Prepare for Mini-game Mayhem, Move or Die Launches Next Year on PS4

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Prepare for Mini-game Mayhem, Move or Die Launches Next Year on PS4

Hello there! I’m Nicolae Berbece, one of the developers of Move or Die, a fast-paced, addictive, friendship-ruining multiplayer party game coming next year to PlayStation 4 with a simple premise: you move, or you die!

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “That’s all you do in the game?” Well, it gets a little more complex.

While the fundamental gameplay rule “move or die” is pretty straight-forward for a multiplayer game, we use that rule to introduce a plethora of mini-games that usually average about 20 seconds each.

The mini-games range from “Kill your enemies by doing backflips and shooting them with your sniper which only fires while you are not touching the ground” to “Press a button to inflate and run into an opponent so you can knock him back and create an electric vortex in the middle that will kill anybody who touches it,” and of course “backstab your friends with brightly-colored chainsaws” as well. We designed Move or Die so that gamers will always have to be on their toes as games are randomly chosen every time.

In addition to the numerous mini-games, players can chose to modify the rules even more with Mutators. Think of Mutators as a way to spice up the action in Move or Die, ranging from submerging the entire game underwater, turning dead players into deadly zombies, double jumps, jet packs, and much more.

It’s quite interesting how Mutators can often dramatically change each mini-game differently, making the multiplayer aspects of Move Or Die even crazier — we often say our game is the “friendship-ruining game” and there’s nothing quite like the spectacle of four friends raging against each other in modes like “Bomb Tag,” “Chainsaw Backstab,” or “JumpSho.”

As Move or Die has been available on PC for the past year, we often heard from fans that it would be a perfect game to bring to console, and we’re very happy to be bringing it to PS4. And don’t worry, we have some awesome features for the future when the game launches on console including, new playable characters, wackier game modes, more game modes, more mutators, and some major features — one of the things we’re working on having is team play. So whether it’s 2 on 2, 3 on 1, or 2 on 1 on 1 (yeah, that’s a thing), we definitely plan to test the friendships between PS4 players when Move or Die launches next year!

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