A Rose in the Twilight Arrives April 11 on PS Vita

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A Rose in the Twilight Arrives April 11 on PS Vita

Hey dood! This is Judith from NIS America, and I’m here to announce that A Rose in the Twilight is arriving on PS Vita April 11, 2017!

From the creator of htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary comes a dark adventure about a girl named Rose, inflicted with the Curse of Thorns and trapped in a somber castle devoid of color and time.

For those of you who have played htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary and are familiar with Masayuki Furuya’s games, you will definitely enjoy A Rose in the Twilight and all of the bloody mysteries and puzzles it has to offer.

A Rose in the Twilight puts the player in direct control of Rose and the giant, and in order to successfully navigate and escape the castle, the two will have to work together to solve puzzles and take turns using their own unique abilities. Rose possesses the Power of Thorns, the ability to absorb blood and inject it into static objects, which then returns the presence of time. On the other hand, the giant possesses super strength and can move large objects that are in its way, or simply overcome any obstacle it comes across. Switching between them is vital to solving almost all the puzzles you will encounter.

As she begins to familiarize herself with her surroundings, Rose will discover a series of grim vignettes where memories are revealed to her when she absorbs blood from the fallen. With this element of visual storytelling, these fragmented memories will help piece together what it was like in the castle before Rose awoke from her slumber, and may hold answers to why she is there in the first place.

In the end, what is the cruel fate that awaits Rose? Will she make it out of the castle alive? And what is the Curse of Thorns? All of that and more will be revealed when you play A Rose in the Twilight in April. If you want a physical copy of the game, you can pre-order it today exclusively from our online store. For more information about this game, please visit the official website.

We hope you look forward to launch day, dood!

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5 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the Vita Support (Viva la Vita)! Will definitely be picking up the physical release for sure!

  • Keep on Bringing JPN indie titles. Looking forward to the 5 Minutes game as well.

    • Thanks so much, dood! I’m looking forward to The Longest 5 Minutes too :) We hope you enjoy A Rose in the Twilight when it arrives!

  • I just pre-ordered the physical limited edition. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • This sounds awesome; thanks for the Vita support Judith! The only question I still have is: how do you pronounce htoL#NiQ? :D I’ve always wondered.

    • Thank YOU for the support! :) (I love the Vita… I have a white one!)

      htoL#NiQ is like a… symbolic way of writing out the pronunciation of the title. It’s originally pronounced “hotaru no nikki,” (Japanese) which, when translated, means “The Firefly’s Diary.” :)

    • It’s Hotaru no Nikki (ホタルノニッキ),
      In english (Firefly’s Diary), stylised as htoL#NiQ

    • @ Judith Pi – Wow how awesome!!…I always thought “damn why choose a name like that for your game?”…so thats the meaning behind it hu,I know a bit of japanese so thats very cool.

  • NISA thanks for supporting both the PS Vita and PC (Steam) in the west. I’m going to get the LE of the game for my Vita and I most likely will get the game for Steam at some later point. Also thanks for releasing Criminal Girls: Invite Only yesterday for PC (Steam).

  • Looks really good day one buy definitely. Thanks for vita support.

  • I absolutely loved The Firefly’s Diary!!

    Is there any chance the physical copy of A Rose In The Twilight will appear in the future at a retail store, like let’s say, Play-asia?

  • Does this have a platinum trophy?

  • How about that? This game comes out on same the day as my birthday how cool!

  • To you Judith Pi, although it is unfortunate that the PS Vita no longer has AAA support (both 1st-party and 3rd-party) which is why I sold my PS Vita, it’s nice to see some companies (mainly Japanese and indie game companies) give the PS Vita some support. So congratulations to give the PS Vita a chance.

  • Now playing Yomawari and Htol,can’t wait for playing this game, thanks for the vita support (i love my vita)

  • Nice I didn’t expect this,didn’t know such game existed…I remember seeing htoL#NiQ on the JPN PS YT channel and it looked so cool…was glad to see it coming to the US and now we’re getting another game like it hehe.Count me in.

    And thanks for the Vita support.

  • Oh yeah long live the VITA!!! ❤

  • Thanks for making this available to the VIta! I’m very happy to collect a new game for my collection!

  • I want to pre-order but I’m not sure if the game is PSTV (Playstation TV) compatible. Can you please confirm, thanks dood :)

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