Tekken 7 Hits PS4 on June 2

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Tekken 7 Hits PS4 on June 2

This is Dalton from Bandai Namco and I’m excited to announce that the next chapter in the legendary Tekken series will finally land in the hands of fighting game fans on June 2, 2017 when Tekken 7 hits PS4!

With the faithful 3D battle system intact, Tekken 7 takes the franchise to the next level with photorealistic graphics and innovative features and fighting mechanics. Select characters from an expansive roster of your favorites and new challengers, each with a distinct set of deadly techniques, martial arts moves, and combos.

Tekken 7 represents the final chapter of the 20-year-long Mishima feud. Experience the epic showdown to the emotionally charged family warfare between the members of the Mishima Clan as they struggle to settle old scores and wrestle for control of a global empire. The 7th King of the Iron Fist Tournament has begun and the world now hangs in the balance!

So what’s new in Tekken 7? Besides a dedicated story mode and an expanded roster of new characters, there’s also some brand new gameplay mechanics including…

Rage System
As your life bar depletes it will eventually start flashing red, indicating you’ve entered “Rage” mode. Once in “Rage” your character will deal more damage as well as gain access to two all-new devastating moves: the Rage Art and Rage Drive!

Rage Art
A super powerful armored attack that allows you to absorb hits and power through an enemy assault that can turn the tide of the match in the blink of an eye. The Rage Art provides players an easy comeback mechanic when they are far behind in any given match.

Rage Drive
While not as destructive as the Rage Art, the Rage Drive is a strategic alternative that unleashes a devastating combo that will punish any opponent.

Power Crush
Also an armored attack, this move will power through most attacks and shift momentum in your favor. The Power Crush can be risky if thrown out carelessly, but if timed properly, it will give you a physical and mental advantage.

Akuma From Street Fighter
Akuma joins the fray complete with his Shoto-style moveset. Akuma is very unique fighter in that he can utilize an EX Meter, allowing him to pull off EX & super moves. The Great Demon comes to Tekken armed with many of his classic attacks, but each with a new spin and the potential to be comboed in unique ways.

We’re also happy to announce our Tekken 7 Collector’s Edition featuring an awesome 12” by 18″ figure depicting Kazuya and Heihachi locked in an epic showdown. It will also include a special collectable Steel Book and the official Tekken 7 soundtrack.

Additionally, anyone who pre-orders Tekken 7 will receive access to Eliza who previously appeared in Tekken Revolution!

We’re in it for the long haul with Tekken 7 — the release is just the beginning! We’re also announcing the Season Pass to get you access to three content packs which feature new playable characters, stages, a game mode, and a bonus 35-piece Metallic Costume Pack! More details to come in the future.

And to top it off, we haven’t forgotten about Tekken’s long history on PlayStation. Tekken 7 will feature exclusive content on PS4: a Jukebox mode will allow you to create playlists composed of songs from previous games in the series and listen to them while playing the game. We’re also including some exclusive costumes for certain characters, straight out of Tekken 4 and Tekken 2 for Jin, Xiaoyu, and King.

We can’t wait for the fans to get their hands on Tekken 7 on June 2, 2017! See you all in the arena!

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  • What about the VR portion that was announced?

    • I am also wondering about PSVR support. Gaming in VR is a massive improvement in every genre I have played so far. I was really looking forward to a VR fighter. Hope that is still in the works.

  • Yesssss. Can’t wait.

  • R.I.P Street Fighter 5 and hello Tekken 7. I cant wait for this im not much of a fighter fan but i have dabbled in tekken so i will give this a shot well pre-order as soon as i can.

  • Is the Official Soundtrack bundled with the pre-order the original release with the arcade tracks or is it one with the new tracks from Fated Retribution?
    I already have the original soundtrack of Tekken 7’s arcade release.

  • this almost 3 years to the day from arcade release in asia. FW#$ Namco and their bizarre hatred of their NA market fans.

  • I’ve wanted tekken revolution for ps4 for a while. Excited tek 7 is coming. Also, nice to see aliza. Took a while to come up with an actual juggle n not just spammy juggles. Looking forward to it. Maybe I can get a month of practice before evo. Debating signing up

  • Always have been a fan of Tekken. Is there going to be a PS4 Pro mode and if so what are the improvements?

  • The King of Iron First Returns!!!! YES DAY ONE!!!!


  • I don’t understand the gaming industry anymore lol. Game has been out for 2 years in arcades in Japan and Korea and was projected for a Q1 console release. Now it’s coming out in June? Is the console version really that buggy? EVO is like a month after this games release… why wouldn’t you release it a few months before so people can actually play and want to go to EVO? I’m emailing Harada

    • I’ll just drop this here unlike Street Fight 5 Tekken 7 will launch completed smart move in my book.

  • Can’t wait…been down with Tekken since day one (yeah, I am old, LOL) and LOVE em’…super excited for the come back of Tekken!

