Country-life RPG Stardew Valley Coming to PS4 on December 13

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Country-life RPG Stardew Valley Coming to PS4 on December 13

2016 has been pretty wild for me. After many years of development, I released Stardew Valley, a country-life RPG inspired by some of my favorite games from the past, such as Harvest Moon. Stardew has done better than I ever imagined. The amount of positive feedback I’ve received has blown me away. Now, I’m very excited to say that Stardew Valley will be coming to PS4 on December 13 in North America and the December 14 in Europe!

In Stardew Valley, you’ll inherit your grandfather’s old farm and move away from the city to start a new life on your own. Over time, you’ll gain new skills and learn to live off the land. You’ll make friends with the locals, learn their stories, and maybe even start a family with one of the 12 bachelors or bachelorettes. Stardew Valley gives you plenty of freedom to create the homestead of your dreams!

When I began working on Stardew Valley about five years ago, I had very little game development experience. As time went on, my skills improved and I ended up re-doing nearly everything in the game several times. It was important to me to not only create the game I had been dreaming about, but also to make a great first impression. As a one-man team, I felt personally responsible for every aspect of the game, so I spent a lot of time fussing over everything, as well as releasing numerous patches and content updates after the initial launch. I hope that my attention to detail shines through in the final product.

I am thrilled to see Stardew Valley come to PS4. Bringing the game to PS4 opens the Stardew Valley experience to so many new people, and I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s experience with the game.

I hope you enjoy your time in the valley!

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  • pls make vita version

    • It would be awesome.

    • This would be perfect on the Vita. I’ll wait.

    • Please make game like Harvest Moon a wonderful life

    • This game is gonna great!!!!

    • On the blogcast they asked people to write in with what Stardew would taste like. I responded with.

      “This is MakaiOokami. Or as Sid would say “Makalai Ookalami.”

      So I deliberated for a handful of seconds on the taste of Stardew. I’m thinking that it is a cascade of all the major flavors. Some bites are sweet and sour. Some salty and umami. Some bites maybe sour and bitter. However every bite is almost like a solar flare of taste from the building blocks of flavor. No 2 bites ever the same.”

      Though technically there was more to the email. I did another take based off of the zaney writing style of Douglas Adams, but because I probably can’t do him justice, I’m not including that part. :D

    • My last comment was really just to (hopefully) get some people chuckling. Not trying to steal the spotlight or anything. I just also want to say that if I pick this game up I wonder if I’ll be able to put down Darkest Dungeon long enough to enjoy it.

      Though I’d only be able to remote play it, which is a shame. Still quite the juxtaposition there. Deciding whether to play more Darkest Dungeon, or Stardew Valley. To be honest I probably have Stardew Valley in a Steam or Humble Bundle somewhere. But I’ve been putting off caring about that for Sony.

      So please if you do make a Vita version, make it cross-buy. Or at least a discount if you already own it. I bought Rainbow Moon Once and then 2 Cross Discounted times. So just know you have options. You don’t have to give it away for free, but an upgrade version digitally might be nice.

    • Looking forward to this. Hope it comes to Vita.

    • When will we be able to download already…..

  • This looks fun!! Will definately check this out!

  • I will be getting this day one. Thanks for bringing it to the PS4, Eric!

  • I need this in my life

  • WTB Vita version… make it happen!

  • Not sure this is my type of game, but it has been talked about so well in the past, i have to at least try it! I also agree with the masses and think this is great for Vita :-)

  • Looks like a Vita game, maybe crossbuy crossplay

  • Please bring it to PS Vita as well, it’s an absolutely perfect fit for it!

    • I can’t make any guarantees just yet, but I will say that I’m very, very interested in seeing a PS Vita version. It’s a very popular request, and I think it would be a great fit.

    • Hope, you do go on to port, if feasible.

  • Yes this looks like a great fit for Vita. Please bring it to Playstation Vita.

  • How much will this cost for PS4?

  • A Vita version please!

  • I too would like to reinforce the requests for a Vita version.

  • Lol, alot gamers want play this game on Vita but i really don’t care about Vita anymore. i prefer ps4 over vita on this game. can’t wait to play this on ps4 on day one

  • I am looking forward to this game. Thank you for bringing it to PS4!

  • Need this on Vita. I wouldn’t buy otherwise

  • Looks more like a PS3/PS Vita game than a PS4 game to me.

  • Please make the vita version cross buy, cross play. I would love to take this game on the go.

  • Please make a Vita version! It would be an instant buy for me!

