Everything You Need to Know About Final Fantasy XV

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Everything You Need to Know About Final Fantasy XV

There are no spoilers ahead, so feel free to read without any worry. However, this blog is quite long. You’ve been warned!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share this one-stop shop for everything Final Fantasy XV. Let’s distill it into 15 major points!

1.) Final Fantasy XV is right around the corner, launching on disc and PlayStation Store November 29, 2016 on PS4.

2.) Final Fantasy XV was built for both the hardcore and casual Final Fantasy fans, alike.

  • If you love Final Fantasy, see number 15.
  • If you aren’t familiar with it, the story, the characters, combat, and world are all new, so no prior knowledge is required to enjoy this experience!

3.) The story of Final Fantasy XV is Noctis’ story. Noctis is the prince of the kingdom of Lucis. He is set to wed Luna. He’s sent away to find his bride to be with his three best friends — Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis — on a road trip using his father King Regis’ car, the Regalia.

As he is sent from his kingdom to wed his bride to be, he hears that under the guise of a peace treaty his kingdom is overtaken and invaded by the Niflheim Empire. He receives reports that his father, his fiancée Luna, and he himself are all reported dead.

Not quite sure who to believe or trust, he continues on his journey with his comrades to find out the truth and reclaim his rightful spot on the throne of the kingdom of Lucis. Pretty straightforward, right?

Final Fantasy XV

4.) Final Fantasy XV is completely open world. While there’s of course a main critical path to follow, you’ll realize you can do whatever you want in the first 10 minutes.

5.) The world is called Eos. It’s a massive world with multiple continents that are all completely different, vibrant, and sometimes dangerous.

6.) Combat has completely changed in this Final Fantasy. You only control Noctis, but you have four equipment slots for weapons, shields, or magic. The combat is silky smooth and doesn’t require waiting for your turn to attack. You can vary up your attack combinations by using the four equipment slots.

Final Fantasy XV

7.) Noctis’ warp strike is the single most awesome thing in the world right now. Noctis’ ability to throw his sword and warp from one place to another is a strategic ability that allows you to attack enemies from long distances (the further you attack from, the higher the damage multiplier), and allows you to get away mid-battle in case you need to do a quick heal, cast magic, or let your allies take care of mobs in battle.

Warp striking takes multiple forms in the game and can be leveled up quite significantly (see point 14) to become even more awesome than what you may have seen in videos or livestreams. There’s no one single image to show this, you need to experience this.

8.) Your team members’ roles in battle are critical. While you only control Noctis to attack, you can hold down L1 and use the D-pad to call on your teammates to do different abilities. There are lots of different team up attacks useful in different situations, whether in open environments, closed dungeons, against a single enemy, etc. Also, check out point 14 for further notes on making sure your party members are leveled up properly!

9.) Of course magic plays a key role. There are two kinds of magic — elemental magic and ring magic. I’ll focus on elemental magic for now. So the step-by-step process of magic is as follows. It’s simple, yet deceptively addictive…

  • You can harvest three different types of elemental magic — fire, ice, and lightning. These elemental nodes appear in the world at random.
  • Once harvesting, you fill up your magic flask with what kind of magic you want. You can actually combine up to two! So you can have a combo fire and lightning spell. From there, depending on how much magic you’ve harvested from the world, that determines how powerful the magic becomes.
  • From there, you can add in an item you pick up in the field — see point 12 for more details! This includes items like elixirs, phoenix down, or items that look useless. Use any item as a modifier and completely change up your magic! The item can modify your spell to add an XP modifier, poison damage, or even a heal. The combinations are crazy. That’s why elemental magic is simple, yet addictive!

Final Fantasy XV

10.) There are tons of weapon classes and individual weapons! I don’t want to spoil this for everyone out there, as it’s much more fun to find out the massive breadth of how many weapons Noctis can wield. There are, of course, one-handed and two-handed swords, small daggers, guns, shields, polearms, axes… and tons more! Keep an eye out, though — you may even be able to evolve your weapons…

11.) Leveling up does not immediately happen after each battle — take that into account! You’ll need to camp either in the wild at specific locations or designated places in towns like inns. If you die before you remember to camp or collect all the XP you’ve earned, you’ll lose it all!

