Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone Out Today on PS Store

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone Out Today on PS Store

Can you feel the electricity in the air? It can only mean one thing: the latest rhythm game featuring the world’s foremost virtual singer, Hatsune Miku, is out today on PlayStation Store! That’s right, the pure arcade experience of the Hatsune Miku rhythm games, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone is now available with all of its 220+ songs.

*record scratch*“Wait, did he just say 220+ songs?” Yep, that’s right dear PlayStation.Blog reader, Future Tone comes divided into two massive expansion packs: Colorful Tone and Future Sound, each with more than 100 songs. The packs are $29.99 apiece, or you can get the bundle for some extra savings at $53.99. And when I say it’s a pure arcade experience, that’s exactly what it is: a giant list of songs, up to five difficulty levels per song (Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and ­– wait for it — Extra Extreme), and a ton of modules to unlock.

And there’s some new arcade controls, too! The traditional rhythm game format of “press the right input at the right time” is still there, but the arcade style of Project Diva includes new multi-button presses (i.e. hitting Triangle and Square at the same time), slides (hitting R1 or L1 at the right time for the right length), and other stark differences to previous Project Diva games.

To highlight these differences, look no further than the song “Decorator” by kz. Project Diva superfans might recognize this song as the title track to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for PS3 and PS Vita. It’s made a return in Future Tone (available in the Future Sound expansion pack) but with new arcade controls, and another big difference. The ensemble song features Miku and all of her friends, and now in Future Tone, you can actually customize every individual (in Diva F 2nd, you could only change the main singer’s appearance, everyone else was standard).

Does that mean you can have Miku singing along with five different Mikudayos? Yes, yes it absolutely does. Not only is your lead singer fully customizable with different costume and accessory modules, but so are the partners for any given song. Mix and match to your heart’s content!

As you complete the songs in Future Tone, you’ll be earning VP, a currency you can exchange to unlock the costume modules and accessories for Miku and her friends. You’re going to want to check back often, as there are tons of them to choose from, and even some SEGA throwback modules. What exactly do I mean? Well, aside from Miku versions of songs from classic SEGA Arcade games, like Afterburner, Power Drift and OutRun, Miku and her friends can don costumes inspired by old SEGA properties. Virtua Fighter, Valkyria Chronicles, Space Channel 5, and more! There’s even the Miku costume from Atlus’ Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

Speaking of Project Diva superfans, let’s talk for a second: a couple of things you may not have realized. First, the western version launching today features all of the updates already applied to the Japanese version — all those tweaks and fixes are currently in place. Second, and this is probably more important, we’re going to be supporting all the DLC released in Japan. All three Encore Packs will be released in the Americas at the beginning of February, March, and April respectively for $9.99 per pack, and there will also be a season pass option for all three DLC packs available in February for $24.99.

Each Encore Pack contains a mixture of songs and modules to contribute to the overall Future Tone catalog. (And yes, for those wanting a shortcut in unlocking modules, the Unlock Everything DLC will be available today as well!)

Good luck to those digging into the 220+ songs waiting for you in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone, available today exclusively on PlayStation Store!

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  • Oh, it’s out! Purchased all of the songs. I’ve been hoping for this to come to the west since i heard about it, and have been waiting to play since it was announced. Now i just have to wait a bit longer until i get off work this afternoon. So excited! Thanks everyone invovled with getting it to us. :D

  • PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset!!!!!!

    HELP!!! Please confirm the release date for the PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset!!!

    You guys said 1/12 but every retailer has a different date and most say 1/31!

    Please help me give you my money in exchange for your product! I’ve tried to get an answer from you guys for a week now!

    What’s going on?!?! Please answer your customers!!! Exclamation marks!!!

  • Any possibility for a physical realease when all the dlc is out? Not only that but I can’t find it anywhere on the PSN store :(

  • Guess I’m getting this again. Thanks for bringing it over for all the people that don’t want to set up a japanese account. I was hoping for English subtitles on the songs for the English version but oh well. A controller for FT would be nice as well. I purchased the PDF X mini controller but it really wasn’t made for Future Tone. Any word on a limited run arcade pad? ^^

    • I asked Sam, our Miku producer about the English subtitles, and a haunted look just came over his face. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t get the songs all translated for Future Tone (they’re translated in Diva X!)

