Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016 Awards

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Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016 Awards

The end of the year is upon us, and that can mean only one thing — well, actually it means lots of things. The thing that it means in the context of this post, though, is that PlayStation.Blog’s annual Game of the Year awards are upon us!

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2016

2016 kept us busy, opening with the long-awaited release of The Witness and ending with the similarly long-awaited launches of Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. The rest of the year was punctuated by hit after hit: Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, Inside, Overwatch, Dark Souls III, Titanfall 2, Doom, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, Rise of the Tomb Raider… the list goes on!

Anyway, it’s time to make this official. Starting right now, the polls are open for the PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016 awards. We’ll keep them open until the end of the year — that’s 11:59pm Pacific on December 31 — then tally up the votes and present the winners.

Don’t see your pick in our list of nominees? Never fear! There’s a write-in option for each category, so feel free to cast your vote for whichever game you think deserves the Platinum.

But that’s enough from me… let’s vote!

Best PS4 Game
Best PS Vita Game
Best Independent Game
Best Use of PS4 Pro
Best PlayStation VR Game
Best Story
Best Performance
Best Soundtrack
Best Visuals
Best Multiplayer
Best Post-Release Content

Editor’s note: In years past, we’ve called this category “Best Expansion”… but that felt a bit limiting. This year, we’re expanding the category to recognize all forms of post-release content: DLC & add-ons, in-game special events, new modes, new episodes, new characters, the works. When you vote, take it all into consideration!

Most Innovative
Most Anticipated

Editor’s note: As in previous years, any game that has previously won a “Most Anticipated” award is not eligible to win a Trophy this year. That said, you can still vote for previous winners Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5, and we will call them out appropriately in the winners post should they place.

Furthermore, this year we are removing the year from this category. That means you can vote for any game that is currently announced, even if it doesn’t have a release date or year set. Go nuts!

*Previous winner

Studio of the Year

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4 Author Replies

  • Voted for Stranger of Sword City for best Vita game and Ni No Kuni 2 for most anticipated.

    • The Last of Us Part ll for the most anticipated game of the year

    • Ni no Kuni II cannot come soon enough. So many good games on the way!

    • There it is!! Thought I’d be about the only one to vote Ni No Kuni. So many great games though, Days Gone, Last of Us II, Persona 5, Spiderman, yes even Spiderman!! and so many others. Ni No Kuni and Level 5 are in a league of their own though.

    • Same for Ni no Kuni here as well :)

    • Best Independent Game – Yeah, I am going to have to give that one to Stardew Valley, made by just 1 guy over a long awaited 4 years :D

    • I agree with the last of us part 2 being the most anticipated. The best studio had to be Naughty Dog Hands down

    • Ni no kuni II will be epic ❤

    • I really wait for shenmue!!!

    • I’m waiting for Nier Automata ita why I love PlayStation Sony have have massive list interesting titles next year and MS only have is fairy stories about Scorpio and no games .

    • I wrote in Let it Die for best soundtrack.

      How is Salt & Sanctuary not under best indie? I know technically Alienation isn’t an indie, but it deserved to be there. Having said that, ENTER THE GUNGEON was the best indie of the yr.

      Nier Automata and GT Sport need to be under most anticipated. I wrote in Farpoint.

      Rush of Blood should be on the best VR game list. As should Tethered and Bound.

      Werewolves Within deserves a nod for most innovative. Let it Die as well.

      There should be a best Free to Play section and Let it Die should win. Best Suda game since Shadows.

    • Can someone point me in the right direction for a good MMO 1st person shooter game.

    • No Man’s Sky Should Have Been In More Categories (:

    • It’s very hard to choose a “Most Anticipated game” because almost all of them are AWESOME!!

    • We need more racing games love and I hope gt sport is good too and oh another Grid 3 anytime soon :)

    • I didn’t even know that Ni No Kuni II was coming out but as soon as I saw it I knew what to give the vote to. Psyched now!!!!

