Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop Update Out Today on PS4

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Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop Update Out Today on PS4

The past nine months have been crazy. I want to take a moment to thank all of the Enter the Gungeon fans for making it a success, and allowing us to continue making games as Dodge Roll. The response has been nothing short of overwhelming, and life changing, for the team. So thank you, sincerely.

People following Gungeon will probably know that this update took considerably longer to finish than we intended, but at last it’s finally here. We really hope you enjoy it! I wanted to take a few minutes here and talk about what’s in the update, and why we chose to include what we did.

For the Supply Drop Update, we had three major goals:

  1. Add in the content that we had originally wanted to include in the initial release of the game, but had to cut for time. This includes the Mine Flayer boss, and the past scenarios for the two secret characters.
  2. Add content and tweaks to address player feedback since the release of Gungeon in April. While we are always trying to do this with the smaller patches, having a larger update afforded us the chance to get new dialogue translated and make the additions better fit the style of Gungeon. This includes, among several other tweaks to balance, the KeyBullet Kin and the ability to “Save & Quit” at the end of each floor.
  3. Add new content that is interesting for long time players, and doubles down on what makes Gungeon most fun. This includes new rooms, new enemies, challenge mode, the new NPC’s Doug and Daisuke, new secrets, and of course, new items and guns.

Mine Flayer
We had always intended there to be a third boss on the third floor, to go along with the Treadnaught and the Cannonbalrog — the Mine Flayer was always one of our favorite ideas, so we are especially glad to include him in this update. The shorthand theme of Gungeon has always been “D&D + Guns” and we think the Mine Flayer is one of the best examples of that in the game. It also helps that the team adores illithids (nearly rivaling our love for Mimics).

Past Scenarios
In the initial release of the game, our two secret characters did not have “Past Killing” scenarios. Obviously they should have pasts to kill (Why else would they be in the Gungeon, right?) and now they finally do! I don’t want to spoil them here, but I will say fans who enjoy repelling evil should be pleased.

Keybullet Kin
Inspired by the crystal lizards from the Souls series, these cheeky enemies spawn randomly in combat rooms and are guaranteed to leave a key when they die. They will however immediately run to a corner and disappear if the player is not quick to kill them. We included these enemies, and other tweaks to key drop rates, in response to player feedback that the amount of keys felt a bit light. We think this is a fun, and very Gungeon, way to give the player an opportunity to occasionally earn some extra keys in their runs.

Save and Quit
This was probably our most requested feature since the launch of Gungeon. You can now save between floors and resume your run at a later time. Just speak with the red button located at all floor exits, tell him you’d like to save and hop into the cryochamber. We could have done this with a menu, but the Gungeon has two rules: everything must animate, and everything must have a face (except where those two rules don’t apply).

Daisuke’s Challenge Mode
Daisuke is a new NPC in Gungeon that brings something for players that are finding their runs a bit too easy. Gungeon is already a fairly difficult game, so increasing the difficulty didn’t feel very interesting; instead, we wanted something a bit different.

Speaking to Daisuke before a run will allow you to activate “Challenge Mode” which grants each room a set of challenging modifiers when entered. A few examples of these modifiers are here:

  • Adrenaline Rush: Each time the player dodge rolls, the game speeds up (ends
    on room clear).
  • Unfriendly Fire: Any of the player’s bullets that hit walls ricochet and become dangerous to players.
  • Blobulin Rancher: Missed bullets turn into Blobulins.
  • Shockwave: Periodically, rings of bullets linked with electricity will appear in the center of the room and expand outwards. Touching the bullets or the electricity will damage the player.

New Guns and Items
We know that Gungeon players love getting crazy item combinations, and we’ve listened and tried to respond accordingly. After the release of Gungeon, the community asked for more passive items that adjusted the functionality of guns, and fewer “boilerplate guns.”

So, for the Supply Drop Update we focused on just that: lots of new ammo types, and guns that are interesting or powerful (Or both!). You’ll have to play to find them all (or just read the wiki), but the new items can result in some crazy combos! You may also find a chivalrous new companion, in a very unlikely place.

Doug’s Traveling Emporium
Doug is another new NPC that you can rescue from the Gungeon; once unlocked he will appear intermittently in the Breach, unlocking many of the new items in this update. Doug also served an interesting design purpose, which was to trickle out the new items. When you empty Doug’s shop, leave for a little while — just keep doing runs until he returns. As with most things in Gungeon, skill is rewarded; he will return faster the farther you progress in the runs you attempt while he is gone.

We really hope you enjoy the update, but Gungeon is not complete. We are planning a true expansion to be released late this year or early next, that will considerably expand the scale, and lore, of the Gungeon — and maybe let you get revenge on a certain rat. There will also be new Mimics. So stay tuned.


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