Ark: Survival Evolved Out Today on PS4

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Ark: Survival Evolved Out Today on PS4

Everyone at Studio Wildcard is thrilled to announce that Ark: Survival Evolved is available today on PS4! Whether you dream of being an intrepid explorer, a peaceful Parasaur breeder, or a battle-hardened T-Rex-riding warrior, we think you’ll find something to engage you within the vast, primal worlds of Ark.

We’re particularly proud of the work that our partners at Abstraction Games have done with Ark on PS4, as the game looks beautiful and also gains substantial performance benefits from the PS4 Pro.

Ark’s going to receive a great many updates on PS4 between today and its ultimate “content complete” point next Spring, and beyond that we will continue to add many more creatures, items, and game mechanics. Please keep in mind that by joining Ark, you’re joining a work-in-progress game with a passionate community of players, and true to its namesake the game will continue to “Evolve” over its long lifetime.

In the weeks and months ahead you can expect some dramatic new additions to the Ark, including a complete redesign and expansion of the underground cave systems; a whole new Tek Tier of weapons, structures and items; an expanded menagerie of wondrous creatures; further increased game performance and optimization; per-pixel canvas painting; infinite customizable Procedurally Generated Arks; new systems such as hair customization and the “Ascension” end-game cycle; and limited-time holiday events & cosmetics.

One feature we’re particularly excited to bring to PS4 players early next year is the concept of player-run, PC-hosted dedicated servers for PS4 users to play on. These servers will have higher maximum player counts and lots of customizable settings, for hardcore server administrators to tune everything to their liking. We’re working on it, and it’s looking promising!

Something that I love about Ark is there are so many ways to play it. If you’re looking for hardcore, large-scale PvP, persistent online Survival warfare, Ark has plenty of servers geared specifically towards that play type. If you’re interested in more of a peaceful PvE constructive experience, there are servers and detailed game systems for that, too. If you just want to play in single-player or split-screen local multiplayer with your couched family, Ark has an option for that; or if you want to play a non-dedicated private session with just your close PSN Friends, Ark’s got you covered. Or if you shun all modern technology and just want to “live-off-the-land” with primitive tools, Ark has several game modes oriented towards that as well. Even though we’re a relatively small team at Wildcard, we’ve tried to provide “something for everyone” in Ark, because we know that every gamer has their own preferences.

Finally, I should mention: please be nice and courteous to your fellow Survivors! Unless, of course, you intend to knock them out, shackle them in a cage, and play loud Britney Spears music over voice chat until your captive eats poop to sicken themselves to death. For that venerable endeavor, you have our full permission. In all seriousness though, remember, we’re all in this together: the worlds of Ark can be harsh and unforgiving, so you often have more to gain by cooperating than by competing!

We really appreciate everyone’s support in helping to grow the Ark universe, and we are looking forward to seeing and hearing about the amazing Dino-sized stories, challenges, and adventures that PS4 players will now get to experience.

Welcome to the Ark, PS4 Survivors!

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  • Been intrigued by this for a long time. Will be fun to finally jump in!!

    • When is the VR version coming out?

    • Looking forward to finding you on the ARK… if you ever see WC_Drake hop on your server, say “hi” to me :)

    • When will we be able to join friends without crashing? Also as well as hosting private games without the chaos of public games. I heard you will drop a patch today but I’d like to know officially.

    • If I buy the Ark: Survival pack on the PSN store for $54.99, will I get upcoming dlc free, like a season pass?

    • Anyone been able to invite their friends to play along?

    • Will the PlayStation version include Primative + at launch, will it be added later, or just not included? Because I would love to have this in game!

    • This game needs npc


    • An online game that probably from looking at all the others would benefit from being a FTP XD like warframe and so on. I paid once for it all on PC i’m not paying again to get it on another console -.- quite baffled as to what founder means to wildcard since I like founders for paragon and warframe and smite a whole lot more, you actually feel like you’re getting what you paid the gamble for not to mention future content free. it’s like Destiny: Ark Survival evolved. where this game is actually a stand alone dlc for destiny where you are in the big sphere and it’s all a broken virtual reality you need to escape from XD since they feel the need to charge you the same as activision will XD

    • Please ark let us be able to get our own servers without deticated servers where your friends can play and you don’t or a border where you can’t walk past. (at least I will buy it) but please give us a easy way to play with our friends only.

    • Jermey, how much does ARK survival evolved by itself cost? Plus big fan of ARK. <3

    • I can’t even start the game!!!!

    • Now all they need to do is make it so people can actually open the game. I paid a lot of money and have been etching for this game to come out to PS4 and off of PC for at least a year. When will it be done cause I wanna get on it ASAP

    • I’m kind of upset right now. I bookmarked a server and I laughed
      error on left that server. now when I went back to my bookmarks it is not there. I lost everything that me and my friendson had done in the last five hours. great game.

