Malicious Fallen is Coming to PS4 on February 21

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Malicious Fallen is Coming to PS4 on February 21

Hello everyone, Ando from Alvion Inc., here. I’m excited to announce Malicious Fallen, the latest in the Malicious series, coming to PS4.

Malicious is a 3D action combat game, arriving as a PlayStation Store digital exclusive, lauded for its painterly, ethereal visuals and frenetic, boss battle-centric gameplay.

The Malicious series’ previous entries launched on PS3 and PS Vita, but now having moved to PS4, we’ve been free to implement all sorts of ideas that were previously unreachable, including heightened graphics, speed, and responsiveness, with the game running at 1080p and targeting 60 frames per second with PS4 Pro support

As you’d expect, Malicious Fallen includes new chapters, new stages, and plenty of new elements. However, in addition to all that, we’ve remastered every stage from the past two games. Malicious Fallen really is the definitive Malicious collection, meaning those who’ve never played the series before can join in the fun right alongside series veterans.

What’s more, you won’t have long to wait, as the game will be launching on February 21!

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  • I’ve never heard of this game, but wanna play it

  • How much will this be?

  • I loved this game on PS3. Reminds me of Nier. It was difficult for me, are there different difficulty levels on this new PS4 game?

  • Hopefully we see a playable demo from this No Demo No Buy

    • It’s pretty short so they won’t have a demo. It’s like Mega Man where you choose which boss but…. there’s no levels it’s just the boss fights. The PS3 version only had 5 bosses and that is the entire game. Pretty much it’s a 5 Boss rush mode, the ps3 game anyway.

    • This isn’t likely to be a $60 game, so don’t get your hopes up for a demo.

  • would love to know how much its gonna cost

  • Can elaborate what is this game about? I mean you said it’s a sequel with new material which is to be expected I suppose.

    • Its a stylish action game where you play in the most epic arena/boss battles imaginable, with a character who sports multiple shapeshifting fighting styles and can float and dash around – just has insane mobility. You take on masssive hordes of enemies and truly gigantic bosses. Its really, really cool and super unique… I honestly could not think of anything to compare it to. Its sort of like Zone of the Enders mixed with Bayonetta mixed with Shadow of the Colossus? Its hard to describe, but awesome. You should look up a Youtube video – its awesome stuff. Here’s the trailer for Fallen:

  • Already played the PS3 and improved (content wise) PSVITA versions. Looking forward to going at it again. Most likely there wont be a demo like the other ones, which were free for PS+ at some point, but I recommend checking out videos on youtube. There are a lot of really good players that make it look easy but is all just a lot of practice and optimization for the fights.

  • Didn’t expect this so soon. Will pick this up when it releases.

  • Would be cool if this ended being a February PS+ game.

  • How wonderful! It’s going to be a blast re-experiencing MALICIOUS at its best.

  • I tried out the PS3 game in the series and just didn’t quite get it. Everything about the game seemed cool and right up my alley, but I felt like I was missing a key part of the gameplay or what the game was supposed to be.

    But I’ll keep an eye on this since maybe with some added research and time I’ll figure that out and be able to support it.

  • What perfect timing! I just started playing through Malicious Rebirth on my vita. Looking forward to this.

  • Damn, I really wasn’t expecting a sequel to come out. I’ve played the first part on PS3 and I loved the hell out of it despite it being quite a short game. I’m looking forward to playing this.

  • So this is techically a remaster. cool.

    • Also I am assuming its free to play too like its predecessor.

    • MALICIOUS wasn’t a free-to-play game. It might’ve been a part of Instant Game Collection, but the game was never free-to-play so I wouldn’t expect MALICIOUS Fallen to be either.

  • OOOH man, I LOVED this game. The music, the bosses…

  • Sweet. That’s coming fast. I enjoyed the PS3 one, and this is still one damn gorgeous series – I’m looking forward to giving this a look-see when it launches next month :)

  • Long-term PS+ owners may have the first in their download list already. Check and see! If not, the first is only 10 bucks.

  • AWESOME I love the two earlier games especially the Vita one. Day one. People please support this game, it’s a great sleeper. Any chance for a physical release? If so collector’s edition? I know that’s Askin a lot but seriously I love these games.

  • Will this game finally get a physical retail version this time?

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