The Winners: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016

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The Winners: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016

The readers (That’s you!) have spoken, and the votes have been tallied. Just below these very words are the winners of the PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016 awards.

This year’s awards pulled in a staggering number of votes — more than a half-million in total! — across categories including Best PS4 Game, Best PS VR Game, Most Innovative, the ever-popular Most Anticipated, and Studio of the Year. There are a few surprises in there, but one title in particular stood out and took multiple Platinum Trophies home… read on to see for yourself!

Best PS4 Game
Uncharted 4 Key Art
Best PS4 Game - Platinum
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A stupendous year for high-quality games, with strong poll showings from The Last Guardian and Doom. But in the end, it was Naughty Dog’s send-off for Nathan Drake that claimed the Platinum, scoring more than 40% of total submitted votes.

Best PS4 Game - Gold

Final Fantasy XV
Best PS4 Game - Silver

Battlefield 1
Best PS4 Game - Bronze


Editors’ Choice
Overwatch. Blizzard’s meticulously designed, ultra-polished, and highly accessible team shooter represents the biggest leap for the competitive FPS genre in nearly a decade. Its impact will be felt for years to come.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Dark Souls 3. It’s been a great year for games, no? Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2 and Dishonored 2 ran it close, but my pick for GOTY (predictably) goes to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest dark masterpiece. The “shock of the new” might be gone, but the level and boss design is as good as any in the series.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
The Witness. The minimal aesthetic lets Thekla’s brain-squeezing puzzles take center stage, and I couldn’t bring myself to give up on them. Thank goodness for that, because finally completing “The Challenge” is one of the most rewarding moments of any game in recent memory.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Hitman. The masterful level design and vast array of player choice — combined with the brilliant games-as-a-service structure — kept me coming back to the game week after week and resulted in my most satisfying gaming experience this year.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Overwatch. This is one of the strongest debuts by a collection of characters since Street Fighter II. Every hero is uniquely individual and instantly memorable, yet Blizzard manages to make this mob perfectly balance against one another. I can get my fix with a quick match or happily lose an evening to a whole season of them. Just great design, mechanics, and balancing. Brilliant.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog
Best PS Vita Game
World of Final Fantasy
Best PS Vita Game - Platinum
World of Final Fantasy

Fan favorites Steins;Gate 0 and Odin Sphere Leigthrasir fared well as write-ins, but ultimately Square Enix’s love letter to Final Fantasy landed the PS Vita Platinum award.

Best PS Vita Game - Gold

Lara Croft Go
Best PS Vita Game - Silver

Dragon Quest Builders
Best PS Vita Game - Bronze

Darkest Dungeon

Editors’ Choice
Darkest Dungeon. Red Hook’s unforgiving roguelike RPG practically feeds on the dread and misery it generates in the player. On the bright side, that only makes the thrill of victory all the more intoxicating. Easily one of the best games of 2016, no matter the platform.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Severed. Drinkbox Studios knocks another one out of the park. Severed is an interesting case study: what if a studio took the main mechanic of Fruit Ninja… and built a full-sized first-person dungeon crawler around it? The ensuing RPG is a frenetic, haunting journey that every PS Vita owner should experience.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Downwell. A great mobile game which becomes an even better PS Vita game thanks to snappy physical controls. Addictive, intense, and incredible fun. Arcade shooting given a roguelike spin, and at its very finest.
Corey Brotherson, SIEE Content Producer
Day of the Tentacle Remastered. As a long-time fan of the LucasArts stable, this was the one I was desperate to get the Double Fine remaster treatment, and it’s everything I remembered. Hilarious, fiendish, and satisfying. It’s also available to download on PS Plus this month, conveniently. So go and get it!
Rhys Sutheran, SIEE Content Producer
Best Independent Game
Best Independent Game - Platinum

Though Firewatch was the decisive overall winner, voting trends in this category showed a wide spread. Alone With You, Severed, and Darkest Dungeon all left a strong mark on the polls, though not enough to place.

Best Independent Game - Gold

Best Independent Game - Silver

The Witness
Best Independent Game - Bronze

Stardew Valley

Editors’ Choice
Darkest Dungeon. I’m determined to plug this game in every available venue! There are plenty of great turn-based RPGs, but few evoke dread and despair as vividly as this macabre gem. It’s a masochist’s dream come true.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Steamworld Heist. Image & Form’s delightful follow-up to quirky 2013 side-scroller Steamworld Dig successfully transposed the action into an entirely new genre (turn-based strategy) while retaining the charm of the original. Flab-free and heaps of fun.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
The Witness. Maybe the most impressive part of The Witness is that it was built by such a small team. Crucially, the fact that this massive project was executed by a handful of people accentuates its singular, cohesive vision.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Firewatch. I think Firewatch’s greatest feat was to make its final return to the humdrum of reality feel as fascinating and thought-provoking as its initial slow descent into paranoia.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog
Best Use of PS4 Pro
Best Use of PS4 Pro - Platinum
Battlefield 1

A decisive win from Battlefield 1, which impressively elevated its graphical presentation on the powerful PS4 Pro hardware. Titanfall 2 and Ratchet & Clank also earned noteworthy support from the PlayStation community.