    • Can I save my place on Ark for PS4 ?

    • I just got ark on the PS4 and when I try to play it say a error has occurred can you help me I really want to play

    • Hey i’m playing it at the moment and it’s a great game to play with friends but when i want to craft something i can’t see how many resources i need to craft the item. Can i do something about it in the settings?

  • Awesome I have been waiting for this to hit the PS4 for a long time now. I have a couple questions. Will there be a physical release? Is PSVR support still coming or is it canceled?

    • Yes there will be a physical release of the complete game in Spring 2017. Of course, the digital version which you can get now on PS4 will be continually updated through that and beyond as well, same thing. We’re working on PSVR but before we can pin down exactly how it will function, we need to determine exactly what we can do on the powerful PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation 4 itself!

    • Guys add me a: RoyalPandaHitman need people to play with

  • Don’t see a price posted here. $80 CAD seems a bit much, found it weird that the bundled edition, with the dlc, and extras came in at $73. I’m kind of curious as to why the game is $40 on Xbox, with a $20 dlc. The exchange rate alone doesn’t explain the pricing difference.

  • 80$ for this Game? LOL!

  • So I see two different versions on the PS Store today. One listed just as Ark: Survival Evolved priced at $59.99, and the Ark: Survival Pack at $54.99. The bundle reads like it has everything with it, including the Scorched Earth expansion. The standard one reads as if it is just the base game, at $5 higher. Can you clarify?

  • if the game is 55 US for the bundle that is yea 73 canadian but for the base game. if its 37 to 40 US that doesnt add to 80 canadian. that adds to 50 to 53 canadian. 50 Can if the game is 37 US and 53 Can if the game is 40 US. So that needs to be fixed on the store ASAP. that is a very big and bad pricing error there.

  • What are the links to the game? I only see one option when typing in ark, its a bundle pack which I dont want.

  • I see the core game at $79.99 CAD and Expansion have been removed from the store.

    Just the Survivors Pack available now, $73.99 CAD.

    • ohh ok thats what i see too. Mustve been an error with base game price so they will prob fix it soon.

    • The bundle is cheaper than the base game right now because it’s a paid beta. Read above you are joining a work in progress. Still a great game tho. I’m going to be buying again, sucks its at a higher price tho

  • the base game isnt even available atm and why would the bundle be cheaper? That doesnt make sense. Its obviously a error with pricing, hence why they removed base game to fix the error and return it at normal price.

    • Only the bundle (including ARK: Survival Evolved and Scorched Earth together) is available in North America until the game is fully complete in Spring 2017. It does indeed have the correct price on PlayStation Store, and it is intended to be less than the ultimate launch price the game will have next Spring. By joining ARK now, you’re getting a 50% discount on the final price of the game, because of the help that everyone is providing to make ARK better as we continue its development process. Thank you!!!

    • Why is The game only is 34.99$ CAD on the xbox one market and the expansion is 19,99$………and at ps4 we don’t have any choice except buy the bundle at 73$ cad……It’s 20$ higher than what xbox customers have to paid for both items…… wow

    • 74$ cad for a unfinish demo with too many bug + 55$ (50% of 110$ cad) for the full game? a ps4 game normal price is 75$ cad for a full version, after having test your game and buy the finish product, the real price is 128$ cad and the smart player who wait the fiunish version paid 110$ cad…

      early acces = beta = free in all gamer world… . why i need to paid twice for a game?

    • The Devs for this game seem to be interested in money more then quality to the point where they’ll charge founders on pc for dlc when most others give it for free since unfinished games don’t have a season pass the founders basically means you get the game now can get it on other platforms because why not and all future content free as our way of saying thanks and believing in us, what this company does with its founders is here’s a cowboy hat, glasses, and a blue saddle and from what I heard console founders get a cyber rex that is free content in the steam workshop now get lost. XD these sorts of devs scare me it’s like looking into the Activisimirror (Activision mirror) where you pay for everything and we don’t care about you XD I hear micropayments coming X3 quick avoid the game so you’re not hit with pointless content priced at a dollar XD

  • PSVR support still.coming or no?

    • Hey there! We’re currently working on PSVR for ARK but we need to find out about what exactly we’re allowed to do with the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of VR support vs the regular PlayStation 4 — to see how far we can take it. We expect to have an update soon on some VR topics next week!

    • Probably make it paid dlc, like they charged their founders on steam with scorched earth when other games when you buy founders it’s basically season pass. XD The devs scare me a little with this game. Maybe we’ll get to see micropayments XD

  • I’ve been waiting for this game to come out on ps4 for awhile now. I’m so excited it’s out now! I got it right the second it hit 11 o’clock! $54.99 for the whole bundle is better than just the single game for $60. But anyways, been playing it since it fully downloaded! Pure excitement in general!

