The Playroom VR Updated Today with Free Toy Wars Game

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The Playroom VR Updated Today with Free Toy Wars Game

Konnichiwa. This is Nicolas Doucet from Japan Studio. How are you all doing? First things first: Japan Studio and Team ASOBI would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year; one of happiness, harmony, well-being, and a good dose of gaming.

To get off to a great start in 2017, we have a little gift for you! We added a brand new game to The Playroom VR and it’s available to download today. Best of all, it’s 100% free for all PS VR owners, so do make sure you grab it and give it a try.

The name is Toy Wars. It’s a four-player, cooperative, tower defense style game set in a base under the bedroom of our hero. You must shoot and smash waves of enemies coming at you without the VR player getting hit a single time. And as with other games in The Playroom VR, you can play Toy Wars alone in VR or with up to three extra friends helping you on the television. The player wearing the VR headset has different goals and objectives to those playing on the TV.

In Toy Wars, the main VR character is a classic action hero mounted on a swivel chair. The DualShock 4 turns into a Gatling gun so you can shoot the soft plastic bullets like crazy.

The TV heroes are big chunky mechs, piloted by our classic VR Bots. Using the DualShock 4 controller, you can punch enemies to prevent them from reaching the VR player. Each TV hero has a unique devastating charge attack so you can find a playstyle that suits you best.

The game begins in the heroes’ underground base located under the bedroom. As the mission begins, all heroes ride a cool elevator to ascend to the surface. We took inspiration from classic Japanese anime for this.

That’s all from me! I shall leave and let you discover yourself more about Toy Wars. All you need to do is go get it from PlayStation Store!

We hope you enjoy this new addition to The Playroom VR, and I hope to read your comments in the forum below! Sayonara, friends!

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  • Good work guys, Playroom VR is easily a must have on PSVR. You guys do such a good job and then give DLC for free. Don’t be afraid to charge us for more content down the line, I would easily pay for more content.

    • Thank you! We had fun making this one too. Hope you enjoy it!

    • Playroom VR is probably the beat made game for the be system. The games are fun graphics crisp (on pro). You guys rock. If you made a stand alone game of the robot rescue I would easily pay $40. Please consider this lol.

    • I really like the vr playroom..especially the robot rescue
      Please tell us your making a full length game out of that little demo far the best vr experience I’ve played fantastic…make it happen thanks

  • This is awesome, thank you. I saw a Playroom update pop up last night, but I figured it was a PS4 Pro patch or something. But a new game mode is even better! Thank you for continuing to support this great free game.

    • It’s our pleasure! This game was in the making just as we finished the main game. We figured we should keep it as an extra for people who got a PS VR over Christmas. Try bashing your friends to get top score:)

  • You guys really need to make a full game out of the platformer mini-game!

    Or at the very least, expand the current one with new levels.

  • Guys, you know if you put some time into a full fledged game of “Robot Rescue” and PROMOTED IT, you could have potentially THE “Mario Killer” for the VR. Why are you stuck making “tech demos”??

  • Awesome that you keep supporting this! Playroom VR is one of my favourite VR titles so far.

  • Can we get back the playstation store update please!

  • In case you haven’t seen all the requests out in the wild already. Please, please, please, consider making a full length Robot Rescue game. Surely you’ve seen the love and praise over on reddit/r/PSVR

    This needs to happen!

    • What? Where? I have no idea what you’re talking about? haha. We saw, we saw. It’s a lovely reaction for sure:)

  • Agreed. Robot Rescue NEEDS a full game. I would buy it day 1. I didn’t realize how fantastic a 3rd person platformer could be in VR. I’m ready to contribute design ideas.

  • Honestly, a lot of VR dev’s could learn from Playroom on what works. With how it works for both the person in VR and those on the couch, it really did a great job. And yes, Rescue Robots made me want something I didn’t even want before playing, a VR 3D Platformer

    • This is a cool comment thanks.
      You know, one of the great things about a new technology like VR is that it resets the clock in many ways, allowing small teams to shine and perhaps invent the game standards of tomorrow. I like that, it feels good. Some of the games that were made by 1 or 2 guys were really great fun!