Best Use of PS4 Pro - Gold

Final Fantasy XV
Best Use of PS4 Pro - Silver

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Best Use of PS4 Pro - Bronze

Watch Dogs 2

Editors’ Choice
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Infinity Ward’s latest is a tremendous technical achievement no matter where you play it, but it takes on a vivid new dimension thanks to the raw horsepower of PS4 Pro. The action setpieces look spectacular, but it was the UNSA Retribution’s hyper-detailed flight deck that blew me away.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. By offering a trio of settings to fit a range of different visual mode configurations, Crystal Dynamics gives players a clear and easy choice to experience the action-adventure the way they want to. I’d love to see similar practice adopted as a standard in the future.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog
Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has been known to embrace new technologies and generate some of the most impressive visuals of any given console generation, and Final Fantasy XV is a perfect showcase of PS4 Pro’s capabilities. Players can choose to experience super-smooth gameplay or render at a massive resolution — either way, FFXV’s spot-on art direction really shines on the new hardware.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. A great example of a developer really going all out to take advantage of PS4 Pro. With an array of options that balance stunning enhanced visuals with a slicker frame rate, Crystal Dynamics took what was already a technical achievement and dialed it up to 11.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Best PlayStation VR Game
Batman Arkham VR
Best PlayStation VR Game - Platinum
Batman Arkham VR

The votes were fairly split here, but Rocksteady’s atmospheric mystery ultimately took the top slot. Rez Infinite, Rigs, and VR Worlds each saw lots of support in the polls, though not quite enough to place.

Best PlayStation VR Game - Gold

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One X-wing VR Mission
Best PlayStation VR Game - Silver

Job Simulator
Best PlayStation VR Game - Bronze

Eve Valkyrie

Editors’ Choice
Carnival Games. Perhaps a bold choice, but put an hour into it and you’ll understand why. I loved Battlezone, Rez, Robinson, and Job Simulator to death, but in the end, this was the one I picked up again and again. The shooting gallery, ring toss, and climbing wall are not to be missed!
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes. Dashing any concerns that PlayStation VR would be an isolating experience, the most enjoyable couch multiplayer experience I had all year was with this fiendishly fun asynchronous cooperative puzzler.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
SuperHyperCube. While many games go to great lengths to prove how convincing an escape VR can be, Kokoromi’s psychedelic puzzler is an admirably subtle use of a brand-new technology. SuperHyperCube is an exercise in creative restraint, and it’s all the better for it.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Batman: Arkham VR. While my heart will always beat faster at the thought of returning to Rez in 3D, there’s no better example of the immersive nature of PlayStation VR than Rocksteady’s debut on the hardware. Giving everyone the chance to don the Dark Knight’s iconic cowl and become the world’s greatest detective? Amazing.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog
Best Story
Uncharted 4
Best Story - Platinum
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

In perhaps the biggest blowout category this year, Naughty Dog’s PS4 epic managed to score nearly half of all vote submissions. Honorable mentions included Batman: The Telltale Series, Mafia 3, and Firewatch.

Best Story - Gold

The Witcher III: Blood and Wine
Best Story - Silver

Final Fantasy XV
Best Story - Bronze

The Last Guardian

Editors’ Choice
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Yet again, Naughty Dog has raised the bar on interactive storytelling with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The masterful script and stunning performance capture made for a game that grabbed me from the very beginning and didn’t let go until the beautiful epilogue.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
The Last Guardian. There were plenty of unknowns when it came to the long-anticipated release of The Last Guardian. One thing was never in doubt though: the storytelling was always going to be out-of-this-world. Sure enough, Fumito Ueda and his team did not disappoint.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Firewatch. Firewatch captivates with simple, candid character writing that chokes you up right from the opening sequence and keeps you hooked all the way to the end, seeding tension and intrigue with dialogue so impressively effortless that it almost seems throwaway at times. An understated and cunningly haunting tour de force.
Matt Groizard, SIEE Content Producer
The Last Guardian. Okay, so it’s relatively light on straight-up storytelling, but for me, this is “less is more” in action. The progression of the boy’s relationship with Trico, reading your feathered friend’s emotions and figuring out the mysterious setting together fully drew me into the world and made me desperate to see what would happen next.
Rhys Sutheran, SIEE Content Producer
Best Performance
Uncharted 4 - Nolan North
Best Performance - Platinum
Nolan North (Uncharted 4)

Unsurprisingly, Uncharted 4’s cast fared nicely here. Outside of the winners circle, Troy Baker (Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Telltale Series) and Alex Hernandez (Mafia III’s Lincoln Clay) mustered impressive support.

Best Performance - Gold

Trico (The Last Guardian)
Best Performance - Silver

Emily Rose (Uncharted 4)
Best Performance - Bronze

Camilla Luddington (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Editors’ Choice
Wayne June as “The Ancestor” in Darkest Dungeon. An uber-strong year for game performances, but Darkest Dungeon’s gravel-throated narration took me by surprise in the best possible way. Executed with impunity!
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Emily Rose as “Elena Fisher” in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Uncharted 4 is (deservedly) walking away with a huge number of awards this year, and I’m going to toss in another one: Emily Rose’s performance as series mainstay Elena Fisher gives the story of A Thief’s End an emotional anchor, lending a sense of believability to this soaring, swashbuckling adventure… and more importantly, its stars.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Mark Noble as “Emiel Regis” in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. Giving voice to such a well-loved character from Andrei Sapkowski’s long-running series of novels was never likely to be an easy task. That Noble was able to bring Geralt’s old friend Emiel Regis to life with such a perfect balance of charm, eloquence, and self-deprecation is an achievement worthy of note.
Matt Groizard, SIEE Content Producer
Cissy Jones as “Delilah” in Firewatch. Along with great work from Rich Sommer as Henry, Cissy Jones’ Delilah in Firewatch was my standout performance this year. Creating a genuine relationship just by walkie-talkie communications, without the characters ever seeing each other, can’t have been easy — but it’s this interplay that’s at the heart of the game, and what makes the whole thing so compelling.
Rhys Sutheran, SIEE Content Producer
Best Soundtrack
Uncharted 4
Best Soundtrack - Platinum
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Another win for Naughty Dog, though Final Fantasy XV nearly squeaked into the Platinum slot in late voting. Watch Dogs 2, The Last Guardian, and Mafia III all saw plenty of votes, too.

