PaRappa, Patapon & LocoRoco Remasters Coming to PS4

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PaRappa, Patapon & LocoRoco Remasters Coming to PS4

During the PlayStation Experience Showcase this morning, we were finally able to pump up the volume on three classic games with two things connecting them: 1) They feature music in a unique way and 2) They are all getting remastered!

The classic hip-hop beats of PaRappa the Rapper, the addictively charming tunes sung by scores of Loco Roco, and the marching war beats of Patapon are coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017. Lovingly rendered in 4K (requires PS4 Pro and a 4K-compatible display) and 1080p, these iconic characters will get a new life on today’s televisions. To give you a taste of the love we are putting into developing these games for a new generation, we are releasing a demo of PaRappa the Rapper Remastered today!

Besides making the games look great on your HD and 4K televisions, we are adding special features to take advantage of PS4 and DualShock 4 capabilities. For PaRappa the Rapper Remastered, the DualShock 4 controller provides a steady metronome for each song to help the player ‘feel’ the beat of the rap. LocoRoco Remastered takes advantage of the features a DualShock 4 offers incorporating motion controls to help roll, bounce and tilt the LocoRoco through their vibrantly animated worlds.

Keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog for more updates in the coming months! Until then, in the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow but now I really gotta go.

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  • Would it really have been that expensive to dump these all on Vita too? I own the PSP versions and they do not look great upscaled.

    • That’s because the Vita upscales the PSP’s standard resolution, it doesn’t increase it like PS3/4 does with PS2 Classics.

    • With any luck they’ll announce cross-buy with Vita on the stage at E3!

      People say that Sony doesn’t care at all, but considering they saved the Banner Saga Vita port from going extinct (allegedly early 2017) after multiple failed attempts at porting it to Vita from the original developers using 3rd party porting firms… Well the point is it would be great to have more Vita games to point to.

      The whole point of making the Vita the way they did was to make porting incredibly easy. So one would hope that remastering these would be trivial, cheap, and a value add for getting people to buy great games.

    • Sony doesn’t care about Vita. Two handheld IPs that people were asking for Vita releases for years and here we are, PS4-only. Nik will either not reply to my comment or drop some passive aggressive Remote Play garbage (because there’s no better genre of games to play with severe input lag than the rhythm one). It’s foolish to think they’ll ever mention the words “Vita” at E3 again in a context that isn’t “___ was loved by Vita owners, so we’re porting it to PS4 because only PS4 deserves games. #4theplayers #greatnessawaits Buy PSVR/PS4 Pro+subscribe to PS Vue today!” or a Yoshida interview where he says handhelds are dead while the PlayStation brand is brought to irrelevancy in Japan thanks to the Switch.

      Corsi is occasionally given $10 to port something to Vita, but now those are pretty much left to announcements that are framed as “It’s coming to PS4 [and also Vita].” He went from doing Vita specific projects, like janky versions of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and Borderlands 2, to delivering ROM dumps of prehistoric SNK games and years late forgotten phone schlock. Stardew Valley? Starbound? GTA PS2? Digimon: Next Order? PSNova? Capcom/Telltale games? No, that might actually get people excited.

    • To pour more salt in that reopened wound, Sony will announce their first new mobile game from Forward Works this month. It’ll probably be a higher effort than they’ve put in Vita since launch.

  • Will these be sold separately or as a bundle? Would be cool to get them all on one disc.

  • Thank you, Nick. <3 PATAPON

  • #starhawk remaster

  • I’m excited for this PaRappa demo!



  • I’m really excited to play more Patapon, even if it’s a remaster.

    • I wanna say I’m excited, but the first game was a bit too grindy at the end. If it’s all 3 getting remastered, then AMAZING!

      But I’m not sure that I’ll be doing 20 hours of grinding again like I did in the first game. Cause the problem becomes that you can’t watch t.v. while grinding, (unless you’re like god tier player) and without multi-tasking the grind becomes truly that of a grind.

  • Nice! Keep refreshing the store to see if the demo for PaRappa is live.

  • With an old PSOne and PSP titles like these getting remastered I really really REALLY hope we might see a Medievil remaster/remake/sequel someday.


  • Patapon and Loco Roco are fantastic games, and I was thrilled to hear this announcement during the keynote. I hope their sequels will receive the same treatment!

  • When I saw Patapon being mentioned, my heart dropped. I love the series and I still can’t believe it’s getting remastered. Hopefully the whole series gets remastered and becomes available for purchase!

  • How about getting CC2 to remaster the .hack// games instead of putting out remasters that no one cares about

    • I care about these, an so do many others…
      As a .hack fan also, please do not be rude for no reason.

    • While I would like to see a remastered .Hack I would prefer not as that would mean the 150 I doped for quarantine a few months back was a waste. Also people have fond memories of Parappa as the video shows. Heck I will have the old ps1 jampack demo disk that has Parappa and Armored Core or it.

  • Strange that Vita never got native Loco/Patapon games. Perfect system for them with motion and touch.

  • Please bring Patapon 2 & 3 to PS4 as well!

    Please Make sure that Patapon has a platinum!

    Please tell us when these are coming!

  • While this is great news, PS Vita should have had a proper version of LocoRoco with real tilt support and Patapon with front/back touch years ago. Those would have been must-have titles for the system.

  • I don`t think that PaRappa, Patapon & LocoRoco Remasters Coming to PS4 is bad for PsVita users (like me), but the only thing that a ask for is, if one day would be a sequel of this games, please sony make a PsVita version. Offcourse if there money guaranteed , it will be happen. Just make a poll to people Sony.
    I like PsVita sytem and games but is true that i could be a little more maketing about it.

  • Sony is no longer supporting the Vita so it won’t happen. Heck I don’t know if they’re even still manufacturing Vitas. Guess it’s what happens when the competition sells 30 mil worldwide and the Vita only sold 4 mil worldwide.

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