  • This is awesome and unexpected! The Playroom is really well done.
    Also I agree with everyone else: Make Robot Rescue a full game!!

  • Thank you for the free update! Have you ever considered making a full game based on Robot Rescue? Anyone? Perhaps?

  • This is great news! I’ve been screaming it ever since my first day with PSVR: Robots Rescue NEEDS to be made into a full game. It is simply enchanting, and remains my favourite PSVR (or VR in general) experience. It truly is competition for the iconic Mario Bros but offering a sense of immersion and creativity far beyond traditional games.

    I’m looking forward to play Toy Wars in PlayroomVR, but I would also love to hear that Robot’s Rescue is being made into a full game!

  • Awesome. Playroom VR is amazing and Robot Run is probably the best VR game experience. Hopefully you guys are making a full game out of that!

  • Like everyone else has stated, Please make Robot Rescue a full game. This would be a must have VR title!
    It was a tease to show how great platformers can be in VR, we need a full game. Also bring back Jumping Flash for a VR game.

    • Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, Robot what?

      You know what, the Jumping Flash idea came up a looooooong time ago during a brainstorm as we were prototyping VR stuff. At the time, we were wondering if it might be too extreme for some users but as people are getting used to VR, it could be a nice idea! I made my 12 year old play Jumping Flash for the first time about 6 months ago. So simple and fun. Even now.

  • Thanks for the update; I can’t wait to try it out!

    Like everyone else here, I’m wondering if you are planning to add more levels to Robot Rescue or make a full game of it? Please make it one of your goals. Those robots aren’t going to rescue themselves.

  • I really hope for a 4- 8 Player Brawler mini game like ‘PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’ with the AR bots dresses up as many Sony mascots from PS1 to PS4 from Parappa the Rapper to Aloy Horizon Zero dawn :-)

    • Heard that one before (from you I think!!:) Not sure we’d ever do that but you get one originality point for not bringing up Robot Rescue:)

  • Will there be added trophies ?

  • me and 7 of my friends play 8 player Brawler, we chosen our AR bots to become

    Me> Sackboy
    Player 2 > Iota (Tearaway)
    Player 3 > Knack (Knack)
    Player 4 > Kat (Gravity Rush)
    Player 5 > Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank)
    Player 6 > Parappa (PaRappa The Rapper)
    Player 7 > Toro Inoue
    Player 8 > Kratos (God Of War)

    Like Super Smash Bros, we try bash each other off the stage until 1 of us is the winner :-)

    Picture link >>

  • Unexpected but awesome! Thanks!

  • I know a lot of people said this but it cannot be said enough! More levels for Robot Rescue! Make it a full game!

  • Seriously love playground since ps4’s release and how you masterfully came up with super fun unique ways to use vr is impressive. Especially when there are a lot of vr games and a handful that use vr in a way different than other games. How you are able to release these free? No idea. Love the idea. Excited to see what more you have in the future ^^

  • Great news ! Thanks so much. My son and I have really enjoyed the VR playroom. Nice freebie. Will download today. Appreciate the effort.

  • Not trying to spam but copying my thanks from the other VR bundle announcement thread because it seemed relivent here too.
    Btw my family loved experiencing VR for the first time over the holidays and a big reason was because of Playrooms fun ways to include people both in and out of the headset. So thanks from all of my family :)

    I don’t comment often due to the toxic nature of online forums but I just wanted to say a few positives about my PSVR experience so far and a quick thank you to Sony for bringing VR to us console gamers.
    I picked up a PSVR before Xmas and took it home over break to show to family and I must say that it made our holiday! My family of mostly non-gamers (except my brother) had the most fun messing around in VR since the early days of the Wii and Rockband. It really made our holiday gathering one to remember :). Thanks Sony and keep supporting VR and I’ll be there the whole way. So far my VR folder includes 33 games and with this VR sale going on now I’m sure I’ll be rounding out my collection with a few more. Not all the games the best but many of them have been unforgettable VR experiences for me and my family. So just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart :)

  • NO WAY! I spent $130 on day one for VR games and Playroom VR was the freshest experience. Keep updating this title! The couch gameplay with non-vr players is super cool!