Best Soundtrack - Gold

Final Fantasy XV
Best Soundtrack - Silver

Best Soundtrack - Bronze

Dark Souls 3

Editors’ Choice
Doom. Id Software’s demonic shooter was one of my favorite games this year, and Mick Gordon’s ultra-heavy industrial soundtrack is one of the key reasons why. A superior example of how audio can fuel and amplify the gameplay experience.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Firewatch. Chris Remo’s warm ambient noodling provided the perfect backdrop to Campo Santo’s refreshing backwoods adventure.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Final Fantasy XV. An incredibly tough category this year! Uncharted 4, Watch Dogs 2, No Man’s Sky, Firewatch, Doom… but considering the sheer breadth of Yoko Shimomura’s Final Fantasy XV score (and the goosebumps I still get when I hear Apocalypsis Noctis), it gets my vote.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Firewatch. Chris Remo’s minimalist Firewatch score beautifully elevated the game’s shifting and nuanced tones of melancholy, mystery, and adventure.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Best Visuals
Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End
Best Visuals - Platinum
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Technical powerhouses rule this roost, but The Last Guardian hangs tough thanks to its phenomenal art direction. Fans also showed support for other gorgeous titles, including Dark Souls III, Watch Dogs 2, and Ratchet & Clank.

Best Visuals - Gold

Final Fantasy XV
Best Visuals - Silver

Battlefield 1
Best Visuals - Bronze

The Last Guardian

Editors’ Choice
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Naughty Dog boasts some of the best rendering tech in the business, but it’s the studio’s sublime art direction that makes Uncharted 4 one of the best-looking games ever released on any platform.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Dishonored 2. No other AAA blockbuster in recent memory boasts such a singular, bold, and unusual aesthetic as Arkane Studios’ highly stylized stealth series, and the art team really went to town with this year’s sequel. Someone put it in a gallery already.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
The Witness. When somebody asks you why art direction is important, show them The Witness. The island’s bright colors and clean edges have produced a number of the desktop wallpapers I currently have in rotation.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Dishonored 2. In a year filled with brilliant visuals, Dishonored 2 stands out for its incredible art direction and style. From the character models to the world design, the visuals throughout bolster the tone of the narrative and create an incredible sense of place. Simply nothing else feels like Dishonored.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Best Multiplayer
Battlefield 1
Best Multiplayer - Platinum
Battlefield 1

Though Overwatch mustered impressive support, Battlefield 1 ultimately secured nearly 30% of the total vote for the top slot. Outside of the winner’s bracket, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and Street Fighter V all performed well.

Best Multiplayer - Gold

Best Multiplayer - Silver

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Best Multiplayer - Bronze

Titanfall 2

Editors’ Choice
Overwatch. No surprises here. One year ago, I would never have guessed that the creators of Warcraft and Diablo could conquer the competitive shooter category with such grace and confidence. It’s a genre milestone and a brilliant game.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Overwatch. First-person shooters are a tough nut to crack, but Blizzard has swept in — as they always seem to — and effortlessly shifted the industry’s idea of what the genre is and can be. Perhaps most importantly, they’ve hit the sweet spot of depth and accessibility, making Overwatch approachable and enticing, truly, for gamers of all skill levels.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Overwatch. I think Overwatch, I think escalation. It feels like every session I spot a strategy — by team or lone wolf — I hadn’t considered before, continually making me reevaluate my understanding of what my favorites can do, or how to take better advantage of a map’s layout. Mid-match Hero changes halt any frustration at being stuck with the wrong character and grants continually changing, but always intriguing team combinations.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog
Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2’s masterful campaign has been deservedly well praised, but the multiplayer hooked me like few shooters in recent years. The multi-leveled combat between humans and mechs, lightning fast locomotion, and smart lobby system resulted in one of the best multiplayer games this year.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Best Post-Release Content
The Witcher III Blood and Wine
Best Post-Release Content - Platinum
The Witcher III

This category now includes any and all post-release game updates. The Blood and Wine expansion catapulted last year’s winner The Witcher 3 back to the top. Fans voted in droves for Fallout 4, Black Ops 3, and Final Fantasy XIV as well.

Best Post-Release Content - Gold

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Best Post-Release Content - Silver