  • Best PS Vita Game… Salt and Sanctuary…


  • How is Detroit not an option for Most Anticipated?

  • Looking forward to the future of VR gaming. SONY is amazing !

  • I seriously cannot wait for The Last Of Us II!!!!

  • Consider voting for Emily Rose for Best Performance. She lent the real emotional weight to the Uncharted story and hasn’t gotten her due with Nolan North and Troy Baker always overshadowing her. Her scene in the hotel room is one of the most underrated performances in video games this year, in addition to the later chapters when she’s with Nate.

    She’s due!

  • Any reason why Steins;Gate 0 got no nominations? Not even for Best Story? I would write it in but there’s really no point at that rate.

  • ‘Best Use of PS4 Pro’

    Not Bloodborne.

  • Anywhere where I saw The Witcher goes automatic….. Plus Uncharted 4 desereve most of them. The hardest part to choose was most anticipated between Horizen Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2, The Last Of Us II, Mass Effect Andromeda and Crash Bandicoot: N sane trilogy… But The Last Of Us made me apreciate gaming… so Im waiting for Part 2!!!!!

  • Eidos Montreal didn’t make Hitman, IO Interactive did.

  • Most anticipated:


  • Where is Battlefield 1 in Best story? The war story’s were awesome! :D

  • I miss “Best PS Plus Offering” this year. It was the only one that voting felt like it meant something.

  • Given that I do not have a PS4 (I just have a PS3 and PSVita), my best game of 2016 was God of War 3. I rented it from Gamefly and then finished it on PS Now.

  • Hope russia doesn’t hack the voting :P

  • Doom not available for best graphics?

  • Nice! Also shameless plug the PlayStation forums is running a (much smaller) vote as well. Check it out here: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-General/2016-PlayStation-Forums-Game-Awards/td-p/46088735

    Now time to get voting!

  • How is CD PROJEKT RED not an option for Studio of the Year????

  • Sigh…no NieR Automata in Most Anticipated games for 2017. I’m sad

  • Jesus, I need an “all” option for Most Anticipated!

    • I know there is a write-in option, but I found it funny how Death Stranding wasn’t a preset answer. I mean lets be real that will be in the Most Anticipated category for like the next 5 years! :P

    • IKR?! Looking forward to ALL of those games but mainly Red Dead Redemption 2 and TLOU 2. Can’t wait!!!

  • For Honor for most anticipated!

  • Most Anticipated Game?? Death Stranding!

  • Best Story Senran Kagura Estival Versus
    “Come for the Plot, stay for the plot.” – Me 2016

  • “Best Soundtrack” is a really hard decision to make! So many incredible OSTs, Dark Souls, Abzu, The Last Guardian, man, really hard…

  • Really looking forward to Persona 5 and Horizon, but what I’m looking forward to the most is…….

    Destiny 2

  • I mostly wrote in Skyrim for any category it could fit because this year was really crap for new games.

  • Inside across the board.

    I’m still totally surprised at how unrepresented this game has been on this years “Best of” lists.

    • One of the year’s best for sure!

    • I think Inside is represented fairly well. I played the demo, and thought it looked pretty nice. But overall, it didn’t blow me away. It’s not going to make the very top of my favorite games this year.

      For me, it’s Doom.

      It’s been a long time coming for someone to release a fast-paced FPS again, and id knocked it out of the frickin park.
      Everything about the game is great- all of its design- game, mechanics, art, levels, sound, music. It’s so lovely. The multiplayer, sadly, is where this game is lacking, but it doesn’t matter much to me (although I do like playing online multiplayer).

      Anyways…It’s hard to really do game of the year stuff, because people tend to vote for their favorite genre and tend not to vote for their least favorite genre. I mean, after all, you can easily argue that Playdead knocked it out of the part, too, with the design and art and sound and music…

  • Wish you guys put Werewolves Within for best VR game. It’s extremely hard for a game to win in the Other category. It deserves it, too.
    Hope Enter the Gungeon gets best Indie. I cant stop playing it. Another great year. Hope 2017 is even better :)

  • For the best soundtrack voted for Life is Strange!

