MLB The Show 17: Retro Mode Details, Regional Cover Athletes Revealed

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MLB The Show 17: Retro Mode Details, Regional Cover Athletes Revealed

Until now we’ve only revealed a portion of what’s to come with the launch of MLB The Show 17 with our Playback Trailer of the PlayStation Experience gameplay video.

Today, we’re excited to dig a little deeper into the new Retro Mode in MLB The Show 17 with a video from our team in San Diego. We’re also highlighting the regional cover athletes for Canada and Taiwan, we’re outlining what you get by making the jump to our Season Starter Packs, and — last but certainly not least — we’re revealing the Twitch livestream schedule leading up to launch.

Retro mode is pretty much a one-button mode, but with surprising depth, and all the new animations, gameplay additions, and improvements found in the regular version of the game.

For example, in an effort to simplify the batter vs. pitcher battle, we’ve taken all the pitching attributes out and boiled them down to velocity, break, and control. Because there is no high and low in the strike zone, you have three pitches at your disposal that you can trigger with the touch of one button. To throw a fastball you hold down on the left analog stick and press X. To throw a changeup you hold up on the left analog stick and press X. And to throw a slider you press to the left or right on the left analog stick after the pitch is released.

One of the wrinkles we’ve added is that velocity is controlled by holding down or up on the analog stick just before the pitcher releases. In closing, you choose velocity before the pitch is thrown and you can affect movement (left or right) after the pitch is thrown.

MLB The Show 17 Regional Covers

For our friends in Canada, we’re excited to finally reveal the regional cover athlete for this year’s game.

2016 American League All-Star Aaron Sanchez graces the Canadian cover this year. Aaron was a key part in the Blue Jays returning to the post season for the second straight year.

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen once again graces the Taiwan cover of MLB The Show.

When you pre-order MLB The Show 17, you will receive 10 bonus Standard Packs and a Ken Griffey Jr. Card for The Show 17 when you pick-up or download the game. Pre-order at GameStop/EB Games and receive an additional 5 Standard Packs bringing your total to 15.

Lastly, if you pre-order on PlayStation Store in addition to the 10 Standard Packs and Ken Griffey Jr. card, you will instantly receive 11,000 Stubs for The Show 16.

A few more clarifications on the content included in the different skus:

  • Gold Season Starter Pack Contents: Includes one item for a mission starter that leads to a Gold player.
  • Sponsor Pack Contents: 5 pieces of equipment to use in Road To The Show/Diamond Dynasty (RTTS/DD) and 3 Franchise sponsorships.
  • Diamond Season Starter Pack Contents: Includes one item for a mission starter that leads to a Diamond player.
  • Digital Deluxe Pack Contents: Includes 4 players, 1 guaranteed Live Series Gold player, and 1 guaranteed Flashback.
  • Standard Pack: 8 total items, 6 Players, and 2 items (either RTTS/Diamond Dynasty Player equipment or Franchise Sponsorship).
  • Stub(s): The universal currency used in MLB The Show.

2017 Twitch Livestream Schedule

Some of the most fulfilling moments in game development are when we get to show our faithful fans what we’ve been working on to make each year’s game the best baseball video game on the market. Over the last two years we’ve started to show off some of our work-in-progress updates in a series of video blogs and Twitch livestreams. We love hearing your feedback while we’re still tweaking some of the features and we hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek at what’s in store for the year.

The 2017 video blog and Twitch livestream schedule can be seen below. Don’t forget to call in sick or clear your calendars accordingly! And don’t forget that there are 6 exclusive weekly Game Stop Monday’s video blogs that start on February 14.

Stay tuned for the next video blog on February 7 that focuses on all things gameplay and our first Twitch livestream on February 9 that takes a deep dive into all the new changes to game play!

Please make sure to watch The Show Nation, our Twitter and Facebook accounts between now and March 28th for the latest updates.

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5 Author Replies

  • Where’s the video?

    • Now added! Thank you for your patience.

    • I’ve said this before in a YouTube video and I got a lot of hate for my idea. My idea/suggestion is for rtts. The show 17 should give you the option to play as a woman. I think it would be very interesting especially with the new “interaction” and improvement for rtts. My argument why this should happen is that there is a woman who is eligible to be drafted by an MLB team. Her name is Melissa Mayeux and she is a French shortstop. I also think wbc teams/rosters should be included for the game. I remember 2k did that in the past and it would be a really good addition to the series in my opinion.

    • Any news on PS4 Pro support and what native resolution it will be? MLB The Show is always gorgeous, but i’m excited to see it on Pro. I love that SDS is supporting 3D audio in The Show 17 and ppl with the Sony Platinum headset can download the custom 3D audio preset. I can’t imagine how the crack of the bat will sound on the Platinum headset in 3D audio.