Best Post-Release Content - Bronze


Editors’ Choice
Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. Afterbirth manages to pull off a neat trick: making an expansion pack so robust that it could almost be mistaken for a sequel. The wealth of new items, environments, enemies, and gameplay refinements propel an already spectacular roguelike to addictive, disturbing new depths.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel. Not for the faint-hearted (the climactic multi-stage boss battle is as difficult as anything FromSoftware has ever inflicted on its audience) but this was a beautifully crafted postscript to a brilliant sequel.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Destiny. Bungie has been leading the charge in a new generation of shooters, and they continue to not only tweak the game’s foundational mechanics, but add new content by way of paid expansions (Rise of Iron) and free in-game events (The Dawning). Destiny’s community is a vocal one, and Bungie’s willingness to embrace their feedback ultimately leads to a better game.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
No Man’s Sky, Foundation Update. As game-changing updates go, it’s hard to beat. I liked No Man’s Sky a lot from day one, but this update saw it begin to fulfil its potential with base building, deeper crafting and trading, and more ways to really forge your own path in the vast galaxy (for the record, I’m currently trying to make my name as a hot-shot pirate hunter, keeping freighters safe from attack).
Rhys Sutheran, SIEE Content Producer
Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked. My Don’t Starve addiction is well documented, but it’s the soul-stealing crafting game which just keeps on giving. Shipwrecked is almost a whole new game unto itself, as your old tactics won’t work here — and I’ll happily take more glorious nightmares wrapped in brilliant gameplay from Klei.
Corey Brotherson, SIEE Content Producer
Hitman. The brilliant Elusive Targets add new difficult-to-find targets to familiar maps, and give you only a few days in real-time to execute the hit. But unlike the rest of the game, there are no saved games — once you find and assassinate the target, you must complete the mission. Fail, and that’s it — there are no second chances. These small twists brought heightened tension and mayhem, and were one of the many elements that kept me glued to Hitman throughout the year.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Most Innovative
The Last Guardian
Most Innovative - Platinum
The Last Guardian

PlayStation fans honored genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio’s emotional epic The Last Guardian in the polls, though competition was stiff throughout the category. PS VR title Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Hitman, and The Witness also saw strong voter support.

Most Innovative - Gold

Most Innovative - Silver

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Most Innovative - Bronze


Editors’ Choice
Overwatch. Blizzard has managed a seemingly impossible task: broaden the appeal of the competitive shooter by catering to a wide array of play styles and even skill levels. Then they pumped in a steady stream of maps, characters, and modes, all for free. Devs — this is how you build a long-term multiplayer classic.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation VR Worlds. Few would disagree that VR was the most exciting innovation of 2016 and, while I put more time into other launch titles, PlayStation VR Worlds felt like the perfect encapsulation of the platform’s promise.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Hitman. Hitman’s key innovation is not any of the game’s individual elements — it’s the way they seamlessly come together to create a game that is so much more than the sum of its parts. The steady drip of new missions not only kept fans returning to the game month after month, but it also allowed players the time to explore the massive (and rewarding) possibility space hidden within each level.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Hitman. Innovation awards are normally reserved for the tech side of gaming, but with development cycles becoming ever longer, and consumers keener than ever to get the most out of their favourite games, Hitman’s episodic approach of releasing miniature sandboxes each month and adding fresh targets and contracts from week to week made for a winning and rewarding formula.
Matt Groizard, EU PlayStation.Blog

Most Anticipated
The Last of Us Part II
Most Anticipated - Platinum
The Last of Us Part II

This category has expanded to include any announced game, irrespective of release date. Though PSX 2016 surprise announcement The Last of Us Part II claimed the coveted Platinum award, competition was fierce. Horizon Zero Dawn, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and Death Stranding also saw plenty of love.

Most Anticipated - Gold

God of War
Most Anticipated - Silver

Red Dead Redemption 2
Most Anticipated - Bronze

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Editors’ Choice
Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Luckily, we don’t have long to wait! RE7 leapt to the top of my list after my hands-on experiences earlier this month. In short, the shift towards FPS (complete with full PS VR mode) was a brilliant, daring move that pays off big time. Don’t sleep on this one.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Red Dead Redemption 2. One of those rare games you book time off work to get lost in. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Horizon Zero Dawn. It captured my attention from the first moment I saw it at E3 years ago, and now we’re only a couple months away. Every time I see the game I become more excited to meet Aloy and explore the mysteries of the world. I’m going to be sinking a lot of time into this one.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Final Fantasy VII Remake. In a show full of surprises, two in particular stand out for me at E3 2015. The reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake was one, my reaction to it another. Even as long term fan of the PSone original I was taken aback by the sudden lump in my throat — and a twist in my stomach — when that familiar music, unknowingly embedded deep in my psyche, kicked in.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog
Studio of the Year
Naughty Dog
Studio of the Year - Platinum
Naughty Dog

Despite stiff competition from an array of highly accomplished game developers, Naughty Dog ultimately secured the Platinum award for its genre-defining work on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Studio of the Year - Gold

Square Enix
Studio of the Year - Silver

Studio of the Year - Bronze


Editors’ Choice
Owlchemy Labs. Who are these guys? The creators of what is likely the first bonafide hit VR game, the hilarious and endlessly replayable Job Simulator. Let’s hope their next game pushes the nascent VR medium further still.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Naughty Dog. Few studios lavish their projects with such staggering levels of care and attention as Naughty Dog. This year’s Uncharted 4 continued that tradition, setting new visual benchmarks with stellar environmental design, best-in-class animation, and industry-leading technical virtuosity. They define the standard of excellence, pressing hard against technological boundaries to demonstrate the true potential of videogames as a medium.
Matt Groizard, SIEE Content Producer
Naughty Dog. What more can possibly be said about Naughty Dog? There is simply no other group of creatives in the biz that consistently raises the bar on visuals, narrative, and polish. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End yet again showcased the sublime talents of the kennel, and surpassed even my greatest expectations. The extra mile they go, especially in regards to accessibility, is simply unparalleled.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
id Software. id’s reboot of the pivotal first-person shooter tuned the series’ core elements to perfection, injecting a bit of jet fuel into its veins for good measure. I hope to see more from id soon, because they have clearly and definitively proven with Doom that yes, they’ve still got it.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

That’s it for this year! Thanks again to everyone who voted. And if you missed out on any of the great games you saw here, check them out on PlayStation Store. See you next year!

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  • I’m Glad to see Darkest Dungeon getting so many love. It’s a excellent game, with a lot of plus. it deserve the recognition.

