The King of Fighters XIV: Free DLC Out Today, Ver. 1.10 Details

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The King of Fighters XIV: Free DLC Out Today, Ver. 1.10 Details

Hey KOF fans! I have some great news for you today! As part of our special Christmas and Holiday Season promotion, we are releasing a new DLC costume and a selection of Original PS4 Themes for the fan-favorite pop-idol Athena Asamiya today!

The DLC costume is based on Athena’s iconic KOF ’98 look. Athena has changed her fashion up quite a bit over the years, but this one has always been a popular choice among fans. For the Original PS4 Themes, we will be releasing a “Santa Girls” theme in keeping with the holiday season, along with an “Athena All Stars” Theme that showcases all of her unique styles over the years! This new DLC costume will be available for download free for a limited time today through January 22 for all PS4 players.

Make sure to grab the DLC costume right now before it becomes a paid download a month after release!

I also wanted to take this chance to discuss the upcoming Ver 1.10 patch for The King of Fighters XIV that everyone is eagerly awaiting. Our development team has been working hard to respond to some of the feedback we have received from fans and Ver. 1.10 marks a large step forward in improving the game’s visual presentation in particular.

With this update, aspects such as the shaders and lighting have been upgraded to improve the overall visuals. We also listened to your feedback regarding color variations, and will be increasing the total number per character from 4 to 6. Check below for some images showing off both aspects of this update!

This update is planned to launch on January 11, 2017 and we will have a special Demo Ver. 2 ready for players before the official release so they can get an early taste of the updates.

Don’t forget that you will also be able to see this update in its full glory during The King of Fighters XIV World Championship event that begins with the “Four Kings Tournament” in Tokyo (Akihabara) on February 18, 2017.

This is just the start of our plans for The King of Fighters XIV going forward, and we have even more reveals planned for 2017 and beyond! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

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  • Free? You guys are the best. I look forward to all of SNK’s plans for the new year.

  • Thanks SNK. Looking forward to see the changes and new colors.

  • Thanks

  • I’ll pop KOFXIV back in today then :) Glad to see you guys update everything and keep supporting it, SNK – the new lighting and shaders do, indeed, look loads better. I would argue that new materials would be needed to really show it off (like a good skin texture, so everyone looks a little less like dolls), but it is a massive improvement nonetheless and I’m sure your next game is going to be all the better for the work you’ve put into KOFXIV. Awesome stuff!

    OH, and congrats on winning Best Fighting Game of 2016 from PlaystationLifestyle and other outlets and publications :D

  • Is the new “shader” style optional? i.e. Can I keep the graphics the way they were before the update if I choose to do so? Whether the new “shader” style is “better” or not is subjective.

  • Thanks for all of this. I know it’s a great deal of effort, but I hope it pays off, in the end. Especially the new lighting and shaders. The game’s biggest hurdle was graphics and improving them as much as those pictures make them appear to be improved is a huge step. Thanks again.

  • KOFXIV is great. Looking forward to the next Samurai Shodown. Please take Neo_G’s suggestion and make it a bloody game.

    Couple of suggestions:

    – Improve the consistency of your releases. For example, on PS4, we have proper ports by Code Mystics like Metal Slug 3, Last Blade 2 and Mark of the Wolves, but then we have the Arcade Archive releases, which lack online play and home console modes, and we have the PS2 releases which also lack online play and have input lag (also, having Metal Slug 3 besides the Metal Slug Anthology made no sense).

    Personally I think it would be best to maintain the highest possible quality across all your releases. The NeoGeo Station program on PS3 / PSP was great.

    – If you have additional plans for KOFXIV, it would be nice to improve the quality of the stages (adding more people / animated objects maybe?). Some stages already look good, but some others could use some improvements, like the Neo Esaka, Antonov Stadium and Aquarium stages. You can also add alternative versions of some of the stages (ie: day / night)

  • I came to say Thanks for the presents and let you know that the x-mas themes are not on the store just the DLC

  • I’m sooo glad I stayed loyal to SNK all these years, you guys are showing true compromise with your fans. I love you.

  • Thanks Oda, the game is coming off even more complete than ever, we need to push more DLC stuff to keep people coming back for more, I’d like to see some old school characters back, like Yamazaki and Vanessa! :)

  • When it comes to fighters SNK has always been my fave. Art of Fighting was my first fighter and it stuck with me. So glad SNK is back and now that i’ve got Garou on my PS4 and a soon to be updated KoFXIV…can not wait to see what else you all have in store. Thank you for being great!

  • Can we get a sale yet? Im still waiting for a deal on PSN to buy this game! Its XMAS! c’mon!

  • Not seeing the Christmas themes yet either. I might be having a late Christmas on my console, hahah.

  • Hi Oda-San! I’m very exciting for this new improved in the game! The game is fantastic and my life is better when I can playing with Athena-Chan! I say my suggestins for the game many times! I like you can read me and be great with your fans! I want make a video with my suggestion with more details. Thank you so much for be owesome and ear us! I’m very happy with KOFXIV in my life! Thank you Oda San! A lot and Merry Christmas!!

  • Super excited for this. The best part? It’s all free. :D

  • Thanks Looking forward to the Patch…just bought the game yesterday gonna be playing soon…

  • Still not quite there yet with the graphics… In fact, I’m not sure they even look better than before. Not one graphical style seems especially better than the other, and neither are very good. At least they are putting work in to address these graphical concerns though. Can’t argue with more colors. Should be a worthy patch, and the free Athena costume is pretty nice! Also a lovely looking theme there. Still need to address the blank default icon for the communities icon, that always sticks out like a sore thumb. All in all though, I definitely appreciate the generous Christmas sentiments coming from SNK. SNK totally has my respect. Merry late Christmas, whoever may be reading.

  • Thank you so much SNK…
    This is a huge step in the right direction, listening to fans, supporting with free updates, so many characters out of the box. Only if more companies would follow suite! BLESS THE STAFF

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