Rigs Mechanized Combat League: New Rigs & Arena Coming in December Update

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Rigs Mechanized Combat League: New Rigs & Arena Coming in December Update

Rigs Mechanized Combat League has been out for a month, and we’re delighted with the response from players. Your words of praise, excitement, and encouragement have been absolutely wonderful. In turn, we have some wonderful news for you!

At Guerrilla Cambridge we try to listen to all player feedback, whether it’s compliments or criticism. We’ve received a lot of love and several helpful suggestions from the community over the last few weeks, and we’ve been busy investigating ways to enhance your Rigs Mechanized Combat League experience further in our ongoing post-launch support.

Post-launch support is an important part of our Rigs Mechanized Combat League plan, and we’re excited to announce that in December we’ll be releasing our first free update! Packed with a bevy of improvements and new content, including…

New APX Rigs
Faster and more agile than the standard chassis types, APX Rigs will have a lower armor rating to ensure that they don’t have an unfair advantage over the standard models. We anticipate that the APX Rigs will quickly become fan favorites for seasoned players.

New Zurich Arena
Introducing the first European arena on the global Rigs circuit! This Arena is an extension of the Rigs HQ Complex, and offers a balanced layout with a clear overview for the Tempest class and plenty of tunnels for the Hunter class. Skillful use of shields will prove essential when trying to reach the goal during a PowerSlam match. Zurich will make a first appearance at PlayStation Experience this year, for those of you who will be attending the show will have a chance to be one of the first to play in this Arena.

New Weekly Trials Series
Every week we’ll be presenting players with a series of trials to compete in. Successful completion is rewarded with in-game credits, fame, and exclusive customization items.

Customization Store & Items
Players will be able to use earned in-game credits to purchase brand-new customization items and victory celebrations for their Rigs pilot at the Customization Store.

We’ll have more information on the finer details of the December update for you soon. In the meantime, keep playing, streaming, and talking about Rigs Mechanized Combat League, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop on Rigs special events such as “Beat the Dev.”

Game on, pilots!

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  • I got a psvr for this game, but unfortunately, I can’t play without motion sickness. Picked up a ps4pro in hopes the frame rate would increase and help. So far it hasn’t helped. I hope the next update addresses the issues. I really can’t wait to spend time on this title.

    • Hi there, did you manage to complete the tutorial and play a couple of games?
      What really helped for me personally is using head turn and playing around with a the sensitivity settings, making it a bit more responsive and I also adjusted the brightness of the headset by half.

      Hope this helps.



    • It’s an unfortunate effect of VR that for some titles its almost impossible to not get affected for people. I would suggest trying ALL the options within RIGS to adjust for your comfort. It may be a combination of options that provide for a better experience. I believe the consensus is that you need to train your brain to get used to it, people call it getting your VR legs (akin to how getting over sea sickness is “getting your sea legs”), also I’ve read that that chewing on Ginger flavored gummies help a lot.

    • Hey mrdevilstoyou,
      For me what helps is turning OFF the Visor Mask in the comfort settings, which they have on by default and don’t specifically call out in the tutorial or settings.

      What it does is mask your field of view dynamically when you turn, but the problem with this is that it decreases your field of view too much, limiting your vision, and gives you the feeling of looking through a porthole.

      Turning it OFF, renders to the whole PSVR FOV, and allows your eyes to see more, which for me makes it easier for them to adjust to all the different things happening. Give it a try and see for yourself if you haven’t.

    • Some people just cant handle vr at first while others are totally fine, just like some people get sea/motion sickness. If you give it time your body will adapt

    • Hey Jeroen, I know it’s gonna sound stupid, but you should try to buy anti-nausea pressure bracelets for motion sickness. They work great for 70% of people. At 10$ it’s not a big gamble. Hope this helps. ;-)

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    • RIGS made me sick at first too. I had to turn on Stick turning, increase the sensitivity to max, and turn off the visor mask.

