Navigating the Dual World of Semispheres, Out February 14 on PS4

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Navigating the Dual World of Semispheres, Out February 14 on PS4

Hi everyone. I’m Radu Muresan, solo developer at Vivid Helix. I’m excited to announce that my game Semispheres on PS4 launches February 14, 2017. Here’s the latest trailer, featuring music by the talented Sid Barnhoorn (composer for Antichamber, Stanley Parable):

With that out of the way, let me do a quick tour of how the game works. Semispheres is a puzzle game with stealth influences. It’s primarily meant for a single player, but I’ve had people enjoy the game together at every single event where I showed the game.

The game is designed for immersion. The soothing color scheme and the wavy backgrounds, coupled with Sid’s ambient soundtrack will draw you into the game and make sure you’re fully focused. Even after more than two years working on the game, I still find myself just playing around with the characters.

It starts off pretty easily: there are two characters, each confined to their own world (side of the screen). You get to control these characters independently with the two thumbsticks. Where it gets interesting is the first appearance of portals. A portal will create a gateway between the two worlds, in the location corresponding to the spot in the other world. Think of it as the two worlds being overlapping.

This double nature plays very interestingly as you’re expected to perceive the environment as two separate spaces, but also a single space at the same time.

Everything in the game revolves around its duality. All the abilities are enhanced or only possible in this kind of world. From the introductory “ping” or noise-making ability, to creating portals, swapping sides, transferring guards and teleports, they all contribute to the puzzle progression and improve your ability to think in this binary manner.

As you have probably already noticed, the focal point of the game is the brain. The name, the main characters, the background, the two sides, and the story are all tied into this theme. With that, I’m leaving you with the first frame of the story, presented as a series of textless comic strips.

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2 Author Replies

  • Looks interesting – worth a closer look. Will there be a chance to play the first level as a demo, to see how it works out in practice?

    I see you have a release date – any price announcement yet?

    • Hi FeistFan,

      Currently there are no plans to release a demo. I felt the price is low enough (at 9.99 USD or equivalent depending on your region) and based on the amazing reception at all events where this was shown (including PAX West, PAX South and Tokyo Game Show).


  • This looks very interesting and I like the idea that two people could play together and it seems it would still be challenging. Some games that use both sticks are purely dexterity based, and when you split controls across both players it makes the game trivial. When two people play do they need to share one controller, or can they each have their own?

    • Hi paulogy,

      I’ve definitely had two people play this and it’s still fun as it’s not dexterity based as you mentioned, but rather heavier on the puzzle solving side of things.

      Currently two people would need to share a controller, but I’m hoping to update it (either before or shortly after launch) to add support for two controllers.

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