The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Play Weekend Starting Wednesday

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Play Weekend Starting Wednesday

Between the first Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Free Play Weekend on PS4, to the debut of native 4K visuals on PS4 Pro — and the Trip of a Lifetime giveaway — there’s a lot to be excited about in The Elder Scrolls Online!

Whether you’re an existing part of The Elder Scrolls Online community on PS4 or are thinking about joining, here’s everything you need to know to get up to speed.

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Weekend

We’re thrilled to announce our very first Free Play Weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. This is a great opportunity to jump into the giant world of ESO and try it for yourself. You’ll be able to begin downloading the game on PlayStation Network this Wednesday, November 16 starting at 12:01 AM Eastern in North America.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Simply navigate to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on PlayStation Store, download the game, and create your ESO account. PlayStation Plus is not required to participate in the ESO Free Play Weekend. If you’re downloading ESO for the first time, please be aware that Tamriel is a fully breathing online Elder Scrolls world and requires 73 GB of HDD space, so plan ahead!

Once ESO is installed and you’ve created your account, you can log-in and begin your adventure in Tamriel. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re playing ESO on a Free Play Weekend account:

  • You’ll have access to the full The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited base game, not including DLC game pack areas.
  • Upon account creation, you’ll get 500 crowns to spend in the Crown Store on fun costumes, unique pets, helpful scrolls, and more.
  • After the Free Play Weekend ends, you can continue right where you left off! Any characters you create, Crown Packs, or Crown Store items you purchase, as well as any progress you make during the Free Play Weekend, will carry over when you purchase the game

The Free Play Weekend will run until November 20 at 11:59 PM Eastern in North America. In celebration of the Free Play Weekend, Crown Packs and all versions of ESO are currently available at a discounted price. There’s never been an easier way to jump into ESO. Check PlayStation Store for details.

The Elder Scrolls Online

More great news — playing ESO during the Free Play Weekend also qualifies you to enter our One Tamriel “Trip of a Lifetime” sweepstakes! Five lucky winners will choose a travel package that will take them to one of five exotic locations. Each package will include full accommodations, meals, and exciting adventure excursions with expert local guides!

Visit our contest page to register, read the official rules, and learn more about the five amazing trip packages you could win. And of course, if you are an existing player — you’re already qualified. Head over to the contest page and register to win your incredible adventure!

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 Pro

We were so excited that The Elder Scrolls Online was among the launch titles for PS4 Pro, delivering the vast world of Tamriel in incredible native 4K on launch day via a free update. If you already own ESO, continuing your adventures in 4K is easy: simply download ESO to your new PS4 Pro, update the game, and if you have a 4K display, ESO will automatically run in 4K resolution.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Play Weekend Starting Wednesday

Even if you’re not using a 4K screen, there are still benefits to playing ESO on a PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro allows you to play in 1080p Enhanced Mode, which includes graphical enhancements to ambient occlusion and water reflections, as well as improved shadow fidelity.

In the gameplay trailer above, you can see ESO running in 4K on a PS4 Pro. (Just remember: in order to experience this trailer in 4K, you will need to view it on a 4K display.)

If you’re joining our Free Play Weekend on PS4 this weekend, or playing ESO on PS4 Pro, we’d love to hear about your experiences!

See you in Tamriel, adventurers!

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2 Author Replies

  • I stopped reading after 73 GB of HDD space required…

    • Nobody with a 500G HDD have that kind of space to spare. And a 73 GB download just to try a game is asking a lot.
      Or maybe I’m just poor and need a HDD upgrade and better internet. :D

    • I agree. 500G HD is not enough. Nobody will try this.

    • I wish they would add mods to fallout 4 on PS4 IT WOULD MAKE IT A WHOLE LOT MORE FUN PLZ

    • I have a 2TB HDD in my original PS4 and my net speed averages 80 Mbps. I played the beta and it was decent. I just wasn’t going to pay for a game I knew I wouldn’t have much time to play. I’ll download it for the free weekend.

    • I’m joining for two main reasons.
      1) I’ve been waiting since the beginning just to see how awesome it might be “new” & improved. I seriously hope many functions are same as original simply because I literally figured out the concoctions for immortality. Unlimited anything & everything. Beyond GODMODE! That’s my first reason for joining.
      #2) This reason is I simply need a vacation away from all the bs I as a good person truly do not deserve. But I seriously doubt I’d win anything. No one ever picks me for anything I want. If this game does not give me the same freedoms as morrowind does then I’m opt out. Wish me luck while I vegetate.

    • they announced that fallout 4 will have mods on PS4 this week.

    • Guys pls help! I got the demo to try it out! then I liked it and wanted to purchase it! But when I go to buy it! It says unavailable for purchase because you own Eso Tamriel Unlimited ( Which is the demo ) I want to buy the premium gold edition pls help!