  • I’m ready to buy the base version of the game but all i see is the bundle, will there be a cheaper option without the DLC?

    • With these devs you’re lucky you’re not being charged for the items you get as a founder in the pack also. Wait for it founders status for this game gets you basically nothing.

  • Thought this game was supposed to be free, and it looks FTP. Find it weird that people are getting charged for it, a price of Uncharted, but experience I assume is not. ARK evolves, devs degrade.

    • they charge their pc founders that supported and helped the game for their scorched earth dlc and will charge them to get it on console XD when paragon, smite, warframe, warthunder are all FTP and all support and appreciate their founders and player by allowing whatever they got on the pc platform can be taken to ps4 or xbox one XD The devs are going downhill fast it looks. should have seen it though with the lawsuit they had over the game .

  • Can we play alone with a friend? And i mean online, Not local ;)

  • I can’t support charging for an incomplete product, sorry. Best of luck though.

  • So in otherwords, set up the server on your PC then tell friends on Xbox about it and then boom cross platform online! Mwahahaha!

  • With VR, will that be a free upgrade to the game? Or is it something I’d need to buy separately? I’m trying to figure out if I want to buy this now, or if I should wait until there is a clear answer.

    • well they stiffed their pc founders by not giving them access to console ark free and they made them pay for dlc apparently founders means glasses, blue saddle and stupid hat, not buy this now and in appreciation we’ll give you this stuff or something like that so maybe you will have to pay for vr support, they’ll find someway around it by making it dlc or something since ps4 won’t allow it if its just an update.

  • I was wondering because you said that the price has been fixed but in the Canadian store the game is $74.49 and I’m just wondering if this is the correct price for ark in Canada

  • “By joining ARK now, you’re getting a 50% discount on the final price of the game”
    So the game is going to be $110 bucks when it launches next Spring?
    I had been interested it the game since I first saw it a few years back but your pricing is shameful. And I mean $55 not the BS about saving 50%

    • It’s not bs, it’s the full game with dlc for 55 dollars, that’s cheaper than a full retail game without dlc so quit whining

    • The Ark: Survival Pack you see in the store for $55 includes the $20 expansion, so I’d say it’s kinda fair. I only say “kinda fair”, because that is still $13 more than the PC bundle ($42). But $60 for a full game and then $20 for an expansion seems fair to me.

    • twodee, it is not a full game, and they are releasing a dlc? i think that the devs started off great! but they then became money grubbing whor*s, so yeah, that’s just my opinion, also, it is not a full game yet.

  • I have a question,it says “until the game releases in Spring 2017”.If we buy the game now will we have to buy it again when the full game releases?

    • You will have to buy the game again this spring as @Jeremy Stieglitz states above “By joining ARK now, you’re getting a 50% discount on the final price of the game, because of the help that everyone is providing to make ARK better as we continue its development process.”

  • It looks like fun but I’m not sure I want to spend $50+ on a beta of the game. Just my two cents, but I am excited to play it when it’s finally complete!

    • This beta is 50% cheaper then the full game will be. Sounds fair to me. Btw it’s 55 for the base game + the DLC.

    • If the final/completed game is $110 I’m not buying it until it’s on sale. Plus how is that a discount if you’re paying $55 now and $55 later? So it’s an early-access tax? No thank you.

    • The $55 is the discounted price. Have you ever heard of anyone paying cheap for early access then having to buy the game again. I dont think so

  • So why not balance it with the steam pricing of 32.99 cad for the main game and 21.99 for expansion. so like 55 for whole thing. Seems silly to pay more just for a PS4 release.

  • Is it going to be cross platform?

  • I got the game on Steam a year ago and stopped after a few months because my pc couldn’t handle it. Now its on ps4 but its not free like I heard it would be. Do I have to buy it again if I want to play on ps4?

    • Yes you do ^_^ I already checked with them asking is us PC founders would get a thank you for supporting us in appreciation here’s a discount of free code like you’ve registered your game with them like warframe, warthunder, smite, paragon does but nope apparently because the files are different you are hit with another payment. It’s pretty depressing but I am looking into it further because that honestly sounds like a big ‘stuff you’ to founders that supported the game in alpha.

  • I can’t even join my friend and when I try to invite him NOTHING happens. Also, the game doesn’t look near as good as the PS4 trailer showed.

  • Not being able to join friends Non-Dedicated is getting frustrating. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. Just want to play with friends and start loving ARK

  • I have the game on PC is there a way to get it for free on PS4 or do I have to rebuy it?

