New Injustice 2 Story Trailer Revealed

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New Injustice 2 Story Trailer Revealed

It’s really exciting for us at NetherRealm to share our first teaser of the Injustice 2 story with everyone. The studio’s been working incredibly hard to make it a worthy sequel. Go ahead. Take a peek!

Injustice 2 picks up where Injustice: Gods Among Us left off. Though Batman has won the battle with Superman, he’s still facing threats on all sides. Former members of Superman’s regime continue to elude justice. And a shadowy new group, The Society, threatens chaos across the globe.

With many of his allies either victims of, or collaborators with, Superman’s failed regime, Batman faces this dangerous world short of help. That’s why he’s brought together a new squad of Super Heroes. When Earth is invaded and threatened with destruction, Batman and his new team are thrust into action!

Crafting Injustice 2’s story has been exciting and challenging. The first game’s story and the great tie-in comic book series gave us a wealth of ideas on how to continue the stories of the first game’s characters like the Flash and Harley Quinn. They also gave us a solid foundation for adapting the canonical histories of the game’s new faces, like Supergirl and Blue Beetle, so that their stories fit within the Injustice universe.

The biggest challenge? Extending the Injustice narrative, without repeating ourselves. We knew that the game’s core conflict — Batman versus Superman — had to remain front and center. But to keep Injustice moving forward, we needed more.

Enter Brainiac.

There are few in the DC universe that could top “Dictator Superman” as a foe for Batman. The challenges don’t come much bigger than a determined Man of Steel. But in Brainiac, Batman faces a challenge like none he’s faced before.

Brainiac possesses superior intelligence, impossibly advanced technology, and inexhaustible resources. The overwhelming threat he poses to Earth forces Batman to question everything he knows. It also makes him consider crossing lines he’d vowed to never cross…

What will Batman do? And just how does Superman respond to this crisis? To find that out, you’ll have to play the game!

Injustice 2 hits PS4 May 16, 2017.

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  • Very excited for part two. I noticed at the end of the trailer there’s a deluxe and season pass version of the game. Since I already pre ordered the digital copy over PSN I was wondering how much the season pass was. It’s nice to see J Stewart in the game.

    • You can upgrade for the price of the Season Pass. For example, if you preorder the standard edition (60$) and you go to preorder the Digital Deluxe, it should be only 40$ rather than 100$

  • Will there be upgrades to the Special and Deluxe editions if you have the normal already preordered? This has been an issue in the past with PSN preorders.

    • And my question is answered when the PS store updated, The Ultimate Edition shows $40 for me. Thanks Sony, this makes me very excited!

  • *drool*

  • Now that’s a trailer. Wowzers!

  • Brainiac = HYPED!…Darkseid = EVEN MORE HYPED!!! Sounds pretty interesting; NetherRealm has been doing a great job of mixing interesting story with fun fighters since the Mortal Kombat reboot.

  • Is the pre-order thing the only chance of purchasing Darkseid?

    Will the ultimate edition not include him either?

  • If you pre-order a physical copy instead of digital one, will you still get Darkseid?

  • Those cover arts are pretty lame…just lame.

  • I really hope they make Brainiac an unplayable final boss. I really hate it when NetherRealm Studios make the final bosses of their games playable, balanced, and nerfed to the point where they take/deal normal damage nowadays. Bosses are supposed to be unplayable, they’re supposed to be unbalanced, and they’re supposed deal twice as much damage and have twice as much health. Yes Corrupted Shinnok is an exception, but he’s an alternate form of an already playable character.

    • Corrupted Shinnok was no different from Shao Kahn in execution other than being a one round character. He had low amounts of overpowered moves just like Kahn. I do think Brainiac will be like that too, which is why we’re getting Darkseid as a playable character when both of them are iconic overpowered Superman villains.

  • I know it’s off-topic, but it’s the third consecutive qeek without weekly sales. Anybody can tell me why?

  • I hate waiting on this! I want it now! Looks EPIC!!!

  • Has anyone got any idea if this game will be region locked? Ie USA players can’t play UK players. So does anyone have 100% prof that this game will be unlocked for regional play between USA and UK. And no not share play. Actual online matches between UK and USA servers on ps4.

  • Is this game region locked like the first if so I’m not purchasing this game sick of not being able to beat the crap of my oversea friends. Don’t say oh but the lag tell them to get better servers and actually maintain them properly.

  • Will there be a version that comes with a figure/statue?

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