Fruit Ninja VR Chops Its Way onto PS VR Today

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Fruit Ninja VR Chops Its Way onto PS VR Today

Picture this: a razor-sharp sword in each hand. A mysterious dojo in the background, and truckloads of fruit flying into the air, all for the sole purpose of becoming a mess-making ninja. It sounds simple. Too simple. But it works, and it’s fun, and that’s really all that matters.

The game is called Fruit Ninja VR, and I’m excited to announce that it’s coming to PlayStation VR today — just in time for Christmas.

Fruit Ninja was first released on mobile devices back in 2010, a magnificent time when touchscreen devices were still new and my voluptuous beard had slightly less grey in it. Since then the game has been downloaded more than one billion times and our team has continued to perfect it. We took that game and with the luxury of no real time pressure, the team went to town on perfecting this arcade game and recreating it for PlayStation VR.

Slicing fruit with your fingertips is one thing, but slicing fruit in virtual reality with PlayStation Move Motion Controllers is a whole new ball game. It doesn’t just “feel” good. It’s an amazing, visceral experience. I should know… I’ve spent more time waving my arms around like a madman than anyone else at Halfbrick!

Now, thanks to PlayStation VR, you too can enjoy this bizarre act without the expensive grocery bill. Think about it. Why convince a friend to pelt fruit at you when you can enjoy four addictive game modes — Classic, Zen, Arcade, and Survival — all from the comfort of your living room?

There are even crafty little helicopters that fire fruit and bombs at you to keep you on your toes. Good luck replicating that in real life!

To wrap it up, I have some spoilers to share. The team really did have the time to toy with this game and get every detail right. You’ll discover this as you slice, skewer, juggle, and flick fruit. A Fruit Ninja first has also made its way into the game: you’ll be able to interact with the famous spiralling bombs by deflecting and juggling them without them exploding.


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  • Hm. Sounds like fun.

  • If the price is right I will pick it up. Sorry to see no platinum trophy.

  • How much is it?

  • …thinking about it now, I kinda really need this game. I never knew.

  • Wow, this looks great! Awesome fit for VR, I can’t wait to give it a try :D

  • Seems like a PERFECT game for VR! Can’t wait to play it.

    • The development team worked extremely hard to perfect the game and the experience you’ll have when using the swords.

  • Link to the store?

  • From Aliens to Chopping Fruit, is it like Total War on fruit?
    I’m at a lose.

  • Amazing, one of the first games I’ll get when I get VR. Hope it does well!

  • Just tried it… Great graphics, Tracking is also good but there seems to be a bug… There is not much fruit coming…. sometimes i have to wait 10 seconds in arcade mode for a single fruit. Needs to be fixed !

    • Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for the information I’ll speak with the dev team.

    • I wasn’t getting anything like this in my play through. Maybe it was a one time thing for you.

    • I’m having the same problem and it’s ruining the experience for me. Already sens an email to halfbrick. Let’s hope that it’ll be fixed soon. I

    • Same problem for me guys! Please fix the problem because I like this game! hope to play it in a nornal way soon!

    • Hi realbano,

      The team have fixed this bug and the patch should be live soon. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Happy slicing!

  • Saw this post, hit the PS button, went to the PS Store, and bought the game. If I didn’t have to go to work, I would be playing right now. So glad, to see such a big name franchise make its way to PSVR. It looks amazing, and I can’t wait to play!

  • I’ve made a video of the problem i reported earlier. survival mode works good… but zen and arcade… we’ll see for yourself :

  • Strangely enough, this is the first game that has made me interested in getting a VR :)

    Don’t have to budget for one yet though, but good luck with your game!

  • I bought this game yesterday and played it. Sometimes the game freezes completely and only way to stop it, is to close the game and start all over again. Please fix this problem!

    • Hi JuhizzFinland, we’ve fixed this issue and the patch should be live soon. Thanks for your patience while we worked this out.

  • I was a bit hesitant to actually buy the game…how good can it be and 14.99! Then as im watching the trailer with a huge grin on my face I realized I need this game! You definitely delivered! This game has been awesome so far and I’m surprised how long I played it.

  • This one has been out for sometime on PC or VR Headsets, nice to see it here.

    Let’s everyone have fun :D

  • For the ones getting only few fruits at slow pace: it’s a bug related to language settings. Change the PS system language from your language to English and re-launch the game, it should work.

    • hooray, that works for me! Thanks :)
      But still a bug and need to be fixed anyway, of course. But atleast now I am able to play until the patch is released…

  • Love the game but having a problem with the swords. They have a tendency to fly away and then after a few seconds they come back. This happens every single time and I’m missing alot of fruit as I wait for the swords to reappear

  • отличная игра! но зависает каждый раз при разрезании бонусных бананов в аркадном режиме! нереагирует на нажатия и я должен закрывать игру полностью! пожалуйста исправьте

  • good game! but it crashes every time when cut bonus bananas in arcade mode! It does not react to pressing and I have to close the game completely! please correct

  • game looks great, but is also not working on my PS4 (standard, german language): almost no fruits are appearing in the game in any mode :(
    please fix the game soon, i want to keep and play it!

    • To fix the problem with this game set the PS4 in English instead of your local language and the game will works without problem.

  • Hi All, one of the devs here, just letting you know that we have a patch going live soon that will fix the following issues:

    – No fruit appearing – when system language set to certain languages
    – Special Bananas causing game to freeze – Touching special bananas without slicing them right after slicing normal fruit results in the game freezing and a hall-of-mirrors effect appearing, only occurs in certain system languages
    – Combo Master achievement not unlocking correctly
    – Leaderboard Text – Scores not appearing properly

    Keep an eye out for the update. In the meantime setting your system language to English will allow you to play the game normally. Thank you all for your patience while we fixed these bugs.

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