    • How did Enter The Gungeon or Salt n Sanctuary not rank? My two indies of the yr hands down.

      ABZU not ranking in best musical score is rather silly.

      There should be a best free to play of the year category and Let it Die should win.

      Btw, Uncharted 4 won 108 game of the year awards. That bs award given to Overwatch by that televised award show means very little. Uncharted 4 got better reviews and is a more complete game.

    • I ALMOST made it my #1 overall pick of the year, but I had to acknowledge Overwatch.

    • I dont understand how Uncharted 4 got the best game award????!! Dont get me wrong, its a beautiful piece of art work and storytelling, but its not a game. Its an interactive scripted movie. I did enjoy it, but when i think of a game, i think of Skyrim, or Witcher, not Uncharted.

    • @KayGee2007… i guess it’s all about perception and opinion because, to me, Uncharted is the perfect definition of what a video game is and should be.

    • Uncharted bien ganado, es un JUEGASO y deberían de crear más títulos como Uncharted! !

    • A co Rainbow six siege??!!!! Nejlepší multiplayer a ani se tu neobjevil jo??

    • Minecraft

    • I have really enjoyed my self with so many games. I really liked God of war, call of duty, battlefield hardline, the division but my biggest one was of course sound the drums The Destiny The Taken King.awesome thanks.

  • Now we talking
    Uncharted 4 Game Of The Year

    • The people have spoken.

    • Overwatch is still GoTY, these are ps4 awards :v

    • And Overwatch is only GOTY for whatever person site decides so, or the Game Awards. Many sites can issue game awards, and the validity is the question. In the case of these awards, they are all voted by users who have PlayStation, or at least actively visit the PlayStation Blog.

      That being said, of this sample, the majority voted for Uncharted 4. Overwatch may be considered the best Multiplayer game, but I don’t think it is GOTY. It does a lot wrong, including being just limited. There is so much to explore, mechanically speaking, but I don’t find its depth that intriguing. On a reverse end, DOOM was a fantastic SP. But the MP was kinda of “ehh…”. The MP effected the games total score. Had they not put in MP, people would have argued that DOOM was even better than the best FPS in a long time.

    • (Continued)

      With that in mind, Overwatch doesn’t have SP. It is just a reworked, with many varied Heroes, Team Fortress inspired Arena Shooter. It may be continually popular, mainly reaching to the PC space, but I think they get too much credit.

      That being said, yes this is PS only, but that doesn’t give bonus points to PS4 exclusives. The PS community has spoken. And they prefer U4. But both are great games in their own right, just so different. I’ll let you know my complete thoughts once I get to U4.

    • They need to put “team play” back into Madden!…my hommie lives 200 miles away and that was the only thing that kept us in touch…its been 3 years now…#BRING IT BACK ALREADY!!!

    • While we’re on the topic of opinions, Uncharted is to me in the video games world the same thing as monopoly to the board games world, if you remove all elements of the game except rolling the dice and moving the pieces.

    • Uncharted 4 if the blass love the game hope there will be part 5

  • Nice to see UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End and Final Fantasy XV pick up well deserved results. Personally tied, for my Game of the Year..

  • Thank god Overwatch didn’t get GotY. Uncharted 4 ftw! I did vote for FF15 though since it was amazing and I put in well over 100 hours into it already.

    • Do you realize that this isnt GoTY selections right? These are best ps4 games, Overwatch is still GoTY :v

    • There is no single game of the year. There never has been. Game of the year technically would be the game with overall highest rating among all reviews. But yes Uncharted 4 is absolutely the Playstation Blog game of the year.

  • Finally results I can agree with!
    Uncharted 4 was superb, and Battlefield 1 has the best multiplayer I’ve seen in YEARS!

    Overwatch is a good game, nothing more (invested 20 hours and traded it).

  • So glad that Star Wars Rogue One Mission VR received love, despite not being a full game. I truly hope that Criterion/Dice gets wind of this and sees how much a full game of this would completely rock the VR world. Imagine piloting various different Star Wars ships, hanging out in a cantina in between missions (speaking to other NPCs about the upcoming story mission), sitting in a briefing room before a mission, and manning the Falcon’s guns!

  • Where is Horizon for Most Anticipated ??

    • Where is Spiderman?

    • Definitely HDZ is one of a very few I’m waiting for. Especially after the latest trailer showing friends, enemies and a hint of the story. I’m surely not looking to Dad Of War nor Andromeda. Don’t sully the name of Mass Effect by attaching it to this.

  • Bummed that steamword heist didn’t win for the vita that game is really good. Anybody who doesn’t already own it should pick it up. It is cross buy on PS4/vita and only $14!

  • Naughty Dog the best of the best I am happy to see most of my votes won and that Naughty Dog won all the places I voted for them I love Naughty Dog it was the reason I got a ps4 I picked up a ps4 just to play the last of us and now they have last of us 2 can’t wait and crash so happy for this year

  • Naughty dog deserves every award they received.

    • So true. They consistently put out excellent content and you can trust that your purchase dollars are well spent when you buy one of their games. For me, they are #1 as well!

    • Yes, naughty dog has always done a great job

  • Cool. Lots of great games. Although I have no idea how Uncharted 4 has a better soundtrack than FFXV.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Uncharted 4’s soundtrack really disappointed me, it felt generic, uninspired and too subtle (which worked for TLoU, but was a bad idea for Uncharted). They should’ve kept Greg Edmondson, who did a stellar job in the previous games.

      Final Fantasy XV’s soundtrack on the other hand is the best I’ve heard in years! Yoko Shimomura really outdid herself, can’t wait to see more of her work in KH2.8 and 3.

