Snake Pass Slithers Onto PS4 Next Year, Play it at PS Experience

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Snake Pass Slithers Onto PS4 Next Year, Play it at PS Experience

Here at Sumo Digital we’re sssuper excited to announce that we’re bringing our upcoming title Snake Pass to PlayStation Experience with some exclusive serpentine action to share.

Especially for PlayStation Experience, we’ll be showing the first global PS4 preview of our slithery “snake physics” puzzle platformer and unveiling one of our never-before-seen fire themed levels. Can you stand the heat as you guide our hero Noodle the snake through the fiery regions of Haven Tor?

With bright and colorful platforming landscapes, Snake Pass is unique — you control Noodle as he slithers, curls, climbs, and coils his way around a series of increasingly challenging worlds filled with ever more intricate and fiendish obstacles.

Born from the mind of former LittleBigPlanet community creator Seb Liese, Snake Pass is a game that players will find easy to pick up but incredibly difficult to master. With hours of fun to be had and a plethora of collectibles to find, it’s a game you have to experience to believe!

But we’re not done yet!

As a special treat for PlayStation Experience attendees, we’ll be hosting our incredibly popular ssspeed-run competitions, giving you a chance to win one of our fang-tastic limited edition Snake Pass t-shirts and other snakey goodies!

So, if you’re heading down to PlayStation Experience, stop by our booth, meet some of the team, and check out Snake Pass! From everyone here at Sumo Digital, we hope you love the game as much as we do and we can’t wait for all of you to come check it out for yourselves!

For those not attending… well… you’ll have to wait just a little longer — or you can also follow Snake Pass development on our weekly Twitch show!

Snake Pass will be heading to PS4 in early 2017.

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2 Author Replies

  • The trailer has def. piqued my interest! The gameplay looks like a breath of fresh air. I’ll also be at PSX to try things out. See you guys soon!

    • That’s awesome to hear! There’s a lot of very talented and passionate people working on Snake Pass at the moment, so we would LOVE for you to come say hi and check it out! Looking forward to it :)

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  • Looks awesome!!!, had no clue about this game but it looks wicked cool!!!, sooo purchassssssssed!!!

    • Hehe :) We’ve mainly been at shows in the UK – so this will be our second ever showing in North America! We’ll have a ton more details in the near future – so please, keep an eye out!

  • Looks an interesting idea so hoping they can pull the gameplay off.

  • First Yooka Laylee and now this!!!! Awesome!!!!! 3D Platformers have a very special place in my heart. I grew up with Crash, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Gex, Croc, you name it. With Ratchet & Clank (ps4) out and Yooka Laylee out next next year, this is like heaven for me :)) I’ts like going back in time to the glory days of 3D platformers. So far this looks very promising, can’t wait!

  • also will there be boss battles in this one and enemies to kill like in typical plaformers?

  • Well this is different and seems super interesting for it. Im down to try it

  • Game looks neat. The visuals are especially great. Hopefully the price is right, because so far I’ve had to pass on a few games I was really looking forward to that were $20 [even more in Canada due to our wonderful dollar] and I’d rather spend $20 or more on a disc than digital game.

    Speaking of, ever think of doing a retail release? Like with Limited Run Games or something?

  • Ooh, awesome! I remember seeing this announced on PC on Rock Paper Shotgun (or HardcoreGamer or Dualshockers or something) and thinking it looked kinda of awesome! Definitely reminiscent of platformers, especially in terms of style, but just really unique and fun in its own way. I’m super happy to hear its coming to PS4 – super looking forward to this!

  • Looks very nice.

    I also hope Sumo Digital is maybe working on a new Sonic All*Stars Racing with more Sega characters and levels for the PS4.
    They always do a nice job with those.

    • They have done a great job with every racing game Sega hands them. I would love a new Sonic All Stars racer, a new Outrun, or a nice PS4 version of that new Daytona Sega just announced :)

  • colorful cartoony game is always welcome for me, day 1 buy. maybe l’ll let my cousin and nephew play it for me.

  • I wasn’t expecting this. I thought they were busy working on Dead Island 2. I wonder how many more games they’re working on right now.

  • Honestly? Even before I saw the trailer, you had me “Noodle.” I can’t wait! Really miss platformers since the days of Spyro and this looks to be just the colorful, unique fix I need.

  • XD looks amazing diferent character and game play , i cant wait

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