’t care about trophies then it’s an easy change, I do though.

  • Holy crap!! Been asking about 3D Blurays on VR since you guys announced the headset! Good form, Sony!

    One question though. Does this update fix the blackouts that a large number of folks are having on the headset (and TV) when it’s plugged into a PS4 Pro?

  • Does external HDD support for apps only or you can install game too?

    • I’d really like to know this as well. The wording is a little confusing, it says ” With this update, you have the option to store CONTENT to an external HDD”; but than it says “You can download and install APPLICATIONS directly to your extra storage”. The words content and applications are what confuses me. Hope Sony will clarify it soon.

    • Come on people. Do you really think Sony is gonna make external hdd up to 8Tbs but only for apps? Sometimes i wonder about people…

    • It may just be me but I would think it’s everything. Mostly because when you close a game the option is titled “close application” and that it will still show up on the main screen as recent “application”. Just my opinion though so take it with a grain of salt.

    • Agreed, wondering the same. It’s saying content and apps but not games though technically the games are apps.

    • Yeah it would be in Sony style to add support for external drive but only allow data to be saved… so yes I can picture Sony making a silly release. After all, they did release the PS4 without the feature and many more that were in its predecessor PS3 features.

    • PS refers to games installed on the HDD as “Applications”

    • Games are apps.

    • I guess maybe they added it after the fact, but it says this now-

      “Please note: user save files are still stored locally on your PS4 HDD. Only games and applications are stored externally.”

      So yes, you can save games onto the external drive. But it needs to be USB 3.0 in order to allow fast enough communication to not slow down the game, I’d imagine. Or it just won’t support it if it’s 2.0…

  • Oh god Sony please let it be true with the External memory. I badly need it. Also it would be nice if we could view the Themes on the PSN store before purchasing them too. But that is a bonus. All I care about is the External HDD support. THANK YOU……now let us change our psn gamer tags.

  • Great update!
    Keep them coming! More social features is good!

  • Finally! Custom wallpapers! Still hoping one day for PSClassics support!

  • External HDD support is a big game changer, thanks for listening to fans, Sony!!! :)

  • Guys… This update is AWESOME !!! External HDD storage !!! I love you guys !!! Much people don’t buy digital because storage and now you solved !!! I know your love for PS3 is little, but if you can do the same there, you will be the best. Remember that PS3 needs some love too. Thanks !!!

  • Finally it is here. Now I can download all those free games I don’t play and not have to worry about hdd size whenever I get a new game.

  • I don’t know if I like the simplified notification list. It so much easier the way it is now because it’s more organized in groups. I don’t think it is going to be handy all-in-one list. What they should do, is to add a way for us to be able to delete specific notifications or all of them at once, that way it won’t be so cluttered. And even worse with new update being an all-in-one list. Everything else seems great!

    • Being without an option to delete the notifications, is making them really long as it is now. It will be even worse if all of them are compiled into one list and still without an option to delete them.

    • Oh wow… i was bout to post that you have always been able to delete them, and then i just tried and you cant. Dont know why that feature was removed. That was a bad move by Sony.

    • Yeah, I was about to post the same thing.

      I love everything included in this update, but the SIMPLIFIED NOTIFICATION LIST “should” be left alone. Just looking at the screenshot, I can already tell all future notifications will be messy to keep track of. I prefer the way it is now, TBH…
      Sony, just make it easier for us to DELETE ANY notification blip we want…

      Also, Sony, please make it easier for customers to sort our DOWNLOAD HISTORY. It’s way too burdensome, now that we have PS1, PS2, Vita, PSP, PS4, DLC, Avatars, Themes, etc. to sift through!

    • Are some people playing the beta able to confirm not able to delete notifications? Why not provide us options with *the damn options button*

    • I agree. I like everything in it’s own place.

  • Awesome stuff.

    Relating to themes, I’d love to see a 3DS-style randomizer of themes since I have gotten so many good themes, I’d like to just have the PS4 surprise me with a new theme at least every time I turn on the PS4 if not every time I back out to the dashboard from a game/app.

  • Way to go sony

  • I just want to change my PSN ID…. Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee.

  • Thats just effing great, I just deleted over 500gb of stuff !!!!!

  • I suppose this new feature (external HDD I mean) is only for external storage? I still cannot connect an external NTFS HDD for playing the movies which are on it..?

    • NTFS support probably won’t ever happen at all, since it’s a licensed file system from Microsoft. (even other OS like macOS don’t have full native NTFS support because of that)
      I’d suggest you format your drive to exFAT, that is actually supported by the PS4, and is also supported by Microsoft (Windows, Xbox, and others).
      Unless you’re using NTFS’ advanced features like junctions, encryption, user permissions, you can use exFAT and you’ll have no issues at all.

    • @siberianlord exFAT is a file system developed by Microsoft too! And yes, @AtaruMoroboshi78 you have to format your external HDD to exFAT and it would work like a charm.

    • Yeah its a shame but PS4 and PS3 do not support NTFS.

  • so… were the invites sent out or not? in the beginning it said you will get an email if you were selected but than the last words of the blog were to keep an eye out for launch date. just want to clear this up.

  • Yes custom wallpapers.

  • I still want an option where it randomly changes the menu theme every few minutes, instead of being bound to 1 and forced to change it.

  • Awesome update would really like statics system like how much time played etc and how close I am to unlocking trophy for example say you need 100 c4 kills you have 75/100 c4 kills to unlock trophy

  • Just what I needed! I really could use some extra space instead of deleting and downloading games.

  • i like these features.. but why not keep th people they have already been in previous beta test but still doth invite or do what
    XBOX One does have a preview option for beta testing this way new features will come out sooner with a nice amount of people globally Aggressive Console Firmware Update Cycle there getting better but you can do better on this part sony

  • How you guys got the update? Did you receive a mail or just downloaded the console automatically? I signed up for the update but didn’t got any update nor in email or on the console.



  • Another way to show Sony is killing it (as usual) in the console market.

  • Yes. Yes to all of this but *especially* yes to external HDD. I’ve already filled up my 2TB and a large portion of my library can’t live on my PS4 anymore. Fantastic!

  • > Simplified Notification List

    Ugh, nooo. This is terrible. I like the organized list. *Aside* from the redundant “notifications” options at the top, which is basically what we’re not stuck with.

    I hope at least options [the button] actually works properly. Some of the tabs no longer used options at all, instead forcing you to use cross to open the options related to the notification. Which was weird. Having both, sure. But just cross? That’s wonkyand inconsistent. But it’s all gone now.

    Also, return the PS Store to the former design. The disjointed mess it currently is is ridiculous. The ugly black pages still link to the old UI when you want to view all DLC, and you still get that UI when you view all recent releases and most things. You can’t quickly see if a game has themes, or avatars related to it on those new overly designed messes.

    It’s horrible.

  • Quick question: can I actually use real custom wallpapers instead of screenshots? Like desktop wallpapers? Because if not, then that’s not really custom at all…that’s just lazy.

  • No 4K support for older PS4s yet? Dammit!

  • Can you please add Audio CD support?
    Why did the ps3 have it, but the ps4 after 3 years doesn’t?

    Except for that, great update!

    And sorry for bad english.

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