Stake Your Claim in Boundless, Coming to PS4

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Stake Your Claim in Boundless, Coming to PS4

We were proud for Boundless to be included in the keynote sizzle at PlayStation Experience, and we’re excited to have a constant stream of curious players wanting to get their first look at the game on PS4.

Boundless is an epic sandbox where everyone (all players, in all physical locations) inhabits a single online universe.

The Boundless universe is created by a huge graph of connected worlds. Where each world is a fully traversable voxel planet. Boundless is a physical sandbox where you can grapple, swing, slide, bounce, stumble, and fall through a unique and diverse landscape.

Every world in the universe is visible in the sky of every other world, either as a point planet for distant worlds or a stunning real time planet rendered in the sky. You can look up in the sky from your home planet, see another world, see another civilisation living on that world and see everything that its inhabitants have constructed.



Using your sacred Totem you can mark a location at any point on the remote world, construct a portal, activate the marker, and open a live doorway into that world. If the terrain looks stable, the atmosphere seems breathable, and the creatures are at a distance – then it’s safe to instantly step from one world into the other.

Boundless is an online universe built and ruled entirely by its players. Claim a plot of land to build and protect your first home. Then gather together in a guild to claim enough land to construct a city. If your city is the most prestigious on the planet then you claim the title of its capital and rule the world. But why stop there? The most powerful guilds will race to claim the universe.


The Boundless economy is player created. Every shop you discover is operated by another player, filled with resources gathered by another player, alongside creature drops hunted by another player and equipment forged by yet another player. Everyone can choose their unique path and character progression to help build a society and a collective online civilisation.

The world of Boundless is waiting for you. So pick up your trusty hammer, gather your friends, enter the Boundless universe, make your mark… and leave a legacy.

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  • So THIS is what No Man’s Sky was supposed to be?

    • Not really. Completely different concept.

    • NOTHING like the concept for NMS. THIS is what Minecraft would if it was actually good.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 not sure how you’re that confused, this is entirely similar in premise to NMS and vaguely Minecraft-esque.

    • iamtylerdurden1 I’m not sure you have a working functional grasp of Minecraft or No Man’s Sky.

      No Man’s Sky is a survival game where you find shelter, gather resources, turn them into more advanced resources, and use those to progress to different areas within the game.

      Minecraft is a survival game where you find or make shelter, gather resources, turn them into more advanced resources, and use those to progress to different areas within the game.

      you want to make a distinction, but the core game is too similar. Yes Little Big Planet is purposefully not a carbon copy of Mario, but if you’re explaining the game to someone, you might say “you can kill enemies by bouncing on their head or where ever their weakpoint is” and they might say “Oh like in a Mario game” and you’re just going to confuse them by saying “It’s nothing like Mario it’s more like The Giana Sisters”

    • One huge difference between Boundless and both NMS + Minecraft is that in Boundless *everyone* plays in a single online universe. Every block you place can be seen by everyone else. You can visit every other planet in the universe. You can explore every build. You can meet and interact with every other player.

      Yes there are definitely aspects of NMS + Minecraft that can be found in Boundless – but the single shared online sandbox (for me) is quite unique – and the central foundation for every other feature we’ve created.

      (But even then – having Boundless compared to NMS, Minecraft and sometimes Eve is a huge complement.)

  • This is a must buy for me! The art style is spectacular! Well done!

  • Seems really cool but is there any type of combat or challenge? I’ve never really played this “sandbox” style except no mans sky but I found simply gathering and upgrading got boring if I wasn’t facing any type of conflict or multiplayer challenge

    • Im pretty sure there is supposed to be some kind of dungeons and boss fighting but I don’t know about PvP.

    • Yes, there is ranged and melee combat. The character was firing a crossbow in the video and swinging a hammer.

      There are a myriad of enemies and dangerous foes in this game. It also features an awesome grappling hook to make traversal fast and fun.

    • Yes there is definitely combat in Boundless.

      All the worlds are filled with creatures with a variety of elemental and exotic enhancements.

      Then all the pre-made structures (temples and dungeons) are filled with Protectors, who act as a mirror to the players – they can use all the same tools and weapons as you.

      Then there is the apex threat in the universe – an epic and unique Titan per world. Think of it as a sentient fortress that you need to take on and defeat together. Titans are bosses reimagined for a online multiplayer sandbox. In short – they’re amazing!

  • I’ve been waiting for this game to release on PS4 since its subtle announcement for PS4 a while back. I feel like it was early 2015 or something when I initially heard it was coming to PS4. Glad to see the progress! I’ve been watching the early access PC work. Still excited!