      I’ve asked around about controllers, but apparently they’re ridiculously expensive :(

  • @John Hardin

    I didn’t mean you specifically, lol. I’ve tried asking Sony, trust me, I’ve tried to contact them every way possible but they completely ignore their customers. That’s why I’m resorting to leaving this comment on these blog posts. I’m hoping someone who knows or matters sees this and realizes that they need to say something. It’s too close to launch for them to spring a delay on us, but they need to tell us what’s going on.

    Do us all a favor and use whatever power you have to get an answer out of them. Beat them if you need to, lol.

    • @smokeydahair

      It’ll come out when it comes out. What’s the big difference if it’s 1/12 or 1/31? It’s already been delayed a couple times and Sony doesn’t typically comment on speculation or make a big deal on smaller items like this being delayed.

      I know it sucks to wait but you’ll likely be kept in the dark until they start showing up in stores.

    • >Do us all a favor and use whatever power you have to get an answer out of them. Beat them if you need to, lol.

      That’s not really how this works, man.

    • @mixer23

      The difference is several weeks and not a word from Sony about a delay. It’s not a smaller item, it’s a $160.00 headset, they make announcements for cheaper and smaller products. This is objectively bad customer relations/service. How hard is it for them to make an announcement if it’s delayed? Lots of people want to know, there’s no good reason Sony can’t say something.

      @John Hardin

      You don’t seem to possess a sense of humor, lol.

  • Thank you SO much for bringing this out in NA!! Just bought the whole set of songs and downloading it now!! I love these games!! :) This and Yakuza 0 is making it an awesome start to 2017!!

    • Oh man, good point – Miku and Yakuza are making for a pretty strong January :D

    • Thanks John I figured we weren’t getting any controllers for FT I kinda kick myself for missing out on the arcade controller that was released a while back. Translating all of these songs would be a huge pain but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Also any word on the avatars the Japanese version got?

  • I want to do bad things to the little blonde girl.

  • As someone who wrongly thought a localization with everything intact was impossible, and bought the Japanese version + season pass a week before the localization reveal…I’m not even mad ^_^ I am really glad all my friends can easily buy what i’d call the bestest rhythm game ever. (unless Sega makes a Future Tone 2nd)

    Admittedly I kinda prefer Japanese characters for the lyrics (Vocaloid inspired me to take language classes), and had about 250 PV photos taken (load screens) and every costume unlocked…but I still double dipped. Have to support Sega for doing the impossible =]

  • Can you unlock the songs from the expansions through gameplay or are they only attainable through purchase?

    • The free app has 2 songs to play through. Colorful Tone and Future Sound ($29.99/per or $53.99 together) are only unlockable through purchase, same with all the DLC. Once you buy those packs though, all their respective songs are unlocked.

      The in-game unlockables are the costume modules/accessories.

  • I’m not really into rhythm games (especially Japanese ones), so I don’t really have any interest in this game. However, I have a question for you John Hardin. Has Sega ever thought of bringing Sega Genesis to the PS4 and the Xbox One? Because I would love to play the original Sonic games on the PS4 (despite already having them on the Sega Genesis (along with the Sega Genesis system) and Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection).

  • Since here doesn’t mention anything about it I took a look at The Drop post and saw there PS4 – digital….so this game ain’t available on Vita?…are you guys serious with this?…what a shame,y’all just lost a buyer cuz I’m all for some Miku action on Vita but if it ain’t there then I ain’t buying.

    It wasn’t in vain that I found weird those great graphics,had a hunch that this wasn’t for Vita.

    PS:Those are some really nice graphics though.

    • Yeah, it’s PS4 only. Sorry :(

      FWIW, Project DIVA X released on Vita.

    • Welmosca if you were following this port you’d know it was never a ps vita game. This is merely a western release for a digital only title from last summer. It’s a miracle at all the west is getting this as it is.

    • You know how big this game would be on the Vita? You’d need 32gb Vita card JUST for this game. There’s more than that reason too I believe in terms of why it’s not on Vita.

      I love Miku on Vita as much as the next but your attitude is seriously in need of work.