    • @ Renan_Acid – Hmm you’re saying that TLoU soundtrack is generic,uninspired and too subtle?…haha seems like you’re a soundtrack expert lol.

    • @Welmosca: No, only the subtle part applies to TLoU. In many parts of the game you only heard ambient sounds with little to no music. It worked great for TLoU, but I expected something more epic in Uncharted 4.

    • There are several great soundtracks for U4. Just pay more attention. The score is by Henry Jackman, there is no way you can say that him and his crew didn’t produce an epic soundtrack because they most definitely did. I wasn’t sure about it either until I looked more into it.

  • Decent choices. Would take out ffxv from everything but soundtrack. Also dont get the love for firewatch inside and witness are the two standout indies.

  • nice loved it all the awards are given perfectly <3

  • First of all, kudos to the PS Blog guys on the presentation of this article. It looks really slick!

    I think there’s some good results here. I’m glad Battlefield 1 got represented well. While many people may stray from that title given it’s AAA nature (which sometimes critics and media tend to shy away from, especially in shooters) – keep in mind Battlefield has traditionally been the underdog in the FPS market, and has probably been deserving of special recognition for a while now. BF1 is a great game and I’m glad credit is being given where it is due.

    What can you say about Uncharted. Sure it had it’s quirks and moments where you might have grumbled over a mechanic, but it’s literally a master lesson on storytelling in games, and it was hands down the most beautiful game this generation of any platform. Seriously. Was my vote for GotY as well.

    And lastly, I’m thrilled Firewatch got best indie. I honestly was expecting the Witness too (another great game) but Firewatch deseves so much credit to do what it was able to do regarding character development and storytelling, all under the premise of isolation.

    I think the community did a great job this year!

    • I mean what can you say. Uncharted 4 had amazing characters, storytelling, gameplay, graphics. But I know some struggled over climbing and shooting, I had no problems since I played 3rd person shooters often and played Uncharted since Drake’s Fortune. The mechanics were phenomenol especially the rope, best climbing I’ve seen, and even the bouncing crosshair which was pretty unique.

  • Uncharted 4: $60 for 25hrs and zero replay ability…soon to have hundred of used copies used at your local game store. What a waste.

    Sorry Sony, but without hard numbers and you picking a Sony title, it seems very rigged. I’m not buying it, nor the game. To each their own and I go by a $1/hr so since there’s not 60hrs of game play, it’s not for me. This blog idea acts more of an advertising method to sell the VR, U4 and Last Guardian. Check other sites and none of them say Uncharted 4. Point to think about people

    • “Rigging” is always possible, but do consider that the people who voted here are all (pretty much) Playstation users. So a certain level of bias is implied. Not sure what *you* expect from this post. Some kind of surprise like “Gears of War voted Best Game by Playstation gamers”, or something?

    • It’s longer if you play it on the hardest difficulty. Also taking the time to site see, Easter egg hunt, treasure hunt, and other interactions add up. Plus DLC coming soon.

    • Sorry, was Uncharted going to win Microsoft awards?

    • Am i travelling time?!?!?!

    • Yes, going through SP on normal difficulty can take 25 hours, but to say that there is zero replay ability is simply not true. There is so much detail in each area, both graphically and in the fact that I seem to find a suprise around each corner: whether it’s an easter egg, a hidden treasure or a secret conversation.
      I bought the game in June, two weeks after it came out, and I’m still playing it on a daily basis (although mostly MP). So, for me, it’s definitely 60+ hours.
      What do you mean by advertising method? Weren’t the votes submitted by blog users (us), so shouldn’t the results reflect our opinions or are you accusing PlayStation of rigging the awards. Which you did say it “seems very rigged”. However, that wouldn’t be a justifiable accusation since you don’t have any “hard numbers” to back it up.
      Like you said, “to each his own,” but don’t go making your opinions into fact.
      Uncharted 4 was a great game and many people think so. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. Different people have different preferences. Just don’t say that the developers don’t deserve these rewards, don’t drag them down. That would be very Kanye.

    • To be fair, I did check some other sites, and Uncharted 4 really didn’t get much love there. I still think that it’s a good game though

    • Some people can be so foolish. My friend. Movies cost 10+ and last 1.5 hrs. Your dollar per hour theory works but for so few games and by using it you would have missed all uncharted games and last of us which are universally touted as ranking among the best story driven games. Compound that with the fact that Uncharted and Last of Us have MP which you clearly don’t count. So the list of games with 60 hours gameplay without MP are pretty limited to RPGs and Open World games which tend to weaken the storytelling in exchange for freedom. Don’t get me wrong. I love them but there are few games with storytelling on par with any of the uncharted titles or the last of us. Your opinion is noted but it is just that: an opinion.

      Furthermore, the rigging? This is the PlayStation blog. Are the other sites to which you’re comparing results all PlayStation related? If you look at PC Gamer, they won’t have UC4 ass GOTY. If you look at an Xbox mag or even something like GameSpot, they may choose differently. This is the PlayStation blog, users picked ’em and they’re all users who clearly love PlayStation or they’d not be on the blog in the first place.

    • Not Sony, PlayStation..You got so many things wrong fool. Maybe these other people can explain this to you. It has a 16 to 20 single-player experience in which itself was very top quality like old games back in the day, also a mature fanbase. And a multiplayer component with maybe more content than Overwatch.

  • My big concern is that 2017 is not going to have any context for Playstation awards, because people are not going to buy any games, because they don’t know about games coming out.

    Because there’s no Playstation Store Update on the blog, and the promised “The Drop” appears to have been a cunning word trick about totally Drop-ping the ball.

