Resident Evil 7 Out Today on PS4, First DLC Launches January 31

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Resident Evil 7 Out Today on PS4, First DLC Launches January 31

The day has finally arrived, PlayStation fans — Resident Evil 7 biohazard is out today! It seems uniquely human to seek out things that scare us, doesn’t it? From campfire stories to terrifying films, many of us live to be scared, thrilled, and exhilarated.

Capcom has heard your cries for true survival horror. We’re proud to say that Resident Evil 7 biohazard returns to the series’ roots while delivering a fresh new experience unlike anything you’ve seen in the Resident Evil franchise.

Resident Evil VII biohazard

The latest game in the franchise takes the ordinary Ethan Winters to a run-down plantation house in Dulvey, Louisiana, in search of his missing wife, Mia. Not all is well at the old Baker house, however; the entire mansion is falling apart, nobody’s heard from the residents in years, and there have been several reports of people going missing from the surrounding area, never to be heard from again. If you’ve played the final Beginning Hour demo, then you’re likely already familiar with the corroded corridors, the twisted Jack Baker, and the fate of anyone who’s unfortunate enough to cross his path. Jack is just one of the family members waiting for you in this house from hell, though. As you make your way through the mansion, you’ll have to decide what’s best in true survival horror fashion: will you fight back against the horrors that wait you? Or will you conserve your resources and run?

If that doesn’t sound terrifying enough, for those of you with PlayStation VR, you’ll be able to experience the entire game, from beginning to end, in a flexible, optional PS VR mode to play as much or as little as you want in immersive VR. For those of you with a 4K TV and a PS4 Pro, you’ll be able to enjoy full 4K resolution with incredibly crisp graphics and even more detailed textures. Plus, Resident Evil 7 biohazard will be able to take advantage of HDR on compatible TVs, no matter what model of PS4 you have.

Resident Evil VII biohazard

We’ve also got a tantalizing look at some upcoming DLC packs for you to sink your teeth into once you’ve completed the main game! PS4 users get access to the Banned Footage DLC first, so if you have the Deluxe Edition or a Season Pass, you’re all set to get these as soon as they launch. You can purchase each pack separately.

The first pack, Banned Footage Vol. 1, will be available starting January 31 for $9.99, and includes two tapes as well as a new mode:

  • Bedroom: Figure out how to escape from a locked room — but don’t let Marguerite Baker know you’ve been out of bed.
  • Nightmare: Fend off waves of enemies and survive until morning while crafting useful items and traps to stay alive.
  • Extra Mode: Ethan Must Die: A tough-as-nails mode separate from the tapes and story of the main game. (Does not support PS VR).

The second pack, Banned Footage Vol. 2, will be available starting February 14 for $14.99, and includes two more tapes as well as a new mode:

  • 21: Gamble life and limb in a deadly game run by Lucas Baker.
  • Daughters: See what the Baker family was like before the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard.
  • Extra Mode: Jack’s 55th Birthday: Race against the clock and feed Jack tons of food in this comical extra game mode separate from the tapes and story of the main game. (Does not support PS VR)

Resident Evil VII biohazard

We’ll have more information on these Banned Footage volumes and other DLC soon, so keep an eye out!

Do you have what it takes to survive? There’s only one way to find out. Resident Evil 7 biohazard is available today. Welcome to the family.

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  • Super disappointing that the DLC doesn’t support PSVR. I got it assuming it would. The whole main game is so why wouldn’t the games extra content. :(

    I have a feeling capcom is going to abandon VR after this one game now

    • Sorry dude but i sense the same fate of PlayStation VR as the Vita. RIP PlayStation VR 2016-2017

    • Um… I think that only the “extra game mode” on both DLCs doesn’t support VR. It seems the tapes do.

