Elite Dangerous Lifts Off on PS4 Next Year

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Elite Dangerous Lifts Off on PS4 Next Year

I’m thrilled to announce today that Elite Dangerous is coming to PS4.

In Elite Dangerous, every star in our night sky — the whole Milky Way — is there for you to visit. Fight, bounty-hunt, trade, assassinate, mine, and explore your way across human space and out into the immense galaxy beyond, flying with your friends or travelling alone.

Elite Dangerous has been a wonderful project to be involved with, made by a great team here at Frontier. Its roots go all the way back to my first commercial game, Elite, first released in 1984 with Ian Bell, while we were both at university. Two sequels followed. Over thirty years later, Elite Dangerous is a huge step forwards from those games, but the principles are the same — do what you like and live life in an immense galaxy — and today you can play with (Or against!) friends and our amazing community as you travel the galaxy alone, together in a “wing,” or even fly aboard the same ship.

It’s great to come to PlayStation. When Elite Dangerous arrives on PS4 next year, we’re bringing the full game with everything in our Horizons season of expansions included, so not only can you fly your ship, but you can carry an SRV (Surface Recon Vehicle) in your hold, and charge around the surfaces of planets and moons at up to 100mph, finding materials, attacking bases, or seeking out hidden secrets with your friends.

When you progress far enough into the game to buy one of the larger ships, you might choose to carry a ship-launched fighter to help defend yourself; you can employ crew or even allow other players to help you pilot your larger ship. Craft special weapons with the Engineers, collaborate with the community, and engage in massive-scale community goals. Elite Dangerous is a game you’ll play your way.

Elite Dangerous does not follow many of the rules of other games. It lets you move as fast or as slowly as you like, without telling you what to do or how to do it. Play purely as a sandbox — exploring and looking for some of the many mysteries within the game — or follow missions and work with other players to re-shape humanity’s control over the galaxy as you make your way to Elite status in any or all four categories in the game — Combat, Trade, Exploration, and CQC.

We’ve worked hard to make Elite Dangerous the richest space simulation ever. From our love of science and astronomy, the galaxy is as real as we can make it. You’ll look up at the night sky in our own Solar system and you’ll recognise familiar constellations, then see them change as you travel away from Earth. Visit real white dwarfs, neutron stars, even black holes that exist in our real night sky. Every distance, orbit, planet, moon, ring, and crater is as real as we could make it, with some 160,000 stars in the game taken from real star catalogues, with the rest of the 400 billion stars coming from stellar density maps to make the whole galaxy as accurate as possible. It’s a huge, real galaxy you can leave your mark on.

The galaxy is gradually evolving as players overthrow governments, align themselves with powers in the game, play with one of the giant like-minded player groups, or simply strive to discover something new. Two giant superpowers are on the edge of war, and there are hints of a nascent alien threat that may emerge as a quite real one any time now… We’re excited to let PS4 players jump aboard at this critical moment for our galaxy!

We’re making full use of the PS4 and the unique features of PS4 Pro to deliver an experience unlike any other on the console, with features tailored to the DualShock 4, whether you’re down on the surface of a planet or cruising around a stellar system, connected with your friends or meeting strangers out in the black of space.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about how we’re supporting PS4 in the coming months, before we launch in Q2 2017. We have had a great time with Elite Dangerous already. I hope you’ll come and join our fantastic community, and I’m looking forward to meeting all the PS4 players exploring our galaxy!

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  • Come on, where is the VR mode?

  • Hell yes! Im so excited for this game. I’m sure Elite is pushing the PS4 to its limit, but is there any chance it would support PS VR? That would be so incredibly amazing and definitely a PS VR unit mover. Thanks!

  • I kept on hearing from the devs you are working on the PS4 version for well over a year now. Still have to wait for Q2… and no mention on PSVR support… real disappointment to hear. This game is getting old.

    Expecting the price to be at LEAST half the price of the other versions now.

    • The game has a 10 year plan, after the initial 10 years it will be getting old.

    • “We’re looking forward to telling you more about how we’re supporting PS4 in the coming months, before we launch in Q2 2017.”

      Read between the lines. I’m positive that they’ll support PSVR.

    • Getting old? That’s a terrible thing to say. There’s more & more content all the time. Just a month or so ago saw a massive update with massive changes, once again making the game fresh & new. Couple that with the fact that many gamers who own a PS4 only may have never played the game, it’ll be as new & exciting as it was 2 years ago on the PC.

  • What about PSVR support?

  • PSVR support will make this a must buy for me!!!!

  • Thank you for bringing this game and this genre to PS4.

  • Thank you Mr. Braben. Welcome to the Amiga of today, the PS4. Been a fan of your work since ZX Spectrum 48k days.