12.) Picking up items! As stated in point 9, picking up items for magic is crucial. In addition to that, random items may be useful for a variety of quests. Don’t forget to explore every nook and cranny in the world of Eos.

13.) The Regalia is your father’s car. Throughout the game, you’ll have the Regalia. You can either manually drive it, auto drive, or do fast travel to get to your destination.

Final Fantasy XV

The radio is fully equipped with classic Final Fantasy songs and even a track from Grammy award winning DJ Afrojack! You can customize it not only aesthetically, but functionally as you progress. There are other modes of transportation in the game, like chocobos, but you’ll have to find those out yourself!

14.) The Ascension tree is the skill tree in Final Fantasy XV. We’re not using materia or a sphere grid to level up your skills this time around. The way it works is quite simple. After tons of different activities in the game, you’ll earn AP — Ability Points. You use the AP you’ve earned and apply it to level up your character depending on your gameplay style.

But be careful! The AP you earn is for all four party members, so make sure you don’t overpower Noctis and leave Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis out in the cold!

15.) All the Final Fantasy staples are still there. Chocobos, moogles, cactuars, behemoths, massive weapons, and summons (called Astrals in FFXV, so don’t call them Aeons, Espers, or Primals)!

I’m sure there are tons of questions you may have like “How long is it?” “Who’s the final boss?” “What summons are there?” “How many side quests are there?” But if you have just one question to ask the development team behind Final Fantasy XV, what would you want to ask them?

November 29! Let’s get hyped!

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  • Lining up some days off from work to stay in front of the TV and play for a couple of days when it comes out. Really looking forward to my UCE arriving and playing it next week! Final Fantasy has been my favorite series for over 20 years. This looks likes it will be another great entry in the series.

  • what’re some details about the season pass?

    • 4 main dlc to the season pass ($25 for the pass) consisting of episodes Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis which adds an extra story for each character where you get to play in a different style. Ignis is stealth, gladiolus is action, and I believe Prompts plays like an fps. The 4th dlc of the pass is called “expansion pack” and adds multiplayer features to the game, but we don’t know much about that yet. Lastly, there are 2 free dlc, a “booster pack” and a “holiday pack” which we don’t know much about yet.

    • DrakonMaximus, haha you took the words right out of my mouth! that’s exactly it!

  • Hello Mat,

    I wanted to ask if you guys could create Avatar pictures for us to show off one of the four main characters as well as many of the side characters (oh perhaps a Regalia and Chocobo, Moogles, Cactuars and Behemoths) on our player profile.

    Also any chance for more Dynamic Themes and also ShareFactory set for people who want to create special content to show off the game.

    Lastly, as I will be buying the Season Pass will the pre order content from various vendors be made available for free for Season Pass owners are will we have to pay for it.

    Thank you,

    Rob aka Graf

    • Hiya GrafUlrich88,

      We actually have an exclusive theme for anyone who pre-orders on PSN digitally as well as one for the Digital Premium Theme.

      I hope that that’s enough!

      As for avatars, it’s been a hot topic as of late, so while there’s no promises quite yet, we’ll see what we can do!

    • @Mat Kishimoto When will the Digital Premium Theme be released?

  • I’d like to ask the developers which character was the hardest to model and why? Also like they said already I’d like to have avatars for my ps profile :)

  • Just one question? OK!

    Why did you make the casual outfits in this game so incredibly ugly? Was it a ploy to make us buy DLC costumes?

    • I’m going all in for Baseball cap Noctis. I’m not that big of a fan for the other casual outfits but taking on Magitek Armor in a tee-shirt and baseball cap is just too funny an image.

  • Why would you go open world in a Final Fantasy game?

    Open world games are way too prevalent right now… I look to JRPGs for my dose of linearity. A good, solid linear story with a few side quests to keep things interesting.

    Not saying there isn’t a place for open world… but we have an absurd quantity of open world games already and the best Final Fantasy games always have a relatively strong linear story that guides you for the first ~half of the game and gives you a bit more freedom to explore sidequests in the latter half.

    (FFIV – straight line until the first airship, and even then most places have nothing to do in them until much later, FFVI – straight line until you get full free control of the airship, ff7 – straight line until the seaplane, ff9 – relatively linear until you get the second airship, ffx – pure straight line until practically the end, etc….)