    • Ha PSVR dead please try finding one online at a retail price and then at stores. Since launch I have only seen them in a Best Buy once. Plus it’s starting to outsell the rift and oculus combined. Check the lineup for this year in PSVR titles it is huge. What was left of 2016 was slow but so is every launch of a new product. VR is in general a huge hit right now and maybe you haven’t gotten to try it out yet. I highly recommend you do maybe then you won’t think it’s so “dead” more on topic playing RE7 in BR feels so natural I’d want it no other way it is definately the best way to play.

    • 4 out of 6 parts of the DLC supports PS VR, but because the 2 parts don’t PS VR is dead, despite being sold out everywhere to the point that you can’t even get one if you wanted one, with Sony knowing that VR is a slow burn and will take time and are anticipating a long support cycle.

      Therefor… PSVR is dead… >_>

      Internet troll logic. If you don’t think you’re trolling, you need to re-calibrate your bullspit detector. And to you TrueAssassin the Vita still has great games coming out for it. The only reason the Vita has suffered the fate it has (other than not marketing to kids for Christmas and having adult game bundles) is the fact that people like you and the OP are just constantly waiting for everything to fail and be abandoned.

      Somehow the Move has been abandoned even though it was developed with VR in mind, and is being used for VR… I mean come on people, there are gaping holes in the logic. Not every game worth playing needs 10s of millions in development costs. Learn to enjoy games. Not just graphics.

    • “Ha PSVR dead please try finding one online at a retail price and then at stores.”

      I can go to at least two dozen different stores around the Greater Toronto Area and every one will have at least one unit of the base model in stock. If you mean the launch bundle, launch was months ago, that was never meant to be a thing that was going to be on shelves for longer than a couple weeks at most.

    • I like resident evil 7 and the good will have DLC

  • Game hasn’t been out a day and you guys aready announce DLC for it? Well i knew it was coming but still. I am tempted to wait on this till a Gold complete edition comes out. I still have Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 in my backlog anyways on Ps4 with all the DLC included.

    • The dlc has been announced since before the release actually. This is the first time ive read descriptions of dlc. Its not like capcom jist sprung the dlc out on us just now.

    • I’m waiting for sure. Two DLC packs within 3 weeks of release? Come on.

    • Sorry to say boys but the PSVR is here to stay as long there are quality games for it just like RE 7. So far the only people stating that are the ones that don’t own it.

  • I’m most definitely looking forward to Resident Evil VII. Especially how the series is going back to it’s survival horror roots.

  • I’ll wait for the complete edition.

  • Played this last night in VR. This game is incredible. Resident Evil is back, baby! Haven’t been the least bit frightened by RE in a LONG time!

  • Can’t play it because PS store keeps telling me my credit card info is invalid all of a sudden (even after just purchasing something) and wont accept paypal either……

  • Time really flies…I didn’t even played the demo yet lol.

  • It amuses me that they talk about going back to their roots, yet at the same time they also go first person. Seems like a mixed identity. Oh well, for those of you out there who like first person, I hope this lives up to your expectations :)

  • I’ll buy the game only after Capcom confirms what happened to the announced Umbrella Corps update that was discussed at the developers forum, but which has yet to be applied.

  • I’ll put this on record here :

    I bought a ps4 pro and PSVR last year.

    This isn’t PlayStation Move… Or even Vita ( I feel I got enough out of that for what I paid ). If Sony leaves me behind on VT after spending all that $$$ – I’m going to remember it and spend money where it is better appreciated in the future. Do NOT abandon PSVR.

    The fact that your PR department hasnt said anything about these rumor stories is already a concern.

  • Very disappointing the RE7 Collector’s Edition is delayed to all those who bought it must’ve sucks for them, and me. Damaged stocks…. What a waste of time could’ve just bought the game by now. But hey atleast we get free $30 code for gamestop!!…

  • abandon PSVR OK kid’s Sony has ABANDON nothing this is the start. Deal with it!

  • Sorry to say boys but the PSVR is here to stay as long there are quality games for it just like RE 7. So far the only people stating that are the ones that don’t own it.

  • it is not RE :D It is Silent Hill or helf life :D

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