  • Been looking forward to this game for awhile. Really hope it isn’t a street fighter 5 cash grab at the end of the day. Don’t suppose we can get an updated version of tekken tag 2 or my personal favorite tekken tag and tekken 2 for ps4.

    • Finally we have the first Tekken to have a Season Pass! Now the franchise has truly entered the next-gen world.

      I’m a Tekken fan, but I really can’t stand the trend of season passes. It’s a complete turn-off. Since it’s also becoming a common practice to release a Complete or Ultimate set once all DLC is released, it’s like asking you to wait until then for a better price anyway.

    • @Tatanka – If only these console storefronts would allow for the “Complete Your Collection” discounts as done on Steam, so that we can pay the sale prices only in the content we don’t yet have. I can think of some base games I have that the Complete/Ultimate/GOTY sales are cheaper than the never-discounted DLC standalones.

  • This is a long shot but…..any chance at a Tekken 7 PS Vita port? I know everyone says the Vita is dead except for all of the people like me that keep buying games.

  • Holy *%&^! I am so glad I visited the blog today… this is the best announcement for me in a while! I am super excited for this… I have been playing TTT2 on PS now and just can’t enough of the game.

    • I pre ordered the collector’s immediately after reading this announcement. I have been playing Tekken since Tekken 3. I spent hours at the arcade playing Tekken 5, (one of my fav’s). June 2nd couldn’t get here soon enough.

  • Finally!!! I’ve been waiting forever. I did get to play it at a tourney in Chicago and it was incredibly fun, reminding me of DR (my favorite Tekken). I wonder if PC will have some cross play… I’ll get it on ps4 and PC anyway.

  • Hopefully I can pre order on the PlayStation Store.

  • PS4 Pro support?

  • I am officially excited. Love the idea of Jukebox mode, Tekken has some of my favorite music of all time. Will all the music be available for free, or as paid DLC?

  • Didn’t IGN reported that this game was coming out in March 17 2017? Did this game got push back.


  • Why no mention of the Kazuchika Okada outfit and special Rainmaker Rage Art? Or any of the other planned NJPW content? That content is the big reason I have interest in getting this myself.

  • Please contact me when Tekken X Street Fighter is announced. Thanks.

  • Hey Dalton! Welcome to the BNE Team! Really looking forward to meeting you soon.

    As a long time TEKKEN fan & member of the community, I am so happy that the date & new details have been announced. Can’t wait to play this at home with friends!

  • I played a TON of Tekken Revolution on PS3. I cannot adequately express how excited I am to finally get my hands on this game! If there were ever a game that could be defined by the word “Culmination” it would be Tekken 7.

  • Disappointed from bandi nameco.
    They said early 2017. That not early!
    Over half year sad…

    • I completely agree it’s been kept out of our arcades….and now by the time we get it the competition online against Japanese players and other Asian countries that have had a chance to play this in their communities let’s give them 5 more months to get it down packed before everyone else save it. I’m done yall have had it in the arcade for years now. I guess I’ll just find my fighting fix else were good job Namco making excuses to milk your arcade systems for a couple more years…. such a disappointment. Injustice 2 here I come I’ll pass probley gonna be garbage just like tekken 6 even with the delay. Won’t be buying this even if it’s in the bargin bin of game stop for 5 bucks….keep up the bad work..

  • Can’t wait! One question, though; is the VR minigame still happening?

  • I maybe more of a fan of Mortal Kombat and (to a lesser extent) Street Fighter, I will accept Tekken as one of the best fighting game series of all time.

  • Can I get a comment on one thing that has bugged me about every release since T6?-

    The arcades get cool titles, team buttons, lifebar borders and auras based on their rankings etc. On top of numerous customization items. Both T6 and TTT2 have only had a small portion of these items and effects added to their customization mode. Can Namco finally give us everything the arcade gets for it’s tekken.net players on top of all the new console stuff they are adding?


  • Hello Dalton, Is Tekken 7 still going to have a VR mode?

  • goodness i cant wait for this man… i remember playing it on the ps2

  • Are all characters unlockable or are dlc characters need to be bought?

  • Hey you guys I’m so excited for the new tekken, I’m a true tekken fan and I’m to hype for june. But the question is will there be a playable demo or a open beta that we can play in the mean time? I hope it’s not to much to ask guys.

  • are we going to get the new Japan wrestling cross over for console to really want the bullet club shirt and okada king

  • Been wrapping up Tekken Revolution trophies, and think I read someone somewhere post on Eliza not being in Tekken 7. But lo, thou hast delivered. Thank PlayStation’s sales and Caddicarus’s retrospectives for getting me really eyeing this franchise.

    • …or was it about Kunimitsu? Either way, I read in these comments about “fan favorites”, so i look forward to the selection. From TR, I’ve gained an immediate affinity for Lili’s antics.

  • Eddy Gordo will participate in Tekken 7?