    • Yeah, I don’t understand why they got rid of the Store Update. It’s much more useful than the Drop.

    • They canned the update because after the drop you will have to go to the store to price anything. That gets more people into the store.
      Besides, with no sales to speak of the last 2 weeks, all the comment section would be doing is complaining about that or the fact that plus didn’t have 6 AAA titles for January.

  • Great winners. Overwatch is overrated, imo.

    • I agree. I don’t think it’s bad. It’s well executed mechanically, but I just don’t find it fun.

    • I just don’t care about games where shooting other people in a game is the main gameplay in a game anymore.

    • Never played it so I wouldnt know. I just cant wait for the next ghost recon, I had so much fun playing the classics like jungle storm and desert siege on ps2.

  • Awesome, this goes to show how far Editors opinions are from the community, completely worlds apart. Great picks.

  • Glad to see Uncharted 4 and FF15 getting the most love. Aside from U4 having a few imperfection like easier puzzles of the series and a lack of “certain bad guys” (dont wanna spoil the other games) it was a good way to end the series.

    As for FF15 I haven’t played it, but a friend of mine has nothing but love for it, even gets tilted when seeing or hearing about the game’s early, funny visual bugs, or when i even question about trying my first FF game. What’s amazing is how much support it got with the limited time, FF15 being released most late into the year. It’s a tittle ill definitely pick up in the near future so I can have something to talk about to a dear friend.

    • You forgot to mention lack of set-piece moments.

    • No way, Uncharted 4 had the most fun puzzles and lengthier of the series. Drake’s Fortune was definitely the easiest then maybe Among Thieves.

    • Welmosca, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End had the biggest and longest setpiece of all the games. Along with several other smaller set piece moments.

  • Certain games in the wrong spot for winning Platinum trophy

    Witcher 3 should be in the 4th place not Destiny…

    Destiny should be Platinum

    Best Story…Is not uncharted 4…It’s Final Fantasy XV

    Best multiplayer mode should’ve been Overwatch follow by Destiny in 2nd
    Best studio is not Naughty Dawg…Like who wants Crash Bandicoot game in Uncharted 4
    Best studio is Squared is that did awesome job as making Final Fantasy XV and all the series.

    • its 2016, not 15

    • Destiny is a bit overrated. Its story was all chopped up, and still is. Whereas W3 sl, was pretty good, but it failed to execute a high point somewhere in the game

    • I used to be considered Final Fantasy XV is GOTY before the game release. After FFXV released, I got a little bit disappointed about their story is too short compare to their previous FF series games. I was played FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFXIII.

      Now I still will choose Uncharted 4 as GOTY, this game is playing like an action movie. There have a lot of puzzles to solve. You also have to climb up the cliffs, my hands and feet were sweating when I play this game because this game is too realistic. This game is amazing and feels like watching Hollywood action movie.

    • Destiny should be platinum? No way… The story is fine but seriously the game is dry as hell man and boring already. The MP side of it is in a terrible state right now cause the meta is by far the worst in desiny so far… Sorry but my friends agree on this that destiny 1’s life is done! the sequel needs to be revealed or some info about it and tbh I preferred year 1 of destiny cause that was the best fun I had in ages in a game but now its awful

    • Sorry kid thats not a good opinion. FFXV apparently has the worst story compared to the other Final Fantasy games, but still great.

  • R6 Siege > Overwatch

  • DICE one of the top Developers for the year? hahahaha

  • I guess my votes went to waste.

  • Eagle Flight not even being MENTIONED in favor of that stinky Job Simulator getting Silver is a crime…. A CRIME!!!

  • Ratchet & Clank wipes the floor with Last Guardian in the visuals department, give me a break. Especially on the Pro.

  • Winner sale inbound?

  • My personal best games of the year, more or less in order:

    1) Dark Souls 3
    2) Battlefield 1
    3) The Witness
    4) Uncharted 4
    5) Overwatch (PC version only)
    6) Final Fantasy XV
    7) Doom
    8) The Last Guardian
    9) Rez Infinite
    10) Ratchet & Clank

  • oh come on uncharted 4 best soundtracks? get outta here!

  • wow, you seriously can not trust americans to vote for anything can you? Uncharted deserved awards, but the amount that shows up in plat and gold is shameful. The fact that it gets gold in best post release content is proof that people can’t vote with an open mind. Shame.

    • You people just barely follow big exclusives, and I hate how many Call of Duty, FIFA players and kids we’ve got in PlayStation now.

  • I’m glad Battlefield 1 is the best online multiplayer in 2016, but I’m kinda sad Overwatch didn’t get a single platinum trophy. At least they got gold.

    • OW is a bit overrated. If it wasn’t only just for pure MP, then maybe it had a chance of getting platinum.

  • Just a minor criticism on one of the Editor’s Choice for Best Post-Release Content:

    “[Destiny] adds new content by way of paid expansions (Rise of Iron) and free in-game events (The Dawning).”

    The Dawning wasn’t a free in-game event, not really. If you didn’t buy Rise of Iron, you couldn’t do any of the content from The Dawning. As someone who dearly loved sparrow racing last year and was looking forward to it this year, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $30 for a few weeks of sparrow racing.

    I applaud them for their work on the paid expansion, but the in-game events that are behind the expansion pay wall are a big drawback. The Dawning is what killed Destiny for me – I haven’t really played it, ever since.

  • Honestly a lot better then real Game Awards

  • So glad that Overwatch didn’t win.

  • LOL.

    SOme of these do not deserve to be on there…..