    • @ MoonageDeath – I wasn’t following it,I just knew it was another Miku game released only in Japan but since all Miku games until know have been released on Vita I was expecting this one to be on it too.

      @ Tinye310 – Hmm…no I didn’t know and why does ma attitude need work?…because I thought this Miku game would be on Vita?…because I won’t buy the game?…I ain’t demanding anything just saying that its a shame that this one won’t be on Vita and that Miku for me is on Vita or isn’t at all.

  • So for us superfans who went crazy and bought the JPN version, is there any way to transfer the save data? Completely understand if if you can’t, but I’d love to know.

    • I was wondering this too! I’m mostly worried about redoing my Perfects, but hey if I did it once I guess I can do it again lol

    • Not Sega, but there is no feature for that, unless they plan on adding such.
      Though for trophy hunters, the US trophy list is separate from the jpn version’s trophy list. Something i’m pretty sure previous Diva games didn’t do because of the save transfer feature.

    • It won’t, unfortunately :(

  • Wasn’t sure whether to buy one pack then the other but I was like… WHATEVER, getting both. I’m so looking forward to playing this off and on through out the year!

  • How can a game with 220 songs not have a platinum?

    • Cause it’s a arcade game ported to consoles that is just about one thing music. No friendships, no events, no story mode. So not enough trophies to stretch out to a Platinum.

  • I was hoping for some Playstation VR functionality :( Any chance some will come in the future?

    • There’s a specific game for Miku VR.

      As an owner of an Oculus, VR is a completely different beast to develop for. You’d get motion sick with the in-game PV’s for Future Tone in VR. Chances of VR support happening is likely zero percent.

    • Yes I have it, but it has a total of 21 songs and 1 stage. Miku is perfect for VR and hope they add some vr functionallity.

    • Also Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X has VR support

    • I was hoping with what they did to Diva X VR functionality to kinda sorta be in Future Tone. Ha! I’ll take what I can get at this time.

  • John & Sega,

    Thank you for the amazing work in bringing this release to the west! I purchased the JP version + Season Pass + Unlock last year and my wife and I absolutely adore this game. We play it nightly, months after release.

    I’m a bit jealous of some of the exclusives that JP received for pre-order that I’d be interested in purchasing, specifically:
    – Avatar Pack
    – Themes x2

    and of course, the DLC season passes once those are available.

    Keep making new song content for this game and we will buy everything you put out!

    This game is SO much better than Project Diva X (which we bought and was pretty good).

    Thank you!

    • Man I never received my avatars but they were a pre-order bonus seeing as how NA doesn’t do those for these games it sucks. Also if you buy the bundle you still can’t play the game, it does download the main game for you (the free one with two songs) that is the actual game while the packs are the dlc. Kinda weird how it wasn’t included in the bundle and it may confuse some people.

    • Themes, eh? :3

    • I’m not quite fond of the game but the pre-order future tone ps4 themes and avatar are so nice. The theme’s animation is even more gorgeous than the project diva dynamic theme.

      I will surely purchase those when they are available for purchase in western ps store. Hope they will release them for western fan :))

  • *it does not download the original game. No edits :/

  • Played it for a spell. The two songs are catchy but I’m not sure if the full game is for me. I liked what little I did get to play but still…!

    • The more you play, the more it grows on you… big time. The cost of this game is an absolute bargain based on the amount of content you get for it. :)

  • Will this be released in Canada as well? I don’t seem to see it in the PSN Store for Canada.

  • Sega should just bring back Phantasy Star back since RPG/JRPG been selling like crazy nowadays.

  • Phantasy Star online 2? Phantasy Star Nova? No? Ah well.

  • Just a thought for translated subtitles in songs; pending approval and such, release them as DLC, like, 2 bucks for 20 song translations at a time or something, gradually over time. If anything would work, it’d be that (and hey, the F 2nd songs are already done lol). But even without translated subs, just having the game at all is amazing. Now if that Puyo Puyo Tetris rumor turns out true, then Sega basically wins 2017 outright.

  • 220 Songs is amazing…..

    I paid 55 Dollars for the Physical Vita version of Miku X, that only has 30 songs.

    F2 even with Song Season Pass…does not even make a dent on Future Tone.