    • @CR0MAN112 This game is a simulation of professional baseball, where no woman has ever played. I am 100% supportive of women sports, equal pay for women, women’s rights, etc. But this is an area where this really does not apply. If one day major league baseball decides to allow women then it should be represented in the game. Melissa Mayeux is not the first good girl ball player. There was a traveling team of women years ago (might still be going) that was sponsored by Coors and played exhibitions against male teams, etc. I could see including that team, as FIFA has properly and rightly done with women’s soccer. I applauded FIFA’s move, but I don’t think adding a girl option in RTTS makes any sense at all.

  • Im pre-ordering later this week at gamestop. I cant wait i look forward to this every year i cant wait to hear the sounds of bats cracking off the ball. 19 days till pitchers and catchers report.

  • Hey San Diego, can you guys archive your streams to youtube? Twitch streams only last for 2 weeks and YouTube is inperpetuity.

  • I typically wait on buying the new year until the All-Star break just because pricing gets cut at least in half by then. I picked up The Show 16 for $20 the week of the All-Star game. If I were to pre-order though, I would go through Amazon. I have Prime so it becomes a $48 game. If I had a discount like that on the PS Store, I would pre-order off there all day long and just buy digital. Can’t wait for the game though. I’m excited

    • Yes! I would absolutely by digital on day one if prices were comparable. Until there’s the same exact 20% “discount” for PS+ members as there is for Amazon Prime, I will continue getting physical day one.

  • Hey guys. Great game as usual, but how about for franchise mode, being able to sign non-roster free agents to minor league contracts with invites to spring training. It be neat to be able to find a diamond in the rough who’s not on the 40 man roster and make that decision to keep that player and add them to the 40.

  • Here we go!! Love the work SDS.

  • I just may get this game since I’ve never owned MLB The SHow. I was a big fan of the old “Triple Play series back in the day and when that game ceased, I stopped playing baseball games but I’ve been itching to get one so I may give this a shot.

    • There’s no time like to present to get back into baseball!

    • Triple Play Baseball on PS1 was great, but MLB The Show is the pinnacle of Baseball games atm. The last few years MLB The Show has been spectacular and 17 looks to be the best of all. You will not be disappointed and there is a plethora of content and modes. Road to the Show where you create your own player and bring him up through getting drafted, AAA, majors ect. Franchise mode, versus, My Team mode, and now Retro Mode!

  • Hey SDS, I buy the game every year and love it. I have one gripe/request. Anychance next year we work harder to get the game out before Spring Training games. I like to follow along with the real games. Anyhow keep up the good work, looking forward to this years game!

  • The lack of any mention of PSVR support is worrying. Baseball is a perfect match for VR and motion controls, so it would be extreamly sad if their is no VR portion of the game. As a Sony owned studio, I would expect innovation to be in the DNA of Sony San Diego. Hope their is a later announcement on how the studio is using PSVR.

  • Any plans to update/redo commentary?

    Updates to rtts? More in depth stats/records? Adjust the fielding camera? Fix free agency? Too many quality players go the entire offseason without getting signed, which leads to them retiring in their prime. Tracking results across seasons? There’s no way to know who won the W.S. after the season ends.

    • There’s a Presentation/Commentary stream and a RTTS stream as well. That will detail all the improvements and new features in those areas.

  • I feel like im playing the same game year after year. Im hoping for some innovation this time around. Features like new characters models, face scanning, 4K support, HDR support. A new physics engine wouldn’t hurt nether.

  • I wish Kris Bryant was on the cover. Oh well I’m sure he’ll be on next year.

  • how about being able to use current rosters for ongoing season saves from mlb 14/15/16, etc?

  • I also was wondering whether I should preorder the game using Amazon prime or PS store which would be better?

  • This game is the reason I bought the PS4 I think a great addition to this game would be having the availability to negotiate contracts with your players during the season

  • @CR0MAN112 there would be nothing wrong with being able to play as a woman in RTTS imo, shame on the people giving you heat.

  • Small gripe, but what’s going on with the Jr picture at the top? Griffey never had “Griffey Jr” on his jersey, just “Griffey”. Really hope that doesn’t make it into the finished product.

    • You should watch the rewind trailer it’s explained there.

    • That means his father is in the game too

    • Ok, was the “Jr” added to the jersey only for the video to show that Sr. was in the game too? In the final game, does Jr appear on the jersey at all? There was another clip in the video where it wasn’t there. As a Griffey fan that watched him play for 21 years and traveled to Cooperstown last year for his HOF induction, it just looks off to see Jr on there.

  • I want the HoF edition. That hat and steelbook are nice.

  • I pray to god! Please take off matt vasgersion!

  • Would love a PSVR view mode, if only to take in more of the beauty of the ballparks.

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