    • So, i’m downloading the trial version, but if i like it, do i need do redownload it again if i buy?

    • I find it hard to believe the games free, I just looked in the plastation store on my PS4 and it not free, it has a price tag. I’ve read the email Sony sent but there are no instructions for this, my question is this some kind of a bug, or is this false advertising? If you know what the problem is Sony, then speak up.

    • i purchased the free weekend demo but i liked the game too and want to buy gold edition premium bundle but ps4 store doesnt let me says i already own the game but when i look at just the the gold version i can see a buy option but i want to buy the premium gold version which gives 4 dlc plus 5500 crown at a discount pls help me this problem occurs on ps4 store

    • i purchased the free weekend demo but i liked the game too and want to buy gold edition premium bundle but ps4 store doesnt let me says i already own the game but when i look at just the the gold version i can see a buy option but i want to buy the premium gold version which gives 4 dlc plus 5500 crown at a discount pls fix this

    • Day 2 now and still no word from Sony, why would you want us to try this game out yet I still have a price tag over the game instead of a free trial or something, and I don’t mean the demo. That’s doesn’t make sense, and I’ve never had a problem with the promises Sony makes until now, please don’t wait to fix the problem last minute.

    • Day 3 are you scared to admit the truth or what?

    • zeni it’s looks like a lot of people want your game especially the gold premium edition that includes me we are all having the same problem we can’t buy it because we downloaded that stupid demo that’s bad business sort it out please so we can enjoy your game and maby spend more money in it thanks

    • If I can’t get it buy the 23rd I’m not buying at all because it feels like I’m being ripped of hope other people do the same because it’s not fair it’s on the store telling me I own a game I don’t own so plz help so we can enjoy your game

  • Lol, I can buy it for £4.99 in CEX which is definitely quicker and for a fiver, I’d rather that compared to 70GB of my precious HDD!! Besdies, I bought this at release so unless major improvements have been made, it’: not going to be worth it unfortunately :(

    • Hi there! Totally understand the concern about HDD space. For what it’s worth, we have made quite a few major improvements since the game first launched, particularly adding chat to console versions the recent One Tamriel update. What kinds of improvements are looking for?

    • Disk games get installed to the HDD so you will be using up that 70GB of space regardless. HDD read times are much faster than disk read times. The only difference is you wont be downloading it all, which is beneficial to those unlucky enough with internet data caps.

    • FWIW, you’ll still be downloading around 40 GB in patches, so it’s a marginal savings in time and download limits if you buy the game on disc.

  • Very cool that you are doing a free weekend. Don’t think I will participate however as I really don’t feel like playing HDD roulette to clear that much space.

    Free weekends are always a good thing though, so thank you.

  • Oh, well, color me interested. I’ll be downloading this the very first moment I can.

    I anticipate that roughly one whole day of the free weekend will be me creating my character itself…

  • okay I guess I’m confused, I thought this game was Free to play, but that makes it sound like its only free this weekend and after that you have to buy the game and the DLC to play? which is it?

  • I think I need a break from Neverwinter so I guess Ill try this out. Thanks =)

  • Literally the ONLY bad thing about ESO is the amount of space the game requires.

    The game is great. Very inviting to new players, very challenging to veteran players. Lots of freedom in play style, lots of unique weapons and armors. Plus, so much content that it makes Skyrim look like Brink.

    • I can’t hate. It’s a MMO and most good ones require a lot of HDD space when they’re on consoles.

      I made the 2TB upgrade a year ago and haven’t looked back since. Spending the $90 for the HDD was worth it.

    • It’s not bad. It’s just a matter of fact. They can’t make a game like this using magic. Content means space. MMOs tend to require lots of HDD space.

  • 500 free crowns, pfft that’s 1 generous offer. Gotta say though, I am getting bored with the game. Hopefully the housing system will add some game play value to it.

  • i want to buy this game for my ps 4 real bad, but unfortunately the trophy for the shiny platinum seems impossible for me… especially Emperor!, Master Fisher, & Tamriel Skyshard Hunter. guess i’ll stick with steam version for this game.

    • For what it’s worth, the One Tamriel update made getting skyshards much easier. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s still going to take a long time though.

  • I have been on the verge of buying this a few times since it launched, but never quite pulled the trigger… Anyone know what the normal versus sale price is, and when it goes up? They say sale is live now (Tuesday) but the gold edition is still sitting at $60, which is $10 more than retail. A good discount could tip the scales for me here. If not this time, then someday…

    • I’ve seen many Black Friday sales for the Gold Edition listed for $25/$30, which is an insanely good deal considering it comes with the first 4 DLC packs.

    • Thanks for the heads-up! I can certainly wait a week!

    • Between this morning and afternoon the sales went live, and the Gold Edition is sitting at $30 now, whilst the regular edition is under $10! Okay, they got me.

  • Puerto Rico never gets any love for cool contests.