    Sad this one has no Platinum for all the content it provides….will pick it up after I finish up X, Djamx TT and Superbeat Xonic.

  • Any chance to add this English version for PSN Asia (Indonesia)? I already bought the Chinese/Japanese version back in June 2016 with all of its DLCs.

    Since I can’t read both Chinese and Japanese, English version would be lovely, I would love to rebuy it with all of its DLCs again, that is just how much I love Miku and Project Diva series. :D

    • So I guess Future Tone english won’t be coming to Asia Region? It’s been one week and no news of it being released here.

  • Whoa whoa whoa, John. You can’t just come out swinging with two 2017 GOTY contenders in the first month of the year.

    Between this and Yakuza 0, this hype train is off the rails. Greatest January in gaming history.

    Thank you, John, Sam, everyone else at Sega, and Sony!

  • Welp if you are a fan of Rhythm games than this will work. Still it’s nice that you gave it a play! Just be careful when you dip your toes back in again. It gets real catchy real quick.

  • So if I buy just one of the modules should I just flip a coin or is one better then the other song wise?

  • 220 songs!?!? I was not at all expecting that! Bought, and am currently downloading…now we wait…..

  • So, quick question. Do you know if it’s possible to change the subtitles to english?? I’d love to know what they’re actually saying lol.

  • When is Skies of Arcadia 2 coming out?

  • Ok, so I have a question (which I’ll probably just end up answering myself at some point tomorrow since I’m downloading the game right now). Is there a way to unlock all the songs in the base game or do i have to by those song packs to get more? Or is it something like only certain songs can be obtained through the DLC?

  • As a Mirai DX player, gotta say, I’m still thrown off by the visuals and inputs of the Diva series proper. Buuut, throw in “Matryoshka” and “Happy Synthesizer” (that is to say, more GUMI collabs), and I’ll persevere!

    • Oh! Not to mention how abridged the music can be! In Mirai, the songs are at their full lengths, so going off reflex in “1/6 -out of the gravity-” feels like I hiccuped or something.

    • Ah, but while I’m busy begging, grant upon these PlayStation plebeians the barreling spectacle in conversion of “Senbonzakura”‘s Mirai MV, as with any and all other 3DS-borne modifications. I just…I adore PMDX too much to let it idle on a single platform!

    • Pft, and here I thought I covered all my bases: “Electric Angel” was great and all, but you certainly need to get with Giga, orebanana, and Nishiki Koi to bring the “【Kagamine Rin・Len】Electric・Angel【ArrangeCover】” PV (sm20040564) to virtual life. I’m sure the fans would be ecstatic to see that marvel in full motion!

    • As a Project Diva player who relatively recently started playing Mirai, I can see how the inputs can initially throw one off.

      And I was caught off guard with the abridged versiobns of the songs too–playing “Kokoro” on PDF2nd and then the full version on Mirai DX, I was like “wait, there’s more to this song?!” lol.

      P. S. I agree with you, I haven’t looked at the song list yet, but I hope “Matryoshka” (and “1 2 Fanclub” for that matter) made it in!

    • Can’t go wrong with more Mirai content. I’m abit sad knowing Watashi no Jikan isn’t in the Arcade version, so its unlikely we’ll see it unless they have another dlc season =( and Sega needs to jump on more Gumi collabs, bringing her Mirai songs and finally giving solo Gumi songs would attract a ton of her fans.
      As for full versions, “Miracle Girls Festival”, another rhythm game Sega did (Japan only), had an option for shortened or full versions of songs, which is something this series could of done with for awhile <_<

  • So that “Key” DLC is a way to skip all the work of getting the VP and buying each module right?

  • It’s too bad there won’t be a physical release for this game.

  • Well I really want to buy the future tone bundle and all. But in the store it is at $62.49 and in the official page it says that is at $53.99. I want to ask: why? T-T

  • It’s a bit early to call it, but I’m calling it now anyway.

    Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone is the BEST game of the year 2017. This is Miku gameplay distilled into it’s most perfect pure form. No silly extra modes like Diva rooms and mini-games and such. Just pure Miku bliss.

    At $53.99 (if you buy both packs) it is a steal. Over 200 songs for the price of the previous games that only had 24-48 songs each.

