Paragon’s Monolith Update: A Whole New Game

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Paragon’s Monolith Update: A Whole New Game

About a year ago, we announced our MOBA Paragon at PlayStation Experience. Our goal: work with you to make Paragon the most immersive and competitive MOBA out there. Through Early Access in March and Open Beta in August, we’ve updated the game every week and released a new Hero #EveryThreeWeeks.

This week, after a year of feedback, datas and learnings, we’re releasing our biggest update to Paragon yet. It’s called the Monolith Update. You can download it tomorrow on Dec. 6 and play it… free. (Because we’re a free game.)

Paragon Monolith Map

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Faster, more action-oriented gameplay, but still a MOBA.
  • New, compact map.
  • Every Hero updated.
  • Changes to armor/damage.
  • Over 100 updates to cards.

See all of the Monolith update in action for the first time below.

For Monolith, we want to more solidly deliver on the promise of what we felt Paragon should be. To that end, we’ve turned it up a notch. Gameplay is faster. Specifically, we’re talking about faster movement speed, ability and attack execution speed, and overall game lethality. We feel this direction will help Paragon truly achieve the goal we’ve always had: The MOBA that puts you in the action.

We’ve removed Travel Mode in favor of that increased base movement speed. Once mastered, the new, faster move speeds will prove easier for players to understand in terms of which engagement ranges are safe and which are likely to land them with a free timeout.

We’ve created an entirely new map called Monolith that will become the primary competitive experience for Paragon. It’s about 30 percent smaller than the current map, which we now call “Legacy.”

While Legacy is symmetrical, the new map is asymmetrical. This layout, shown below, allows us to create clearer roles for Heroes and defines places for those Heroes. We also want our lanes to be more dynamic, awesome places filled with drama, conflict, big plays, and skilled saves. We think the smaller map with defined spaces and increased movement speeds will help us achieve our goals.

Paragon Monolith Map

In the Monolith update, we’ve also reworked damage types to allow you to better itemize armor against incoming damage. Primary attacks will now deal “Basic” damage, while any activatable power will now deal “Ability” damage. This is an important change that lets us get a much better handle on how ability-focused Heroes scale in relation to attacking Heroes. This change carries over to armor and penetration, where Basic Armor will help defend against sustained primary attacks and Ability Armor will help defend against incoming spells.

The concept of “Physical” and “Energy” Heroes has been removed and all players will now equip cards with a unified “Power” stat to increase their basic attacks and abilities. Players who buy Power will see that stat build into a percentage of all their outgoing damage, regardless of whether the damage comes from their basic attacks or their abilities. Buying damage as Gideon will increase your abilities considerably with a small bump to your basic attacks, while buying damage as Murdock will primarily increase your basic attacks. Down the road we’ll be looking at adding cards which might allow for increasing only ability damage or doing cool things to your basic attacks.

With all of this, it should come as no surprise that we’ve rebalanced every Hero in the game with an eye toward both faster speeds and faster kill times. Ranges for most abilities have been reduced, while timings of most activation animations have been sped up across the board. Movespeed buffs and slows have likewise all been adjusted to match the new movement speeds.

We’ve also completely re-worked our Hero Twinblast to make him more lethal and fun on the new map. You can check out his new kit below.

Those are big pieces, but there are even more changes and adjustments in the Monolith update like the removal of cards with cooldown reduction and an increased emphasis on managing your mana.

Read the full release notes for the Monolith Update and tune in to the debut matches today on our Twitch Channel.

To celebrate, we’re giving you Double XP and Rep all week long. We encourage you to play three games and give us your thoughts.

We can’t wait to see you on Monolith!

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  • Does the double XP and rep stack if you already have rep and XP boosters? And when can we expect trophies? Anyway the update sounds great! And I look forward to it tomorrow. Thanks Epic for all of your work and efforts in improving the game.

  • what about the penalties when the group is not assembled because they fail to secure their hero? many times I’ve being banned because other members of my party relish to abandon their hero… It’s not fair for me or the other three…

  • Wow, the overall speed increase is really noticeable in those vids. Not just the movement speed but abilities and flow of everything. Super excited to check out this update and the new map. Going to feel like a brand new game for sure.

    The Twinblast re-work looks pretty bad ass. His Ult looks so deadly now matched with his new abilities. Can’t wait to see how all the characters play now and all the new card re-works!

    Congrats on finally releasing the new map/update, its been a long time coming and I am ready to jump in.

  • Finally! This is the update I was waiting for! Ever since you changed travel mode and made other changes, I stopped playing since I thought everything was a mess, the game had lost direction and it seemed the developers didn’t know what they were doing with so many weird changes.

    Jumping back in hoping I have as much fun as I had the the earlier versions of Paragon.

  • No offense, but this game already blew it’s first chance for me. I was looking forward to it, but the prior version left a lot to be desired and shortly afterwards I got lost in Overwatch. Now, there are more games out and I probably won’t get around to even trying the game (however much better it might be) until considerably into next year.

    Best of luck.

    • Same here could never really get into this game I’ll maybe give it try in a couple of days hope it’s better

  • I think I’ll overwatch is way better Dennis this game is really too realistic.

  • How about some Trophies?

    They are way overdue.

  • So when the Beta was released I was super amped about this game. It looks gorgeous and it offers a great platform for friends to play together in multiplayer.
    Beta was opened up and all excited I followed the prompts but it gave me an error. Made contact with support and they informed me that my region (South Africa) is not supported. More than a bit disappointed as I took place in closed and open betas for Battleborn and Overwatch.
    Wrote it off as “one of those things” and moved on.

    A year later and Paragon is still not available in my region.
    It’s OK Epic. I’ve been spending my time and money on games that are available in my region like Overwatch and Titanfall 2.

  • Just an FYI for anyone that hasn’t tried this game before and is thinking about it now: you need to download around 12 GB…and Epic practically FORCES YOU to create a dumb “Epic Account” to play (technically you “can” skip it…but trust me: you really can’t if you’re planning to play for a long time).

    So if you’re like me, and just HATE when a company forces you to create a useless account on THEIR (kinda shady most of the time) servers/network to be able to peacefully enjoy a game…then you should take this warning and save yourself all the hassle of downloading 12 gigs just to deal with some awful notice trying to shove an account into your throat.

    PS: There are LOTS of awesome F2P games in the PS Store that allows you to fully enjoy the game without these kind of “practices”… ;)

    • How do you suggest they manage the cross platform service that this game offers? How did you think you were going to be able to log on to the game from both platforms?

  • I think ults need to be looked at, when I level up countess, there’s a point where my E is more powerful than my R, and please split ability and basic similarly to how energy and physical was

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