For Honor: The Masked Nobushi Samurai Sweep Into Battle

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For Honor: The Masked Nobushi Samurai Sweep Into Battle

For Honor offers players the chance to storm battlefields as one of 12 heroes who can tear through rank-and-file enemies and stand against nearly any foe.

Each one of these heroes is suited to a different play style, so if you’re looking for a warrior with the range to keep sword- and axe-wielders at bay, you’ll want to try the Nobushi. One of the four Heroes of the Samurai faction, the Nobushi is a mysterious masked warrior who carries a spearlike naginata, using its reach to confound and destroy opponents.

For Honor: The Masked Nobushi Samurai Sweep Into Battle

If you’d like to get an early chance to play For Honor and try out its unique Art of Battle combat system, register now for the For Honor Closed Beta, which begins January 26 and runs through January 29.

For Honor will be available on February 14 for PS4.

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  • Done, done, and done Mikel. I had already signed up fairly easily due to the fact I was logged into the [Ubi]shop for an unrelated reason. I also checked out the neat reward system setup for the game, For Honor, while I was going through the motions. It’s so great, I just had to let everyone know about it! It comes as a bit of a surprise the activity/reward system wasn’t mentioned as part of the post. Either way, thanks for your time Mikel!
    ..Now if I could only get the Ubi shop to react and respond to me in a positive way. Error accepting payment, error accepting payment, error, error, error! What is my money not good enough for you Ubi?!?

  • Nice gameplay about the character. No, wait, that was useless.

  • Nice…liked For Honor since I saw the reveal at E3,ma brother wants to buy it but I’m not sure yet if its worth.So I signed up for the beta…hope I get selected.

  • How can I re-download the Beta if I already deleted after the last round? I’ll have to delete something else to make space, but it would be worth it to Beta For Honor some more.

  • So hyped for this game ever since I got to play the alpha! It keeps looking better and better, will be a day one purchase and probably worth the season pass too. Thank you Ubisoft the world needs more bushido style games!!!!!!

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