  • Please, oh God, make a Vita version. I’d buy it immediately.

  • Must buy on day 1!

  • I have heard nothing but good things about this one, hoping to pick it up soon and I hope it captures the same magic as the older Harvest Moon games did.

  • Would love to play this on the go! Depending on you man! Viva La Vita!

  • Hello Eric,

    I’m so excited to play your amazing game.

    I wanted to ask if you would consider creating some “Avatar” pictures for our gamer profile. Perhaps 1 of each of the many characters in the game. Maybe sell for $.49 each or a complete bundle for $4.99.

    Also would please create some scenic “Dynamic Themes” for our PS4 and PS4 Pros. Each Dynamic Theme could focus on the different maps in the game, and have them change season and night and day. These would be hugely popular to all of us Stardew fans.

    Lastly. Please consider create a “SHAREFactory” kit so people who want to create videos and share them can make them amazing.

    Thank you for bringing your amazing game to us.


    Rob aka Graf

  • I played this on Steam. It came with last month’s Humble Bundle Monthly bundle. It’s a cool game. And it is a lot like the Harvest Moon games in many ways. Chances are I’ll pick it up for PS4 too. Also, I am in agreement with many others – it would be perfect for the Vita. Perhaps a future cross-buy deal?

  • I’ve been looking forward to playing this after my PC gaming friends all went crazy for it. Day 1 purchase for me.

  • This was my favorite game of 2016, spent countless hours on the Steam version and I can’t wait to jump back into the Valley on PS4!!!

  • I never played it but I’m looking forward to it. It must take so much work for one person to make a game that looks like some of the beloved 16bit era games that had teams of people on them. Good luck with the game on PS4. Day One for me. :D

  • Awesome, been waiting for this!
    Would love to see a Vita version so i can play on the go!

  • I have been waiting for this to drop on PS4 since it’s launch on PC. Was holding off from getting the PC version so I don’t spoil any content.

  • You know, sometimes I need a break from games like Dark Souls 3, a nice, fun, less-stressful game. This looks like it might fit the bill.

    I agree with the noisy masses, this would be best with a Vita cross-save version. It doesn’t have to be free, the dev needs to pay his bills you know. And it will only come out on Vita if enough people buy it on PS4. That’s Econ 101.

    • Agree with you, cross buy is not necessary, but cross save is a must and smart too, that would drive a lot of sales from existing ps4 buyers.

  • Nice game

  • Ditto Vita

  • Vita pkease !

  • I’ve played almost 200 hours on PC and I can’t wait to start over on PS4 :DDDDD

  • Vita version please!

  • This game has consumed an enormous amount of my limited, precious gaming time in 2016. I had never played any of the games or genre that inspired it, but I loved it from the start. I even bought the delightful soundtrack. So, thank you Mr. Barone, for many many hours of gaming enjoyment. I highly recommend this game and encourage everyone to try it. Here’s hoping to see a Vita release, and I’d buy the game yet again!

  • I am so excited to finally get to play Stardew Valley! I love games like this. I’ve got so much to play right now (I’m looking at you The Last Guardian)…

  • Looks interesting, how would this compare to say Farmville without the micro transactions? I loved that game but hated the fact you had to raise it like a child as well to get anywhere…!

  • Waiting for a perfect marriage of Stardew Valley and PS Vita please! :)

  • I’m just here to echo the request for a Vita version. I probably won’t have the time to play this on my PS4, but I could feasibly find some time for another Vita release in the future.

  • Would buy the first day it’s out for vita and has cross save! Looks awesome!

  • Amazing, have been jealous of pc since i heard about this game. Can’t wait

  • Looks like it would run on a phone.

  • Please make Vita version and Platinum trophies

  • Thank you Eric for porting this to console, been playing a ton on PC and am looking forward to play a ton more on PS4! :)

  • Man would I kill for a Vita version to have it portable

  • This looks like a perfect game to remote play from the PS4 to Vita.

  • I heard great things about it and watched some videos on the game and it’s right up my ally. I’ll be buying this next week upon release for sure!

    Do you ever plan on making a multi-player version? I’d love to play this kind of game with a friend or 2. :)

  • This game had me playing pirated version on my slow slow slow slow laptop, no game forced me to play on PC, loved the game, hated PC experience (how can ppl play with mouse and keyboard…, complete pain).
    I guess I’ll have to go to work dungeon and try get some coins for this game. So want it day one, hope I will make it. (please please don’t be too expensive, even tho you deserve it).

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