  • This is better than any news or unveil at PSX. This represents the very space game Ive been waiting for since first visiting 70s and 80s arcades. Seeing this, running on the Pro, will be like every Christmas wrapped up into one day.

    Now, all we need is a really good force feedback flight stick.

  • This is a game I will definitely be getting. A friend of mine loves this on the PC.

  • If they offer psvr support this may be my first ever VR game.

  • Really hope they mess with the early game and tutorials. I played this one on the xbone and it came off virtually impenetrable without massive amounts of tedious grinding if you can even find low level areas. I gave it a fair shake and the combat when you’re not totally outclassed is fun, but I honestly thought it was easier to get up and running in eve online (the mmo not Valkyrie) than this game. Still I have hope for this! If we can get a new flight stick for PS4 this game will sing (and we can test a hotas rig or flight stick before the release of Ace Combat 7)

    • As an eve online player of 2 years I agree. Eve was easier to learn than elite dangerous when I played on xbone.

      It had potential though and it’s probably better with friends and I’m willing to give it another shot.

  • If they supported the PSVR I would pay $100 for this.

  • David, I’m sure I speak for many PS4 owners when I say that this is Day One for me if there is VR support. :D

  • I confused this with Star Citizen at first, got excited. Then I realized my mistake. Either way, after No Man’s Sky you guys should really emphasize what your game does eight in comparison. I think a lot of people are skeptical of scale and content of galactic space sims now.

    • right? my copy of NMS is collecting dust right now in a pile of missed dreams.

    • The difference here is that Elite has already been out for 2 years on PC. We already know what it is and how amazingly fun it is. the only thing we don’t know is how it will get better in the future. IMO this is the game NMS players were hoping for. Star Citizen should also do well.

  • I wish Sony would work with HOTAS makers like SAITEK in order to make proper controls for this game – and others that are certainly coming to the PS4 as its popularity continues to increase.

    I currently play Elide Dangerous on the PC (and VR) and a proper HOTAS, while not a must, improves gameplay tenfold.

    So How about it? Mr Baden, Yoshida San will you work to provide such support?

  • Hello David,

    This is a dream come true. Thank you

    I wanted to ask if you would consider making “Avatar” pictures and “Dynamic Themes” for the PS4 and PS4 Pro (4K for Pro). I would love to show off my support of this amazing game with a Dynamic Theme showing the beauty of the galaxy you have created.

    Also please consider creating a “SHAREFactory” kit for those who wish to create a video showing off their amazing adventures in your incredible game.

    Thank you for bringing this to PS4 and PS4 Pro. I hope to hear about PSVR support in the future.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Thank you so much for bringing this to the PS4 Pro! I have been jealous of our PC brothers for some time now. I am looking for a space sim that isn’t something anyone can just pick up and play. I want something that I am gong to have to learn and increase my skill base. This looks like something that would do that. Really excited!

  • Wow. Thank you! I’ve wanted to play this game for a long time. I cannot wait. Gaming in 2017 just got a lot better for me! See you all among the stars!

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting to hear this news for some time now. I too am hoping to see some VR support.

  • Give me PSVR support or no buy, sorry.

  • This is great news for PS4 ! I’ve played this on P.C. since release and I know all my PS4 mates are going to thoroughly enjoy playing this. o7 CMDR Ace Rimzy.

  • Great to hear you’re supporting the PS4 Pro!

    I still have fond/frustrating memories of trying to line up a docking run in the original Elite (I’m old). Can’t wait to play Dangerous on the PS4 Pro!

    • Takes a bit of getting used to. Playing it in the oculus rift helps I think, I was able to get it perfect my first try. Can’t imagine how this game would look in VR on the original PS4… it’s pretty graphic intensive, probably need a pro for sure to even access that mode.

  • What’s the difference between this and No Man’s Sky? I’m really enjoying No Man’s Sky, so what makes this better or worse ?

    • No Mans Sky has no story, no factions, no real reason for moving on except your own curiosity. Whereas this game has a story and is continously updated with content. You can do what you want, how you want, but can always fall back to the more scripted moments. The visuals and gameplay in Elite are much better rounded. You can take on the role as a fighter pilot, yet still explore and build your own army and even take over one of the governing factions. With updates, there is also a new alien threat closing in. On top of this, you can play with and see your friends or find a created faction to join and help in their own quest.

      I have no doubt that No Mans Sky will turn into something really good, but Elite is already there.

  • I’m so on board if this supports PSVR.

  • This game sounds like No Man’s Sky, only more centered around gameplay than exploring / grinding, and has multiplayer.

