RIGS Mechanized Combat League: Winter Season Update

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RIGS Mechanized Combat League: Winter Season Update

Exciting news for all you RIGS pilots out there: tomorrow, December 20, we’ll be kicking off the Winter Season Update!

Our plan is to drop content throughout the winter, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of mechanized combat action to keep you warm through the holidays!

The Winter Season starts on December 20 with the opening of the first European stadium in the Mechanized Combat League, located in Zurich, Switzerland

RIGS: Zurich

This new arena draws a lot of inspiration from skate parks, and focuses around four sunken bowls that flow into the surrounding structures to allow the RIGS to achieve big air jumps. The new arena can be played in single player as well as multiplayer mode, and will come with its own set of Trials to complete for credits and fame.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

RIGS Mechanized Combat LeagueRIGS Mechanized Combat League

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

On December 27, you’ll be able to pilot the first batch of APX RIGS. These upgraded versions of the original RIGS will feature an enhanced boost system, giving them a much higher top speed in addition to new air-dodge and back-dodge abilities.

There’s a tradeoff, though: to achieve a much higher boost, APX RIGS are outfitted with a lighter form of armor that does not offer the same level of protection as the armor on the original RIGS. The first RIGS groups to receive the APX treatment will be the Test Rigs and the Vampire RIGS, with the Nuke RIGS to follow on January 10th.

RIGS Mechanized Combat LeagueRIGS Mechanized Combat League

Every week we will share new Weekly Trials, which will consist of high-risk, high-reward skill challenges. In order to obtain the reward, which consists of a unique pilot customization item and a very large amount of credits, you will be required to pass through all six Trials consecutively and at increasing difficulty, without failing.

The Winter Season update will also introduce a Customization Store. Here, you’ll be able buy new customization options for your pilot using the credits you earned playing the game. The best thing about the Customization Store is that we’ll be updating it on a regular basis with new and even limited items.

RIGS Mechanized Combat LeagueRIGS Mechanized Combat League

This is only the start of the season, and we plan to roll out additional updates in the coming months, so make sure you stay tuned to our official Twitter and Facebook channels for the latest news. For now, please mark December 20th in your calendars as the official start of the RIGS Mechanized Combat League Winter Season. Game on, Pilots!

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

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  • This is by far my favorite PSVR game! The extra work you guys are putting into this is so appreciated. Cannot wait!

    • agreed, this is my favorite PSVR game too. I haven’t played in a bit, are there people still playing?

    • Thanks! To answer the question of Moco64, yes people are still playing on line. Depending on when you log on you will be able to play against other RIGS players.

    • There is a RIGS reddit community that organizes play nights and tournaments, that might help finding people online to play with

  • I’m all for the PlayStation VR and games, the only thing is, you can’t find a PlayStation VR headset anywhere. We can’t get the games without the headset. I keep trying to find out when the stores are going to get the headsets in, but they don’t know.

    All I’m saying is, Sony would be doing a lot better this Christmas season of the VR headsets were available.

    Does anyone know when the PlayStation VR’s are going to ship?

    I have the money for it right now to get it, if only the stores had them.

    • This is the tragedy of it. Sony is unable to meet the demand bc the custom RGB, OLED screens aint easy to make. PSVR is missing the hottest 3 months of the year. PSVR was basically sold out by November. There should’ve been 1.5 million PSVRs available at launch. It’s sad that ppl who want them can’t get them and even worse, it hurts PSVR tremendously.

      800k PSVRs have sold, roughly the combined total of Oculus and Vive. However, that number could easily be double if Sony was able to keep up with demand. It basically stunts the growth of VR at its infancy. I implore Sony to beg, borrow, and steal in order to get these OLED displays made. Resident Evil 7 is the killer app for PSVR, by the time it releases in January there MUST be at the very least a restock date with PSVRs arriving in store that month.

      If u are interested, stay persistent and keep checking your local stores. PSVR should restock in January, hopefully. It is an amazing product with amazing games like Rigs, Arkham, Until Dawn ect. Games like Resident Evil 7, Farpoint, and Ace Combat 7 are on the Horizon as well. You don’t want to miss it.

    • Try to check at Best Buy’s website and buy them online. Ebay over priced them.

    • Wishyo Best Buy is sold out too. Amazon, Target, they’re flat out sold out.

