Uncompromising Survival Game Subterrain Hits PS4 on 1/24

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Uncompromising Survival Game Subterrain Hits PS4 on 1/24

What would you do if you were a lone survivor on a Martian colony? You can find out in Subterrain, an underground survival game with old-school, hardcore play.

Subterrain is my first indie game I’ve worked on after spending much of my career in AAA game development. When I set out to create Subterrain, I didn’t know what to make of it. All I had in my mind was a simple “What if?” Inspirations came from everywhere.

This is an open-world survival game, which means there are no set missions. You must experiment and find your own way in order to survive. Find clues scattered around the colony, upgrade and craft in order to achieve your ultimate goal: escape. The task isn’t easy, because you not only have to struggle against your own bodily needs, but you’re also racing against time. The world around you is constantly evolving with increasing threats. You’ll pay for any bad decisions you make. The colony will eventually overwhelm you.

At one point you may find yourself struggling to find food. You’re being hunted by relentless mutants. And when you lock yourself in the toilet and give yourself a moment of relief, your base is invaded by mutants and you must return to defend it. But then you find out that you’re running out of oxygen…

It’s an amazing feeling to be in a position where people around the world are enjoying the work you have created across many difficult years. The memories my team and I have of our journey are simply amazing! All the love and hate that we have received from the fans, mixed with personal feelings and guilt about the time that I could not spend with my family, is overwhelming.

I give my salute to all the indie game developers who have not given up, and made their dreams come true. The financial success is important, but it’s not the most important thing in the world. And I hope that I can continue on this journey for years to come.

In closing, I would like to personally thank everyone who has been involved in the making of this game. This simply could not have happened without you. The launch of Subterrain itself is a reward and a triumph.

This is for you, and all the players around the world. Subterrain will launch on PS4 January 24 with a 20% discount for two weeks!

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  • Hello Saehoon,

    Your game looks great! I will have to check it out. Will it have a discount at launch?

    Also it would be cool if you could create a Dynamic Theme and Avatar pictures as well.

    Again congrats on your game and I’m looking forward to what other games you will create. I do have an idea for you to consider how about a Space exploration survival game where you travel from planet to planet (moons as well) and from solar system to system. Ultimate goal could be to reach a specific space station or Earth. Something to consider.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. If you like my idea let me know we can talk further.

    • @GrafUlrich88 game isnt even out already asking for a discount? And based on what price? Could be $15 or $20 will you still want a discount at $15? And sorry to push you from your high horse but your “idea” for a space exploration game isnt new at all , if you want a certain game then go learn programming.

    • The “Space exploration survival game” idea reminds me of Tom Segura’s bit about his inventor cousin.

    • Hi Rob.

      Thanks for the words!

      There will be 20% release discount on release for two weeks! Your idea is cool and it was actually almost like one my recent design for the new game.

      However, I have already started developing the next game and it will be super awesome as well. Check out our facebook page for a sneak preview of very very early dev shots.


  • Finally, a game in which we have to take a moment to stop and take a dump before continuing.

    Or maybe that’s not what he was doing in there….?

    • Yeap, that’s right.

      Doing business in the toilet is one of the things you will need to do in this game.

      That brings a memory… When we were making that feature, we added smell attraction in the game where the mobs are attracted to you if you did poop on the corridoor.. but that made the game too difficult as you were overwhelmed by mobs for just obeying a simple call to the nature.. We had to trim that “feature” down a bit so you have to use the toilet. :D

  • Why not on Vita !? This game is a perfect fit for it, i think wil be more success if its comming to Ps Vita, just think about it..
    However if not, there wil be a Switch versión in the future !?

  • Looks really awesome. I have 2 questions..
    Is there a Platinum trophy?

    And is there sense of progression between each playthrough?
    What I mean is when you die before beating it(or make to a goal point)and play a second playthrough, did anything carry over? To make you feel accomplished in the first playthrough and not feel wasted?

    • Yeah there’s a platinum. Probably gonna take me some time to obtain it :p

    • Item lost bug
      I am sorry if it is difficult to understand for machine translation
      I am playing in Japanese account, and in Japanese.
      Console hardware is PS4

      I have installed one storage box at the station on the main base.
      I went exploring after putting items that I did not need (oxygen canister, key card etc) in order to go to a facility that already secured safety.
      After collecting the item and returning to the main base, when checking the contents of the storage box at the station, all items were lost.
      Among them were important items such as Zeronica Jones’ Keycard etc.
      When checking other storage boxes of the main base, other items were safe.

      Do I have to give up the progress with this data and start with new data?

  • Graphics look very similar to Dead Nation (which was great but too short). Looking forward to playing this.

  • Game looks pretty cool, I can’t wait to get this on my Vita. It is coming to Vita right?…. Right?

  • Looks interesting. PS4 could always use more unique survival games. Good reviews on Steam, too. I’m in.

  • Although the gameplay is totally different, the top-down graphics remind me of an old MS-DOS game called Dreamweb. It would be cool if someone did an HD remake of that game. Anyway, this game looks fun and I’ll be sure to check it out.

  • Loving it so far! Though I had to start a new game as my oxygen tank and temperature tank weren’t refilling when I took them to the recharge stations at central. It was hard to grasp at first but by the time you reach central you’ll probably have gotten the hang of the controls and management of everything.

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