  • Super excited. Gonna get the Season Pass. Bring it! :D

  • I’m very mad that the game is being delayed. I also worry that its been over 2 years already as it is, that the arcades have against us console players, making a skill gap in thr competitive scene. June is not “early 2017”. Its about a month before EVO even. But I’ll probably forgive it if the game turns out to be as amazing in quality as Tekken has always been!

  • A lot of PC players are very curious, will there be Cross-platform play for PC/PS4 and PC/xbox like it is for Street Fighter V? Would really like a confirmation.

  • Wow! Can’t wait until June 2nd. Been playing Tekken since I got my first PSX system on Christmas Day and played the Tekken 2 demo on Interactive CD Volume 3. After that, it was history.

  • Finally Finally!!…been waiting for this,finally you guys gave us a release date.Long long time Tekken fan…this is one of the 2 games I have pre-ordered for this year,I can’t wait to play it.Although you guys messed up putting Rage Art and Rage Drive in the game its still Tekken.The roster though…still missing a lot of must-have characters…where is Lei?

    PS:Season pass hu?…I kinda knew Tekken wouldn’t stay on the PS2 style forever…yeah giving everything for free by updates to the fans.Guess this time around Harada couldn’t do much,Namco’s greed speaks louder.

    • Oh and I forgot to say…thanks for the consideration with PS,really appreciate since most devs forget where they started.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to get back to business with Sergei Dragunov!

  • Hello, i want to ask if eliza will be avaible to buy as dlc after the game is out or is it pre-order exclusive.
    Thanks in advance.

  • First off I’m a huge Tekken fan since me and my brother got tekken 2 on psx after launch and then tekken 1. I’ve played all the mainline ones and have been following tekken 7 development from the start. I preordered the only sku back during e3 last year, and because of Amazon and the discount structure that is what I will be buying.

    With your recent announcements I am disappointed once again by NB practices and specifically Harada san and his hypocrisy over season pass. I expected to have ordered the proper full game not the “rube” edition.

    This game has been out for years, it better be polished and feature rich, it sounds to me like this season nonsense is delaying the game. I am all for high quality post content for a fair price to keep a game supported so I will wait to see the details. But I cannot switch now to the deluxe version and had it been announced I would have preordered it so it’s NB loss at launch one of the few series I’d buy a “deluxe” version for.

    The evo situation is a joke as well n/a players basically cannot compete with Asia, seems fair.

  • I’ve seen harada mock and make barbs at street fighter rival and the game itself about dlc and passes on many occasions he’s stated full game none of this tactics. Obviously his bosses are greedy but it is souring to me nonetheless and it smells like hypocrisy, I expected more from him.

    My brother in Japan just has a PS3 and we play infrequently as I am in Canada, he informed me he got some old fighters to play and I have been waiting for tekken tag 2 and also Nino kuni to go on sale again they have not, like why the hell not? Just had a flash sale and capcom was there. I traded in my old copies prior and only tag 2 is digital not 6 but it’s been down to $5, you’d think you would give your psx fans from the 90’s some love but no. Tekken tag 2 gratis on xbone and tekken 6 with preorder smh.

    This could have been handled better. Fans like me know full well 3 months from release this will be at least half off, maybe I should pretend release is sept 2?

    We want to be excited we want to support your games. Tournament mode is a nice feature should be a standard to all online fighters. I hope the netcode is good as this is one of the few games I would reup plus for.

    • I agree with your statement about the season pass. I was thinking thr same. It’s a dark day when Tekken has a season pass. There’s no safe franchise left.

  • Man I haven’t played a Tekken since 5 so I’m really excited to play this one.

  • I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed that Tekken 7 will have a season pass. I remember back in 2011, all the DLC characters for Tag 2 was free because Harada-san a fighting game was like chess: you can’t play without all the pieces (characters).
    Nonetheless, I understand that video games don’t get cheaper to make as the years go on. $25 for a season pass isn’t bad compared to Injustice’s $40 or Battlefront’s $50 (outrageous). So ar least it’s affordable. I’ll be purchasing the season pass because I trust in Tekken 7 to make a full, great base-game and doesn’t stuff half of it the season pass just to make a quick buck. Hopefully this doesn’t beget regret.

  • I wasn’t going to buy it, because honestly I’ve felt the quality of the game deteriorate after 6 since it’s gone multiplat. I mean you can’t focus the quality of the game as much as you could if it was just on one system. But with that being said paying homage to the games soundtracks from tekken 4 and other past tekkens…screw the costumes tekkens soundtracks are the best, especially 4! So I’m leaning to changing my mind.

    • But that season pass tho I might just wait till its dirt cheap or wait for fighter of the year edition. I can see doing a season pass for xenoverse 2 with all these new seasons of dragonball super….but tekken? Man if I had a time machine I’d go back to the release of 4 again when games were great without season passes. Also when Nippon actually kept their products with their consoles.

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