    It’s so good. No other game coming out this year will be as good. The FFXIV expansion Stormblood might give it a run for it’s money since the story in FFXIV is so good, but it can’t possibly top the perfection that is Future Tone.

    Thank you, based SEGA. Thank you. <3 <3 <3

  • Ok, ok, ok Im kinda hooked now. I have the two songs in my head. Wife green lit the purchase of one of the packs, soo which one should I pick up first? Any suggestions…?

    • I’d say Future Sound, it contains songs from the main Project Diva series (Project Diva to Project Diva F 2nd) which have many very well made PV and more popular songs in it.

      Also you can check the website here http://miku.sega.com/futuretone/songs.html and see a complete list of songs and which pack they are in because your favorites might be in the Colorful Tone pack.

    • Hahaha nice, I know what you’re feeling, I first got hooked on Miku when I played the original Projet Diva F demo SOOO many times. If you could only get one, I personally recommend the Future Sound pack, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with either!! : )

  • I was just wondering is Future Tone only for PS4 or is it also for the PS Vita?

    • It’s PS4 exclusive. I think the Vita is a bit too under-powered for this full arcade game. With the 30 fps thing and all that.

  • Viva shrill-voiced singer!!

    (This comment is posted in tsundere mood).

  • any idea if they are going to release a full size project diva controller like thay did with the ps3 hori hp3-939 i would fork over the money for it i have the mini ps4 one it not as good as the full size one

  • First off thank you for this! I can’t wait to get it and play.

    I do have a couple of questions,
    1. Is there a listing of all the songs included anywhere?
    a.Is “Love is War(don’t recall the proper Japanese name) and Rip=Release among them?
    2. Hopfully you can answer this one, is ther ANY chance of us getting PSO2 here in the west?
    a. Phantasy Star portable 1&2 on the store to play on Vita?
    b. A localization of Phantasy Star Nova for Vita?

    There has been a dearth of info about a local version of PSO 2.
    thanks in advance for ANY insight you can give.

    • Found the song list. One is on there the other “rip=release” is not. Better than neither being there. :)

  • Been waiting AGES for this! So appreciate that it finally happened. Already been playing about it. Was initially disappointed that KAITO’s Rosa Blue module wasn’t in it. But through research, it’s from the 2nd DLC pack. And we are getting the DLC as well! AWESOME!

  • I cant seem to unlock songs just by playing them am i do something wrong or am i just really bad at this (no im not buying the unlock key)

  • The game just finished downloading but I only have 2 songs.

  • I recently bought the Japanese Game on another account, does this mean I would have to buy the English game?

  • Yes. Since that was the japanese version.

  • I bought the bundle for $53.99. why does it say I only have 149 songs?

    + John Hardin on January 10th, 2017 at 10:56 am said:
    Colorful Tone and Future Sound ($29.99/per or $53.99 together) are only unlockable through purchase. Once you buy those packs though, all their respective songs are unlocked.

    • the article says:
      Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone is now available with all of its 220+ songs.
      Future Tone comes divided into two massive expansion packs: Colorful Tone and Future Sound, each with more than 100 songs. The packs are $29.99 apiece, or you can get the bundle for some extra savings at $53.99.
      playstation store also says Future Sound is 120 songs and Colorful Tone is 100 songs.
      so why does it say 149/149 songs instead of 220 songs when I select Rhythm Game?

    • I backed up my save to usb, deleted my save, then restarted the game and then I saw 216 songs. then I copied my save back to ps4 and my songs went back down to 149.
      is there any way to see all the songs without having to start over?

    • Not all songs have a difficulty ranging from Easy to Extra Extreme. Some songs only show in the Hard mode section and above. Are you looking at the Normal and Easy versions of the songs? All 224/224 should be showing in the Hard, Extreme, and Extra Extreme sections.

    • Edit: All 224 should be showing in the Hard and Extreme. Easy, Normal, and Extra Extreme DO NOT have a chart for some of the songs, so not all 224 are shown under that difficulty.

  • I’m sure someone has asked before but… any hopes on English subtitles being added?

  • Future Tone is Amazingly diverse with the songs, including the funny ones like Iya iya seijin. But I’m wondering what time in February is the first encore pack coming out? Or is it still not determined?

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