Let It Die: Your Guide to Apocalyptic PVP

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Let It Die: Your Guide to Apocalyptic PVP

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean we can’t still have some good-old-fashioned PVP fun! The post-apocalyptic setting for Let It Die provides the perfect backdrop for competition and glory!

Let It Die: Your Guide to Apocalyptic PVP

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Tower of Barbs and had a good chance to die a few dozen times, you may start to notice the world around you changing just a little. And in a very literal way, you may become your own worst enemy!

Haterfication occurs on death and it’s the process by which a player’s death data becomes an incredibly deadly AI opponent. These “Haters” can be seen roaming the world with noticeable gamer tags. This should act as both a warning sign to avoid a deadly encounter as well as a beacon of hope for exclusive, useful loot! If you can defeat a Hater, the process can be rewarding indeed. Haters generated by other players can provide exclusive items; whereas, defeating your own Hater allows you to return it to your storage freezer as a usable Fighter character.

Haters provide an exciting challenge and helpful opportunity for resources, but they are just one element of the unique, asynchronous multiplayer experience waiting for players in Let It Die.

After progressing through the first few floors of the Tower of Barbs, players gain access to the insanely creepy robotic NPC, Tetsuo. This clunky, shuffling monstrosity offers players the chance to sign up for a team and start raiding enemy Waiting Rooms. During a raid, you can steal enemy resources (Kill Coins and SPLithium) and accrue points for your team by defeating enemy Fighters.

There’s also a chance that a Fighter you’ve defeated will be knocked unconscious, allowing you to pick them up and drag them back to your base. While captured, enemy Fighters will remain trapped in your bathroom and generate a set amount of SPLithium over time. They also become inaccessible to their original user until they pay a set fee or rescue them during a revenge raid. As you and other members of your team continue to raid Waiting Rooms (individually) and defeat other teams’ Fighters, your team rank will increase. Go for glory and help your team reach the top of the leaderboards while simultaneously boosting your personal ranking within the team.

So how do you defend your own base? First off, make sure your Fighters are the best! You’ve got your own personal meat locker meant for storing Fighter bodies. Be sure to buy powerful ones when they become available and go on a few Tower runs to beef them up. Earn some EXP, gather up resources, and head back to your base. When enemies come to attack your Waiting Room, they’ll have to deal with the Fighters you’ve set in place to defend your goods.

It’s important to build up multiple Fighters so you can go on your own adventures while leaving your home base well protected. Just as you’re able to snag your opponent’s resources, they can do the same to you. Upgrading your Buffalo Bank (Kill Coin storage) and SPLithium Tank will not only allow you to accumulate more resources, it will also increase their HP to allow them to survive longer during raids.

Finally, if you are starving for resources and reputation, you can send Fighters you have in storage out on Expeditions. When you do so, they show up in another player’s world as a Hunter. Like Haters, they are quite tricky to defeat. The primary difference is that they will wander your opponent’s world for a set amount of time gathering up all kinds of useful goodies. If they can kill your opponent’s Fighter, they will also collect SPLithium. This roaming period lasts until their timer runs out or the enemy player can defeat the Hunter. There’s no punishment for having your Hunter defeated early, so feel free to send them out as often as you like. Just keep in mind, if they are out hunting, they aren’t protecting your base.

And with that, you’re ready to start your quest toward infamy. Will you be the one to guide your team to the top of the charts? Climb the Tower of Barbs, build your army, and test your mettle.

This is how we Let It Die!

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  • I’m having trouble understanding what exactly this game is; every time I see a trailer, it seems both stranger and more confusing. I do approve of games that are had to categorize so you’ve got my attention

    • *hard to catgorize

    • We say it’s a “rogue-like hack and slash” with a bit of dungeon crawling and asynchronous PVP. Hope that helps! And we’re glad to hear you’re interested!

    • I also recommend checking out our other videos and community pages for more info if you are still on the fence!

    • I’m excited, have been since e3 2014, just waiting for a launch date :(

    • Glad to hear it, Tennek127, and stay tuned for cool news!

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  • Nice im really looking forward to this!. But is there an official release date yet? Hopefully it still scheduled for this year. Seems like I been waiting forever to get a chance at this

  • Release Date please!

    (Unrelated topic)…What happen to the “WWE” Network app for the PS4? It’s no longer showing up under “TV & Video” after v4.06 update :/ anyone got a link to submit this report to Sony! Thanks

  • seeing alot of posts on this game, hope to get a release date soon. maybe a beta?

  • Intriguing. However it sounds like it may follow a Free To Play model. A game has to be outstanding for me to deal with microtransactions.

    • I tend to think it’s pretty outstanding, but I may be biased. It is indeed a free to play game, but our focus is always on FUN FIRST. After all, if no one’s enjoying it, no one is going to stick around!

  • Super excited for this! Been waiting ever since I first heard about it! This gives me the impression that this is what dark souls would’ve been if suda 51 made that!

    • A Grasshopper Manufacture take on the that series would definitely be interesting! We hope you enjoy LET IT DIE.

    • Wait, this ISN’T Suda? There’s another one just as crazy as him? Color me interested.

    • Hideyuki Shin has been with Grasshopper Manufacture a long time, and he’s worked together with SUDA51 on some crazy stuff! We hope you enjoy the chaotic fun of LET IT DIIIIIIIIE.

  • there is no store page for this game store.playstation.com so my question is how much ??

  • That video was SO BAD. I couldn’t watch it all.

  • I was super hype for this too, mainly cuz its free to play but then i realized it has to be pay to win. It just has to be. There are mulitple currencies in the game, and like all f2p there will likely be micro transactions to buy those currencies which will give players a massive advantage. This thought has dropped my hype level down to zero. Heres hoping im wrong.

  • I’ve been waiting too long for this game! I can’t wait to get my hands on it~

  • It wouldn’t be right if this game didn’t give you the ability to gank others! Better set your clans people.

    • Ganking, eh? This will basically happen as outlined in the above video and blog. But remember: Haters gonna HATE. That’s especially true in this game.

  • Finally understood what this game is about… or at least under which category falls! Static map or random?

  • I keep forgetting about this game until you guys pop back up and grab my attention again. Must say I am looking forward to this despite not really being big on PVP. On a side note can’t help but wondering if Tetsuo is a nod to Akira?

    • It’s very possible! In past videos, Grasshopper has cited old school manga like Violence Jack as a major influence.

  • I really hope you will one day pursue developing Lily Bergamo as originally promoted.

    Unfortunately I’m not really interested at all on this game that supposedly took some aspects from the former.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback! As mentioned, the core concepts from that game melded into this one, but we totally understand where you’re coming from. Since it’s free, we hope you’ll at least give it a try!

  • So I’d been looking forward to trying this when it seemed like it was just going to be Suda Souls.

    Their take on the multiplayer however is totally bananas. I’m incredibly intrigued.

    Been waiting for that release date! Looking forward to it.

  • game looks awesome but i cant find out if you need ps plus to play the online bits or not or if you need ps plus to play any of it i hope i dont need it i really wanna play it i cant wait!

  • Can someone PLEASE explain to me how “Quest” work? On my Quest List screen (in rolodex) there’s a bunch of “X”ed out boxes that say “Not Ordered”. Well how do I order them? I frequently get messages that say “New Quest Available” or something.. yet I see no option to select or track a quest.

    Thanks in advance

    • In center of the waiting room, there is a portal to the outside. Go there and talk with the girl. There is a notebook there with the quest missions to choose.

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