Dexed hits PS VR Tuesday: A Vibrant VR Shooter From Ninja Theory

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Dexed hits PS VR Tuesday: A Vibrant VR Shooter From Ninja Theory

Hello to all PlayStation gamers! This is Fran Mead from Ninja Theory to let you know that our VR shooter Dexed will be available soon for PlayStation VR!


At its heart, Dexed is an on-rails VR shooter inspired by games like Panzer Dragoon where you wield dual blasters of fire and ice, taking down enemies whilst journeying through elegant and vibrant worlds. Ice enemies can only be damaged by fire, and vice versa, making this game a true test of your dexterity (see what we did there?). You can also tag multiple enemies to perform skilful combos, which will increase your score multiplier.


If you feel you’re up to the challenge, there is the endless Arcade Mode, where you will be bombarded by enemies in an arena. Keep your shields up, protect your health bar and watch out for the dangerous detonating enemies. The truly dexterous will emerge champions of the global and friends leaderboard!


You may also explore the lush and colourful environments of Dexed at your leisure in our Zen Mode. Sit back and relax whilst we take you on a tour of each of our Challenge Mode levels, free of enemies and distractions.


Dexed encompasses what we love most in video games and what we strive to accomplish in our own games, namely a unique art vision combined with ninja-class gameplay.

Dexed will be available for PlayStation VR on January 31 for $9.99 in the US.

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  • I’ll check it out at the wonderful price point of $9.99. Haven’t used those Move controllers in a while.

  • Holy cow, this looks absolutely gorgeous. And at that amazing price point, I’ll definitely be picking this up. We need more of these smaller on-rails shooters. Gunjack was fun but used the DS4. Dexed’s use of the Move controllers looks way more immersive. Looking forward to it.
    Nice job, Ninja Theory.

  • For ten bucks this looks great! Will be checking it out!

  • I’ll check this game out where VR isn’t forced on i’ll probably pick it up on PC or Xbox 1.

  • Looks great! Going to have to get a PSVR one of these days.

    Interesting fact, did you know that smart phones maybe more harmful to children under 12 than a VR helmet? Smart phones are always held so close to our faces causing the eye to focus closely more causing nearsightedness. VR helmets trick the eye into focusing on a distant object which is better for the eye. Sony and all VR developers just put the 12 and under age out there to cover their companies. Not ripping, that’s a good thing, better to be safe than sorry. No one truly knows what extended VR use will do. But these facts are very interesting and makes VR look a lot better IMHO.

  • Is Dexed playable without VR?

  • “I don’t need another game right now.”

    “It’s from Ninja Theory”

    “I need that game on day one”

  • Wow! Looks like a blast! Thanks for bringing your game to PSVR, I’ll definitely give it a shot for $9.99.

  • This makes me wish we were getting a Panzer Dragoon game from Sega for PSVR.

  • Day one. Thanks for supporting VR, Ninja Theory.

  • Buying day 1 – looks amazing

  • Ninja Theory? Can you guys finish Hellblade first? Thanks

  • Picking this up for sure as its right up my alley…!

  • What’s the point of launching vr games if you’re not going to restock the stores with the vr?

  • This looks incredible so why am I hearing about it less then a week before launch while every game blogger in the world is focused on Sony highlighting that terrible black tiger game? There’s so many great VR experiences popping up out of nowhere and it’s hard to build hype when people don’t know these games exist.

  • This looks like a wonderful environment to explore in VR …. pleased to read of the impending release – day 1 here too! Thanks !

  • This game looks great and its going to be my 17th PlayStation VR game.

  • I get a real Child of Eden vibe from this, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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