      They delayed VR to increase production when they sold out pre-orders. The fact that they are sold out everywhere regardless just goes to show that people want them, and they’ll still want them when Tax Refund season comes, and hopefully they’ll keep wanting it for years to come, and they’ll want one for the PS5 if they don’t have one by that point…

      PS VR has a bright future if this trend keeps up. But Sony is expecting a long game on these. Which is why people need to stop saying “Oh well only if Sony SUPPORTS IT! cause you know… they don’t support move controllers. Yeah you know those things we use for VR? No support for them what so ever…”

      Wait… isn’t that supporting them?

    • I feel your pain man, but look, your best bet is to call around… DAILY! I’ve seen them sitting on shelves, but they don’t stay long. Fortunately, I only had to call 2 locations for mine. Also, Walmart is able to check the stock at other stores in your area. I think Target and Best Buy can too. So give them each a call and find one nearby that has them in stock. And when you find it in stock, call and tell them you’re coming to pick it up. They can’t officially hold it, but if you tell them you’ll be there in 15 minutes, they’ll make an exception for you. Be ready to hop in the car when you make that call. This is how I got mine.

      Reply back to let us know when you find one and add us so you can join in on the fun.

      Also, I’m new to the game and don’t play that often, but I would love to link up with casual players every now and then. So definitely shoot me a message and friend me.

  • Rigs is the best all around game on VR. It would be great even without VR. If you have PSVR or are thinking of purchasing it, Rigs should be a mandatory buy. It has a great singleplayer campaign, challenges, and of course Rocket League-like multiplayer.

    Guerrilla Cambridge is so talented at working with new hardware and they continue to give free DLC. Remember Killzone Mercenary? Now Rigs is getting the same treatment. Ty, Guerrilla.

    I love Zurich, the update looks amazing. Continue with the idea of more loot, that’s what ppl want.

    • I must check this game out!

    • I should buy the game at the full $50 it launched at, or now that it’s at $42, but to be honest I’m aiming more for a $30 dollar price, because I don’t know if my internet works well enough or if the online community is going to be there at the late nights I’d be playing it after I get off of work and drive home (10:00 p.m. ish)

  • Rigs Is easily the best VR game on Playstation. If you havent getten it already please treat yourself to the best sports style game on the market.

  • I have VR and just got this game. Gonna put some time in tonight and try to get better up to snuf for tomorrow!!!

  • Thanks for the update! Everything about it looks awesome.

    Is there a possibility of some kind of free mode/single event/exhibition, with an option to choose map/mode/bot difficulty? It would be nice being able to let my friends and family try the game a) without having to go online and b) without disrupting my offline season. Thanks in advance and I hope the team has a great holiday!

    • Yes, there is an offline option. I’m not sure about setting the difficulty level though. I haven’t FULLY explored the game options/modes yet.

    • I know there’s an offline tournament, but my request is to be able to just pick an event without it affecting your tournament status. Like how in most sports games there is an exhibition mode in addition to a career or season mode.

  • I’ve heard a whole lot of great comments about this game and PSVR ! This Wednesday I will be purchasing my PS4 Pro, followed by a 4K HDR tv right after New Years (although I might decide to save up a little more if the 55 XBR 850 drops as I expect it to ). THEN I’ll put the PSVR on layaway. i happen to work for NEXCOM as a Sales Tech, and I already have a very good idea of when we will receive the PSVR (the games and accessories are available now, but like everywhere else the actual headsets sold out real fast). RIGS just looks like a whole lot of fun, and this update will only make it better !

    • Just beware.

      Right now T.V.s are kinda bad. There’s maybe a handful of t.v.s worth getting for under $1k, and CES is probably going to be a ton of t.v.s that are way better than the ones out this year.

      Sony also kinda messed up. They didn’t put HDMI 2.0 in the PS VR so if you plan on gaming in HDR (there is a pretty hefty latency of like 33ms at the low end, and upwards of 80+ms on the high end because t.v. manufacturers didn’t plan for gaming in HDR) you could very well end up with a bad experience.

      So what ever setup you do, just realize that your PSVR isn’t going to be able to pass through the HDR to your new t.v. PSVR doesn’t need the HDR, it’s just that it can’t pass the signal, and that breaks you using your PS4 in HDR on your brand new way too expensive t.v.

  • Make a non-VR version of RIGS!!!!

  • Haven’t been this entertained by a game since I first discovered world of Warcraft five years ago lmao. Literally my favorite game of all time now and with the extra work you guys are putting into just makes that indisputable. I didn’t get motion sick ONCE from this game while Robinson the journey did it to me in ten minutes. Gameplay is so smooth I can play for hours with no problems. Love the new customizable pilots I just wish we could customize the rigs themselves but I guess we wouldn’t know what kind they are if people starting dressing them up how they want. Overall tho 10/10 in my book, really high replay value.

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