NieR: Automata Demo Out Today on PlayStation Store

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NieR: Automata Demo Out Today on PlayStation Store

As we come to the end of 2016, we thought there would be no better way to round off the year than to give you guys the opportunity to try out Nier: Automata yourselves. It’s the season for giving, after all, so we’re excited to announce that the Nier: Automata playable demo is available to download from the PlayStation Store for free later today!

The demo takes you to an abandoned factory, following android 2B’s mission to destroy a massive enemy weapon that lies within. You’ll get to use a variety of both short and long range weapons to take down hordes of enemy machines. The combat is action-packed, fast-paced, super slick, and there are multiple difficulties — so once you’ve got the hang of things, you can really test and refine your skills. I’d be very impressed to hear how many of you can complete the demo on the hardest difficulty!

To celebrate the Nier: Automata demo release, we’ve got a new trailer showing off some weapons you might recognize:

NieR: Automata Demo Out Today on PlayStation Store

Eagle-eyed Square Enix fans have probably already figured out what the new weapons are the Engine Blade — Noctis’ signature weapon in Final Fantasy XV — and the Cypress Stick from the Dragon Quest franchise. They will both be unlockable in the final game so you don’t have to worry about downloading them as additional DLC. We’re going to keep how you obtain them a mystery for now, though.

The news doesn’t stop there though! From today you can also pre-order the Nier: Automata Day One Edition directly from PlayStation Store. In addition to the Day One Edition six bonus DLC items, the PSN digital pre-order edition also comes with an additional three exclusive DLC items and a static theme.

In case you missed the news, we also recently announced the Nier: Automata Black Box Edition which includes a YoRHa android 2B figurine, a 64 page hardback artbook, a soundtrack selection CD (featuring 13 live recorded songs from Nier and Nier: Automata), in-game bonus DLC, a steelbook case, and special collector’s box. It’s available in limited quantities from the Square Enix Store so be sure to pre-order one if you don’t want to miss out.

Nier: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S, and A2, and their battle to reclaim the Earth from powerful enemy machines who have driven humanity from their home. The demo will give you a glimpse of the game’s story, and there’s a lot of spectacular moments with distinct Nier style twists in it, too. I don’t want to spoil any of it for you as they’ll be even more exciting to experience yourself, but I hope the demo gets you hyped to play the full game when it comes out on March 7, 2017.

I think that’s enough news for one day. Hopefully you’ve been able to download the demo so you don’t have to stick around here any longer, go play it and let us know what you think afterwards! Thanks for reading, and from the Nier: Automata team — Happy Holidays!

See you in 2017!

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  • Looks great. I’m stoked to try it out.

  • Not showing up on the store for me yet.

  • I love Nier and Drakengard, and Platinum, so I’m super sold. I’m downloading this now, asap! But man… not a single trailer you guys have cut for this so far has been good :P There’s cool stuff to show off, for sure – those awful, aimless Niconico streams you’ve been doing in Japan show off cool stuff (albeit, in a development environment, where you just keep spawning in things to fight, instead of resembling the final game). But I genuinely think you’re dropping the ball when it comes to exciting people who haven’t heard of a Taro Yoko game before, and that bums me out :/ I wish you guys made this more of an event, like Koei Tecmo with Ni-Oh’s demo; grab a lot of attention and generate some actual hype that way, instead of just counting on the fans of the cult classic to show up again. There’s not enough of us to turn this into a hit, you know that, right? :'(

    • Thanks for the feedback. The NicoNico streams are targeted specifically for the Japanese audience so they may come across as a bit odd outside of Japan but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time before the game comes out in March. Don’t want to peak too soon or reveal too much now ;)

  • Demo is amusing. This game is very promising.

  • this is the kind of game that you immediately pre-order after finishing its demo

  • Downloading now. Can’t wait!!

  • Very excited for this and the gravity rush Demo out today as well!

    Just with the CE was on amazon…. Like my prime discount on CEs.

  • Is there any info on the pc release for Steam?

    • Not sure this is the place to ask about a non PlayStation format ;)
      (No new info to share yet, I’m afraid but don’t worry, it is still coming)

    • PC?!, wrong place for that bud.

    • Pc people will buy it when it’s discounted 90% on steam, I don’t know why squareenix bother to release this game on pc. They should do it like gta v, release it after 1 or 2 years on pc so people can double dip, now most people will just wait for the game to be discounted on steam.

  • It’s disappointing that the theme isn’t dynamic. It might have convinced me to pre-order on the PSN, but I’ll keep my Amazon pre-order for the discount.

