PlayStation Vue Launches on Apple TV Today

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PlayStation Vue Launches on Apple TV Today

Today we are pleased to announce PlayStation Vue’s expansion to Apple TV. As one of the most highly requested devices by our fans, the PlayStation Vue experience on Apple TV will provide viewers with a better option to watch your favorite live TV programming, with unique streaming features such as cloud DVR, simultaneous streaming, and no long-term contract commitments.

Starting today, PlayStation Vue will be supported on Apple TV (4th generation), leveraging Apple TV’s latest hardware to create an innovative experience. You will be able to take advantage of Apple TV’s Siri Remote and easy navigation with touch, while enjoying PlayStation Vue’s sleek look and feel. PlayStation Vue brings popular programming to Apple TV, from live sports networks like ESPN and NFL Network, to premium channels like AMC, FX, HBO, and Showtime.

PlayStation Vue on Apple TV

If you already have an existing PlayStation Vue account, you can link your subscription to Apple TV and start streaming right away. If you’re new to PlayStation Vue, you can sign up for one of several plan options through the PlayStation Vue website and link your account to Apple TV, without the need of a PlayStation console. Plans start at $29.99, or $39.99 in select cities*, so head over to our website and enter your zip code to see the plans available in your area.

With PlayStation Vue, you can link your account to multiple devices, and simultaneously stream PlayStation Vue content on up to five devices at once. You can also take advantage of PlayStation Vue’s unmatched cloud-based DVR, which allows you to record thousands of TV episodes with no scheduling conflicts.

We hope you enjoy PlayStation Vue on Apple TV, the latest addition to our live TV service. As always, stay tuned to the blog for more updates about PlayStation Vue, or visit us at

*Cities with major live local broadcast stations: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami.

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  • and there was much rejoicing.

  • Thank you Sony for providing this! I’ve been waiting since you took the service nationally for the Apple TV app.

  • WoW finally. Platform roll-out complete Nice work!

  • PS VUE lost over 30 channels and is still not on PS TV

  • Feel free to add overflow channels for Fox Sports RSNs. They cost you absolutely nothing to add. Sling TV has them. I won’t dump cable till you add them or DirecTV Now has them when they launch.

  • I really enjoyed PSVue for the months that I had it. Kids got to watch the NICK shows they love etc. But as soon as VIACOM got all greedy (i’m assuming) and essentially forced Sony into making the decision to drop all those channels, I had to cancel my VUE membership. Oh well, would have been cool to give this a shot on my AppleTV, maybe one day again.

    • Same here! I just cancelled it and got Direct TV’s new all in one pricing. 65.00 a month for DVR and 4 remote boxes no extra fees for boxes etc for 2 years. Hopefully by than streaming has matured and stabilized.

    • Viacom signed a deal with AT&T for Direct TV Now… which I’m guessing is the reason Sony had to do away with Viacom channels. The only channels I’m missing are Spike and MTV cause I enjoyed Catfish

  • Well it doesn’t matter HOW MANY DEVICES YOU SUPPORT IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE CHANNELS WE WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WITHOUT COMEDY CENTRAL THERE IS NO POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Get over it dude.

    • Get it on Hulu. Simple alternative go on.

    • I refuse to open 15 different apps to get channels. Either the platform supports them all or I buy elsewhere.

    • @Dorfdad

      No single app/platform has every channel/program available all in one place. You would have to digitally own everything, and then stream it yourself through Plex or other media servers in order to have everything under one place. And even then, there will be updated stuff that you wouldn’t be able to access as it comes out weekly, and occasionally exclusively as well.

      That’s how these companies who make said apps, make money. If you refuse to use an platform that doesn’t have everything, you will not use any platform.

    • K6USY, get over YOURSELF, stop telling me how to live my life.

      Singhb13, maybe I don’t want to have a dozen different services because by the time I have all of them it’s just cheaper to get screwed by satellite. Also maybe I don’t want to have to wait till the next day and prefer to watch things time shifted by just an hour or 2.

      drd7of14, maybe not right now, we have yet to see the details of channel lineup for DTV Now, it may very well cover all the channels I care about and thereby be a one stop solution for ME, Vue was close, missing only a single channel and had that channel been added I would have switched entirely and upgraded to the Elite package, but Sony decided to cut channels instead of adding more so now SLING has taken the lead and has MORE of the channels important to ME for LESS money, so Vue is GONE as the VALUE is no longer there.

