Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Launches April 7, 2017 on PS4

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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Launches April 7, 2017 on PS4

Hi! I’m Sebastian Wojciechowski, president of People Can Fly, and I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with PlayStation fans around the world. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is coming to PS4 on April 7, 2017!

You might be familiar with Bulletstorm, or you might be hearing about the game for the first time today. No matter if you’re diehard fan or if you’re new to the series, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition has something for you!

The game follows the story of Grayson Hunt, a professional assassin who’s been exiled from the elite group Dead Echo. Grayson’s been betrayed by his commander, General Serrano, and finds himself stranded on the planet Stygia — which was once a popular resort destination but is now overrun by mutants, irradiated plant life, cannibals, and things even worse than that (Really, even worse than cannibals). Grayson now has to decide — get himself and his crew off the planet alive, or confront the general who betrayed him.

As we were developing Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, we wanted to provide the ultimate Bulletstorm experience for fans. And we feel that we delivered on that, as this game has it all! You’ll get to experience Bulletstorm and all of the DLC released for the game in one package, along with improvements that weren’t possible until now with PS4.

We started by going back to the original Bulletstorm and upgrading the visuals and presentation; when you jump into the game you’ll experience updated character models, environments, lighting effects, animations, and more. And on top of that, the game runs at a smoother framerate than ever before giving even more fluidity to the gameplay. And if you own a PS4 Pro, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these graphical enhancements even further in stunning 4K resolution.

But there’s more to the game than a fresh coat of paint. We’ve also added in some new content that hasn’t been seen before! There’s a new Overkill Campaign Mode, where you can blast your way through the campaign by starting off with an unrestricted arsenal of weapons and skillshots. If you’re new to Bulletstorm, skillshots are unique kills in which you use the environment around you to take out your enemies with style. Using skillshots will reward you with skillpoints, which can be used to upgrade your arsenal.

There’s also six new Echo Maps, where you can showcase your skills in the score-based Echo Mode. And last but definitely not least, fans who pre-order Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will get free access to the Duke Nukem’s Bulletstorm Tour DLC, which gives you the option to swap out Grayson Hunt with the iconic Duke Nukem!

You heard right, we’ve got the voice of Duke himself, Jon St. John, in the game with a re-recorded script and all new lines, along with a hi-def rendered version of Duke Nukem. If you’ve ever wanted to play as Duke Nukem in HD on your PS4, this is your chance!

At People Can Fly, we love the Bulletstorm franchise. That’s why we’re happy to be working with Gearbox Publishing, who love the series just like we do. And with the similarities between our companies in how we develop first-person shooters with a focus on humor and unforgettable experiences, we feel that this is a partnership that is great for the game and its fans.

We’re thrilled to be bringing this game to PlayStation fans and can’t wait to watch your livestreams and videos as you make Bulletstorm your own. See you in April!

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  • OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  • How much will this cost? This looks epic.

    • On Steam the price is listed as 49.99 USD before a 15% off pre-order discount.

      I like the People Can Fly team, and I think the Duke Nukem DLC makes perfect sense (almost like this is how Duke Nuken Forever should have come out), but that is a little exorbitant to me. 30 seems like it should be the upper limit for this considering the additional content, but its still a pretty old game that could be purchased for less than 10 dollars for the past few years. I got my copy for something like $2.50 I think, and that included DLC.

      Value is a hard thing to define, I guess.

  • Hell yes!!! This drops on my sister’s birthday, so I guess I got that covered now too.

  • Oh my sweet lord, this game was already an awesome FPS satire… but now you can play as Duke with a re-recorded script? TAKE MY MONEY NOW

  • Still waiting on a sequel, but this is good too.

  • yesssssssssssssssssssss day 1 buy

    was such a good game

  • I just want to know… Will Duty Calls be included with this game?

  • Oow! Interesting. I been wanting to play this for a while but been slow about getting to it. Might be a good way to play!

  • Glad to see this coming out really enjoyed it on PS3. Yet I hope to hear something about a sequel or spinoff.

  • Great… another remaster…

  • I absolutely loved Bulletstorm last generation, and I played the heck out of it. I still have it, and can go back and play it if I want to. Will there be some kind of discount for those of us that still own the original game? As much as I love it, I really can’t justify paying full price for a game I already have. I hope this works out for you, because I would totally support a new Bulletstorm game. It is hard to justify buying the same game again though, considering I could just play it right now if I want to.

  • YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I loved this game. Take my money!

  • Man when I played the trial for this on ps3 I enjoyed it alot. I definitely wanna pick this up since I never got the chance on ps3 and plating as Duke Nukem too? This game is perfect for him!!!

  • Will there be multiplayer as well?

  • So does this mean we will finally see the tale of Grayson and his crew get a conclusion? Not to wild about duke nukem, but I do love bulletstorm. Though you guys are releasing in perhaps the worst window ever after this week, but at least you didn’t pit it against bf1, titanfall2, and the rest of the fps army.

  • This is great news! I saw a lot of potential from the original and a remaster will be made markedly better with PlayStation communities to help find teams for the multiplayer smackdown-fest that is bulletsorm

  • I bought the original on PS3 during a sale for $5…but I actually never started it. Don’t think I will be buying this version, but cool for those who are interested.

  • Awesome! One of the few games from the PS3 era I was interested in but never got around to play.

  • It’s the only FPS game with a laser whip to pull enemies in a kick them. It also has the most addicting fun sniping in any game. As you control the bullet’s direction.

  • Unless then is less than $20, I don’t see how to justify rebuying it or why its coming back

  • F**k Yes! I loved Bulketstorm on 360 and PS3, can’t wait to mix in some Duke and try out the new echo maps. Please do a sequel next it’s what Wellington would have wanted!

  • Waggington ^ stupid auto correct

  • I’m getting tired of remasters, but I’ll give this underrated gem a pass. I love it so darn much. Hopefully it sells well so we can finally get a sequel (I’m assuming that’s the main point of this remaster).

  • no thank you, for 50$ i will pass.

  • Wojciechowski is my mom’s maiden name.

  • $60 for a physical copy? LOL.

  • Makes sense! This game was horrible the first time around and nobody in the universe wanted more of it, so remaster it! Why not? Remaster everything!

  • What a shame to see yet another recycled game…I played Bulletstorm,got plat on it and thought it was a great game,pretty neat for a FPS and very fun.Would like to see a 2 instead of a recycled crappy version of the original game but maybe this means that y’all are working on a 2?…this is very unlikely I know but this game was the last one I thought that could ever be recycled for PS4.

    PS:Nice to see Duke there at least y’all aren’t simply recycling the game.

  • I can’t wait to try this game out.

  • Loved the original, seriously it was fantastic for the time, but why the **** do we need a remaster? Bring us a new version and I’ll give you more money. I may be a cynic but this just screams money grab to me.

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