Play Super Mega Baseball 2 at PlayStation Experience

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Play Super Mega Baseball 2 at PlayStation Experience

The last time I wrote a post here was to tell you about our studio’s first title, a new sports game by the name of Super Mega Baseball. It’s been an unbelievable two years since then, and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to be back here to share some info about Super Mega Baseball 2, and the fact we’ll have the first publicly playable build of it on the showfloor at PlayStation Experience on December 3 and 4.

The design elements of the first game were arrived at largely through experimentation and gut instinct. This time around, we have a wealth of community feedback to work with. That feedback has translated into three main areas of focus for Super Mega Baseball 2: presentation, customization, and online play.

To put it simply, Super Mega Baseball 2 will look a lot better than Super Mega Baseball 1. You will also notice a more mature vibe.

The unique and very light-hearted look of Super Mega Baseball 1 had a certain charm for some, but to others may have communicated that the game did not take its subject matter seriously. It probably led some folks who would have otherwise enjoyed the game to overlook it. Any of you that played Super Mega Baseball 1 of course know that it does in fact take its subject matter very seriously, but we want to make sure there won’t be any doubt about that with Super Mega Baseball 2.

Expect to see more realistically proportioned and more detailed characters, a modernized interface, and a vastly improved lighting and material model (the technical term is Physically Based Rendering — all the cool kids are doing it these days). Think of the presentation upgrades as an initiative to make sure you have an easy time recruiting your friends to play with you.

Super Mega Baseball 1 had a decent degree of player customization, but was missing some key options, particularly at the team and league levels. Super Mega Baseball 2 aims to round out the package with those key options that were missing in the original.

Most notably, you’re now able to edit team names, logos, and uniforms. You can then take your custom teams and organize them into custom leagues of whatever size you like. Lastly, the customization options at the player level have been greatly expanded as well, perhaps most excitingly with the ability to customize player skill values, gear, and animations, like batting stances.

Online play was the single most-requested feature after we shipped Super Mega Baseball 1. We knew that would be the case when we wrote the first line of Super Mega Baseball 1 code more than six years ago, but it was simply a job too large for our studio at the time.

I’m not going to get into detail about Super Mega Baseball 2’s online gameplay right now as we have a lot of work on our plate still. What I will say is that the style of play you’re used to with Super Mega Baseball will carry forward into online play. It’ll be friendly to newcomers of widely differing skill levels via the Ego difficulty system, ruthlessly competitive for players who are up for it, and will maintain the game’s ultra-rapid pacing to ensure you can get a lot of fun out of even short play sessions.

As a studio graduating to our second major production, I can confirm that getting even this far is Very Hard, and some thanks are in order. Super Mega Baseball appeared first on PlayStation and we’re thankful to have been given that opportunity. Super Mega Baseball 2, like Super Mega Baseball 12, runs on PhyreEngine, and we’d like to give a shoutout and thank you to the PhyreEngine team in London who have been a constant source of support on this project.

Finally, we wouldn’t be so lucky to still be doing this without all of you that gave an unknown game from an unknown studio a shot — I hope you like what we’re doing with the next iteration of Super Mega Baseball, and ultimately have a blast playing it.

We’ll get more specific about a release date as we approach launch, but it’s looking most likely to drop in the mid-2017 timeframe.

We hope to see you at PlayStation Experience in December!

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  • Fun game, hopefully see you all on twitch.

  • I LOVED the first one, and am really looking forward to this. I just hope that even though the players will look more realistic and the game will be more mature (good choice of words), you keep the fun, simple mechanics that original contained.

    • The core mechanics of the first game generally worked really well for most people, so that’s definitely an area where we’ll be refining rather than rebuilding.

      There are no doubt some challenges in retaining the ‘feel’ of the game as we change the proportions / scale the players (and ball), so we have to do things like tighten some of the camera angles to make sure that hitting a clean line drive still feels Juicy. But as we move the players closer to realistic size, the most exciting gameplay opportunity that presents is on defense. The fielders, especially infielders, now have that breathing room they need to make some more athletic / flashier plays.

  • I am extremely excited for this game. My friends and I get together every Sunday night (we never miss) to have 2v2 series’. We’ve become huge fans of the game. One feature we were hoping to see is the ability to turn off the slow-motion segment that happens immediately after a hit. It would be a bigger challenge to make a quick diving or jumping catch. I will be buying this day one!

    • That’s awesome to hear, and thanks for the feedback. Not gonna give you a yes or no on that particular question right now, but fielding is the gameplay mechanic where I think we’ll be investing the most time to make improvements.

  • Any thoughts about PS4 Pro support? Definitely looking forward to this one!

  • Are all the women gone now? Most of my best hitters were women!

    • Definitely still in the game! The female art & animation simply isn’t polished enough to show yet, but we can’t wait to show it once it is.

  • I’ll avoid making any commitments about PS4 Pro support just yet (it’s very related to performance optimization and that tends to come together late in the development cycle), but what I can say is that SMB2 gameplay will run at 60fps on all PS4 models. That’s something we consider non-optional for this style of game regardless of which box you have. That means any effort we direct to PS4 Pro support will be on image quality (but again, no promises at this stage).

  • Give us a solid season campaign mode and a PLATINUM TROPHY, and you’ll have a HUGE hit. Atleast let us know if there’s a platinum. First game had incredible gameplay. Truly an addictive game. You guys are an incredibly talented studio. Looking forward to this!

  • PLATINUM trophy?

  • I’m a little disappointed you’re working on a second baseball game. I can’t imagine the market for a second SMB game is very much bigger than the market for the first. There will be a good % of return customers, but I’d expect the amount of new customers does not outnumber the amount of non-returning customers, given how the MLB is really pushing their own RBI games.

    I’d have liked to see a hockey or (Canadian) football game in the Super Mega style. I think the systems like ego, Mojo, and contracts can translate to other sports, and that can expand the Super Mega audience.

  • Loved the first one. Wish this one was coming to Vita.

  • You mentioned a more mature look and feel. Does that mean we won’t see players shooting out sweat and tears when they’re nervous or strike out? That was one of my favourite parts of the game!!! Always gave my friends and I a good chuckle seeing those silly animations.

    Furthermore, PLEASE keep the funny games from Super Mega Baseball 1. I LOVE them!

  • Absolutely loved the first one! So excited for this!!!

  • I guess that I’ll stop by….
    PS Nation

  • The first one was a welcome addition to my long time love of baseball video games. The second really has me going again. Good luck with the secquel as I’m sure I’ll pick it up day one. I think games like this and MLB Power Pros from backin the day keep me playing. I’m a sucker for Arcade style sports action and you hit a home run with Super Mega Baseball. I hope my online works for the second game. I can’t wait. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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