    Next time add much more titles i bet Firewatch won because you only put this up so much times to choose from. Ew terrible not even a game us a walking simulator….

  • In my opinion, Uncharted 4 is good but not best of ps4 or even best story. Maybe best graphic. Without the love for the last 3, I would not be able to finish it because I was bored until near the end of the game. I guess it won due to the multiplayer part. FF15 is fun to play but the story is so so. Ratchet and Clank was really fun to play but got underrated. Rise of Tomb Raider offers way better and intriguing story but got bombed because of released timed exclusive to Xbox. There are also Saint Row 4 Re Elect, Song of the Deep, and many more. I wish the list could be more broad, but the players are the one voting for the list, so this is in the end just my opinion.

    • Rachet and Clank was my biggest disappointment for the year. The currency was over rewarded and underspent, meaning I had all weapons after my first playthrough. The story was nonsensical compared to the original that it was a remake of. And none of the game mechanics stood out to me as an improvement over the PS3 era games. It was pretty, but nothing new, so not underrated at all IMO

    • I didn’t say Ratchet and Clank had the best story, but it is still fun to play compared to U4. The game mechanic was based on previous games but mostly on ps2, so it is understandable that it would not stand out very much. U4 brings nothing new beside the rope, omits the throw back grenade ability, and pretty much the same as the previous games on ps3. The worse is U4 is not even fun to play. At least Ratchet was fun.

    • Dude that’s your opinion but many would disagree, I doubt you even played or played it properly enough to judge Uncharted 4. Rise of Tomb Raider is a blur, disappeared right after it came out even on PS4 it stands no chance against Uncharted 4. All the fans and critics would not agree at all.

  • Overwatch the most innovate??? LOL

    Uncharted 4 1st place in so many categories… c’mon… A game that’s all “look but don’t touch” and still ahs invisible walls in this era?

    This is not reflecting at the very least the general public opinion, is the most mainstream selection I’ve seen…

  • I haven’t played FFXV yet, but I’m guessing it would’ve gotten a couple more platinums from Uncharted 4 if it came out earlier in the year. I don’t vote for games I haven’t played yet so mathematically, there are probably more people who have played U4 than FFXV to vote for it.

  • It was nice for No Man’s Sky to get an editor’s choice nod for post game content. The new foundation update has brought the game back to relativity. I have always loved it from the beginning, but this is more of the type of game I was expecting.

  • makes me sad to see that nobody at Sony appreciates JRPGs anymore.

    Uncharted 4 was a masterpiece of an action game… but much like great action movies, you don’t watch them for the story – you watch them for the cinematic nature of the scenes and for the adrenaline. The writing is generally simplistic and built on clever one-liners, because to do much more would take away the impact of the scenes. This is fine because that’s the type of story that works for the genre, but it’s not ‘best story ever’ material.

    There were several games that had better stories, and most of them didn’t even make the shortlist because I’m fairly sure nobody at PS HQ even played them.

    Oh well, I shouldn’t be too surprised by this.

    • Nobody said best story ever,it won best story of 2016.Plus you’re wrong…you talk about writing but seem to miss how UC4 went to the emotional way and this time around the story had much more to do with emotinal stuff than with the typical action game writing you’re talking about…the story was clearly directioned to longtime UC fans who already had a link with the characters.I too don’t think UC4 deserved best story but the way you’re saying why…is not right.

    • Welmosca… if this is what you call ’emotional storytelling’, then I don’t think you’ve ever encountered an ACTUALLY emotionally charged story.

      This is an action movie story. It’s an action movie story with a character who has a family… but there are tons of those out there. I’m not saying it was bad, but it wasn’t anywhere NEAR the best writing for the year it came out. It was good for what it was, but it was not amazing overall.

      The game itself, btw, was amazing. And it’s probably going to be my second or third favourite game of the year, all told… but not for its writing.

  • Great to see Uncharted 4 cleaning up. 2016 was a great year for games but I think U4 stood out with, once again, amazing story telling, fun gameplay and a wonderful conclusion.

  • Nice to see a strong sweep by Uncharted 4. Really was a stellar game. Nice also to see games like Darkest Dungeon, Steamworld Heist, and Firewatch get some much deserved recognition.

    Most disappointing which is a missing category for me personally are easily between No Man’s Sky and The Last Guardian.

  • Uncharted 4 was okay but nothing special, way overated for what it is.

    My most anticipated games are,

    1. Red Dead Redemption 2
    2. Persona 5
    3. The Last Of Us Part 2

  • My favorite games for 2016 were

    Uncharted 4
    Titanfall 2

    Each has its own type of play and are all fun for hours and hours

  • this is the last resource in naughty dog headquarters they desperately try to sale in they own words: ” best game of all times” sorry but I told everyone on here months ago: Uncharted 4 gonna be the great disappointment of the year… if no one believes me just watch Nathan Drake travel like
    Spiderman EVERYWHERE. XD


  • Omg uncharted is like the best game to play like fr

  • Gta Still The Best To Me.

  • I’m kinda disappointed that Insomniac’s Spider-Man game didn’t win any award for Most Anticipated (not even a bronze). And it saddens me because it’s been almost 7 years since we had a good Spider-Man game (and yes, I’m referring to Shattered Dimensions which is so far, and unfortunately, the last good Spider-Man game).

  • Uncharted 4 was fantastic and when I finished the game it was impossible to keep the tears from gushing from my face. However, I keep going back to Overwatch. I’ve had so much fun playing it’s many game modes and mastering each of it’s characters. Overwatch proved that an online shooter can succeed without a campaign. Uncharted 4 has been shelved, forever.

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