Paragon: What’s Next in 2017

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Paragon: What’s Next in 2017

Since Paragon’s Early Access, it’s been our goal to be transparent and communicate openly. We got that right some of the time, and other times, didn’t do enough. For 2017, we’re doubling down.

We’ll be providing regular updates on what’s to come for Paragon, both in the short term and beyond. That means that you’ll hear about plans that may change, or features and ideas that don’t always ship, but we think that’s better than keeping you in the dark. We hope you agree!

First, A Quick Recap of 2016

We launched a MOBA (Okay, that was hard). We got a ton of feedback from players, made some mistakes, but — most importantly — we learned a lot. We’re excited about the growth of the game and progress we’ve made so far.

Some info:

  • Paragon is growing! There are now 5.7 million registered players.
  • Released 25 Heroes in 2016.
  • Shipped 132 updates since March.
  • Introduced a bunch of features, including draft mode, improved matchmaking, and card crafting.
  • Shipped Monolith. New map, new balance, and a new version of Paragon.
  • There were 830,000 active players in January, up from 650,000 in November before the release of Monolith. There are also 44% more players playing each week — meaning more players are playing more often.
  • Since Monolith, matches that end in a surrender are down by 17% and we’re working to reduce that further. Progress!

Heroes Every Three Weeks

In 2016, we shipped a hero every three weeks, except when we launched Monolith and over the holidays (the team needed a break to spend time with friends and families). In 2017, we’ll again ship a new hero every three weeks. Except maybe over the holidays or when we’re shipping something really big that requires the focus of the whole team. So mostly every three weeks!

On a side note, we realize that we’ve released a string of melee heroes in a row. This was unintended and a result of some very long hero development pipelines. Sorry. Starting with our next ranged hero in April, you’ll see more balance in rotating the types of roles that are released.

All New Card System and New Game Modes

The existing card system has a lot of flaws and doesn’t deliver on the promise, so we are redesigning it right now. We haven’t locked down the details yet, but we are rethinking the entire thing. The goal is to make cards more valuable and impactful to gameplay and increase clarity and ease of use.

There is a ton of demand for new and different game modes. We hear you, and know that launching them will help to grow the game. We have two in experimentation and development that are a lot of fun and bring a new dimension to Paragon.

The first mode is PvP, and will offer a shorter, faster version of Paragon that can be played in 20 minutes or less. It’s radically different than the current PvP mode. The second will be a PvE co-op mode. With both of these, we’ll be starting small and change them throughout the year. Again, they’re experimental, so expect anything and everything to change and evolve as we get feedback and learn. Timing TBD, and details to come.

One other complication that we’re thinking through — we need to figure out when and how to launch them so we improve, rather than degrade, the quality of matchmaking. It’s a hard problem that we haven’t yet solved.

More New Things on the Way

In the next few weeks and months, we’re also lining up these features for release:

  • Matchmaking system V2. All new from the ground up.
  • Lots of balance changes. We know many things need to be improved and we listen intently. Expect continuous improvement and a handful of mistakes along the way.
  • Banners: add your signature to every kill with this new system (screenshots and videos coming soon). It’s experimental but we think it’ll be cool.
  • New Skins and Skin Variations: We’re giving you even more skins and a new system that will allow players to unlock more variations for almost every skin.
  • “Hero Mastery” improvements. More content, more progression, and more rewards for getting Heroes to max level.
  • Loot Crates: More loot (with more variety) will be rolling into crates over the next few months. Expect to find some rare banners and skin variations coming soon in crates.
  • Hero Reworks: Revisiting old Heroes with new kits and balance.

What About Competitive Play?

We firmly believe that you can’t rush competitive play. Games that push ranking, events, and tournaments before the game is actually competitive are missing the point and going through the motions. Our guiding principle has been to work with you to figure out when Paragon will be ready, and we’re getting there.

Step one is to begin learning how to do it right. In the first half of 2017, we’re planning to roll out competitive play in stages so we get it into your hands and improve as we go. After that, we’ll deliver a full Ranked Mode that’s balanced for hardcore competitive gameplay.

As for events and competitions, we’ll be starting with laddered competitive events that transition into Paragon Invitationals. We’re also working on prized events that will provide real money rewards for players across many different regions and skill levels. Yes, the investment is real. We want everyone to be able to compete, not just the Pros. Expect more details on this over the next few months.

Growing the Community

Right now, we’re spending very little on marketing, letting Paragon grow mostly by word of mouth. Once the game is more complete, sometime later this year, we plan to get the word out to more players and help the community grow. Our goal is to make it much, much bigger over time. Until then…

…we know that Paragon only exists because of you, and we can’t thank you enough. We are grateful to all of the people who came in during early access, who took a chance and bought founder’s packs, and who support the game by playing and giving us feedback. You rock. Our commitment to you is real, and we’re just getting started.

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2 Author Replies

  • Add Trophies and release the game then I will play it.

  • So no trophies in 2017? Not even a mention, that’s bad news.

  • still waiting a release date and trophies…

    • Hey damonx21!

      The trophy system is something that will be implemented as we move to a full release and exit the beta stage.
      2017 as a whole is a huge stepping stone in getting us there and while I cannot set the expectation that it will be here next month or even the month after, I can guarantee that they will come.

      More details in the coming weeks!

    • It’s silly that this game is still without trophies. Have one dev take an afternoon and add trophy support. Absolutely absurd.