    • Hey, DANIEL644

      Maybe you should try getting over yourself, get some education, and learn the real reason Sony had NO CHOICE but to drop the channels you liked. They were forced to.

      Get over yourself and go learn how the world works you naive person.

    • austen95, they WHERE NOT FORCED TO, they CHOSE TO rather then pay the rates being demanded by Viacom, maybe YOU should should get a better education in how the TV industry works and how ANY service that intends to survive needs to supply the most basic of basic cable channels.

    • K6USY, it’s in nice, big letters so you can understand: don’t be a jerk.

      As for me, I’m counting down to DirecTV Now. As soon as it launches, I’m out. I refuse to pay the same price for a lineup with 21 channels missing from it. Customer service is awful and the UI for Roku was already annoying before all the “channel unavailable” holes in it.

  • I try to comment this every time I see a PS Vue article.

    I, my family, my extended families, my friends, my co-workers. Nearly everyone I know is ready to get the cable cord for a service like this, but wont until non-slim packages come to our area.

    We cant just give up live local channels, and no one wants to have to set up an antenna or constantly have to switch inputs to get local channels OTA and then switch back to get into PS Vue. Horribly inconvenient.

    On-top of that, without Viacom channels and the frightening possibility that you can lose channels abruptly is also a reason just to remain with cable.

    It sucks, because Vue can’t grow if they don’t get subscribers, but us subscribers won’t subscribe if the PS Vue doesn’t grow and offer full packages.

    • OTA is not that hard.

    • Back when satellite TV started, neither Dish nor Directv had local channel support. If you lived in an “unserved area” or had an inspection done showing that you had no line of sight or ability to get locals, you could get locals from LA and/or NY. Once spot-beam technology came along, the sat co’s were able to provide local channels to more and more areas, finally offering them to nearly the entire country.

      IP TV will be the same. Sony is working towards getting more locals, and does a great job providing the On Demand option for OTA network shows, The problem Sony is going to have with locals, is the strings that come with it. Tribune, for example, owns a lot of local channels, and will want WGN added nationally as a condition. And, several of the local channel companies also have the subchannel networks, such as Laff TV, COZI, Antenna TV, etc. They will want those carried, and paid for. That all adds up and will force the price up on the service, and adds a lot of channels that they otherwise have no desire to carry. That’s what they are trying to avoid.

    • We cant just give up live local channels, and no one wants to have to set up an antenna or constantly have to switch inputs to get local channels OTA and then switch back to get into PS Vue. Horribly inconvenient.

      Speak for yourself! Switching between Antenna and HDMI is no more difficult than changing channels on your remote. You simply push a button.

    • RKprod, maybe not for you, but for the AVERAGE JOE, like my MOM who literally doesn’t KNOW how to to change inputs it’s a pretty big freaking deal and my dad has Parkisons and has trouble from time to time remembering which remote is the TV one and which is the Fire TV one, so just because we are part of a generation that has ZERO issue with this doesn’t mean others are.

    • I hate to break it to you, but there are several cable companies that refused to give into Viacom and removed all their channels. I think many of you are missing the point of cutting the cable. It was never meant to be a total replacement for all the channels you could get on cable. It was meant to provide you with the basic things that most people watch at a lower price. Vue still fits that for most people. AT&T may blow it all up with DirecTV Now, we’ll have to wait and see.

      I’ve never seen so much complaining over these crappy absolute worthless Viacom channels. But that is my opinion and I only speak for myself.

      Sony has stated Viceland is coming and that likely means the rest of the A&E Channels, I doubt they will just add that one channel without the others.

      Bottom line is everyone has to get what works for them. Complaining here will net you NOTHING!

  • I was hoping for 3rd generation support.

    Still you listened and brought it to more devices.

  • Heck yes! excellent news. I really like the VUE service and just switched from sling TV. Only thing I’m missing now is History channel. but I only watch a few shows and I can do those on demand so therefore I can live without it.

    You might also consider a VR interface for gear VR, that’s the only other device I’d like to watch on.

    But good job, I’m happy.

  • Wait, what? PS Vue doesn’t carry Comedy Central. Why is Comedy Central being used in the picture at the top of the article?

    Are they really using channels they don’t carry to advertise their services?