      Also, sitting in a swivel chair and slightly turning my body (swiveling in the chair) as I turn left or right with the stick, helps a lot too.

    • Love this game and happy to know we’ll be seeing continued support and content updates. One thing I was hoping to see was the ability to change my sponsorship or character customizations while in-between online matches. That way I wouldn’t have to back out to the single player menu every time I finish a sponsorship. This takes me out of the action and is especially annoying if I like the current players I’m matched up with. Maybe in a future update? Other than that, keep up the good work Guerrilla Cambridge!

  • It really is a great experience piloting a RIG and the sense of immersion is awesome. Looking forward to checking out the new update in December and the best part is it’s free. Thanks!

  • Will there be any options for difficulty in the offline mode in any future updates? Love the game but sometimes it can be too challenging.

    • I’ll pass this on to the devs.

    • Good idea! I would also love to see an exhibition match option for single events. Sometimes I just want to play one particular mode.

    • You can also add some new pilots on your team (up to 3stars).
      They are tied in with your famelevel, so a low fame level will only get you the one star pilots.
      But if you compete in the trials you will receive fame much more easier and the three star pilots will becaome available for you.

    • I’d like to change the the duration of the game, and be able to jump to a new game, change the game mode, and my Rig, right from inside my Rig after the game, without going to the plane and back the my headquarters.

  • We currently have no plans of introducing microtransactions.

  • Love the game, guys. It’s really a blast to play, and it feels so fully featured compared to so many VR games selling at full price that are basically 2 hour rail rides. This has all the challenges, the single player campaign, and the multiplayer, which all build off the same core mechanisms, but diversify in keen ways to make it feel extended and fresh. On top of that, it looks great, especially on the PS4 Pro. Easily competes with the better looking games on my Vive, and outdoes them in many ways, I feel.

    I would love in the future if there were additional obstacle courses or exploration modes added. The traversal feels really good, and I would love to do more of that in different, new, and maybe even more expansive environments.

  • Great news. Absolutely loved this game and you’re addressing my only complaint! Thanks for the hard work.

  • I’m looking forward to the new rigs and the new arena! Thanks for the update.

    Jeroen, I do have two issues with the game and if you can pass them on to the team I would appreciate it.

    1- Over time my viewpoint starts drifting to the side, and even holding start doesn’t fix it. Example: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cvd0Nn0UIAAtakh.jpg:large

    2- Please let us skip the cutscenes before and after every match. They are very well made and cool, but they last so long and sometimes I just want to get into the next match or back to the menu.


  • Is there any chance of a tweak to how recentering works in RIGS, to account for rotational drift? Thumper recently released an update that includes the Z-axis when recentering, which doesn’t fix the drift problem, but makes it much easier to mitigate. I like Rigs a lot, but the effects of drift are definitely hurting the experience.

  • Love the game.
    My only issue is that the latest update might have broken the calibration ability with the controller. Now pressing it does absolutely nothing. It’s like the game centers yourself around it according to your initial head location when booting up the game. Please fix!

  • RIGS is the killer app for not only PSVR, but VR in general!
    It’s a full complete game, not another high priced VR experiece like other games, it’s totally worth it.

    Having more fun and things to do than when I played Titanfall 1, Star Wars Battlefront and Evolve, which is crazy, because PSVR is a new platform, developers still learning, and RIGS is only $40.

    To be honest, after playing RIGS, a VR FPS with total control of movement, it kind of ruined ordinary FPS games on the TV, can’t go back to that now, they fell a couple of generations behind RIGS.

    Thanks Guerrilla Cambridge!

    I would like to ask, if possible, to add a exhibition mode, with AI, where we could change settings of the match.
    It’s kind of hard to show the game for friends and I have to put them in the middle of a hard match in tournaments.

    and I wish we had better tools to share or stream videos, it’s kind of hard to show what’s this game is about without the person testing it for real. Although I reckon this is the main challenge with VR in general, right?