    • Yes, there is a grind, but combat doesn’t involve terrible menus and requires actual skill. My Vulture was the easiest thing to hunt with but its complete lack of speed (even with maxed out engines) was nowhere near approaching the Viper MK III or the Imperial Eagle. The Vultures 2 Large Hardpoints carry terrifying firepower. Then there’s the Python and its 3 Large and 2 Medium hardpoints or the Cobra which is good at just about everything. It’s a bit wide but it can hold a comfortable amount of cargo and has fair shielding and Hull.

  • I have been looking for the perfect space Sim for the PS4 for a while… The last time I invested in the space Sim hype train known as no man’s Sky, I was utterly disappointed and the lack of content that was foretold to be.
    With that being said, just take my damn money because it’s another space Sim. I’ll play it.

    • When you’ve saved enough money for a Viper MK III (combat vessel), a Cobra MKIII (Multirole), Fer de Lance (the Lamborghini of combat vessels), or a Python (the poor man’s Anaconda [which is a poor man’s Corvette]) then you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction. I worked hard towards my Python in the PC version and it felt amazing even with third-party aids (build managers and trading websites). The road to such an accomplishment was unlike anything I’ve felt in a game. It remains at a constant challenge even in the easiest moments because Docking isn’t simply just flying through the mail slot of a station (like NMS). You have to guide yourself in and find your assigned pad with in the given time limit. And you have to deal with traffic in and out of the station whether that’s other players or NPC ships flying about.

    • No Man’s Lie was just as the title says , no man’s lie. I have been playing elite for awhile and you get everything that Frontier promises it supposed to have. While a little glitchy, remember this game is not an instant satisfaction game. If your willing to put the time into it, it is worth getting.

    • Have you ever looked into Rebel Galaxy currently on PS4? It’s not a great game but it isn’t a bad game either hehe It suits my needs at least until a better space sim type game comes along. (and yes it is currently better than NMS and much cheaper to buy)

  • PSVR and HOTAS support would be such great addition to this fabulous game. Please Frontier!!!!

  • Come on Sony and cut this great developer a check. The PSVR needs at least one game we can play for a long time.

  • Looks good but I would definitely be looking for PSVR mode as well.

  • How did they get this working on BSD OpenGL and not Linux OpenGL? Why?

  • I’ve been eyeing this game for awhile now and I’m extremely excited to see it coming to PS4. I don’t own a gaming rig anymore and never purchased an Xbox One, so this is my only opportunity to play this game. However, I wouldn’t purchase it if the PSVR wasn’t supported. This game seems perfect for it, seeing it’s success on other VR platforms. I would understand if the graphics were toned down to levels the PSVR can handle, but if it wasn’t available at all I couldn’t justify the purchase. Looking forward to the updates in the coming months!

  • Please Frontier, give us PSVR and enhanced PRO (supersampling 1080p) support!❤️

  • Wow, gamers now a days are a bunch of ungreatful bastards.

  • I will buy this game for sure if it comes out for PSVR. I already own this game on XBox One and it is amazing to play, don’t mind getting a second copy if I get a VR experience with it.

  • Gimme PSVR support and I’ll certainly buy it on day one or even preorder it!!!

  • This is great news! but all i want to know is, can i use the account/commander that i built up on the Xbone version on the PS4 version. I want to get this on the PS4, but there is no way in hell i’m starting from scratch to do it, as i have put countless hours of grinding into getting where i am now.

  • Without PSVR support, what’s the point?

  • Are they seriously porting the game to PS4 without PSVR support?? Wow.

    • “We’re looking forward to telling you more about how we’re supporting PS4 in the coming months…” They wanted to tell you about some of the core features and not make it seem like you NEED VR to play this. During my time with the PC version, I didn’t need VR at all. Sure, it helps, but the point is that you don’t need it.

  • Loved NMS and really interested in this one. But I’ll wait for a VR Mode.

  • I used to play this game on pc. Would’ve kept playing on a regular basis if I had the means to play it the way it’s meant to be played, through a VR headset. If it supports PSVR I will buy it again on PS4, otherwise I’ll just keep getting back to the pc version from time to time.

  • Well Mr. Braben, I’ve been an Elite player since my Dad bought the very first version on the BBC B Micro back in 1984…….loved it then and spent countless hours turning my Cobra Mk 3 into an Iron Ass…..looking forward to getting my mitts on the PS4 version and putting on my Commander Jameson suit once more!! No more wireframe coriolis stations!!

  • Given how quickly they added VR in the PC version and the little tidbit of “We’re looking forward to telling you more about how we’re supporting PS4 in the coming months…” I’m certain there will be VR support.

  • Rinsed Elite on the BBC Micro :) Will do the same to this :)

  • i played the game in 1985 or 1986 on commodore C64 and i cant wait to play it on ps4, especially when VR mode will be available….cheers

  • soo… we just download it, log in and keep nuking??? or will I have to buy again the game?

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