The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

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The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

As another year of gaming comes to a wintery close, we wanted to take a look back at the top 16 trailers for 2016. These are the top-performing videos from the PlayStation YouTube channel, along with a sprinkling of our personal favorites.

We saw some tremendous reveals this year, including the recently released debut trailer for The Last of Us Part II. But there was so much more to watch, from the exquisitely animated action in the Overwatch “Alive” short to the latest trailer for supernatural samurai game Nioh.

What were your favorites this year? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below, and happy holidays!

1.) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

The Call of Duty team knows how to cut a trailer. A sampling of the ferocious ground combat and pulse-pounding space battles that made Infinite Warfare a total rush.

2.) Days Gone

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

The long-awaited reveal of Sony Bend’s latest, Days Gone blends the post-apocalypse with the exhilaration of the open-road. An excellent piece of narration here.

3.) Death Stranding

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

A triumphant return of acclaimed developer Hideo Kojima, and a stronger push into the realm of the strange and supernatural. Can’t wait!

4.) Detroit: Become Human

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

The developers behind Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls aim to evolve their interwoven narratives and jaw-dropping visuals with Detroit.

5.) Doom

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

The most metal first-person shooter you can find today, with a killer trailer to match.

6.) Final Fantasy XV

A royal road trip finally takes shape after years of development. Add in a little Afrojack for good measure.

7.) God of War

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

One of the greatest reveals in video game trailer history, and all because our iconic warrior was feeling a bit peckish.

8.) Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games of 2017, and after watching this video it’s easy to see why.

9.) Injustice 2

I’m not going to say that I love seeing beloved superheroes fight, but…

10.) The Last Guardian

With a sweeping chorus and tremendous set pieces, this trailer does a superb job in teasing the emotional bond between boy and beast.

11.) The Last of Us Part II

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016


12.) Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Many cheers were shouted during PlayStation Experience 2016 when Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite hit the stage. Let’s enjoy a second viewing…

13.) Nioh

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

There’s palpable anticipation behind Nioh, and it’s clear why: with gorgeous visuals and a brutal campaign, Dark Souls fans are already clamoring for another challenge.

14.) Overwatch

Few games have been enriched so deeply by trailers. Overwatch is a special case, with vital story and character development being told through Blizzard’s spectacular animated shorts.

15.) Spider-Man

Another fantastic reveal from E3 2016, and an exciting chapter in the history of Insomniac Games.

16.) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The Top 16 Trailers of 2016

The Uncharted: The Lost Legacy trailer ranks up there with God of War in terms of grin-inducing reveals. Expertly crafted, and the perfect way to round out 2016!

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