Action RPG Sandbox Portal Knights Comes to PS4 May 2

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Action RPG Sandbox Portal Knights Comes to PS4 May 2

Hi everyone! I’m Antonela, Community Manager here at 505 Games. Today, we’re proud to introduce the PlayStation community to Portal Knights, our action RPG sandbox game coming to PS4 May 2nd 2017 in North America.

Portal Knights

For many months now, we’ve had gamers ask us whether Portal Knights is coming to console… To be able to finally say “YES!” is super exciting!

Back in 2014, 505 Games partnered with the incredibly talented development team at Keen Games to bring the idea of Portal Knights to life. The aim was to develop an action RPG sandbox game that differed from the competition with tactical action combat, sophisticated RPG elements, and regular events — and would ultimately be shaped by our players.

Portal KnightsPortal Knights

So, what can you expect? What is Portal Knights all about? Here’s the thing… you can approach Portal Knights however you want! Pick an RPG character class, customize your hero, travel between unique islands connected by portals, build and furnish your home, farm resources, battle fearsome bosses, level up through combat, learn new skills, craft a range of weapons and spells, help out friends in multiplayer and much, much more… (Let us just catch our breath a moment!)

Portal Knights can be enjoyed in single player mode, or with family and friends in co-op or online multiplayer mode. Maybe you want to start your journey alone, but what if you need some help gathering resources for your latest build? Not a problem: Invite a friend into your world and adventure together! Treat Portal Knights like a blank canvas and paint it however you want.

Portal Knights

Community is massively important to us as a team and we’ve been working closely with our players since we first launched on PC. The aim has always been simple – to make Portal Knights the game our community wants it to be and have them help shape the roadmap with us.

We’re always keeping a close eye on our social channels and forums, talking with our players and identifying what it is they want to see in-game. As a result, our team of developers has been working flat-out behind the scenes to bring highly requested features to Portal Knights. It’s been an exciting ride so far but we’re not about to slow down!

We’re so excited to see Portal Knights arrive on console and we hope you are too! In the run up to launch, let us know your thoughts across our community channels and feel free to ask us questions. We’d absolutely love to hear from you guys!

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9 Author Replies

  • Comes out on my birthday! It looks interesting.

  • The game sounds like it will be lots of fun but will the co-op be split screen, online co-op only or both? Thank you!

  • Four player split screen???

  • Will this be cross platform? Will you be able to migrate game saves from pc?

  • will this game have all the features of the pc version. i have it on pc but i can barely run it due to the pc specs being high for a game like this….

    • Right now, the developers are in the optimization stages with console, so we’ll be able to give you more info in the coming weeks of any technical differences between the console and PC editions, should there be any at all! With regards to content, everything the PC community has, the console community will have.

  • Im not sure if i missed it in the article, but is “Portal Knights” Free to Play? Im not familiar with the PC version but was very much intrigued by the announcement, and description of this game.

    I was just curious about the price or pay structure.

  • Is this couch coop? I’d love to play this with my kids!

    What is the rough price range so far?

  • Looks fantastic! Couch COOP for the win! Reminds me of Trove but less blocky however, Trove does NOT have couch COOP. Will there be a PS4 Pro enhancement? Thank you for bringing this to the PS4!

  • Is there gonna be any type of beta or trial? And how much will the game cost?

  • Will there be dedicated servers so my friends can play in the same world while I’m away?

  • lol just kidding

  • This looks like a lot of fun. I got Dragon Quest builders a little bit ago which is a lot of fun, but no MP. This one having coop is perfect!

  • Almost never post to the blog. Game looks awesome. Will definitely be picking this up. Might even pick it up on Steam. Reasonably priced. *COUGH*dqb*COUGH*

    • Thanks for the support! Stay tuned to our PK social channels if you want a greater insight into Portal Knights! We’ll give you more info over the coming weeks.

  • Sorry for beating a dead horse and i understand it’s been said split screen co-op, for further clarification will it be 4 player local split screen co-op. I just want to be sure it’s not chained to just 2.

  • I love to play co-op games. I especially love co-op games that can be played local co-op, or online co-op, or any mix of the two. Will keep this game on my radar to check out for reviews when it releases.

  • Will there be more classes in the future? Maybe a shield class (true tank) or supportive roles such as healers or summoners? Is currently the only thing I’m worried about is the lack of classes, and I’m not sure how many crafting options are available as far as weapons and armor. A good rpg always has to have a whole gamut of an arsenal

  • How do I preorder this?! It looks like Dragon Quest Builders but more evolved.

    I looked on Amazon and couldn’t find it. Is it digital only? Price? Any chance for a Vita version?

  • Is there any kind of campaign or quest system for single players? Or is it completely, do whatever you want kind of game, like Minecraft and Terraria?

    Either way, game looks nice!

  • Can you run couch co-op while playing with people online?

  • I got this game on Steam. Its pretty fun – definitely can see why it was successful. Personally, I didn’t play it much, as I got it around the same time DQ Builders came out and just prefer that game’s design more. There’s more of a focus on story and questing in DQ versus crafting and multiplayer, it seems, in Portal Knights. Plus, while cute and well done, PK can’t hang with the charm of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Quest stylings – no shame there, what could? :) Still, it is definitely a good game, with better combat than Dragon Quest, and I hope it finds as much success on consoles as it has on PC. Ironically, I would probably play the online more on PS4 seeing as how I have more friends on Playstation than Steam, but I don’t have PS+ at the moment :P ONE OF THESE DAYS I’LL ENJOY THAT FEATURE *shakes fist in air*

  • Cool game. I like how the worlds look. The only negative to me is that the character faces look a little messed up. Especially around the eyes & mouth.

  • Very excited and preordering asap, I’m proud to announce I’ll be making this game a part of my channel as well!

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