Makers & Gamers: God of War

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Makers & Gamers: God of War

Greetings fans of PlayStation around the world! I come to you through a foggy haze of sleep deprivation due to the major caffeine fueled push to get this crazy game further down the road to completion. While playing through the game with the leads recently I realized how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to make things that (hopefully) make people happy. We playtest the game exhaustively but still, as a team, we are pretty cut off from the players and fans over the multi-year course of developing a big game like this. While the time with play testers does give us a sense of what is working and what is not, it is getting a chance to sit down and spend some time with a passionate fan helps put so many things into perspective.

Just before our E3 reveal I had the opportunity to meet up with God of War super fan Emmanuel Mojica Rosas hailing all the way from Xalisco Nayarit, Mexico. At this point in the project this was probably the busiest and most stressful time for me but I was still incredibly excited to meet this guy to hear about his journey with God of War and see how he reacts to where we are taking the game. First, because I know how much the entire region of Latin America appreciates God of War. So much so that I want to go out there and meet more people when it comes closer to the release of the game. Second, I work in service of the audience and everything I do, every decision I make, is aimed at giving the player the best experience possible. The story and heart of the journey still comes from within, realized through the unending tenacity and creativity of an incredible team, but the end experience is painstakingly crafted for those who will play it. As a creator, being able to hang out and talk about the game with someone like Emmanuel, whose life has been impacted by God of War, was something very special to me.

Makers & Gamers: God of War

Makers & Gamers: God of WarMakers & Gamers: God of War

This project gave me a chance to work with Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern, two incandescently talented directors whose previous works (In My Father’s House, The Devil Came on Horseback) I absolutely love. It is exciting to see how they took hold of the concept, made it their own and surprised me with the end result – and I was in it so that is saying something.

In the end I feel like I made a good friend in Emmanuel. He truly inspired me with his overwhelming positivity and tenacity to overcome anything life can throw at him and made me realize that I would love to hang out with more fans from around the world.

(Now back to being shackled to my desk working feverishly with the team on the game)


Makers & Gamers: God of War

Makers & Gamers: God of WarMakers & Gamers: God of War

Bonus, Emmanuel crafted a pretty awesome Thank You video worth watching.

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  • That’s great, Cory. Happy you found that. Hard to find. Hope you meet them all, including me! Can’t wait for the game super excited. Lately I’ve understood what it meant to feel mortal and humbled by an audience around you. For someone who isn’t used to attention.. I recently returned from medical leave to work. I work at a warehouse. An overwhelming response of positivity from my return.. so grateful. Anyway.. love the games. Thanks for everything.

  • This is great heat you guys have done for this fan. Glad to see some company’s in this industry still care for their fans. Although this also left slog of unanswered question for me about the GoW franchise. Can’t wait to play the game.

  • Wow this was really cool reading about this. You take your sweet time, Cory. We all know it’s going to be an incredible game with a director like you behind it. God of War II is still my favorite God of War of the whole series.

  • Awesome! There are so many people in society who view games as a negative thing. To see how Kratos has helped this fan overcome obstacles and march on, is proof that non gamers can miss what makes this medium so special. You inhabit these characters in a way that other mediums can never achieve.

  • Great story. Incredible that you do these types of things. Continue to create amazing games but also stay grounded. I’m extremely excited to play this experience whenever it is ready. Thank you Cory and the Sony Santa Monica Studios team.

  • I love this

  • Excellent post! This is easily my 2nd most anticipated game, just behind Spiderman.

    As someone who’s played and thoroughly enjoyed every single title in this franchise (even the mobile phone version from back in the day) and really loved the gameplay of the old GOW formula, I’m so curious to see how the new approach to gameplay will feel, especially when it comes to combat. Though I must say that the new focus on narrative has me incredibly excited. I have absolute faith in Cory and the rest of the team at Santa Monica that they will deliver the outstanding next installment that this much beloved franchise deserves.

    Best of luck to the team!

  • Quedé impresionado con lo fanático que es este hombre, y yo que creía ser un gran fanático por tener todos los logros de todos los God of War en mi PS3, un par de muñecos y una camiseta y también me alegra saber que al menos los de Santa Monica Studio se interesan por sus fanáticos, me lleno de euforia cada vez que vuelvo a ver el trailer del nuevo God of War y estoy ansioso porque salga al mercado ya.

  • Thank you so much Cory i am wordless, i really enjoyed every single second that i spend with you, is a shame we cannot take a picture together but was an amazing experience that happen one in the life time, and i was so happy to know the crew, thank you for make my dream come true and share with me this new game, but please do not get confuse you are not my friend, you are part of my family now =), i really hope see you again and recharge your batteries with positivity, i love you work and i know how much passion you put in your proyects, keep working like this brother, because your work inspire, change destinies, touch lives in different ways that is what a game director does ok? =) remember that thanks to god of war 2 i am English teacher, and well i have to go but i want to be sure that you never will forget this and maybe when you get tired with a headache, read this message =)

  • I loved the God of War series but this one I am not even excited about due to adding a child……ugh movies, tv shows and now games think it is just so awesome to add a kid into the mix and 95% of the time, it isn’t. I wonder if this little child will rip peoples heads off, carve them into small pieces or just watch them have those things done to them from his own father…lol should never have put a kid into this series.

    Wish there would be a super ultimate version released for the PS4 with every God of War game in it remastered (if needed) to 1080p.

  • Awesome story, inspiring and always good to reflect what’s happening around you. Looking forward to the latest release.

  • This is magnificent. Such a heart-warming story, and to see someone working on my favourite franchise care this much about it is truly astonishing.
    I always loved the God of War games and they were my ultimate escape. I love the direction the game is going with Kratos trying to calm himself and do the right thing. Growing up I always took everything to heart and got mad at everything, but now that I’m beginning my adult life, I’ve tried to tone it down as much as possible and look at things with a different perspective. It’s funny how the franchise seems to follow my growth, and I can’t wait for the new game.
    Thank you, and best of luck!

  • I love all God of War series but GOW 3 my god, I mean my loving God is the most freaking loving game I ever experience, I love it so much I want to get it pregnant.. anyway I can’t wait for the new God of war to release you guys need to hurry up with it lol and also I was very disappointed with the kratos new voice it doesn’t fit kratos at all and metal gear solid v pull the same stunt and I end up not buying the game at all but this one I will give it a try and see.. thanks you guys

  • I was highly impressed. I dig the change of direction the game is going. Change was need or else things get repetitive and redundant. Thanks guys. I am a series gamer and God of War has always been my favorite. You guys are right about its always risky to head a new direction but that true is life. We must have new experiences or things get boring. No don’t I will be check out the game. Much love!

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