    • So the entirety of the game actually is not open world, which is a mistake above. The first “half” of the game is the open world part, while the second “half” goes more linear (don’t worry it does not lock you out of the open world area). I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will only say it makes a lot of sense for the story, and you will understand as you play it.

    • That’s a weird switch. Hopefully the linearity means they can still tell a good story. So few open world games manage that feat, so… here’s hoping.

      Thanks for that clarification.

  • I’m super stoked for this!!

  • Sucks it comes out on a Tuesday, could only take off 2 days off to play! I will try to get as many hours in as possible! So hyped!!!!!

  • Cant wait to play this game its been a long 10 years lol but am ready i took a few days off just to play this =D.

  • Mat… Just so you know, my hype of FF XV has all but killed the love I have for Fallout 4 (even with the mods). Right now, as I type this my character is just standing there at the start of the game. At any moment I feel I could just up and walk away from Fallout 4 and not care. I say this as I have at least 1000 hours in the game.


  • Will there be a Japanese text option for the subtitles, grid, menu and so on on the Pal version?
    I heard that there would be, but I am not sure.

  • Will I need a PS4 Pro for this game or will the standard work?

  • My UCE is on its way, I don’t even know if I want to open it!

  • I took two days from work because of this. Judge me. I judge myself too.

  • Is this game co op?

  • While I’m still buying this.

    What made you decide to take way the fun of levelling and magic (two of my favourite parts of any RPG, but especially FF) and make them seem more like annoying chores?

  • How about these questions.

    Does it live up to the promise of having the best Final Fantasy villain ever?

    Also is the ending as bad as everyone says?

    • Let’s not ruin it for people DuoMaxwell. A games ending is all up to the person. And to be honest, how many FF titles had satisfactory endings? I don’t think many. FFX I thought had the best FF ending. All the other ones were “WE DID IT!”

    • Ruin what? I didnt ruin the ending. I dont even know or have seen what the ending consist of. I just hear its terrible. Thats hardly considered “ruining” if I dont offer any details or expand on that.

    • Definitely not the best villain and the final boss fight was pretty short and easy

  • Came into this franchise with FFX when it launched on PS2. Put in over 240 hours on that one (also my first experience with an RPG). Picked up FFXII to fill the void until I got a PS3, loved every bit of it (even continued playing on my PS3). Got Crisis Core for the PSP when it came out. Excellent adaptation to a portable device! Even had me get the digital version of FFVII. Was very excited to learn that a PS3 exclusive FF game was coming. Have been waiting for that game ever since. Here it is almost out (albeit retooled, changed up for PS4). Still very excited and hope it lives up to the hype that has been generated having played some of the best FF titles.

    My only question is, did you guys put some thought into the Vita Remote Play controls?

    A lot of developers don’t, and just tack it on to make it work because they have to. Some actually put some love into the Remote Play layout. None have ever had more than one control layout option.

  • I book 2 days off work for final fantasy xiv heavensward expansion, and it wasn’t enough time ._. I Booked off a week for final fantasy XV, so I won’t make the same mistake twice >_>;

  • Finally we’re getting closer to its release, I’ll be playing the hack out of this game!

  • Hyped! Waiting on my UCE to come in. :D

  • so hyped for this game i booked 2 days off from work to play this game (starting 1 december, so i can play it 4 days straight),,,,,, i cannot wait to see EIDOLON – ATOMOS TO SUCK EVERYTHING UP in LINDBLUM

  • 40 hours of gameplay, noctis and luna dies at the end, luna first then noctis

  • Looking forward to the FF-XV release… so many years in the making. Was hoping for turn-based combat for complete party control, but hopefully the combat system in place is enjoyable. And lol at randomly renaming Aeons to whatever that new word is. Will probably still call them Aeons.

    • Hi phinnv8,

      Aeons = FINAL FANTASY X

      Astrals = FINAL FANTASY XV :)

      For someone like yourself that enjoys more strategic, turn-based strategy, there is a wait mode that caters to those players! :)

  • Please alot of dynamic awesome PS4 background Themes!!!! <3

  • So If I created JP account to play Judgment Disc, found 2 new (hidden) and fall into empty dark dungeon… All that to avoid Youtube streams from Peru, do I considered hatdcore?!