  • I have 500 gig hdd and have more then enough room for 500 gig is alot of space more then i need with 150 plus games

  • It’s not showing up as availed for free yet. With it listed as available 12:01am I wanted to download before bed, but it’s only for purchase for $29.99.

  • Is there an issue with the free download? In Alberta, Canada and its after midnight and still says $39.99 to download.

  • So it’s past midnight here on the west coast and I still can’t download the game for free. Somebody is either lying or asleep at the switch.

  • 4:30am…still not free.

    • Your all not too bright imo you gotta go down below the add on section and click on it, it says FREE, please search thoroughly before complaining ppl aren’t doing their job right

    • DemolitionMan696, for your lovely information, thats exactly what I did. Still says $39.99 when I click on the link advertising it for free in the PlayStation Store. Please don’t assume people are lazy. Thanks.

  • Unless we are just supposed to download the demo, there is nothing on the main page or in the add on section that says free on the page in the OP.

  • I searched up ESO and all it gave me was an option to buy. How to I get to the page which allows the free trail download?

  • I’m pretty sure you just download the demo rather than “buying” the game outright, the posting date is today (for those that are asking)
    I’m downloading now and can post back here, but think about it – if they made the place where you can purchase the game free, how would you be able to buy it if you liked it?

    • Update, the listing for the demo had it at around 30 gigs, the current download is at 62.964 (which to me is an indicator that the demo is what we download for the free weekend trial)

    • Yes, you’re correct. Though it says it’s a “demo” you are in fact downloading the full game, not just a demo of it. :) For anyone who is still a little confused on how to get the free download, the easiest ways to find it is to search for “Tamriel Unlimited demo” in the PlayStation Store (it’s actually the full game!)

      Hope that helps and everyone has fun during our Free Play Weekend!

    • Thank’s for the clarification Jessica!

    • ” if they made the place where you can purchase the game free, how would you be able to buy it if you liked it?”

      This is actually the problem I am having now, the store thinks I purchased the game for free, and not letting me buy it.

  • I can confirm that nothing is free on PSN for ESO… it’s 11:30 am so almost 12 hours after it was supposed to gour free for the weekend and nothing yet, once again I’m not surprised with your poor customer service and the fact that PSN is not even up to date… $40 is not free in my book.

  • Downloading now! Thanks for the chance to try this out!

  • Really Appreciate the Opportunity as well. Please don’t listen to the Vocal Minority that is complaining about he HD Space. There is never a reason so complain when an opportunity like this is given to the community with no strings attached. Thank you

  • FYI same file size as PC

  • I “purchased” the free trial and then decided I would buy it, and was going to get the gold premium edition which gives all DLC and 5500 crowns while it is on sale, but it will not let me as it says I own the base game. If I can not buy the Gold premium edition then I am not going to purchase the game at all or even bother playing the trial.

  • How have you people not upgraded to 2TB HDD’s already? I did it first chance, because 500GB is just not enough. It’s not hard to do and you can get one for less than $100.

  • Hi, i have downloaded the demo and now wonder one thing. How can I buy the game if I like it? There is no button saying buy. Also I see all other versions of the game (like gold) unavailable. Please help or fix the issue :)

  • I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to give this a shot. You have my download.

  • so i own the game not played in a few months DL it today and says i only have timed trial but i have all the stuff from the full game unlocked and all my toons are there, is this just a bug or am i going to be forced to buy the game again even though i already own it ?

  • I tried this game and is awesome. How to buy it, when the game was tried? Sorry for my English.

  • Why is a timed trial 7.99 i thought it was the full game, so iv basicaly paid £8 for a demo for a couple days then if i want the game ill need to pay 19.99? ****ing rip off

  • After 3 years and people still crying about HDD space?!?!

  • Hey there, as some other guy posted, once you hit the ” download demo” button, you wont be able to purchase gold premium edition (the one that gives you 5000 crowns). I’m really looking forward to buy the game, but only in that version.
    Are you aware of the issue yet? Is there any way to solve the issue? I tried to cancel the game off my account but it looks impossible to do.

  • Hi there
    Well i played the free weekend and than bought a hard copy in the shop. So after inserting the disc it ask u do u want to continue with the version u have and ofc we do but than the trouble starts.. I get must update the application go to your maninscreen press option and check for update but after pressing that it saids ur application is up to date. But it wont start it repeats this loop the whole time.I dont want to loose my free weekend chars because i did made nice progress on that but now i cant play it anymore how can we solve this? Please help

  • Hey there, now I managed to get into the “special offers” page on the psn with my pc. there is the premium edition there but it wont let me buy. reason: “you already own tamriel edition”.. I mean.. seriously?! I didn’t even play the free trial yet and I “own” the game and u wont let me buy the premium one? doesn’t really make sense.

  • I bought it like a year ago but i cant download it now it says try free demo and when i press it does nothing im gonna go crazy pls help

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