Unboxing The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition

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Unboxing The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition

Hi all! I recently had the privilege of breaching the structural integrity of the beautiful Collector’s Edition for The Last Guardian. I’d wager the game needs no introduction here, but I still can’t stress enough how profoundly impactful it was to finally hold a copy of the game in my hands. And soon, you’ll be able to as well!

The CE is a sumptuous treat for the eyes and fingertips. The outer packaging feels premium, the minimalist design of the Steelbook case will look good on any bookshelf, and the Premium Statue is impressively detailed. Don’t just take my word for it — I was joined by none other than Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, who joined in the unboxing fun in our new video.

The Last Guardian launches in North America on December 6, 2016, exclusively for PS4.

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  • I preordered the Collector’s Edition as well! I can’t wait for my copy, however I will say that the boy in the statue looks a but weird.

  • Good ole’ Sid, always describing inanimate objects as food.

  • What material is the statue made of?

  • Such an amazing collectors edition, I cannot wait to experience this game. It has truly been a long time coming.

  • Awesome, iv been waiting for this game for well 8 years. Im so happy to finally get to play it.

  • Oh damn, double Shu action…

  • So many nice CE coming out this year. Notable mention are FFXV, Horizon, World of Final Fantasy, and now this. What a great time to be a collector.

    But damn, now I’m anxious that Amazon would put enough padding in their shipping box … Have been getting one with dented corners for a few times now …

  • 140€?


    FFXV, TLG and KH3……dreams coming true.

  • Really hope we have the option to use the older, SOTC style control scheme. Holding R1 actually makes it more immersive.

  • So incredibly ready to play this.

  • I don’t always but Collector’s Editions, but when I do, it’s The Last Guardian. Stay gaming my friends. ;)

  • I rather they would have spend the money on a mechanical (physical) IPD setting for PSVR. Because blurry edges suck at 74mm IPD.

  • Great unboxing video, especially that nice message at the end.

    I can barely believe we’re finally here, and The Last Guardian will be available to be played by more than just Ryan Clements – but everyone, at last :-D

    Hope everyone has a great PSX!

  • Well it’s finally finished, like ff15 which I received today. Let’s hope it reviews as well as ff.

    Nice statue, I’m hoping it’s a great game after buying two exclusives this month it would be nice to put it on my wish list.

    PsX finishes on my birthday and I’m hoping I will see some cool stuff and maybe even a nice surprise or two. Thanks Sony, I know it isn’t easy to bring some of these projects to completion. I personally have always find Yoshida San to be heartfelt, savvy and passionate I respect that even when some projects don’t turn out as everyone hopes.

  • Shu is awesome. I’m going the download route because I’m generally lazy and impatient. I hope to finish most of Final Fantasy by then.

  • I really, really, dig that statue! Super slick!

  • Okay, I don’t want this to come off condescending. I don’t mean it that way, but I’m concerned that it could read like that so…….

    I say this with all due respect and admiration;
    Shuhei Yoshida is adorable.

  • Please don’t suck; please don’t suck; please don’t suck! I’ve wanted this game since first sight, E3 2009. For the love of God, please don’t suck!

    Mantra over, I bought the CE for the cool stuff, but will be playing the digital version. Taking a day off work, even. Going to run it side by side on my white PS4 and my new Pro. Cautiously hyped!!

  • I doubt that i will ever play this game, but i hope the people that do, have a good time.

  • The Shu-men Show.

  • Got the Collector’s Edition AND standard edition fully paid off!
    Keep bring the quality games, and you got my money!

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