  • I love Playroom VR.
    I bought PSVR last week and since then this is my show off game for family and friends and they all really like it.
    The platform mini-game is one of the best implementations of VR I had ever seen. You should make it a full game.
    I hope Crash Bandicoot will have PSVR support too – platforming in VR really benefits the gameplay because of the sense of measuring distance.

    • Yes the depth element really makes hopping around in 3D that much more precise. There:s probably a whole world to explore in that space only. Thank you! for your kind comment!

  • After 40 years of gaming, Playroom and VR Playroom are two of my all-time favorite gaming experiences. The attention to detail and love that went into these games is amazing, much appreciated and one of the many things that makes these games special. I would gladly pay for more DLC for both games. I also hope to see Robot Rescue become a full fledged AAA title as many others have mentioned here. The concept and game mechanics are truly something special. I hate to veer off topic but I can’t help but to take this opportunity to mention Puppeteer. Puppeteer deserves a PS4 60fps/HD re-boot and would be fun to experience in 3D((again) and VR. Readers, if you haven’t played it, give it a try. Thank you all and please keep up the fine work. From an old school gamer, well done! -Amnalehu

    • WOW! 40 years gaming and you pick us as your all-time favourite? That’s impressive. Will pass your kind comments to people who worked on Pupeteer!

  • As a new PSVR owner, thank you so much for the update!! I second everyone’s comments about Robot Rescue, my daughter and I have played it so many times! Really needs to be a full game!!! I never realized how great a 3D platformer could be in vr but it is really great! Thanks again!

    • May I ask about your daughter’s experience? How old is she and did she find it easy enough? Anything she didn’t like?

  • You guys can have 2 – 3 people trying to climb up or down an endless building or well or what ever. The person in VR has to shoot enemies and obstacles to clear the way but if they’re not careful they can shoot out support beams and cause a cave in. The platformer characters don’t have that much firepower, and your job is to safely escort them up or down as far as possible in randomly generated maps for the high score, and you can do special maps (specially generated using a common seed everyone has) to fight for the high score.

    If it sounds a bit like Spelunky + VR I noticed that too.

  • Awesome

  • My wife and I played for about an hour last night (beat it too after a couple tries). It was amazing! My wife LOVES it and didn’t want to stop, even after we beat it! And that is HUGE because she is a 100% non-gamer (vr might be changing her ways though, haha).

  • The update is AWESOME! Everything is just so great. That feeling when I put my controller in the slot, waiting to see what would happen, and it wrapped around it and I suddenly had seamless control of this massive turret. Perfection!

    But seriously, to the crew responsible for making Playroom: THANK YOU. Everything is perfect. The characters, the games (and mechanics), the way each game turns your controller into something different, and is actually USEFUL, the music, the sound effects, the crisp, responsive controls, everything. I can’t believe so much thought and work went into something that’s FREE. It’s all so refreshing and fun to be able to play such simple yet well-made games. It makes me feel like a kid again, back when the “mascots” like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro ran the video game world. Back when video games could just be fun without having to invest a ton of time into character building or grinding for exp. You just pop the game in and PLAY. Good old fashioned Playstation fun in the modern age. THANK YOU JAPAN STUDIO and PLAYSTATION!!