  • For Best Performance I think you should add Ruffin Prentiss as Marcus from Watch Dogs 2 to the poll, he did great!

  • Wow, spent a good 15 minutes trying to decide between God of War and Mass Effect Andromeda as my most anticipated game. :(

  • none of the options appear beneath the category, anyone else experiencing this?

  • The last of us 2 been the most anticipated game since 2014

  • I felt bad for my choices because I ledt a lof of good games behind, what an excellent year for the Playstation Nation, Here to a better 2017! Cheers!

  • I havent played any of the games on the “best ps4 game” list.

  • Voted Final Fantasy XV for most of them. It may not be a “traditional” Final Fantasy as most fans wanted but as a game it was rather amazing and with Square having just added more content and more coming. It’s going to be even better.

    Most anticipated was so hard between Crash Trilogy and Final Fantasy VII Remake…but hey, look at my name. Sorry Crash! I still love you!

  • God Of War is def the most anticipated game! Just look at those views for the gameplay they showed at the e3 trailer.

  • Here were my votes:

    Best PS4 Game: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Best PS Vita Game: Dragon Quest Builders
    Best Independent Game: Inside
    Best Use of PS4 Pro: The Last Guardian
    Best PlayStation VR Game: Batman: Arkham VR
    Best Story: Final Fantasy XV
    Best Performance: Nolan North: “Nathan Drake” in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Best Soundtrack: Final Fantasy XV
    Best Visuals: Final Fantasy XV
    Best Multiplayer: Overwatch
    Best Post-Release Content: Hitman
    Most Innovative: The Last Guardian
    Most Anticipated: The Last of Us Part II
    Studio of the Year: Naughty Dog (Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End)

  • The Last Guardian is my favorite game of the year and probably of this generation so yea i chose The Last Guardian for everything but visuals and God of War is my most anticipated title.

  • Surprised that Hyper Light Drifter didn’t show up in Best Soundtrack. My pick would have been between that and Oxenfree.

    Also, The Tomorrow Children definitely should have been listed for Best Visuals. The game looks incredible and has a very unique style.

  • GTA V and WATH DOGS 2 best game

  • Voted for Dark Souls where I could. By far the best game of the year for me. Most anticipated is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Cannot wait to kick butt as Captain Marvel!

  • I voted Furi best ps4 game, best indie game and best soundtrack. Completely overlooked. Absolutely fantastic game.

  • DICE should earn every awards.

  • Crypton Future Media + Japan Studios + Team Ninja are all very good :)

  • Almost all of my choices were filled out in the other section. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II and Yakuza 6 were the only things actually listed on the polls that I voted for.

  • For my Most Anticipated Game I chose Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy. Everything else is dead to me lol. Nah but that was the one and only game that had my heart racing, made me yell in excitement and could not wait for it. TLoUp2, not so much but looking forward to it. Persona 5 was my most Anticipated way before the remaster showed up but sorry P5, the Trilogy won me over.

    Please Sony, if you’re reading this, have them remaster the first three Spyro games as well and when I die, my soul may forever rest in peace.

  • It’s too obvious to be anticipating Last of Us: Part 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

    I’m still patiently waiting for Rockstar to debut the one game everyone seems to have forgotten! Agent

    • Rockstar is just waiting until E3 2017 to reveal Agent, they want Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian and Nioh released first so they can be the longest awaited game when it gets re-revealed.

  • Spyro A Hero’s Tail on PS2 on PS4 anyone?

  • You guys forgot about Tekken 7. But yeah I’m really looking forward to Tekken 7’s release on the PS4 in early 2017. And I hope that there will be a PS4 Pro version of it as well!

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