Prey Launches May 5 on PS4, New Trailer Revealed

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Prey Launches May 5 on PS4, New Trailer Revealed

Prepare to fight for your life as Morgan Yu when Prey launches May 5 on PS4. You find yourself aboard Talos I, an immense space station, far from Earth. All hell has broken loose as the Typhon aliens have escaped containment and taken over the space station. You must fight your way through Talos I to defeat the Typhon threat by any means necessary.

The newest Prey gameplay trailer further reveals the dire situation and terrifying threats that Morgan will face this May.

Prey Launches May 5 on PS4, New Trailer Revealed

Prey takes Arkane Studios’ mantra of “Play Your Own Way” to new heights by allowing for deep player customization through weapons and abilities. Morgan gains abilities via Neuromods — a device that allows you to implant powers directly into your brain… by jabbing needles through your eye. And while there are some human powers Morgan can install early on, the best abilities come directly from the Typhon. You just have to stay alive long enough to learn them!

One of my favorites is acquired from the spider-like Mimic, which can copy almost any object in the environment, and use that to surprise and frighten you when it pops out of a coffee cup (or chair or trash can or whatever else isn’t bolted down). Get the upper hand on Mimics and other Typhon by acquiring this ability and turning into objects yourself! Roll around Talos I all day as an apple if you so choose — though, be warned, it’s pretty tough to fight aliens as an apple.

Morgan isn’t limited to just powers and abilities. There are also a few weapons that have been left behind by the ill-fated employees aboard Talos I. A wrench, pistol, and the soon-to-be-infamous GLOO Cannon are just a few that you can find aboard the space station (you can also acquire the raw materials and fabricate your own weapons — if you have the right plans). The GLOO Cannon is particularly noteworthy because it can not only encapsulate aliens, but also create paths to explore otherwise inaccessible areas.

There’s a lot more that you can do in Prey, and you won’t have to wait much longer to explore Talos I and protect the world from the Typhon threat. Prey launches May 5 on PS4. Only Yu can save humanity and defeat the Typhon.

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  • Mind blown. I really thought this was going to come out this fall. Hyped!

  • Yes ! cant wait will pre-order asap. I think i still have that other prey still pre-ordered though i need to check lol.

  • This look great! I was wondering if it will follow the story from the first one? I never got a chance to play it and was wondering if I will be missing out on story lines or anything if I just pick this up and start playing? Thanks to anyone who answers.

    • You can pick it up and start playing, no problem! Arkane’s Prey reimagines the franchise from the ground up.

    • Does this have anything to do with the original game? Other than aliens and the title?

    • @XorKaya Other than the name, no. Arkane’s Prey aliens is very much different from Human Head’s Prey aliens.

      Thing is, the 2006 game never came to playstation, only to xbox and pc. It used to be available on steam for a time, but not anymore. The pc retail key still gets you a digital steam copy, last I checked.

  • Curious, I’ve have to keep an eye out for it. I do love a good single player experience.

  • I like the trailer. Gave a Dead Space vibe. I’ll get it if it has solid reviews for single player campaign.

  • Is it just me or does “Morgan Yu” look like joji (filthy frank) lol

  • looks somewhat downgraded but definitely still on my radar.

  • If Bethesda won’t respect me enough as a consumer to allow me to make an informed decision on the quality of a game prior to release, then I’m not going to respect them as a publisher enough to pay full price for their games.

    See you on a deep discount around Christmas, Prey.

  • Looks very interesting

  • You really need to include a copy of the original Prey with this, since it’s nearly impossible to get it anywhere else.

    • Oh yea, like what they did with Dishonored 2.
      Give us a remastered Prey 1, please!

    • There’s just one problem: It never came to Playstation.

      You can still get Prey on xbox 360 and PC (if you can get a retail box, and manage to redeem its key on steam).

      Arkane’s Prey isn’t a sequel, but a reboot. Thus why it has no ties to the original game, except for the name.

    • A little addendum to the 360 stuff:
      You can buy Prey for 360 on either disc or from the xbox marketplace. It is unknown if it’ll be playable on xbox one.

    • You do not need to play Prey (Human Head/3D Realms) to play Prey (Arkane/Bethesda).
      Since Arkhan’s Prey isn’t Prey 2, it cannot be called a sequel to the original game. Its a reboot, with a whole new story, characters, weapons, enemies.

      This isn’t like Dishonored 2, which did include the original game in a special edition.

  • Seeing this made my morning. This looks amazing! Immersive FPS FTW!!!

  • This game looks awesome! I honestly never heard of the first one bcuz I’m not into xbox or pc. This game looks like everything alien isolation should have been! Can’t wait!

    • To make it confusing, Human Head, (who originally did the 2006 Prey game), was working on Prey 2. Zenimax tried to buy the studio, but Human Head refused. They wished to remain independent. Eventually, Prey 2 (with HH’s work), was offered to Arkane to finish it, but they declined. Prey 2 was canceled soon after.
      Human Head went on to work on other things. Zenimax offered the Prey IP to Arkane to do whatever they wanted. Arkane had long had an idea for a project, and reworked it to be the new Prey.

      Thus why Arkane’s Prey is completely a whole new game, and is not tied to the 2006 game, except for the name.

  • Nice game looks great,liked the announcement of it on E3 and I didn’t know there was actual gameplay footage videos out.Looks pretty good…it’s definitely on ma radar but after seeing the trailer it’s basically a confirmed buy already.That’s what I like about Bethesda…always believing in SP games.

  • Didn’t get Diahonred 2 due it being more of the same. Perhaps I’ll purchase a game of the year edition when that drops. This looks very promising and I loved Dishonored 1 (played it for about 50 or so hours).

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