    • For some reason, static pre-order themes is the trend now. I have pre-ordered quite a few games in the last few months and they all had static themes. :(

  • I’m still not seeing it on the PlayStation store :(

  • It’s already December 23rd in my country, and the demo has yet to be released in the PSN. Will it not be available in Indonesia or do I just need to be patient a little bit more?

    • I’m refreshing the playstation store every hour and now i give up on waiting beacause this ruins my gaming experience

  • Already ordered Black Box. Downloading demo now. I have a lot of hope this game will have high sell so that in future Square Enix will continue corporating with Platinum games to release stunning story and game mechanic.

  • After I finish the Kingdom Hearts collections, pickup FFXV, and complete Horizon: Zero Dawn, this will be my next Square Enix purchase. You guys are killing it in 2017! Now, all that is left is the date for FFVII:R, FFXII:ZA, and KHIII.

  • Fantastic demo! I just finished it off on hard and completely loved the game. I will be picking this up day 1! Well done and thank you so much for the demo. I wish more developers would do this. The ending was epic! I really enjoyed it.

  • Hi. I dont see the demo in psn store (Malaysia)

  • I want to preorder the blackbox edition but I want to read the review first, when the reviews coming out?

  • really great demo. sold me on it

  • Demo not yet available in my region pls help

  • Played the demo earlier this afternoon (HK+8)
    The game seems good… Controls are responsive, and ssince its 60 fps already, i like it. Rotating the camera is easier on my eyes.
    My only concern is that, the Right Analog is not totally unlocked when moving the camera. It moves to a distinct point like a magnet.
    But overall, i might get this along with the other plans i made for myself.

  • Solid demo, promising looking story and tight controls. I’m usually one to wait for reviews before buying, but a demo like this is a solid way to presell. Thanks

  • I was planning to do a sort of Christmas special stream… the two demos that just came out gave me a fantastic way to start this off ;)

  • Excellent demo, i have my doubts about the game but the demo totally sold me the game; already preordered it!

  • Definitly going to buy this game after trying the demo :)

  • I’m an avid Square fan but I skipped the PS3 and subsequently the first nier so I was wondering do you have to have played the first one in order to play this one without being confused?

  • I said “Holy s#%t” way too many times playing this game.

    Dev team, outstanding job!

  • I knew it was going to be good but, P* did a wonderful job based off the demo. Unfortunately, now it just makes me want to dig into NieR’ight-now!! It’s a shame this has to drop right after Horizon Zero Dawn but I’ll still be pre-ordering it, finally, soon.

    Guess my only complaint is that hard removes target lock which is almost necessary in games like this. It did play fine on hard but I’d personally rather have target lock with an increased difficulty. Until we can mentally control characters as if we’re one with them I just think target lock is almost a necessity when facing multiple enemies. 2 cents. Happy with the demo and hopefully those who are on the fence are now sold.

  • LOVED the demo, knew it would be a great game when I preordered it almost a year ago! Cannot wait to play the rest.

    The statue and steelbook look amazing, and I’m a sucker for DLC, but $190 (!!!) is really steep compared to $48 for the Day One Edition from Amazon. Guess I’ll hope for a discount on a leftover copy after release. Ouch.

  • I don’t have PS3 anymore and I missed out on the original Nier. Any chance of porting the original to PS4 for the people that missed out on it on PS3 (or didn’t have a PS3)?

  • I didnt know this game was so awesome. Instant PreOrder! That CE though…

  • Finished the demo. Really excited for this game. Good job!

  • Tried a playthrough out. Was getting late, so haven’t come back to see if there’s anything…different in a second play.

    Though, what I’d like to play is more Drakengard. Still stuck in Branch C of the third game, but I’ve been eyeing the prequel stories add-ons…and their price. Definitely run a sale on D3 in anticipation of this game!

    And, hell, bring at least the first Drakengard to digital via the PS2-on-PS4 program. I doubt I could clear all the routes, and I doubt we’d get a less obscured localization (thanks to TheDarkId for spelling out some of those less wholesome plot points), but I’ll readily step into Caim’s crocs! Nowe, well, shall we say, “Nowe soon,” at least.

    OH! But if there’s games which’d benefit from porting to PS4, it’s (again) Drakengard 3 and its Unreal screen tearing, and NIER proper — and by “proper”, I mean bring over PAPA NIER, rather than Prettyboy #752 “O’Nier-chan”. Or, to benefit both, devise a combined, selectable, definitive NIER experience!

    C’mon, do I gotta make a pact to see some magic outta youse?

  • I’ll admit it – I know nothing about this game, the series, or this developer, just what I saw in the demo. And I’m hooked. That was a blast! As someone else said, it’s the type of demo that makes you want to preorder the game.

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