      Add a bot mode so i can practice. I’m afraid to jump in against experienced players and have no idea what i’m doing. The game looks pretty intricate.

  • “transparent and communicate openly” you say? Then why dodge questions that come up on every blog, reddit and official Paragon forums regarding trophies? When are they coming? What are your plans? And most of all, what about existing progress?

    • Hey Luna,

      In regards to trophies, see my comment above to + “damonx21”.

      Existing progress on your account will not be wiped at any point in your Paragon career and we are standing by that. :)

    • But the question remains, will the trophies recognize and credit previous progress? Example, you have a trophy that says “Unlock Mastery on One Hero.” I have already Mastered Muriel, will the trophy pop in recognition of this or will it require me to Master a second hero after the trophy patch is released? This is a question Epic needs to get in front of and be clear on. Also you should release a tentative list of proposed trophies or ideas. Just saying after the full release means little. That sounds like late 2017 and beyond, a huge window with no insight.

  • Dang look at that Iggy and Scorch skin concept. Can I get that as a plush also? She is adorable!

  • Im not use to MMO but I like paragon with that being sad I really wish you guys would put out a very long and detailed!!!video on the card system for us lame players especially when you overhaul and revamp it the systems I look on you tube but I think this would bring in more players if you could have that in your YouTube channel… thanks

    • This is some great feedback! We will definitely provide an overview of the new system as we move closer to its release. :)

  • I knew after Monolith, they would have to totally rework the whole game to get it playable again. I’m glad they’re going for the rework and I’ll try it again after the major patch comes out. Looking forward to it.

  • In one of your streams someone asked if you would leave the old map once monolith came out and you said maybe. Can you guys like still use the old map cause I miss it and I personally don’t like Monolith I am just crap on it. Oh well whatever just ignore this message really not important at the time

  • The game is awesome and I play almost daily. Those concept skins look superb! Really looking forward to seeing a new concept for Narbash.

    I will be along for the ride in 2017, the competitive strategic PvP is just too good to pass up. Bring it on!

  • Thank you for always doing your best to improve this game and I have to admit that Paragon is the first MOBA game that really got me into it! You are awesome guys!!

    Never thought I will play this game on a daily basis with my crew and leave other AAA games pending just for the sake of having fun with my friends every day we play. That’s a lot to me and gotta say I still suck as a Jungler but I’m a good Murdock and Howitzer xD.

    People who complain about trophies, I feel you my brothers but please be patient since we are still playing the Beta of this game. In the end trophies are to me a sweet reward for my hard work but the real deal is to have fun and raise your Elo on every match xD

  • Any chance we can get something added that we can spend reputation on? A new mastery every 3 weeks for 75k rep means we are always getting excess. If we already have all the cards available and can craft new cards as they’re added, then there is no need to spend on card packs. And if there is a card overhaul, there’s a possibility of getting refunded reputation spent on cards in the past so even more excess…

    • We’re absolutely working on more ways for people to spend their Rep points in meaningful ways. Expect more things within the next 6 months, and of course, thanks for playing :)

  • When you add trophies please include a Platinum trophy. If Sony tells you “no” bring up, My Name is Mayo.

  • I remember the first T4 skin was supposed to come out last year, any news on when that is supposed to come out now?

  • OMG since i missed the xmas one, i NEED that iggy and scorch skin!

  • I haven’t gotten into this game yet because it’s a work in progress. I may have to give it a try. Having a PVE COOP mode is icing on the cake for me. Please make it couch COOP and Online COOP. MP doesn’t last forever so it’s great to have something that will be playable even after the servers sprout crickets. Star Wars Battefront epic failed in this regard with their interesting DLC. Thanks for bring this to Paragon. Also, would like a You Tube video instructional on the new card system when you are done with it. I heard over and over how confusing this game can be. Thanks for the hard work.

  • I’m upset. When the game first released I thought it would be a super good game which it was. Challenging combat with a high learning curve, the thing is when it first came out it was $20 to play. I paid for it and not even a month later it was free on the PlayStation store. I feel like i’m not the only person this has happened to.

  • Paragon is a great MOBA. I’ve spent countless hours in both Legacy (Agora) and now Monolith. I’ve made some great friends and been called names I won’t repeat here.. :) I definitely recommend anyone interested to go ahead and try it out. There are some great resources out there for learning how to build decks and use heroes. You can also find existing builds on several sites and all over youtube. Epic has been working hard on improving the game. I’m very excited to hear about Matchmaking 2.0 and hope that it brings things to a more even level. Keep up the hard work Epic and perhaps I’ll meet one of you in Monolith.

    • On behalf of everyone on the Paragon team, thanks for the kind words – it’s definitely a big part of what keeps us going!

      – Waz

  • Get rid of the Always Online and Add LAN support then we’ll talk. Until then…..not touching this game, much less spending a dime on it. Thank you

    My. 02

    • Why? For the one group of people running a 10 person LAN? This is a 10 player game (no budging there) and the bots run off their servers so you can’t fill in gaps for less then 10 players without being online. What you’re asking for makes no sense, and since the game is free to play your spending money line is also pointless. Not trying to be rude, just up front about the truth of the situation…

  • Paragon is one of the best games to play along with friends at the momen you get the hang of it.
    But, the developer should add a feedback section in the game to suggest improvments. Like when your dead and youre watching ur friend playing u see nothing becasue the countdown clock is on the middle of the screen. And also the comments section of the game should be with more verity. But on overall this game is greater every moment. Thanks

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