    • I agree Insano_jako, Rigs is a system seller and sent a polite email to Guerilla Cambridge stating so. This offer an excellent AAA full VR game experience with opportunities of longevity through updates, such as the one due in December, oh and FREE…thank you so much that is a bonus.

      I too have not played a 2D game since, as VR offers such an immersive experience and the tech is yet to be exploited to its max yet.

      I have never struggled with nausea and very quickly removed the visor masking. I have also now moved the movement sensitivity to max allowing fast turning and head movement. I thought that I was doing really well in this game on single player until last night when I took to the multiplayer arenas and had my backside handed to me, far too many times!! Practice is definitely required on my part !!

      Rigs keeps pulling me back in for more and what else could one ask for… thank you for an amazing launch title !!

  • I feel like that’s something you don’t have to worry about with Guerrilla. They’ve always been good with their fanbase and always offered either free content updates or some kind of addons that were pretty damn cheap too. They are and have been my favorite company ever since i first played Killzone 2. I love you guys! I Platinumed RIGS/KZ1/2/3/SF. Didn’t Platinum Mercenary, loved that too but it had was too much grinding.

    You’d think amazing devs like Naughty Dog wouldn’t screw over they fanbase but they did and they still continue to. A month after U4 came out, the MP was Pay-2-Win….

  • YAY! A new arena is going to be great to have, and additional RIGS is always a plus!

  • I’ve not found a lot of time to play this because of over time at work, but what I have played so far has been outstanding. My favorite VR game so far…!

  • Such an awesome game, looking forward to the new rigs and arena. Just a couple of issues i wanted to ask about,
    1.With the new random matchmaking setup, is it possible to know what kind of match you’ll be playing before it starts while your waiting between matches? I only ask so you could choose the right rig for that match type and,
    2.While waiting between matches could they make the Sponsors menu available so you don’t have to leave to change it once it’s complete?
    Other than that it’s all good =P

  • I agree with others. The lack of an offline exhibition mode was an unfortunate mistake. As cool as this game is, the fact that I’m forced to play a league game in order to play one of the 3 game types offline is starting to wear thin on me especially since I have no control over what game types I can play when doing my season mode. I’ve reached the point where I go back and play the PSVR demo just to be able to play a quick game of Powerslam but I shouldn’t have to do that when I paid full price for the full retail game. I should be able to do this with the full game.

    What we need is a setup like this:

    1. Pick Exhibition Mode
    2. Pick your team from one of the ones available from Season Mode
    3. Pick your opponent AI team
    4. Pick your RIGS
    5. Pick a game type – Powerslam, Endzone, Team Takedown
    6. Pick a stadium
    7. Start Play

    We appreciate the hard work and we love the game, but if you look around online you can see that your fans are starting to speak on this not being in and it’s for a good reason. Every sports game fictional and non-fictional has had this for generations. We’ve seen several updates now and we appreciate those, but offline Exhibition Mode needs to be made a top priority. We absolutely need it.

  • Hi,
    I have been playing Rigs for a few days now and it is the best VR game I have played so far. I just wish there was the possibility of customising the Rigs weapons and appearance. Is that something that you could look into?

  • I’d rather they allow players to buy customization. They would make more money and be able to make more PSVR games. But I guess this is a huge problem for some gamers, for whatever reason.

  • Hi dev team, I loved the game at launch because team takedown seemed to me to be what mechanized combat implied, being forced to play awkward robot football isn’t fun for me or others who were enjoying the game until lately. If this is a permanent change please let me know so I can refund the game.

    It truely makes me sad as until the last update Rigs was my favourite VR game. Now I can’t stand to look at it on my the shelf, I feel ripped off by it now.

    Is this permanent? Please let us know, thanks.

  • haven’t felt so amazed,immersed and excited playing a game in years!the devs might not even see this comment but you guys made my dreams come true!i know i will be playing this game for YEARS!!thank you!!!

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