    • Oh, and I almost forgot:


    • Well, all of what you just wrote there , I can tell you goes straight to our hearts. Thank you very much!
      Robot rescue? Don’t know what you mean!:)

  • When I booted Robot Rescue up for the first time I told my wife the only word I could use to describe it was “Magical.” To be IN the world was amazing. And I felt a real pang of guilt when I accidentally made my little buddy fall off a cliff, because there was a realism there I had never experienced. I felt a connection to the character in the way he looked at me for his next move.
    I don’t believe anything will be a “Mario Killer.” Nintendo has something magical of their own. I remember the first time I played the wii, I thought Nintendo had created something really special. They had taken “family” video games to the next level.
    And I FINALLY got that feeling again with The Playroom VR. From watching my niece laugh uncontrollably as she sticks her head out of the pantry, meowing nonstop, to watching my 65 year old father-in-law almost fall out of his chair trying to destroy buildings with his head.
    You guys have created something magical. And then Toy Wars brought something entirely different and amazing. Whatever your process of game making is, DON’T change it. You guys are the PIXAR of video games right now.
    Blessing to you and your team. I anxiously await whatever magical experience it is your’re working on now.

    • Now that’s a praise and a half, Thank you! I’ve just passed it to the team. I’m glad you describe your experience as magical. That’s our number 1 value in the team in fact. We have 4 key values and whatever game we make should carry them. They’re Magical, Innovative, Playful and Inclusive. So whenever a new idea comes in the team, we check it against these. It’s a nice reminder of what believe is most important in games. Our team is named “Asobi!” and that means “Play”. In its broadest meaning:)
      Thank you so much for your kind message!

  • I sincerely hope Sony provide your amazing team with a big budget to produce a full Robot Rescue game. I’ve had PSVR since day 1 and still Robot Rescue stands out as giving the biggest ‘Wow’ factor. The sense of fun my family have had playing it (and the other Playroom VR games too btw) has been truly cherished. The robots are adorable and certainly should be the mascot of PSVR. I hope to hear an announcement that you are making a Robot Resue full game. The whole VR community would go crazy! And with a great ad campaign too it would certainly attract a great many people to VR. Keep up the great work. The love and passion you put into playroom clearly shows.

  • Any chance robot rescue will be a full game?

  • Because nobody is asking, A full aaa Robot Rescue please? :) ( Mr. $ony, please pay these guys the bigbugs they deserve!! )

  • Your team deserves all this praise and more. I play constantly all the VR games with my five year old and he can’t get enough of them! (I know I know, the VR isn’t meant for under 12) The art design, the gameplay, the VR integration, all of it is amazing. I lose my breath from how amazing the experience has been. While I also agree that a full size Robot Rescue game would be very welcomed, I will also like to congratulate you on Toy Box Wars. This was a very fun surprise that has our family laughing as we frantically try to stop those alien invaders! If you keep adding more to the playroom, please consider expanding the collectibles in the crane game. We are sad that we maxed out what we could unlock and have a ton of coins sitting idle. Excited to see what you guys come up with next and thank you for bringing the magic back to gaming!

  • As other commenters have said, PLEASE make a full AAA+ version of the PlayroomVR games. It would be the next “Mario 64” killer that VR needs to go huge. It would be bigger than even how big Little Big Planet was when it came out. You have something massive. Talk to whatever executives you need, this is blowing up on reddit and other places. Nintendo isn’t really innovating like this anymore, you guys are. Your robot guys? That IP is GOLD. Please make this. I’d be a day-1 buyer.

    And of course, release a free demo ;-)

    But a fully fledged single+coop would be awesome.

    • And if you don’t make a full game version, well, you’ve inspired an enterprise weary developer to maybe pick up his hobby game programming again. :-D

  • Thank you for the new game. I’m so hungry for local multiplayer VR games.

  • Don’t know why anyone else has said this before, but we really need a full Robot Rescue game!

  • Yeah really cool hope to see more level for the platform games is almost better than anny platformer ived played.

  • Just also wanted to add how much my family loves VR Playroom. Great selection of games and the character designs are perfect — those little robots are so cute.

    I also want to add to the long list of requests for a full game dedicated to Robot Rescue. I can’t believe how it brings a fresh take on an existing genre — I agree that it would be worth the price of a full game. I’m crossing my fingers!

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