The Last Guardian Is Finally Here

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The Last Guardian Is Finally Here

Few creators enjoy so respected a status as Fumito Ueda.

He has served as director on two titles: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They are magical adventures, tapping into the wellspring of wonderment that lives in us all. Both forever have a place in PlayStation’s proud history.

When I reintroduced The Last Guardian at E3 2015, I was genuinely moved by the passion of that audience. Few experiences compare to hearing fans rejoice an unexpected light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Much like that of the boy and his fantastical companion Trico, this has been a tremendous journey. It’s a rare feat in our industry to endure nearly a decade in development. Many amazing people have contributed along the way, all of them believing—as you, our amazing fans, do—in Ueda-san and his singular, exacting vision.

The wait, at last, is over. On behalf of PlayStation, thank you for believing that this day could still come.

Let us today celebrate The Last Guardian. Let us celebrate the remarkable dedication and effort of our fantastic team at Japan Studio. Let us celebrate Fumito Ueda and tireless dreamers everywhere, who strive so masterfully, so beautifully, to move and inspire us.

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  • Can’t wait to dive into this game!

  • Few more hours till my collectors edition arrives!

  • Hooray! Congratulations on launching a game many thought would never come to pass. But it’s here, at long last. What a wonderful way to close 2016.

  • The majority of reviews are quite positive. If you’ve played ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and enjoyed those experiences, then you shouldn’t be stopped from playing The Last Guardian.

  • Oh and please bring us Agent if that deal with RockStar is still good! It looks like that’s the last long-awaited game (assuming Deep Down actually comes out). :D

  • What a wonderful way to close 2016.

  • Can you allow the option to supers ample for 1080p please. I like that it’ll run better but unless the game had aa on uncharted level I would prefer the cleaned up image over a few frames in a game like this

  • Thanks for not giving up on this one. And your enthusiasm is contagious, Shawn — on stage and in print. Thank you for a great year.

  • I heard that there is huge problem with performance on PS4. I will not buy the game until performance is fixed.

    This game working well on PS4 Pro, but stuttering bad on OG PS4. Its a shame, majority of PS4 owners will not buy it due to this performance problems on OG PS4.

  • 2 days until my steelcase version arrive :)

  • Please fix the framerate on the base PS4.

  • Thank you Shawn, and also Ueda. I’m finally able to be in a post-Last Guardian world, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Congratulations PlayStation!!

  • I’m sure the team must feel a great sense of relief now that it’s finally out. Congratulations are in order, and I hope it does well.

  • The digital version unlocked last night and I’ve already played several hours. I didn’t see any “stuttering” or frame rate problems and I played on my Destiny white PS4.

    My CE just arrived 5 minutes ago so I’ll play that on my Pro and see if I notice any difference.

    I got stuck on a “puzzle” last night for almost half an hour so this may take me awhile to finish.

  • Just got my CE. Really looking forward to this but I’m holding back on starting it so can work on my SotC plat (should only need a day more).

  • Have really enjoyed what I’ve played

  • Opened my CE: wow, really great quality! The statue is awesome. Good job, Playstation!

  • CE is here! I don’t have anywhere to put it!! So round, so big, 10″ doesn’t fit on my shelves Lol. Wanted to put it next to Pandoras box but that roundness, too wide. It’s right below the Helghast helmet on top of a speaker right now. Really is a lovely piece & package. However I wish there was a second place to put the kid, like next to Trico. It is a great CE though and can’t wait for Horizon Zero Dawns now w/ that Alloy statue. Unfortunately FFXV still has my name on it so TLG might have to wait. I learned years ago stick with one game otherwise nothing gets done. Great job Sony, Japan Studio, and so on. Surely going to be a great experience.

  • First-party games really ought to exhibit a level of polish that this game, unfortunately, does not have in its current state.

  • Really looking ford to this game. But Its December and got to buy for the family

  • So many GREAT games from Sony; have to wait for sale on this Highly Desired one from me!

  • Can’t wait really excited for this game love sony entertainment

  • The best game ever made!!! Hands down!

  • Very good

  • Very good

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