  • Thank you! This is great news. I’m signing back up today.

  • 3rd GEN support please!

    Great service keep up the good work.

    Oh add a skip forward 30sec button.

  • Thank you so much i have been Vue customer for 6 months and I’m definitely will stick around since this is added to apple TV. Thank you again and waiting on that CBS channel added now.

  • Thank you!

  • Hells Yes!

    Finally a viable alternative live TV and with Sony.

    Killing it.

  • YAY! Thanks guys! Now if only apple would come out with a 4K ATV.

  • Can something be done about the top shelf image on the home screen? It’s saying to activate my device and get Vue going…but I’ve already done so! It’d be nice if this would show something like “My Shows” or a pull of popular shows that are live at the moment.

  • Bring back BET and add CW to the platform please,
    i was enjoying the service until then..
    Also less commercials on the DVR – PLEASE!!!!!!

    • what do you mean “less commercials on the DVR”? You can SKIP commercials using fast forward or 10 second hops (depending on device) when watching a DVR.

    • You can watch CW shows on the CW app on your Apple TV. It works fine, except there’s no way to skip the ads. Or you can wait until the season is over and watch all your CW shows on Netflix with no ads.

  • Still waiting for Boston local networks but crushed Viacom channels were dropped. If only Viacom would have made it affordable to keep even as an add-on I would have paid extra.

  • Hey, the new app is much faster than the Roku or FireTV stick versions!

    One issue… I use an IR remote, which the Apple TV 4 supports (uses the same codes as the 3rd generation Apple TV). Any chance that the new Vue app could be updated to allow for skipping back and forth and/or fast forwarding and rewinding when the IR remote is used?

    Also, any chance that when you start watching a show that is a favorite but is not yet finished being recorded that it could start from the beginning of the show, and not at the current live TV time? Sometimes I’ll want to start watching and I wind up getting a glimpse of a spoiler.

    • Roku and Android TV have a play from start option.. Roku is not all that obvious but it’s there. Play with different option buttons (Roku is asterisk) both while playing or while selecting the show to play.

  • How about fixing your Roku app? No guide and live TV stations appear in random orders. The app is horrible and almost unusable.

    • Yes, this please! Roku is a very popular device I’m shocked at how little attention the app has gotten on the Roku from SONY. It’s so bad it’s like what apps looked like 5 or 6 years ago.

    • I wouldn’t expect to see improvements to the Roku app until the roll out of Roku OS 7.5 is complete then Sony can create a NEW app using the new SDK and lots of improvements can be made.

  • Yes losing the Viacom channels sux, but the streaming tv market is getting real competitive and Sony is adding other channels that I’m looking forward to. As long as they keep the prices low and no contracts, I’m down.

  • Thank you ps Vue team this is great I personally don’t need Viacom channels. I do wish you guys get more Spanish channels. Thank you again

  • I’m glad on Apple TV now put PlayStation Vue on the Xbox one and add more channels I can’t believe lost 21 channels they should lower cost off Vue because off lost channels and do like gift card can buy in store for 12 month Vue card for 50 bucks or 60 bucks I hope they add more channels and get other channels back

  • does that mean we can now use this on AirPlay mode?

  • I chose Core Slim today because it includes NFL Network. NFL Network doesn’t work on The Apple TV for some reason. Why is that? Considering canceling because of this alone. I saw no mention of it when I signed up.

    • NFL network works fine for me on my Apple TV.

    • Oh hmmm… that is interesting. Did you watch an actual game on it?? Wonder why mine gave me that splash screen…

    • thats because the GAME was BLACKED OUT, NOT because the channel wasn’t working, Twitter has exclusive streaming rights to the game last night so unless you have a Live NBC feed then the game is blacked out on streaming services like Vue and Sling, only way to watch then is Twitter or the NBC Sports app.

  • I’ve had this service since it launched. Fantastic service. I just wish CBS would stop being d-bags so we can get that station live.

  • Can we get the CW? Univision?

  • Yeah, I couldn’t get any of the football games I wanted either…. :(

  • Playstation vue what are you doing to make all packages better? Deleting the viacom channels effected all packages not just the elite and ultra packages. Are you going to lower the price for the access package?

  • So, yes, we were disappointed when the Viacom channels left, but now I’m disappointed that it’s only fourth gen AppleTV since we have a third gen. So sad! I was excited that we could now watch on our second tv, but no such luck.