    All I want to say and I waited long time to say this Since VII, VIII, IX, XII is:


  • I’ve been waiting for 10 years.

  • My question is, are there any missables in the game? This is very important for me because there is nothing I hate more than enjoying a game only to find out that I missed something I can no longer get in that play-through. Time has become more and more precious, and I’d like to be aware of how I should tackle the game.

    • Ive never heard of an open world game that didnt let you backtrack and do something again you might have missed.

  • Im going to give this a try but am apprehensive. I’m sick and tired of Chocobos or however you spell it. I hate so called cute mobs with high pitched wining voices, that bounce up and down. Have you heard that Bristish Gas advert with a penguin called Wilbur that squeaks at odd points in the advert. Who makes these damn ads that thinks that the great Western public are all children? These games need to be more dark and forbidding. If, later in the game there are no doubt going to be greater, more frightening how the hell are we going to kill that monster type thing, then why bother with the starting cuty type things?
    You guys re,ever Archlord? This was exactly the same, as is 100 other eastern type games belched out on the unsuspecting Weatern market. Bottom line, chuck out the daft bouncing high pitched voice cuteness, bring in the more dark more frightening.
    First sign I see of this in Final Fantasy XV, im gonna replay Dark Souls.

    • Because they don’t just make the game for you, they make the game for everyone. Which is why you’ll find features and characters that both eastern and western culture will enjoy. Final Fantasy has a long history, so don’t pretend like you don’t know what you’re getting into.

      Don’t like random cuty things, instead of an entire repetitive world of vague wanna “dark” mobs? Sounds like you already have your answer, go back to dark souls..

  • I am 65 and played Witcher 3 times… Best game ever. Does Final Fantasy IV sound similar? I have never played it

    • Doubt FF IV is anything similar with Witcher 3.But I have high hopes that FF XV will be almost as big and as full of quests as Witcher 3 cuz it can’t be as good.

  • Meh was looking forward to this game until I found out square enix sucks at customer service. Be passing on this game. First one ever.

  • Well thanks to the official PlayStation blog, the game is spoiled for me and I will not be buying it. Thanks Sony for your incompetence and not actively removing spoilers. And next time I hope Square forgets about South America next time they make a game.

  • this game is awesome! :3 <3

  • I have just one question to ask the development team behind Final Fantasy XV I would ask Can the other characters team up with themselves too like combination attacks not just with Noct in battles

  • Will there ever be a FF that you can play multiplayer throughout your adventure? (You control a team of 4 so I’m sure it could of been easier to play with a friend)

  • Been following this game since the announcement in 2006 and I had to cancel ma pre-order but I still can’t wait to play this baby.Amazing trailer and I gotta say I was in the dark when I got word that the game was delayed (again)…didn’t know Nov.29 was the new date which is pretty close.Dunno when I’ll get the game now but can’t wait to explore Eos.

  • Oh and thanks for finally making a FF playable…meaning without turn-based crap.

  • I just put the code in for the Deluxe Edition on this it’s limited to one account (which I get). There are two gamers in this house… do I have to buy a whole entire second copy of the game from the playstation store (no need for a second disk!) to be able to play it?

    This wouldn’t be the first game I’ve started to come across where its linked to one account and then I need two copies despite living in the same house and using the same machines!

  • Hello,

    Are there any plans to address fans who have not received their Ultimate Collector’s Edition or are missing items in the collection?

    My UCE tracking has been stuck on “Order Processed: Ready for UPS” since 11/21 and UPS is saying that they’ve never received the physical shipment. Multiple attempts to reach Square Enix Store representatives have not resulted in a response.

    As much as I’d love for a miracle to happen and the UCE showing up at some point, I’d also like to know if I’ll at least be getting a full refund so I can pick up this wonderful game at another retail outlet.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • hello I have a quick question it said that their will be a co-op option for final Fantasy 15 and I bought the season pass for it and nothing seems to work like I didn’t got anything from the DLC and I just want to know when is the DLC is coming out and when is co-op coming out.

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