Surf World Series Announced: Master Monster Waves on PS4

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Surf World Series Announced: Master Monster Waves on PS4

Surfing is one of the world’s iconic extreme sports – here at Climax Studios, we’ve captured the intensity of the surging waves and killer tricks and pulled them into the world of gaming with Surf World Series.

We’re bringing together 5 of the world’s most infamous surfing destinations, including Bells Beach, Australia and Waimea Bay, Hawaii, combining them with a unique selection of original tricks and gear – arcade style. Surf World Series is all about honing and testing your skills against 45 single player challenges designed to push you to the limit, and carving up the competition in online tournaments against up to 15 other surfers across three multiplayer modes.

As developers, our goal was to capture the vibes that make surfing culture what it is – we amped up the intensity with powerful oceans, stunning backdrops and simple arcade gameplay. Surf World Series is easy to get into, but pulling off epic stunts and new school tricks makes it deceptively difficult to master. It takes timing, precision, and most of all, the drive to take on treacherous tubes and monster waves, or dominate the competition online.

With tens of thousands of customisations, in Surf World Series you’ll have the freedom to design your own slick style and stand out from the crowd with your very own signature surfer. As you build up your skillset, performing new tricks and ranking up, you’ll unlock countless classic and original designs, with everything from wetsuits, boards, patterns and more.

The wave system in Surf World Series was custom built to not only create a wave that looks and feels stellar, but also to have the swell behave as naturally as possible. You’ll feel the current pull against your board as you battle to stay balanced, stick the landing on massive aerials and ride out the heaviest waves. Without your toes on the sand, it doesn’t get much closer to the authentic surf experience than this.

Keep up with all the Surf World Series action and news over at, and get all the behind-the-scenes sneak peaks on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Wow, I hope this has some heavy Pro support because it’s just asking for HDR and 4k lovin

  • Can’t remember the last time I saw a real Surfing game. Looks great.
    Will there be professional Surfers in the game you can play as? And would you say it’s similar in fashion to other extreme sports games? Or would you say its more arcadey style?

    • Thanks, glad you like it.

      We don’t have real-world surfers and have instead created our own characters.

      We’re definitely leaning more into the arcadey style of things with the game.

  • Finally something different, now bring back BMX & skateboarding

  • I’ve been waiting for a new surfing game ever since Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer.
    I hope you’ll also include a Platinum trophy!

  • Can you create your own surfers in this game?

    • There’s a huge amount of customisation in the game for gear and equipment. You’ll be able to choose from a section of set playable surfers, and then create your own style for them. We have thousands of unlockable patterns and designs to combine and create something totally unique.

  • Hmm….. I don’t know if you can capture the fun of surfing in a video game. Kelly Slaters game was just a knock off of Tony Hawks. Good representation of the character of the individual waves though. Kickflips and headstands? I think you could probably count the number of kick flips landed ever on one hand and still have some fingers to spare. I get it though. In order to get the kind of funding you need to produce a game you need a clear vision of features. I think I’d rather see a more honest tribute to the sport though. More EAs Skate than Tony Hawk.

  • Where is a next gen Skate? I’d love a surfing game in the same vein as Skate.

  • Sounds cool Sony thanks for the info

  • This could be awesome, though I don’t like sports games, the fact that it is more arcade like got me interested. Will there be a demo? That would help me decide if I was going to buy this or not.

  • Do you guys have private online rooms available? Or is it strictly public only online?

  • Looks fun. Any of you guys remember T & C Surf Designs: Wood and Water.

  • Looks a little better than T&C Surf Design…

  • We need a surfing game that is realistic in an open world format like “steep” or “skate” – fake tricks make games like this unrealistic and lose interest quick.

    I had high hopes since it has been this long since the last surfing game but I am not impressed with the trailer of just fake tricks….bummer

  • I don’t think I’ve played a good arcade-y surfing game since either the abovementioned T&C Surf Designs on NES, or California Games on the Atari Lynx! 0.0 Interesting how that genre has stagnated since the early 90’s.

    I love the trailer, and am looking forward to checking this out — Good luck, devs!

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