  • OMG is it just me or is the service completely flaky all day today.

  • I am happy Sony has not dropped this service. Maybe a free PlayStation Channel could attract more users

  • hey everyone here is a video about the Apple TV App

  • Hi is it available on apple tv 3rd generation??? Cant see it on there :(

  • Will there be support for the old model apple tv 3rd or 2nd gen?

  • Will there be support for the old model apple tv 3rd or 2nd gen? Eventually?

  • If A&E, History, Viceland replace the viacom then vue remains #1 imo.

  • It crashes on the channel guide… Repeatedly. QA? This is a showstopper bug… Please fix it soon. I can’t justify paying so much for a service with an app that continually crashes on such a vital feature.

  • I just want to provide the steps that will reproduce the crash:

    – go to the guide screen
    – scroll horizontally to the right

    The app will close (crash) when I get to HBO in the channel guide. It happens every time I do it. I am trying the Ultra package, which has more channels.

    Other than this severe defect, I really like the app and service. The actual live TV channels are flawless, and in my opinion, look better than TV on digital cable boxes. Compared to Sling TV, PlayStation Vue really feels like I am watching cable, with a much better UI. Just fix the channel guide. I can’t justify subscribing after the trial if that essential feature doesn’t work. I understand, the app was launched a few days ago, but such an egregious bug makes me wonder about your engineering process. If something like this can sneak through, will this be par for the course? Will it be tears before bedtime after every update?

  • What I don’t understand is cable tv. I think just about all of them are also ISP’s so they already have to maintain most of their infrastructure anyway. They will still be in business as ISP’s but why don’t they get on it before they are out of the tv part? I know they are not always perfect in delivery, but direct wired is the way to go. Less steps to go wrong getting the content out. If they would give me what I want for a decent price I would never go. I can set the dvr on my own or maybe they could even set up their own cloud type system. I wouldn’t have to be as picky on the net service speed. Also more parts of the whole product in house would make them more profitable. Anyone know other factors or plans on this? Seems like a waste of the best way to do this at least for home use.

  • After trying Directv Now it was an easy no brainer for me to cancel Directv Now and jump head first into using Playstation Vue app on Apple tv. Thus far the most important aspect to me is the support of most “network app” authentication on apple tv allowing for viewing all the latest on demand and live content directly on each respected channel app. One thing I would suggest for the team behind the development of the Playstation Vue app is that it is buggy while using the iOS apple tv remote app to navigate and browse within the app. I would suggest creating a “Beta Testing” group comprised of users like myself and others on here that would serve to provide useful Q&A and improvements prior to releasing buggy apps.

    I would be most interested in helping if the opportunity is available.

    Looking forward to new features and channel lineups as well as news of whats to come!

    • one cool thing about Directv now is I just ordered it for 3 months I paid for it in advance and got 100 channels for the 35.00 dollar a month deal and got a 32G apple TV for free. They are offering that so now I get a 4th generation box and I can also watch Playstation Vue.
      IT WAS FREE to cool, my old apple TV boxes don’t have the VUE app. The VUE service is much better than Directv Now, no question, 5 viewers at once compared to 2. and a cloud DVR.

  • I am very happy to have this app on Apple TV 4, as this is my preferred home entertainment box. Additionally, providing Chromecast support on IOS devices is also a bonus.

    However, I believe the UI is cumbersome and could be greatly improved. For example, to set up two channels to quickly switch back and forth requires many clicks. Once set up, works fine.

    I recently reviewed the Direct TV Now app on the Apple TV 4, and MUCH prefer their mechanism for moving around channels, especially favorites. My suggestion is to look closely as to how this is implemented and work some of those features into this app.

    FYI, I do not like the Direct TV Now service…doesn’t have all of the channels I prefer (e.g. NFL), and I have found that their app hesitates from time to time while streaming. Playstation VUE does not hesitate (buffers) while streaming.

    Thank you for adding the Apple TV 4 device, and please work on improving the usability of the app.

  • okay we need to get MTV back, and lifetime.
    other than that it works great. One problem with the cloud DVR can you please fix this? 60 minutes only played for 30 minutes because it was cut off by the football games. I turned my PS4 on and off and I got an error message and only half was recorded. So far thats the only issue i have.

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