  • Ehh 75$CAD good luck!! Unfishished and i pId 27$CAD on steam. Dont expect me to pay that price..

  • I put hundreds of hours into this game on Xbox one. It was my favorite thing to do, come home from school and get on ark. I stayed up all night and played all day breeding and trying to be the best. Sadly our tribe got wiped out by the “powerhouse” tribe of the server twice and it was just too much to restart again. I’m so glad that this game is finally out for ps4 so I can start my new adventure with all of my friends by my side.

  • So by playing with friends locally are you saying like they sit right next to you or I can join my friends private game when they are 2 miles

  • The game is messed up u cant read any tekst and cant see dino’s level and olso no visual Server tekst ??? good game the ark at this moment no!!! Weast of money

  • Why cant Ark Survival Evolved be found in asian store?(pls reply tq)

  • I bought both the pc and ps4 versions mainly because I know a good quality product when I see one. The price in the ps4 is a little steep in Canada for my liking but considering I have watched this game grow on the pc for over a year I fully supported what Studio Wildcard is trying to do.

    This game is and will be a game of legend which all future survival games will be compared too.

  • any way to buy it without SE i find the dlc boring asf and i didn’t like it on pc so please add a copy that is just the base game so i can buy that

  • Jeremy, can you clarify this:

    ” By joining ARK now, you’re getting a 50% discount on the final price of the game…”

    Does this mean the final release will be $60 for the base game, plus $50 for all DLCs? Thanks

    • Well if its $55 and they say its a 50% discount. Then the game will be $110. Thus the 50% discount. Why is that so hard for people to understand.

  • So I was one of the unfortunate ones who purchased survival evolved base game and not the survivors bundle. I don’t want to pay 73 bucks to get the content I already basically paid for. Either give me a refund through PayPal or a digital voucher codes I can redeem through psn.

  • The Price is rediculously high, including Dragon Quest Builders!
    If you won’t drop the price for me, then I’ll get a job and purchase a Pre-Build PC Tower that can process the minimum to medium requirements for Ark Survival Evolved PC Edition! Which means that I will quit your community and will leave a complaint!
    No Way will I ever make a deal with you, afterwards! You would take up too much of my time with too many strikes!
    (Three Strikes and You’re Out!)(Seven Strikes and You’ll have A lot of complaints!)

  • You Can’t Do This To Me!!!

    • Wow entitled much. If you dont like the price then fine go buy a pc for a few hundred and pay 30 for pc version. $55 us($73cad) vs couple hundred on a gaming pc and $30 for the game. Does that savings make sense to you? Doesnt to me. Game have always been cheaper on steam, get used to it.

  • Any information on how custom servers are going to work? Will I be able to actually run my own or will I have to rent/join a different one. The default rates are very unappealing to my group of friends.

  • Any news on any other versions for a cheaper price or a free version 60 bucks is a lot of money for early access

  • Always wanted too play the game really hoped there was a cheaper version without the dlc but beggars cant be choosers.

  • “By joining ARK now, you’re getting a 50% discount on the final price of the game, because of the help that everyone is providing to make ARK better as we continue its development process.” So if i buy the game now ($55), then you give me a 50% discount for the final release? In others words… I have to pay again for the final game but now with 50% off? I’m reading this right or I’m lost?

    • Your lost. The $55 is 50% the final price. So final price will be $110 which will be the game the scorched earth dlc and any other things they add. And if they dont add much well tough luck. Then you just pay 110 when people that bought it now paid 55

  • So any plans on fixing the non dedicated server issue can’t connect any friends at all

  • I applaud you folks over at Wildcard for the inclusion of split screen, it’s a feature that’s been dearly missed by me and many other gamers but I’m very glad to see that my brother and I will be able to spend hours in this great looking game. Thank you!

  • when I try to play scorched earth on ps4 single player some error continues to pop up ”error (CE-33116-4) help

  • Wow!! I was not expecting Ark to be released until like march 2017 :) So happy Sony finally let this game on Ps4 and happy for you guys at Wildcard to finally get this game out there!

  • I have a question though, If I bought Ark for PS4 would I have to buy it again for PS4 Pro? thinking of getting a PS4 Pro…

  • So if I’m playing the beta version will I keep my progress when the physical copy is available just curious if progress will be lost or not.

    Amazing game, Wildcard you guys are doing awesome.

  • Hey I’m glad this is out on PS4 now! I have to say though the main reason I got it is to play with my friends, and we aven’t been able to do that yet! All of my friends have tried creating non dedicated games but none of us can join each other. Please let this be one of your first fixes with patches! Here is a link describing some of this issues, we look forward to the patch fixes!

  • Hello there. Will Ark be available on the PSN Store Asia, particularly Hong Kong?

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