    Also excited for the VR that was announced initially for it too. ;)

  • Been watching this game on and off since it was Oort Online. Looking forward to giving it a try. I’m a little worried that it’ll be open world PvP which isn’t always great for a solo gamer like myself. I guess we’ll see.

    • All the main worlds have PvP disabled. We have implemented lots of technology to minimise player griefing, for example the world regeneration and beacon system.

      But for players desperate for PvP we will have dangerous worlds where PvP is enabled. This means that PvP is an opt in experience when you visit or inhabit these dangerous worlds.

  • I see a few comments referencing No Man’s Sky, which I think is sort of right, but this is more like Minecraft than NMS to me. The biggest advantage Boundless has is the interconnected player-built environments that seemingly you can seemlessly traverse between. The art style is great, but Minecraft-style games have never really been my thing. I do hope that whoever does play this has an enjoyable time. It looks solid.

  • Is there mechanism that makes that gives players that join later a chance? By the description, the earlier you are in the game, the bigger you get and the more you will dominate. i dont know if i’m understanding correctly what this game is.

    • If you join later then you’ll likely be spawned on a new world. This will be unclaimed and available for you to enjoy.

      There are many challenges within the game and claiming capitals and worlds is just one of the deeper end-game features. You can happily play Boundless and live on these worlds and not need to worry about who owns the capital. But it’ll still likely be a good place for you to go and sell your excess resources.

  • Awesome, I have been waiting for PS4 info since you guys announced this on the Sony stage. Can’t wait to give you guys my money, good luck with the launch!

  • So is that the brit version of civilization, or an error? Just curious really

  • Awesome this looks like the marriage of eve online and minecraft! Wonder who will become the first mittani like figure or if it will ever get that far

  • Seems like it might be a good game. However, after the disappointment of NMS, I will wait till the after the game has been reviewed before I decide to buy it.

  • WOW! This is coming along quite well. As a fan of both Minecraft and No Man’s Sky (yes, really) this seems very appealing.

  • No Man’s Craft

  • Looks like it might get repetitive after a while.

  • Oh if I might beg, could I sincerely beg that this wonderful achievement come to PSVR it would a dream to many of us hardcore VR gamers. There are no words for my excitement, nor any extra I can state to beg for the mere joy of one day hoping to witness such a grandiose game in the wonderful world of VR.

    • It would be amazing to bring Boundless to PSVR. We’ve already done some experiments. The sense of scale you get in VR standing next to a build is mind blowing.

  • I am still playing No Man’s Sky. However, this does sound good. Although proof is in the pudding as some say.

  • This game looks solid. Closer resembling Minecraft than No Man’s Sky! I love both of those games so I think I could get into this game too! Can’t wait!

  • Hot damn, day 1. Is this PSVR?

  • Man that music is amazing… I want

  • I remember the first PlayStation Blog you guys wrote a little over a year now and the original video. This game seemed so incredible at the time, and it still holds that stunning idea. I got excited a year ago hearing about Boundless and I am excited again. I will be awaiting the day this game releases so I may buy it immediately and make my own legacy. I wish your team the best while working on this project!!

  • I backed this on kickstarter, glad to see it’s still happening! Question: will there be an option to play with a third-person perspective?

    • Yeah. Its been in Early Access on Steam and while I haven’t personally played the PC version (I’m interested in and have been following this, but am already occupied with games like Portal Knights and the awesome Dragon Quest Builders to hop into another crafting game at the moment), from people who HAVE posted gameplay videos of that version on Youtube, you can see them hopping between First-Person and Third-Person views a bunch :)

    • Awesome, thanks Vin!

  • This looks so awesome. It sounds like there’s influence from the book Read Player One, looks exciting!

  • when will the game be released?

  • So will be able to customise the look of my character? Not like different clothes or whatever but like a character creator of some kind?

  • Wow! I’ve been looking forward to this game for awhile. will it support the PSVR?

  • I know that is out of the topic but pleaseeee bring dbz budoukai tenkaichi 3 aaagaaiiinn to PS4 it was the best game ever

  • Looks awesome.. is it gonna be F2P? I really hope not… I hate farming/grinding…
    If not, do you have an estimate amount for price charge?

  • Is Boundless playable now, I’ve been waiting to try this game out for a very very long time since I saw a small clip of it at the last E3. Is this playable now and I would love to help contribute and help out however I can.

  • I know you can’t openly compare your game to NMS…and probably don’t want to considering the fallout…but I am looking forward to this game as it does look like what NMS SHOULD have been. I am very interested but sadly, NMS burnt me too much to make this a Day One purchase. I will check it out when it launches and if it is what you said it is…which should be a simple enough thing to do in today’s world…then I will pick it up.

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